Prince Andrew Putin & the Russian Models

Prince Andrew Putin We were looking for links between the Russian elite and Prince Andrew, but we have found something more interesting.

First, was there a Putin Andy bro-mance? According to press from 2004, there was a mutual admiration.

As well all know, Prince Andrew has never met an oligarch or a dictator he didn’t like.

Prince Andrew Putin

Second, the Duke of York attended Russian fashion week at least twice, in 2004 and 2006.

Moreover, what was he doing at a Matthew Williamson catwalk show in Moscow? Oh yes, he was the UK special representative for trade. How convenient.

According to another English fashion designer, Jenny Packham, the Royal demanded she attend a VIP reception where he was holding court alone with young Russian models.

I know this is a shock…not..

According to Buckingham Palace, the Duke’s appearances were a part of his allegedly official duties.

Prince Andrew Putin
Article from The Daily Telegraph May 8, 2004
Prince Andrew Putin
Andrew’s 2004 appearance in Moscow at Russian Fashion Week. “Ogling Andy” story from The Evening Standard, November, 2004

Prince Andrew Putin

Prince Andrew Putin
Source: Getty Images, caption below
Getty images caption

Then Prince Andrew enraged the designer in Moscow at British Day at 2006 Russian Fashion Week. Its quite a story. She was angry about his behaviour for a long time.

We have seen Jenny’s designs and they are absolutely beautiful.

Source: The Daily Mail
Prince Andrew Putin
Former Russian President meeting 2009, as UK trade envoy

Prince Andrew Putin

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