Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

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Jury orders Epstein ex to spend 60th birthday in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell to Pass Christmas in Jail After No Resolution By Jurors

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now? The British socialite and daughter of publisher Robert Maxwell, will spend Christmas in jail without a resolution to her sex trafficking trial.

The jury members ended a shortened first week of deliberations on Wednesday without reaching a verdict.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

The jury was set to continue to decide on a verdict after a full day’s worth of deliberation, but has decided to take a holiday season break until Monday morning.

“Maxwell insists that just because the allegations against her are repeated “over and over again doesn’t make any of it any more true…What are they hoping to accomplish from all this? Jeffrey is dead.”

Source: The New York Post

But is Ghislaine Maxwell living life like a queen in jail? Do the rich get special treatment?

While she and her team may beg to differ, the high-profile prisoner gets to wear an eye mask at night, sleeps through her 15-minute welfare checks, has access to a tv, and a line for social calls.

Well that is what the government has to say about her conditions and, disturbingly, it also says her cell stinks because she doesn’t flush the toilet!

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Her lawyers say the eye mask is a towel, the plumbing was the flushing culprit and the food and water inside the jail was disgusting.

There are still so many lingering mysteries about the highest profile prisoner in the US remand system.

At the same time, there is almost 3million pages of evidence which went to her from the prosecution via her lawyers. So she has spent a lot of time in a private area for confidential lawyer discussions.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

We believe the entire Epstein child trafficking scheme is at its core about money laundering. To the financial elite, abused children are a means to an end, a form of currency.

What we are talking about on the podcast:

IN February we uploaded a Start Here Episode so that you could listen and get an idea of the players, places and timelines in the alleged child sex trafficking ring involving Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. A sort of cliff notes I suppose.

Since we published that hour-long episode, so much has happened and it’s time to update and bring the timeline up to date.

This means that if you listen to this and the previous episode you can jump right into our normal episodes and have a fair idea of the criminal charges, the locations and the players.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

The biggest changes included an expansion of the criminal charges against Maxwell, who is being held in the Brooklyn Detention Centre, and additional, but denied, bail attempts.

Naturally she’s been appealing all the denied ball applications and her April 7th appeal judgement of DENIED was loaded into the document system on June 7th with MANDATE in stop sign red stamped over the order. Just love it when the red pen comes out.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Defendant-Appellant Ghislaine Maxwell appeals from orders of the District Court entered December 28, 2020 and March 22, 2021, which denied her renewed requests for bail pending trial. See Dkts. 1, 20. Upon due consideration, it is hereby ORDERED that the District Court’s orders are AFFIRMED and that Appellant’s motion for bail, or in the alternative, temporary pretrial release pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3142(i), Dkt. 39, is DENIED. “

In another huge move, in late March a superseded indictment was released, extending not just the time frame surrounding the criminal charges but increased the number of minor victims from 3 to 4.

THE FBI had maintained from the start that there would be other charges arising and this superseded indictment includes an additional victim, more trafficking charges and a forfeiture charge as well.

The new charges related to Minor Victim 4 who initially met Gmax and Epstein when she was 14. While the previous charges for minor victims 1, 2 and 3 related to the 1990s, the charges relating to MV4 were for the time range of 2001 to 2004.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

There were also added charges of ‘conspiracy to sex traffic” and “sex trafficking of a minor”.  The authorities also allege that Gmax offered to help MV4 get a passport which MV4 turned down and referred to MV4 being couriered lingerie from Epstein’s New York mansion to the child’s home in Florida.

The forfeiture charges added to the second indictment means that the Gov is now going after her assets during the periods relating to the criminal charges.

That means the Gov wants any properties or investments GMax had during those years, and if said assets have since been sold or transferred, say to any trusts she has with her spouse Scott Borgerson, the government wants the $ value instead.

This includes her New York townhouse that she sold in 2015 just before her 2016 civil defamation case brought against her by Virginia Roberts Giuffre for around $15million.

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US v Maxwell 2021

The superseded indictment meant that Gmax had to enter a new plea and in a twist she opted for an  in-person appearance in Manhattan Federal Court on April 23 where she plead not guilty, although one of her lawyers answered it for her.

At this in-person appearance much was made of GMax’s appearance, as the family had been protesting about her conditions of incarceration and saying that she had dropped weight and was losing hair due to the draconian conditions. In a recent American ABC 20/20 program her brother Ian asserted she had lost 20 pounds.

The Jury’s Out: Ghislaine Maxwell Case

While the Maxwell family and her legal team constantly proclaimed she had lost weight documents supplied by the DOJ to Judge Nathan indicated that she in fact weighed 3 pounds more than at the time she was arrested.

During her in –person appearance in court on April 23 her greying, and longer hair was much discussed but most news outlets commented that she did not seem to either have lost weight or hair.

In a bizarre move the family hired its own court artist to do a sketch of GMAX to distribute to news outlets.

AP and Rueters also had court artists in the room and of the three images produced the Maxwell families offering had that instagram filter feel too it, despite trying to push the narrative that she was falling to bits health wise, it really was the most glam of all the sketches.

