Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew and Epstein, the go-go bar buddies, and their flashy 2001 Asian holiday.

Listen to the truth about Prince Andrew and Epstein’s Thai bar crawl

  • Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein holidayed together in luxury in Thailand.
  • What were Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew up to in Thailand
  • New and revisited details about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship
  • Prince Andrew was known at the time as a bit of a ladies man.
  • They spent days lazing on a $1million yacht and staying at a $4000-a-night resort on the island of Phuket.

When the Prince was seen partying at a go-go bar in Thailand with Jeffrey Epstein, people took notice.

What was the prince thinking?

What’s even more curious is that Andrew continued to associate with Epstein long after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from underage girls.

Prince Andrew and Epstein in Thailand

Was he trying to keep up with Epstein, or did he have something else going on? Only Andrew knows for sure…but these questions are sure to fuel speculation for years to come.

Prince Andrew has always been a bit of an enigma.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 882E79F6-8120-4369-8BC5-9C4950B267E3-1024x302 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

He’s never quite fit the mold of a typical prince, eschewing traditional royal duties in favor of more…colourful pursuits.

And recent revelations about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein have only served to further muddy his reputation.

What was Prince Andrew thinking, associating with a man like Epstein? Was he simply trying to make connections or was there something more nefarious at play?

Let’s take a closer look at their friendship and see what we can learn.

The prince has denied any wrongdoing, but this latest news is sure to fuel speculation about just what kind of relationship he had with Epstein.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

Could the British royal have known about his friend’s dark side? Or was he completely oblivious?

One thing is for sure – it will be hard for Prince Andrew to shake this scandal off now.

Even royals have to answer for their bad decisions.

In the wake of the pedophile’s death, everyone is asking what the royal knew about his friend’s crimes.

It turns out the answer may be a lot more than anyone wanted to know, if you ask Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew and Epstein Thailand Podcast Transcript:

For years, rumours have circulated that Epstein trafficked girls to rich and powerful men.

So what does this mean for the royal family? And will Andrew finally be held accountable for his ties to Epstein? Stay tuned…

Welcome to the world of the Jeffrey Epstein,
the Prince and the pervert Podcast journalists,
Lisa and Jen bring you the ultimate deep dive.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast.

My name is Lisa. And with me today I have my partner in justice.

Jen, how are you?

I’m well,How are you going over there?

Well, there’s lots of news around in the Epstein world, Jen.
And not only am I going to talk about the lanes bid for a new trial.

I’m also going to talk about Prince Andrew and Epstein in go go bars. But nothing to see there.

Jen, of course. No, it never happened. He doesn’t remember it.
I Know, exactly.

And you have some more documents that have come out of New York in relation to Ghislaine’s Quest for the new trial?

Yes. Interesting. And I understand we’ve got someone who was at the trial going to chat to you. Yes, someone interesting.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image-1-1 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday
Quote Prince Andrew Vanity Fair, 2011

Prince Andrew and Epstein

So Brad Edwards, one of the key victims lawyers, has been talking to insider dot com.

He has said a new trial for Ghislaine Maxwell would go even worse for her, claiming more accusers have come forward to him after her sex trafficking conviction.

Now that’s something they hadn’t bargained on,
isn’t it, Jen?

That’s true, considering her brother has been crying as we spoke about recently about how unfair this is and how it’s a travesty of justice.

Well, more people coming out can’t be a great thing for their case, either.

No, I’ve seen statistics come out of the US that retrials are never really a good shot.

No. So, just in case you missed it, Ghislaine is fighting for a retrial in her child sex trafficking case over comments from one of the jurors who convicted her.

And must I say, in my personal opinion, I saw him on a recent documentary with the British television station. He is thirsty as, Jen, as they say, he loves going over and over it.

Yes, you can share your experience, but let’s just think. Even after Ghislaine was calling for a retrial, you’re still in the media talking about it.

It’s not good, and it leads to people wondering why you are doing this exactly.
And there’s no evidence that there’s anything improper going on.

But there are concerns about the company He works for Carlyle Group. Apparently, they were the biggest donors to Trump.

Did you know that? Yes, I’ve heard that.
So that’s what happens. It can often, especially in this case, grow a life of its own. Whether it’s true or not, it will grow and dominate the news cycle and it also takes away from the real stories here.


So Brad Edwards is now representing 58 women.

More women have contacted Edwards to say they’d be willing to participate in any investigations into her conduct, so this may not be the end for her.

This may be actually her first sex trafficking trial. There could be more charges coming.

They’re willing to share their stories about the lane and testify,

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

But also I’ve got what I consider the definitive list of organisations people, events, etcetera that no longer want to be associated with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

So these are the foundations and trusts, not the whole of the rest of the world.
Oh, no,
There’s a school in Canada that’s had enough. Oh, that’s a great one. We spoke about that probably a year ago,that they had called a parent meeting about it bad. Look, isn’t it? Oh,yeah,

OK, Jen. So I don’t think a new trial would go any better for her. In fact, I think it would go worse for her.

