Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein: Sarah Kellen

Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein: Hello and welcome to this special episode of The Prince and the Pervert podcast.

My name is Lisa. I’m going to take you through some information that we found out about Sarah Kellen Vickers who, as many of you may know, was the boss of Epstein’s Palm Beach sex trafficking operation.

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Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell Sarah Kellen

Now it’s important to say from the outset that Sarah told The Sun she was a victim and quote;

  • I’m a victim of Jeffrey Epstein
  • I was raped and abused weekly
  • I’ve been made out to be such a monster, but it’s not true.

Her former PR representative also said that Sarah’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell went on for years. Moreover, she is extremely traumatised by what she went through at the hands of Epstein.

She wasn’t the only adult woman who worked for Epstein and Maxwell.

Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein

On a Lifetime documentary last year, Sarah was quoted as saying she was very sorry for any hurt she may have caused.

But how far is too far if you’re an alleged victim or when do you become a participant in the abuse?

Firstly, Epstein survivors Virginia Giuffre, Teresa Helm and Sarah Ransome are adamant Sarah is an abuser.

But was she given no choice? Was there blackmail involved?

Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Was it a case, she no longer had any roots in the world, except for the small circle?

She may not have had anywhere else to go as her family and her community had rejected her.

But the most important thing here is Sarah was an adult throughout.

She pled the Fifth Amendment on the Epstein allegations.

Plus she was one of the beneficiaries of the much criticised Acosta Florida plea deal.

Who Was Involved with Jeffrey Epstein

So we may never know her full story about her time working for Jeffrey Epstein.