Ghislaine Maxwell News Today: Hear Words of Key Witness

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Ghislaine Maxwell News Today. Also, does minor victim Carolyn have information that may harm Prince Andrew?

We have hunted down the court transcript of the witness testimony made in US v Maxwell.

  • This transcript is of one of the key players in the Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew cases.
  • As well, the focus remains on Prince Andrew after Ghislaine Maxwell’s disastrous trial.
  • This witness claims to have information which backs claims made by Royal accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Minor victim Carolyn was one of the females who testified in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell News Today

As well, Carolyn now plays a potential new role in the Prince Andrew case.

She says she can provide verification that Virginia Giuffre told her in 2001 about the encounter with the Royal.

Carolyn Andriano, as she is now known, told The Daily Mail, Virginia said she had slept with Prince Andrew while she was in London.

She said, “I’m in London with Jeffrey and Maxwell and Prince Andrew”,’ Carolyn recalls. ‘She said they were going to have dinner. I kind of didn’t believe her, but I had no reason not to. I thought it was far-fetched but, then again, she knew wealthy people and had been to fancy parties and stuff like that.

Later, Carolyn was full of questions: ‘I asked her if she’d been to the Palace. And she said, “I got to sleep with him”. I said, “What? You’re f****** with me”, and she said “no, I got to sleep with him”.

Source: The Daily Mail

The Royal is being sued by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges she was forced to have sex with the Prince three times, in London, New York and on Epstein’s Caribbean island, when aged 17.

Ghislaine Maxwell News Today: Key witness

Ghislaine Maxwell News Today

Maxwell, aged 60, accused of recruiting and grooming teenage girls to engage in sexualized massages and other sex acts with Jeffrey Epstein, was found guilty.

A jury last month convicted her on five out of six counts relating to sex trafficking after a mammoth, month-long trial in a New York City court.

Ghislaine Maxwell News Today

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