Ghislaine Maxwell’s Red Carpet Looks

Let’s not beat around the bush, Ghislaine Maxwell has abominable fashion sense.

Ghislaine Maxwell red carpet. It takes a lot of money to look as bad as the convicted sex trafficker.

Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty in December 2021 of recruiting and grooming girls to engage in sexualised massages and other acts with Jeffrey Epstein.

From the throne room at Buckingham Palace to being found guilty of sex trafficking, it is an epic fall for British daughter of mogul Robert Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell Red Carpet

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Crimes of fashion aren’t her worse sins, of course, but they are as blatant as they are distasteful.

So when Virginia Giuffre told me on Twitter Ghislaine hated being the butt of a joke, I had to do something,

It doesn’t matter the decade, she can’t make it work.

Surely she could’ve found a stylist with her money? I suppose no one was ever honest with her.

Ghislaine Maxwell Red Carpet

But things are improving for her because she now gets to wear the same thing everyday, thanks to the US Government.

We do our research.

Anyway I put another collage together because I’m generally very snarky.

Besides people are saying far worse about Maxwell. Like this testimony.

Exhibit two:

Again, I have so many questions about the Epstein saga.

Maybe I should ask some of her famous friends or acquaintances? I doubt they be keen to talk about her these days.

Ghislaine Maxwell Red Carpet

Oh! Look! It’s Ghislaine with Donald Trump, Mrs Trump and model Naomi Campbell! There’s some aggressive shoulder action from Ms Maxwell.

Look it is Barbara!
Ghislaine Maxwell Red Carpet
Ghislaine Maxwell Red Carpet
Eww I hate that parachute dress with coral necklace

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      Even if you roll it in glitter!

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