Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein What We Know

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

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  • Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew are facing abuse claims due to their association with dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
  • From Ghislaine posing on a Royal throne with Kevin Spacey to flying around the world on Jeffrey Epstein’s jets, the two were close friends for many years
  • On the royal’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell Prince Andrew said: “Remember that it was his girlfriend that was the key element in this. He (Epstein) was the, as it were, plus-one to some extent in that aspect.”
  • Prince Andrew’s ex Sarah Ferguson once joked in an interview that he had “27 concubines.”
Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew
Maxwell and Andrew claim this photo is a fake. Virginia Giuffre and the FBI say it’s genuine.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein: Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and second son of Queen Elizabeth II, is rarely out of the news due to his relationship with socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Updated December 31 2021: Prince Andrew failed in another attempt to halt Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit against him.

His attorneys filed a motion in New York federal court yesterday, which claimed that the US federal courts don’t have jurisdiction over her case because the Epstein whistleblower lives in Australia.

But Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies says that Prince Andrew is trying another delaying technique.

Giuffre filed the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court last year, claiming that she had been trafficked as an underage sex slave to Prince Andrew by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

She alleged had sex with the Duke of York at locations including Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home.

His attorneys have repeatedly asked the judge to throw out Giuffre’s claims on jurisdictional grounds.

Maxwell, who is accused of trafficking girls for Epstein, is facing trial in a US Court for sex trafficking. She is Prince Andrew’s long-term associate and they met many years ago in the elite circles of the UK aristocracy.

The Prince denies any impropriety but admits visiting Epstein in New York after he was released from a Florida jail in 2010. This photo makes it hard to say otherwise.

Prince Andrew Epstein
Just a walk in the park with two old friends Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

Moreover, this saga has been going on for almost 20 years now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Lawyers are using Hollywood tactics to defend Prince Andrew against claims he assaulted a ten sex slave. 

Andrew had a weakness for the girls and fast life, Epstein provided that fantasy,” remarked Epstein’s reputed mentor Stephen Hoffenberg, who said the pedophile and Prince Andrew’s friendship began much earlier than stated.

In early August 2021, Virginia Roberts Giuffre (who now lives in Australia) brought a lawsuit against the Duke of York, claiming he sexually abused her on multiple occasions. 

The abuse was said to have taken place when she was 17 and involved the late, disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, as well as jailed socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

Keep reading to find out :

1. What allegedly happened to Virginia

2. The backfiring tactics being used by the Duke and his expensive teams of lawyers and public relations operatives

3. Why this case is different to others.

Maxwell and the royal continue to deny any association with sex abuse or trafficking.

While Jeffrey Epstein died in jail in bizarre circumstances in 2019 while awaiting trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

The Duke is Being Sued by Epstein Whistleblower Virginia Guiffre for sexual assault.

Prince Andrew continues to deny any association or knowledge of the crimes committed against the mother-of-three.

The Duke of York’s involvement in this scandal started more than two decades ago and doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

Why is this?

Images of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate were last week shown in court during the socialite’s trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew
Whoops! Awkward

Prosectors said they were recovered during a 2019 raid on Epstein’s New York mansion.

Shown is the Queen in a seperate shot taken at her Balmoral Estate log cabin, while Epstein and Maxwell are in a similar location.

It’s believed the photo of Epstein and Maxwell was taken in 1999 during “a straight forward shooting weekend” held by Prince Andrew for Ghislaine’s birthday.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

But as yet, the Duke has refused to comment on them.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

With so many people involved and so many years passed, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happened. So, let’s recap:

Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time associate and is currently facing in a New York court charges of sex trafficking along with Epstein.

– Prince Andrew admits to visiting Epstein after he was released from a Florida prison in 2010, but denies any impropriety. He is being sued in a New York court.

The Duke’s case is getting uglier by the day.

In a move that prompted accusations of victim blaming, the Prince’s team attacked Giuffre’s character, including a Daily News story saying she was a “money-hungry sex kitten”.

Prince Andrew‘s notorious BBC interview will reportedly be used in the lawsuit against him, her lawyer has revealed.

