Epstein News: Journalist Threatened Sex Abuse Victim: Allegation

Epstein News: The Miami Herald journalist behind a book about Jeffrey Epstein allegedly told a victim she was “making the biggest mistake” of her life when she refused an interview.

This allegation made against reporter Julie K. Brown was contained in a defamation suit filed last week in Florida by two of the dead blackmailer’s underage victims.

In addition, the suit alleged one survivor was miscast as “a member of Epstein’s inner circle” after she declined to be interviewed.

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In the complaint, Haley Robson and Courtney Wild allege Ms Brown defamed them in her book, Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story.

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In addition, Ms Robson alleged the journalist threatened her because she would not be interviewed for the publication.

She alleged Ms Brown asked to interview her “under the guise of helping Ms. Robson restore her reputation and tell the true story as one of Epstein’s victims. But when she refused, Brown said Robson ‘was making the biggest mistake of your life.”

“With the publication of Perversion of Justice, Ms. Brown carried out the threat by characterizing Ms. Robson not as a victim, but rather as an eager participant and co-conspirator in Epstein’s crimes,” the suit said.

The lawsuit claimed Ms Brown “sought to take credit away” from victims — especially Wild, who “fought for years” to expose the plea deal, seek Epstein’s arrest and get compensation for his victims.”

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Knowing Ms. Wild had spearheaded each of these major achievements, and not Ms. Brown as she claimed in her book, Ms. Brown sought to debase and defame Ms. Wild by writing that Ms. Wild ‘told the FBI the times that she had sex with him when she was underage,’ that she could not ‘remember the exact time he raped me,’ and that, at a certain point thereafter, she ‘didn’t have to do the sex anymore,’” the complaint states.

“In fact, Ms. Wild never had sexual intercourse with Epstein and was never raped by Epstein.”

Ms Brown had written Ms Wild “told the FBI” about being raped by Epstein and later having sex with him.

In addition, it was also allegedly claimed that Ms Wild had been raped by Epstein, then had sex with him.

Court documents said the two complainant suffered “shame, humiliation, mental anguish, and hurt feelings” because of the book.

The lawsuit seeks damages and a public apology from Ms Brown, who dedicated the book to Epstein’s “survivors,” singling out Wild and three other women by name.

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“This is a private business matter related to Julie Brown and her book. The Miami Herald has no involvement in this lawsuit,” Executive Editor Monica Richardson said last week.

“Julie is a dedicated reporter at the Herald who recently covered the Maxwell trial from start to finish and provided our readers with excellent coverage.”

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  1. Carolyn n mixon says:

    I am disappointed with Julie kBrown – these survivors have been threw enough & MS Brown’s ego has gotten in the way of the truth

    1. It is a mighty mess. I shared the Daily Beast story with some journalist friends yesterday and we are all a bit stunned. I must say reading the book, Julie seems to have beef with a lot of people, but I don’t know anything about the situation with the survivors.

  2. Alice says:

    You mean “The survivors have been THROUGH enough. “

    1. Yes I do, Alice. I regret the error but there’s only two of us. So please be kind.

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