Judge Gives Ghislaine Maxwell Jury Warning About Covid Mistrial

Ghislaine Maxwell jury There is still no verdict in the sex trafficking trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

The jury in the case of the disgraced publishing scion is deliberating in New York and has assured the court it is making progress in its deliberations.

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But it asked Judge Alison Nathan for permission to leave at 5pm today NYC time.

Ghislaine Maxwell Jury
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Jury

The prospect the deliberations may go into the weekend now looms large. Matthew Russell Lee from Inner City Press is inside the court.

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According to Mr Russell Lee, there is a possibility deliberations may go into New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. But the jury is not yet aware of the New Yearr’s Day possibility.

The judge is increasingly concerned about the covid risk posed by the new variant and the possibility of a mistrial, according to another report.

Ghislaine Maxwell jury
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Maxwell is accused of sex trafficking for dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in what has been called the “trial of the century” in the United States.

The 60-year-old, who spent her Christmas Day birthday in prison, faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted on all charges. 

Ghislaine Maxwell jury

Meanwhile, on Monday, Maxwell jurors issued questions to the court and also requested more transcripts of testimonies, as they ended their third full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. 

They also asked for a white board and different coloured sticky notes, as well as the transcript of the testimony of one of the witnesses, indicating that they may still have work to do before coming to a decision. 

The jury’s questions have led to a frenzy of speculation online.

Moreover, they also asked the judge for a definition of the word “entice”.

Ghislaine Maxwell jury

US District Judge Alison Nathan wrote in a reply to the question, the word meant to “attract, induce or lure using hope or desire.” 

Whether this is good or bad news depends on your side and may be akin to tea leaf reading.

There is still some lingering mystery about the future of the highest profile prisoner in the US remand system.

At the same time, there is almost 3million pages of evidence under consideration by the jury. 

The deliberations are ongoing.

Ghislaine Maxwell Jury About Our Podcast

Lisa & Jen also report on the vast infrastructure of people who helped Epstein do what he did right under everyone’s noses. They discuss his enablers, recruiters, chefs, pilots, secretaries, maids, bankers, lawyers, ex-girlfriends, doctors, friends and business associates.

They have been sought for commentary by the BBC and Naked Television, an award-winning documentary company which makes programmes for major UK and US networks. Their work was also featured in The Newcastle Herald and their research was cited by The Daily Mail.

Ghislaine Maxwell jury

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