Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary: Spokesman Says Accuser ”Probably” Prostitute  

UK Publicist Brian Basham Attacks US v Maxwell Victims; Says Defence Lawyers Will Have a Field Day with the Witnesses 

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary: In a fiery statement, the publicist for convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell knows exactly where he thinks the blame lies: 

  1. The Me Too Movement for  “frightening governments”
  2. “This woman Virginia Roberts”
  3. Ambitious female judges
  4. Incompetent lawyers 
  5. Greedy lawyers
  6. A “useless” Old Etonian
  7. The media 
  8. The ”evil” US justice system

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British PR Supremo Brian Basham said on a YouTube documentary interview he started his business association with Ghislaine about 10 years through her Terra-Mar project.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary

He had previously worked for her father, the fraudster Robert Maxwell, and advised her two brothers when they were facing criminal charges.

“I refuse to call them victims,” he said of the minor victims in the lead up to US v Maxwell.

Basham said Maxwell was ‘naive’ but didn’t know anything about the Epstein crimes.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary

The publicist, who in the 1990s reportedly charged £50,000-a-week for PR counsel, also said Judge Alison Nathan was biased against Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary
Brian Basham: the voice of Ghislaine Maxwell’s discontents

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Throughout 2021, Mr Basham said Maxwell had lost 25lbs while in jail and when she complained, authorities removed her scales to stop her from weighing herself.

Moreover, Maxwell was a vegan and was not being fed a proper diet. She once went 20 hours without food on one occasion. 

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary

Mr Basham has also complained the prisioner was forced to wear clothes made of paper and was not allowed to wear a bra over fears she is a suicide risk.

In addition, he noted the backlash he had faced for advocating for the convicted child sex trafficker.

“I have been fighting to secure for Ghislaine Maxwell the right to be deemed innocent until or if she is proven guilty. People have attacked me for that. I see that as evil,” he wrote on Twitter in October.

Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary

In March 2021, he told The Telegraph: “She is selling the house in order to pay her lawyers. There is already £5 million set aside but this will take it to more than £7.2 million.

“Ghislaine will be sad to see the house sold. She is devastated by all this. She will have a lot of good memories. She will be terribly sad to sell the house. It was her refuge in London.”

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