I agree. A new trial would also mean that prosecutors could present more evidence to convict Maxwell and keep her behind bars for the rest of her life. So we know she’s facing up to 65 years. It depends which source you read it somewhere between 40 and 65.

Do you agree?

I’ve even seen people say at essentially at her age.It would be life now, on to some of the documents. We know that on January 19th, Ghislaine Maxwell’s team filed a motion for a new trial,but they wanted everything under seal, particularly juror number 50.

Now that’s Scotty the Bear,as we call them down here, who then did a whole heap of interviews, including,as Lisa just mentioned, appeared in a documentary.

Now Ghislaine’s team wants to keep everything about the new trial under seal until the decision is made and then what’s the bet?

They try and fight to keep it under seal.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_6181 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

If her motion fails now, this ceiling of everything as pissed off quite a few people, not just Lisa and I, Julie K. Brown and The Miami Herald have submitted to court saying No, we say it should be unsealed.

Interestingly, in their letter asking for these documents to be unsealed, they wrote this, and this is on page two of Document 581.
“Additionally, the interests of the Miami Herald are not likely to overlap with the defendant or the government,particularly where, as here,neither party is likely to support unsealing.”

So the Miami Herald believes that even the government, the prosecution doesn’t want anything to do with Juror 50 unsealed for the public to look at. But they’re not the only news organisation. ABC News and NBC Universal News Group have also hit up the court for Unsealing and The New York Times.

So anyone who’s carrying on that the mainstream press has ignored this case. Here’s three big players just in the American media that have asked that these documents be unsealed. Whether or not that will happen, we have no idea, and Judge Nathan has given the prosecutors the government until February 2nd to put in a submission about this.

Like the other publications, New York Times is pushing the First Amendment right to access. So let’s hope that the judge does unseal it all. And in the unsealing or the unredacted of the various does in the Virginia Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell Civil case.Still nothing there.

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 14bc93af-ba1b-4e0e-8679-24bc2a900db6-410x1024 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday
What did the Prince do in 2001?

Prince Andrew and Epstein Walk into a GoGo Bar

So back to Prince Andrew and he’s go Go bar buddy.
What we’re Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew up to in Thailand.
There’s some new details about an old story concerning Prince Andrew’s trip to Thailand with Epstein and Maxwell.
Nothing suspicious.

Nothing to see there, but apparently Prince Andrew and Epstein visited the crazy girls by rock hard.
I can’t believe I’m saying this Crazy girls by rock hard venue, which is in a quote, according to the Mirror raunchy area where quote many of the girls are prostitutes, all victims of sex trafficking.

That’s what people don’t actually realise that when you go to Asia, a lot of those girls have been trafficked huge amounts of them because of the poverty.

So crazy girls, by rock hard, you can enjoy the craziest and sexiest are smacking bar.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

That’s what they’ve said on Facebook and speaking to the Sunday mirror at the time.
So we’re talking 2000 and one, the manager said.

“I was amazed to see a prince, but he was not fazed,
and he seemed quite relaxed when people realised who he was, a regular said,
You certainly wouldn’t get a member of the Thai royal family in a place like this.
This area is very raunchy, and many of the girls are prostitutes.”

Sex trafficked.
The Maxwell was in the country at the same time,
and they had a Southeast Asian jaunt together.

And at the time that the UK taxpayer was forking out £240,000 a year to help fund his life. And you may have seen there are photos of Epstein and Prince Andrew and a bunch of topless females on a mega yacht.

Does that include the photo where he’s pinching his nipples?
Oh yeah, I think I know where he’s got his arms out on an angle.

Yes, and it looks like he’s playing with his nipples. Yes,
well, apparently, Jen the atomic kitten singer Jenny Frost was there.

She was 22 at the time, and she was pictured topless on the $1 million vessel.
So and apparently there was an it girl called Normandy Keith,
aged 28 that he was threatening to throw overboard.

you’re hilarious,
aren’t you?
Jenny Frost,
the singer,
told the Sunday people.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast B59647AE-2185-4195-8525-A965C2D55070 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew and Epstein

