Where is Sarah Kellen now, the woman looming Over Maxwell’s Trial?

Where is Sarah Kellen now? Listen to our exclusive podcast episode on Sarah’s past

Carolyn testified, Kellen snapped nude photos of her at Epstein’s direction when no one else was around.

She said Kellen called her and told her she “would get paid $500 to $600 if she could take pictures of me.”

The Daily Beast, Kate Briquelet

Listen to our exclusive podcast episode on Sarah’s shady past

Where is Sarah Kellen now: Hers is the name that keeps buzzing amongst journalists and onlookers at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

The 42-year-old North Carolina native hasn’t been seen at the court yet but she’s been playing a supporting role in some of the evidence in the sex trafficking trial.

Survivors and some of Epstein’s staff allege she was pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach enforcer.

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Kellen is accused of scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Epstein mansion. She allegedly greeted the minors, prepared oils and lotions inside the room where the child abuse occurred.

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Source: civil case Ganieva v Black

Despite these claims, she is not expected to testify at the Maxwell trial.

Where is Sarah Kellen Now
Kellen and Maxwell

Kellen was last photographed with Epstein in 2012, after he was jailed for 13 months in Florida .  

But the interior designer claims the case is far different and more complex than it appears on paper.

Where is Sarah Kellen now

According to The Daily Mail, Epstein gave her $250,000 weeks before he died in prison a cell in New York.

The question is – why did he give her the cash?

Where is Sarah Kellen now?

According to The Miami Herald, “Maxwell’s lawyers have used the absences of Giuffre and Kellen to suggest to the jury that their client is being used as a scapegoat by federal prosecutors who had initially focused their investigation almost solely on Epstein, and were suddenly left without a case after the New York money man was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial.”

Kellen and Jeffrey Epstein

Kellen worked for the dead blackmailer for at least a decade, as an alleged recruiter, pornographic photographer, administrator and interior designer. She’s also listed as a coconspirator in the Epstein Florida plea deal.

Moreover, her name is also on countless entries in the Epstein aircraft flight logs. There have been multiple serious allegations against Sarah Kellen, some as recent as from 2008.

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Kellen was born a Jahovah’s Witness. She married at 17, lived in Hawaii, divorced, and worked in fitness and erotic modelling.

Her parents said the racy photography led to her being cast out of the conservative religious community. They have barely seen her in decades.

Where is Sarah Kellen now?

The most likely places you will find her:

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