Attorney Sigrid McCawley said she had reviewed the infamous 2019 report for ‘inconsistencies’.

As well, she added the prince’s daughters might also be called to verify his alibi of being at Pizza Express Woking.

Moreover, Prince Andrew was expected to give a sworn deposition.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

Ms McCawley said the prince’s daughters might also be called to verify his alibi of being at Pizza Express Woking.

Mrs Giuffre brought a lawsuit against the royal claiming he abused her on multiple occasions.

It was said to have taken place when she was 17 and involved late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, as well as jailed socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Duke faces more questions about the European females Mrs Giufree alleges he assaulted in an orgy.

The disturbing incident allegedly occurred in the early 2000s on Little St James Island in the US Virgin Islands.

“Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English.

Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying that they are the ‘easiest’ girls to get along with,” said Mrs Giuffre.

Prince Andrew Young
Giufree v Prince Andrew allegations from lawsuit

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

In this episode of The Prince and the Pervert Podcast, find out why this case is different to others launched by Jeffrey Epstein survivors.

Firstly, the court of public opinion is still roasting Prince Andrew.

Virginia Giuffre, a woman who was once a scared 17 year old girl who was allegedly trafficked to a prince, now has all the power.

Ghislaine Maxwell Case

That is the thing about them tables, they turn.

To date, we’ve heard Andrew has teams of lawyers in two countries, may marry his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson aka Fergie and had in August fled to Scotland. Imagine having Fergie as your partner in crime. 

Sarah Ferguson once joked with ABC’s Diane Sawyer in 1996 that their marriage floundered as she watched videos while Andrew “had 27 concubines.”

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew
Whoops! Awkward Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell

Prince Andrew recently fled his Windsor Castle estate mansion and was off to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle to hide from the other side’s lawyers.

It’s like Prince Andrew and Fergie are partners-in-crime together—what an ummm interesting adventure that would be!

The public wants answers from him but he has been hiding behind his mother since she can act as an official saviour if necessary. 

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

The legal and PR fees, which Queen Elizabeth is paying, must be nothing short of astronomical.

His teams believe Mrs Giuffre’s action is a baseless, unviable lawsuit.

They believe a Plaintiff Settlement agreement with Epstein, releases the Duke from liability.

But even if the Duke’s teams of lawyers gets this case tossed out of court, it is still terrible from a reputation standpoint.

Or will he remain in permanent self-imposed exile?

So what are the implications for the Queen? Will it force the Royal family to protect the monarchy ahead of the duke.

We are close to a time when the world will know what (if anything) Ghislaine Maxwell did. The truth may be ugly and we need to prepare for it.

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast

So who is next? Is the beast finally being brought to justice? We shall see because only time will tell.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

It’s clear now these powerful people are not immune from facing consequences, even if they’re rich as hell! The list of those in trouble keeps growing by the day.

It is no secret that we are living in a time of change.

So why does this matter? Because we need answers from those who facilitated these crimes – how did it happen? Who knew? Who was involved? And how do we stop it happening again? This podcast will proceed week-by-week to try to answer your questions.

The year 2021 has been a time for even more public relations blunders by the Duke.

The Duke of York has been embroiled in the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein for years. This tone deafness continued through 2021.

Andrew was demanding to wear his military uniform for his father Prince Philip’s funeral. This request sparked more outrage from the public as they questioned how much involvement he had with Epstein and what went on behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

We’re here to tell you all about this compelling story that has captured international attention. Join us on our journey as we uncover the truth behind one of America’s most notorious sex offenders and his connections to some of the world’s most powerful people.     And if you like what you hear, please subscribe!

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Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew
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Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew almost certainly knew what was going on with Epstein, at a bare minimum. Can he be exonerated of having terrible friends? Epstein, Saville, JizzStain & Peter Nygard.

The allegations about Andrew need be investigated and may soon be tested in a court. But that won’t happen because #prince. Then there are the moral implications.