I had no hesitation in going topless in front of Prince Andrew.
Why should I?
The fact is,
I didn’t want to get strap marks on my body while I was sunbathing.
That’s interesting.
No allegations there.
I’m not bothered about getting my boobs out in front of everyone.
That is very good.
Good on you.
So Epstein and Andrew,
they stayed at the Ammo Puri Hotel in Phuket as well $4000 a night.
And guess what,
That was the place allegedly where Fergie had her toes sucked in the nineties.
The shrimping, Yes,
so it’s an ultra exclusive resort to go to place for celebrities.
One of the bars,
they went to staff by semi naked go go dancers,
the sleazy holiday.
Now this is what the Mirror says offers a window into the relationship between Andrew and the paedophile couple.
He’s said to have become increasingly close to them around that time.
this would have been after.
it was the beginning of 2000 and one.
So he had yet to meet Virginia.
he says he never did.
They also went to the Banana Disco Jen,
whose website features videos of scantily clad young women.
who runs the travel blog Go Phuket dot net.
Banana Disco is a nightclub popular with tourists.
Nothing exclusive.
Just DJ music,
cocktails and a dance floor.
there you go,
Prince Andrew.
I betcha.
He regrets that.
Now I’ve got to check out Hypocrisy folder Jen,
How’s it going?
I think it’s pretty full because now that we mentioned this Prince Andrew’s daughter,
Princess Eugenie m or use in any or you Jeannie,
I don’t know.
I thought it was you,
Jenny, Complaints again.

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

Not to me.
She’s putting out finally,
her long awaited podcast for the anti slavery collective about human trafficking.
I kid you not.
I’m not making it up.
It was in People magazine a couple of days ago because she trashed it.
She stopped doing it,
but now she’s coming back.
she is So the recording started in 2021 at the Princess’s home,
and it will be released later this year.
Maybe she’s relying on people listening and clicking on it because of her dad.
she probably realised she’s going to get a pasting regardless.
So should go ahead and do it.
So it’s her long awaited podcast.
it might be a long awaited by you,
but I don’t think any of us needs to hear from you at the moment about human trafficking.
And if you are going to do it,
I don’t want it to be some kind of astro turf ng reputation cleanser.
Why did you introduce some of the girls that we’re getting there but slept at that bar your dad went to?
And I wonder if she will include the Ghislaine Maxwell trial?
but she doesn’t.
So apparently she’s spoken at the UN about it,
but so had Maxwell.
Before this,
I thought it was prestigious thing to speak at the UN,
But I think if you’ve got contacts,
you can do it.
So I think that the world can wait for your contribution to this unless you’re going to be thorough.
do you think she’ll be editing for eight hours?
I doubt it should have a professional team.
I wonder who’s paying for it.
She just have to go in and talk.
It would be all scripted.
I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts,
because once it comes out,
people are gonna go crazy.
I reckon it’ll be a short series,
maybe 46 episodes,
and that’s it.
Very little press other than launching it,
I don’t think there’ll be any follow up.
She won’t do any interviews.
Speaking of Prince Andrew,

Did you know nine out of 10 York residents want Prince Andrew to be stripped of his title of Duke of York?

Good on him as a survey,
a very scientific survey in the Daily Mail.
But 88%.
That’s pretty cool,
and they’ve also recently removed a plaque in a Belfast city hospital marking its formal opening of its tower block by Prince Andrew.
The Belfast Trust said the display was removed without its direction,
and its whereabouts are currently unknown.
Do you think it’s a prankster?
Sounds like the staff got sick of it,
or a patient or a visitor and just went time to take action.
So it’s red Belfast City Hospital Tower opened by His Royal Highness.
Not anymore.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

The Prince Andrew,
25th of June 1986.
so the poor kids at Prince Andrew High School in dark mouth in Canada,
they’re going to get their school renamed based on submissions from the general public and students.
Prince Andrew High School is in Nova Scotia and it’s going to be renamed,
and they’re not putting any spin on it.
They’re saying that it’s a result of the sexual abuse case going forward with Prince Andrew.
We’re changing the name to move in a different direction due to the negative reports about Prince Andrew,
school principal Craig Campbell told CNN in an email.
That’s brilliant because I spoke about that about a year ago when they were discussing it,
and it looked like at that stage one of the Royal Canadian Mountie,
a female officer was going to be honoured.
She was killed in the line of duty,
so it’ll be interesting to see what name they do choose.
But it won’t be the first high school,
and I reckon there’ll be quite a few pubs as well.
we’ll get to that.
Just hold on,
Hold your horses,
my dear.
A plaque at a police station in Devon marking its opening by the Duke of York Prince Andrew,
has been removed.

According to the BBC,
the plaque it was taken down by the Devon and Cornwall police.

It had been at the Tourky station since 2000,
and one.
The action was carried out after a member of the public complaint.
Good on him,
said Assistant Constable Jim Nice.
Well done.
Now maybe you could investigate some of those allegations.
Virginia made amount.
Now there’s even a horse race,
So this is from The Telegraph in London.
Prince Andrew has plenty on his mind,
but the latest ignominy following the Virginia Giuffre a scandal will not be missed by his mother,
whose most fervent passion is horse racing.
York Racecourse has decided to rename the Duke of York Steaks a prestigious race for sprinters run each year at its May meeting in a bid to distance itself from the embattled voile.
And the story will certainly make headlines in Wednesday’s editions.
The race has been with us in different guises over different instances and at different times of the years since 18 95 said the club.
So this is just another evolution.

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