Prince Andrew Trial: What Royal Was Up to 2001

Prince Andrew Trial: As Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre are both asking for a trial in the US to resolve sexual assault claims, we are digging into the royal’s movements.

Prince Andrew was in America frequently; at least four times. If you include Epstein’s island in the US Virgin Islands, it is five visits.

Prince Andrew Trial

The prince maintains he was not close with Epstein but admitted he stayed at the perve’s New York mansion in 2010.

After divorcing his wife Sarah Ferguson in 1996, the Duke of York, as he is also known, started to spend time with Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Royal told the BBC he cut ties with Epstein in 2010 following the pervert’s sex abuse conviction from 2008.

Moreover, Prince Andrew told the court in New York today that he was not close friends with Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker.

Prince Andrew Trial

Our investigation found evidence of five trips to America by Prince Andrew in 2001 – during which time Ms Giuffre claims she was effectively held by Epstein as a ‘sex slave’.

Prince Andrew trial

It looks interesting when laid out as a timeline and this provides an indication of the royal’s jet setting life.

Epstein’s butler in Paris has also claimed Prince Andrew was a frequent visitor to the billionaire’s palatial apartment on Avenue Foch.

Prince Andrew Trial
Source: Palace Circular

In the late 1990s, Prince Andrew was known around London as a bit of a ladies man. But when he was seen partying at a go-go bar in Thailand with Jeffrey Epstein in January 2001, people took notice.

What’s even more curious is that Andrew continued to associate with Epstein long after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from underage girls.

What was the prince thinking?

Well we know what he is thinking now and it is probably more than: “I was not close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell!”

Since Epstein’s death, people have been trying to piece together what really happened.

What were his ties to the royal family? How did Epstein manage to keep his dark secrets hidden for so long?

Prince Andrew Trial

While we may never know all the answers, these recently released palace records and flight logs could provide some clues.

Keep reading to see what we’ve uncovered.

What do Prince Andrew Palace records, flight logs and testimony have in common? They can all be used to piece together a story.

In this particular case, we’re using them to try and figure out what went on inside the palace in 2001.

To say that things are complicated would be an understatement – but hopefully we can get to the bottom of things by taking a closer look at all of the evidence available.

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Source: Palace Circular

Prince Andrew Trial

Interestingly, recently released records from Buckingham Palace show that Andrew had apparently been a regular visitor to Epstein’s home – and even flew on his plane several times.

Could there be more to their relationship than meets the eye? We’ll never know for sure until someone comes forward with more information… but it’s certainly an interesting possibility to consider.

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