It was said she opted for the in-person appearance despite covid worries so that she could see her family but in the end the only family who made an appearance was her sister Isabel who seemed totally awkward outside the court, or as Lisa described it, acted like a pacman with weird stumbling while trying to enter and leave the court. Gmax’s spouse Scott Borgerson was nowhere to be seen.

A week after her appearance in court news hit that GMAx had a black eye and a photo of a close up of gmax’s face with a dark bruise under the lower tear duct was released by her legal team.

She claimed that she was not told of the bruise by prison staff but noticed the discolouration in the reflective surface of a pair of nail scissors. There are many theories about the ‘black eye’, with some stating she may have poked her eye in her sleep or it may have been the result of an allergic reaction.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

What we can surmise from the description of her discovering it and the family and legal teams’ denouncement of staff for not telling her about it, was that there was no swelling nor pain involved, just the discolouration.

Again this was to push the narrative, rightly or wrongly, of harsh and inhumane treatment. All I can say is that if GMAX has no access to a mirror as claimed by her legal team, her eyebrows are a piece of art and perfectly groomed. 

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Isabel Maxwell’s Dead/Missing Spouse Al Seckel

Naturally with the release of the second indictment GMax’s legal team had ramped up the flow of complaints about her lack of time for discovery and her conditions. 

They had been complaining about her conditions, as had her family, but it reached boiling point after the superseded indictment and so negotiations got underway to push back the July 12 trial to allow her to prepare properly.

At first the Gmax team were pushing for March 2022, no doubt thinking that pushing back the trial date may help secure bail for her but in May both her defence team and the Gov settled on Nov 29 as the start of the criminal trial.

The revised date has not stopped the constant barrage about the conditions she faces in the correctional facility. Her legal team have lodged complaints about harassment by guards, sewage overflowing in her cell, vermin droppings falling from air vents, her lack of privacy and her inability to talk to her counsel in private.

They are also constantly complaining about the wellness checks carried out every 15 minutes over night when guards are required to check to see if she is breathing and safe.

The DOJ has stated that the checks are done by the guards shining a torch to the ceiling to give enough light to see if she is breathing. GMax legal team have maintained the torch is shone directly into her eyes therefore waking her up.

DOJ staff have also raised issues about GMax’s lack of hygiene and having to order her to clean her room and her avoidance of flushing her own toilet.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?
Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Each time the gmax team complains about her treatment, which the family has likened to that of fictional serial killer Hannibal Lector – yeah cause that’s a great parallel – the DOJ and the government have consistently, and I must say patiently,  explained the situation of her imprisonment.

This came to a head recently when in a letter by Bobbie Sternham, one of Gmax lawyers, requested that the DOJ no longer refer to her conditions, only to any changes.  On june 15 Sternham wrote:

“”This letter is submitted in response to the government’s letter of June 7, 2021, updating the Court concerning Ghislaine Maxwell’s conditions of detention. This letter, like the ones before it, contains second- and third-hand information and presents a one-sided review, giving the Court and the public the false impression that Ms. Maxwell is detained under favorable and privileged conditions. Each time, the defense feels compelled to respond to give the Court and the public a complete and accurate picture of Ms. Maxwell’s unacceptable conditions of confinement. This is not the purpose that these updates were designed to serve. Accordingly, the defense requests that any further updates be limited to changed circumstances.”

The june 7th letter from the Gov that raised the hackles of the GMax legal team outlined bluntly the amount of time and support GMAX had. And I quote:

The defendant continues to receive more time to review discovery than any other inmate at the MDC.

Specifically, the defendant is permitted to review her discovery thirteen hours per day, seven days per week.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

During the entirety of that time, the defendant still has access to both a desktop computer provided by the MDC and a laptop computer provided by the Government on which to review discovery.

 Also during those thirteen hours per day, the defendant may use the MDC desktop computer to send and receive emails with her attorneys.

This discovery review takes place in a day room that is separate from the defendant’s assigned cell. Accordingly, the defendant continues to be permitted out of her cell from 7am to 8pm every day.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

While in the day room, the defendant continues to have exclusive access to the MDC desktop computer, the laptop, a television, a phone on which to place social or attorney calls, and a shower. 

The defendant is also permitted outdoor recreation every day, although she has the option of declining such recreation time if she wishes.

 The defendant also continues to receive as much, if not more, time as any other MDC inmate to communicate with her attorneys. Currently, the defendant receives five hours of videoteleconference (“VTC”) calls with her counsel every weekday, for a total of 25 hours of attorney VTC calls per week. 

All of these VTC calls take place in a room where the defendant is alone and where no MDC staff can hear her communications with counsel.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

During these VTC calls, MDC staff place a camera approximately 30 feet away from the door to the room where the defendant conducts the VTC calls. The camera has a full view of the door to the VTC room, but the camera does not capture any sound from the defendant’s VTC calls with her attorneys. 

