Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict: the End?

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict: the jury has retired to consider the sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girfriend.

The Brit spent her 60th birthday in custody at The Metropolitan Remand Centre, Brooklyn.

Jurors have broken for the holidays and will resume their deliberations on Monday.

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict: Jurors in the Ghislaine Maxwell criminal trial were told today the socialite daughter of fraudster Robert Maxwell was at the heart of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex abuse ring.

“When that man (Jeffrey Epstein) is accompanied by a posh, smiling, respectable, age-appropriate woman, that’s when everything starts to seem legitimate,” said Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe.

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Maxwell could die in jail if she convicted. She has denied all of the charges against her.

Prosecutors allege that Maxwell was involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, which involved underage girls and adult women. They accuse her of being an “integral part of the operation.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurene Comey said the claim Maxwell had no knowledge of the abuse that occurred to the four trial accusers was a “laughable argument.”

“Those four witnesses gave you the most damaging testimony in this trial,” she said. “These women put themselves through the hell of testifying at this trial even though they have nothing to gain.”

But Epstein kept many secrets from Maxwell, the defence said.

Moreover, her lawyers have argued that there was no evidence linking her to any wrongdoing. They said she was merely a friend of Epstein.

Inner City Press reported from the court, Menninger saying: ”Then there’s the manipulation piece. We’ll go through the stories of each witness. The stories have changed. Carolyn had a lawyer in 2008, a story about Epstein and Sarah Kellen who she also sued without mentioning Ghislaine Maxwell…

Ghislaine is being tried here for being with  Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe it was the bigger mistake of her life. But it is not a crime. Acquit her.”

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Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty?

“Epstein could not have done this alone,” Assistant US Alison Moe told the court.

Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s alleged recruiter, friend and partner. 

According to The Guardian, the prosecution described Maxwell as a “woman who preyed on vulnerable kids.”

“She targeted a girl whose father had just died. She targeted a girl whose mother was an alcoholic. She targeted a girl with a single mom who was struggling to raise her daughters,” Ms Moe said.

US Assistant Attorney Maureen Comey told thr court Maxwell had touched three witnesses breasts.

Ghislaine Maxwell guilty

“The defense tried to get you to look way through the massive amount of evidence Ms. Moe walked you through this morning,” Ms Comey said.

Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said her client was being persecuted for Epstein’s crimes.

“I am not here to defend Jeffrey Epstein. He is not my client. The US presented evidence like a sensational tabloid,” she said.

Ms Menninger cited the prosecution’s references to Epstein’s private island and photos as prejudicial.

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

These were things that Epstein did, perhaps, his crimes. But Ghislaine Maxwell was not Epstein, Ms Menninger said.

According to The Daily Beast, the defence “took swipes at the government and all but suggested a vast conspiracy to frame Maxwell for Epstein’s sex crimes.”

“Every last one of the government’s interviews with these accusers was not recorded … and that was by design,” her team said.

From inside the court today (December 21 ADST) during final prosecution and defence arguments, we heard reports the 59-year-old prisoner was visibly upset.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty?

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After days of testimony over three weeks, jurors heard from final witnesses in the trial of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who told the judge she wouldn’t testify because she was confident prosecutors hadn’t proved their case.

The Brit’s legal defence team had originally flagged it would call up to 35 witnesses, but only presented eight.

The defence asked the jury on Monday to consider: ”Where are the other 37,000 photographs? Who was in them? You don’t know. They didn’t bring you those photos. There were folders and binders. But they brought you the most innocuous photos of a couple that was once together.”

“They’ve made Ghislaine Maxwell to be Cruela DeVille and the Devil Wears Prada all rolled up in to one.” Maxwell Counsel Laura Menninger said.

“Ghislaine is being tried here for being with  Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe it was the bigger mistake of her life. But it is not a crime. Acquit her.”

Ghislaine Maxwell guilty

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

The youngest daughter of fraudster Robert Maxwell spent her 60th birthday on Christmas Day in jail.

There have been many twists and turns throughout this story over two decades but only time can tell how it is going to end.

Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

Waiting for the Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

John Sweeney wrote in The Guardian: “Maxwell was seen holding her hands up in despair at her fancy attorneys who have cost her, according to their own estimate some $7m.”

He added: “the reason there is no defence is because there is no defence: that is, Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty.”

His colleague Victoria Bekiempis reported on what she perceived as failed attempts to make Maxwell appear likeable.

“Even the fairest of jurors likely won’t be able to ignore prosecutors’ attempted portrayal of Maxwell as a privileged socialite. Prosecutors contend that Maxwell committed crimes to preserve her gilded lifestyle…

The defense’s mounting of a campaign on likability – a common courtroom tactic – is a response to that prosecution attack. If Maxwell were more likable to jurors, there just might be a slight chance.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict
What’s Happened to Ghislaine Maxwell

Prosecutors and lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell convened on Saturday in front of the judge in the Briton’s sex trial in Manhattan federal court, to discuss jury instructions

What happened on Monday in the court when closing statements started to be presented to the jury.

More on last week’s defence witnesses:

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The memory expert Dr Elizabeth Loftus

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

“Maxwell was a sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing. She ran the same playbook again and again and again,” said Ms Moe.

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict
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Is Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty?

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Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty

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Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein was born in 1953 in working class Coney Island.

His dad Seymour was a parks worker and mum (Paula) worked various jobs, mainly as a school aide. He had a younger brother Mark, his sole heir. 

He was a gifted kid and skipped forward a couple of years at school, maths was his thing. But despite his intelligence he didn’t manage to graduate with a degree despite enrolling in both Cooper Union and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NY University.

In September 1974 he started working at the Dalton School, an exclusive private school in New York. The headmaster at the time he was employed was Donald Barr, yes, father of William. Epstein was employed to teach physics and maths despite having no qualifications. From accounts of former students and colleagues, he stood out in the school, wearing outfits that would have made Tony Manero from Saturday night fever green with envy.  

How he moved to the financial institution Bear Sterns is also shrouded in mystery, although some say he wowed  Alan Greenberg, the chief executive officer of whose two children were at the school during a parent teacher interview.Greenberg’s daughter Lynne, has said that Epstein convinced another parent to put in a good word for him with Greenberg.

In june of 1976 he left teaching, some say under a shadow, to go work as a junior assistant to a floor trader, moving quickly to be an options trader. Within four years he became a limited partner of the company. He was soaring so to speak. 

If his career was murky before, becoming a teacher then a trader, without qualifications, it gets dirtier when in mid 1981 he was asked to leave Bear Sterns for what he would say was a violation of regulations. 

He hit out on his own with his own company called Intercontinental Assets Group, where he was basically a debt collector for mega rich clients not just in the US but also the UK and Switzerland. 

This is when his legend as a financial genius started, particularly when he helped  Spanishactress and heiress Ana Obregon retrieve millions that went missing in the Rysdale Government Securities  fraud.

It was in the mid late 1980s that he met UK publisher Robert Maxwell and his youngest child Ghislaine who would be for many years his partner and is now alleged to be his co-conspirator in the sex trafficking of minors. It’s not known who he met first, the father or the daughter, but like Robert Maxwell, he was also by now a self-made man.

In 1987 he started working for Steve Hoffenberg as a consultant for Towers Financial Corporation and the money continued to flow. 

Epstein worked at Towers for two years until 1989. In 1993 when Towers imploded in one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes Hoffenberg pointed atEpstein in court documents, blaming him for the fraud.  Hoffenberg spent 18years in a federal prison and was ordered to repay 470million. It’s not known if Epstein did end up with the missing funds but he was never arrested in regards to the Towers Ponzi scheme.

In 1991 Robert Maxwell  ‘fell’ ‘was pushed’ or what ever it was off his luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, and was found floating stone dead.Ghislaine turned to Epstein for support. Maxwell also died with a huge financial scandal on his head, the missing Maxwell Pension Funds. Again where the money is, no one knows.