Some spin doctors measure success in what they can get away with, so if Andrew fobs off the SDNY attorney, his team will see that as a win. We all know Andrew keeps peeking behind the door, as he did at Epstein’s mansion, for a resumption of his official royal duties. But what about the court of public opinion? That’s why spin doctors have been brought in to this issue.

It’s a privilege to tell the stories of the women who have survived this injustice.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

Epstein obsessives, Lisa & Jen, are recording from their bunker aka the laundry. They tell how the Epstein story is taking another turn with leaks to royal reporters & the appointment of spin doctors.  

Our podcast was rated the 73rd most popular podcast for Australians by Great Australian Pods in 2020, despite less than 10 per cent of listeners being located in Australia.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here. The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones.

But you, that are polluted with your lusts, Stain’d with the guiltless blood of innocents, Corrupt and tainted with a thousand vices, Because you want the grace that others have, You judge it straight a thing impossible To compass wonders but by help of devils.

Now is the winter of our discontent.”

Richard III, William Shakespeare

We cover every aspect of the Epstein case, from Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal charges, to detailing the associates and employees of Epstein. Plus other similar cases such as the Finnish-Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard, who was recently arrested in Canada for sexual abuse crimes dating back to the 1970s. 

Some of the big players in the Epstein case must be getting very nervous. There have been so many substantial developments since he died in July 2019. 

This entire child trafficking scheme is at its core about money laundering. To the financial elite, abused children are a means to an end, a form of currency.

Hello and welcome to the Prince & the Pervert Podcast. My name is Lisa Tait.

We are here to talk names, names, names today, specifically those in the leaked documents from the Virginia Roberts v Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case. We have so much to talk about.

And what a paper drop it was. More about that soon. Plus Prince Andrew has turned down three interview requests, according to VR lawyer.

Plus I did a Randy Andy deep dive. Prince Andrew’s friend Peter Nygard is in the news for alleged sexual assaults again.

According to The Sun, more than 70 men and women are alleged to have knowledge of Epstein’s trafficking of minor females.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

Whistleblower Virginia Roberts claimed Prince Andrew, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, hairstylist to the stars Frederic Fekkai, and former senate majority leader George Mitchell were among those who “had knowledge of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual trafficking conduct and interaction with underage minors”.

The names were included in a list of potential witnesses that Roberts filed back in 2016 at the start of her defanation case against Ghislaind Maxwell, who she sued for defamation after the Epstein ex called her a liar.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

Every single person listed previously denied having any knowledge of Epstein’s penchant for young girls and it is not clear whether the named individuals actually provided evidence in the case.

The court documents also do not indicate when Roberts believes each individual named became aware of Epstein’s crimes and does not accuse the individuals listed of actively participating in any crime or cover-up.

Epstein sex offender registration New Mexico

Prince Andrew has turned down three requests from the FBI to be interviewed in relation to the Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

The Duke has been advised not to respond to such requests, they said.

I almost blew my brain to pieces today digging through The Guardian archives for mentions of “Randy Andy” from between 1982 and 2007.

It seems I’m clearly a sucker for punishment but it’s a dirty job & someone has to do to expose the Duke of York’s lies.

After perusing the articles, a few things were apparent:

  1. People were expressing that Andrew’s “personality and lifestyle” made him a disastrous choice” for his trade representative role. So The media knew what constituted his “playboy lifestyle” back in the early 2000s
  2. Ghislaine Maxwell was “central to this reinvention” of Prince Andrew on the global elite social scene

His offensive overtures to women started in high school when he grabbed their thighs under the dorm dinner table.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein
Pizza Express Woking

One of his interests, besides golf and models, was “nubile women.” Again, they all knew what he was really doing in the early 2000s – abusing teenage girls

Another hobby of his is “dirty jokes.” This conjures up some terrible and all too predictable imagery. I’m more than certain Prince Andrew uses humour to degrade women.

Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

The royal family was also upset by a Jeffrey Archer book that referenced some sausages and a Prince Andrew puppet.

The royals also have a long history of visiting Tramp Nightclub, so Prince Andrew probably knows where the bar is.

Can Prince Andrew sweat?

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