The defendant is also permitted to use the phone in the day room to place phone calls to her attorneys as needed. In addition, the defendant receives in-person visits from her attorneys as needed on weekends.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?
Ghislaine’s lawyer Christian Everdell

IT’s doubtful that any other prisoners in the facility have the level of access that GMAx has to work on her defence and to contact family and friends, considering she has sole access to two computers and has sole access to the telephone and the video conferencing equipment and would not have to wait in line like some other prisoners.

It’s my belief that these subtle references to how GMax has more access than others that made Bobbie DEMAND that from now on the DOJ and GOV no longer bring up her rarefied conditions.  It’s my belief that the GMax team wishes to complain but does not want to hear any references to how much access she has and the facilities she has, that they are worried that the general public may started to think that she may be getting preferential treatment compared to other prisoners, which goes against the narrative her legal team are trying to project. 

It’s not just the legal team that are pushing out that she is being treated badly, her family set up a twitter account in late feb called RealGhislaine.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?
Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

The bio reads….. Developed and maintained by Ghislaine Maxwell’s brothers and sisters. We will continue to fight on behalf of our beloved sister. Follow us for the truth and Updates.

Opinions vary as to if it’s her brother Ian running the account as he has claimed, or if there is a media specialist writing it, but it and the website it links to really need a good sub editor to go over it. Yes yes  my professional background is showing here but you’d think they would at least try to use correct tenses and coherent sentences when arguing GMax’s  innocence.

It’s this account that has likened GMax’s imprisonment to that of Hannibal Lector and Nelson Mandala. Yes they went there.

The same tweets are repeated over and over again although recently there has been a subtle change in the content. They have started to use ‘influencer or inspirational’ style tweets such as using the hashtag SAK which stands for Simple Act of Kindness.

One recent tweet read: Kindness has the power to impact both the giver and receiver – leaving a lasting impression on both. As humans, we are “literally wired for kindness”. What simple act of kindness did/will you do today? #SAK

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

However the responses they received were more sledging than supportive in nature.

For example twitter user The Presidential replied “What a wonderful sentiment. Today I approached a young underprivileged woman and offered her a start in a modelling career if she would just give my rich friend a massage. What act of kindness did you do today?

This was one of the many snarky and pointed tweets thrown at the family’s account, which led to Real Ghislaine tweeting out #SAK alert: To all those who shared with us about their single act of kindness and performed a #SAK that is beautiful. Thank you.

To all those who responded with a snarky/rude #SAK perhaps your #SAK today should be not to send unkind tweets for 24 hours. Can you do it?

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

So not just content with trying to tell the court and the DOJ how to do their jobs, the family thinks it has the moral high ground to tell twitter users how to use their own social media accounts. 

As yet we have not been blocked from viewing the account and the account has responded to a tweet lisa Sent them about a photograph she found of gmax on a motorbike wearing rather low slung jeans and what looks like a thong, g-string or g-banger style of underwear.

The RealGhislaine replied to Lisa saying it was a tattoo not underwear.

Since their response to Lisa, I’ve consistently asked the account what the tattoo is of, as tattoos in this region (which around here are known as tramp stamps) are normally horizontal in design but if this dark, vertical mark you can clearly see in the photograph is a tattoo then there are only a few options, mainly a big bold arrow pointing down.

As yet RealGhislaine has not responded to my question and I’d really like to know if the words ENTER HERE are inscribed above the vertical line which I’m assuming is a downward pointing arrow.

How I haven’t been blocked I have no idea.

This account also follows some rather interesting accounts, naturally one is Marthas Vineyard’s professional nude volleyballer and Harvard Law Professor  Alan Dershowitz who was not just Epstein’s lawyer but according to statements made by Dersh in interviews over the years, a good friend of Epstein. The family account follows some big news outlets but then some smaller and strange accounts, chosen no doubt for their convictions.

There’s one account they do follow that constantly responds supportively, and the RGMAX account regularly likes their tweets.

However this is an account that has posted this, in all caps mind you : ignorant people falsely accusing Prince Andrew being a pedophile the DSM accurate definition of a pedophile is having intense sexual urges and fantasies towards prepubescent children (that typically excludes teenagers as they are in puberty and female teenagers can have children. …. Yes that’s right, the RealGhislaine account follows accounts that pushes false info and info supportive of paedophilia. 

Oh and the RealGhislaine account also likes its own posts, and you all know what that means, total bloody ego.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

So GMax is still in a faux solitary confinement with almost unfettered access to her legal team, family and friends via a telephone she doesn’t have to share with any other prisoner.

She wore a multiplicity of berets: Isabel Maxwell

She has a desktop and a laptop computer, again for her sole use. Her own day room with a shower, again for her own use, not to mention video conferencing equipment while she reads and looks at the 300,000 pages of evidence not to mention thousands of images and videos.

However the Gmax legal team and family have made a huge deal about the fact that convicted rapist Cosby was recently released from  jail. 

Essentially it was like the Florida non-prosecution deal and Cosby was one of the named women who enabled him.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

So Cosby while admitting drugging women was released from jail on a legal technicality, not because he was innocent and that the guilty verdict had been overturned, but because of a previous legal non-prosecution agreement.

Gmax’s legal team and family have jumped on Cosby’s release stating that it is another reason why GMax should be released.