Ghislaine fled the UK, trying to reinvent herself in the US where she soon was considered the partner of Epstein who by this stage was a wealthy man. The relationship may have been more than met the eye, she gave him contacts and the veneer of class, as she’d grown up wealthy in the UK, going to the right schools and knowing the right people like Prince Andrew who’d she’d know most of her life. She opened doors for him, he provided her with the lifestyle she was used to. 

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

Epstein continued working for select clients, the joke was they had to be billionaires, millions weren’t enough. He was known as an expert in “tax mitigation and trust funds”, all the financial moves the uber rich wanted. 

One of his big clients was Les Wexner, whose entire fortune was controlled by JE for a period of time. Wexner also ‘gave’Epstein the largest private residence in New York to Epstein in the mid 1990s, although some reports say he sold it to him for $1. The 7 storey mansion was the site of many of the allegations of sexual assault and rape.

Epstein also bought a place in Palm Beach, a ranch in New Mexico which he named Zorro, a Paris apartment and an Island called Little St James in the Virgin Islands, where he moved his firm for tax reasons, as the move to the VI islands meant he could reduce his federal income taxes by almost 90% according to some sources. HE later bought a larger island close by, but at the time of his death hadn’t developed it. 

Little was really known about Epstein, other than his swanky British partner and the fact he serviced only the richest of the rich, mixed in top circles, meeting politicians, businessmen, scientists and yes, British princes.

In March 2005 a stepmother of a 14yo highschool girl called the Palm Beach Police to say that Epstein had sexually assaulted the teen, sparking a huge investigation.

By 2008 Epstein was facing a 53 page Federal indictment on a raft of charges that should have landed him in jail for life.

Instead his legal team negotiated a plea deal that changed the charges to two counts of procuring underage prostitutes for sex.

He served 13 months in the county jail and part of this plea deal was that he was released for 12 hours, six days a week for work release.

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Maxwell at sea

This deal is known as the ‘plea deal” or the “”non prosecution deal’ and was brokered by the US Attorney’s office in Miami, then led by Alex Acosta (yes  President Trumps labor secretary until he …… just after JE 2019 arrest and death in custody) representing  Epstein was a slew of lawyers including Harvard Prof Alan Dershowitz, who has also represented Trump, OJ, Mike Tyson, Patty Hearts and and most recently it has surfaced that Dershowitz tried to free convicted paedophile George Nader so he could be sent to the United Arab Emirates to help in dip0lomatic talks according to the New York Times.

Epstein’s plea deal not only swapped the Fed charges to two state counts but also provided JE and any alleged co-conspirators with immunity from any future prosecutions on the charges surrounding his arrest. 

He did his 13 months but then ignored his year long parole conditions, regularly leaving for his other homes in NY, NM and the VI without prior permission.

While he ducked out of sight for a while, he resumed his networking and tried to rehabilitate his reputation by donating huge sums to a variety of cultural, scientific and charitable foundations, organisations and think tanks, including Harvard and the NY Academy of Art.

However by this time Maxwell had started dating Gateway tech billionaire Ted Waitt although she remained part of Epstein’s life, describing herself as his best friend and his helper.

IN 2015 a story broke about his friendship with Prince Andrew with allegations from Virginia Roberts Giuffre that Epstein and Maxwell trafficked her to Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was 17. The story was huge in the UK and commonwealth countries.

Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

Epstein kept travelling andtrafficking and raping children, dodging further arrests despite a slew of civil cases lodged against him and his alleged co-conspirator Maxwell, who in 2016 was taken to court in a civil defamation case by Viriginia Roberts Giuffre. The documents for this case were sealed, but have just been unsealed, although heavily redacted.

Despite the Prince Andrew allegations floating around and gossip Epstein just kept doing his thing until July 7, 2019 when Epstein was arrested on the tarmac at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport after returning from his Paris home.

On july 8, prosecutorsfrom the US Attorney’s Office for the SDNY alleged that from 02 to 05 Epstein “sexually exploited and abused dozen of minor girls and at his homes in Manhattan, NY and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations, using $ to recruit a vast network of underage victims, and some of those victims were as young.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict

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