Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Killer: Reports

Epstein Pilot: Is an alleged fraudster who lives with his mother behind the purchase of home owned by Epstein aviator Larry Visoski?

The man in question was the head of the obscure Love and Bliss church, is named Alex Leszczynski.

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The fraud charges

He was accused of allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill two people, along with fraud and money laundering.

Since his arrest and detainment in a Texas prison, Alex Leszczynski, has pled guilty to some of the charges.

I will drop the government reports of the court actions and pleas here because they are complicated.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Killer: Reports

The accused was indicted for trying to hire a ‘hitman’ to kill two government witnesses against him, prosecutors said in late October 2022.

The 23-year-old of North Redington Beach, has been charged on one count of murder-for-hire and one count of obstruction of justice.

  • Alex Leszczynski, the founder of Love and Bliss Church, was arrested on multiple charges.
    In this article, we’ll explain what happened, the latest updates from the case, and why it matters.

According to The Tampa Area Times, Alex Leszczynski “promised to pay an individual to kill two people, identified as Victim One and Victim Two.”

Meanwhile, who is the man behind the Love and Bliss Church and other entities?

Where does he come into this Epstein Pilot New Mexico land deal, considering he lives with his mother on the other side of the country?

Alex Leszczynski is accused by authorities of using fake charities — including Love & Bliss — to take part in several schemes, according to court documents and information from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

One fraud allegation included applying for and receiving two Payroll Protection Plan loans totaling about $196,000. He also was involved in a check kiting scheme and tried to deposit $2.7 million in worthless checks into the Love & Bliss business account, the government said.

After the launch of an investigation, the government seized $337,000 from one of Leszczynski’s accounts. When he found out the money had been frozen, Leszczynski “attempted to have it released by producing a fabricated pardon purportedly signed by former President Donald Trump,” according to U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg’s office.

Tampa Bay Times

Alex Leszczynski Arrested Love and Bliss Church

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The Epstein pilot, who now lives and works in Florida with his wife, was granted the land by Epstein. He said in a deposition in 2011, he paid a nominal amount for the site.

But is this really the case, or is it a part of a property title scam, which the Epstein pilot knows nothing about?

Who is Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski

The chief Epstein pilot shuttled high profile figures, such as Prince Andrew, President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and model Naomi Campbell around the globe.

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Tweet by Epstein survivor Virginia Giufree

What is this Love & Bliss church?
Why did it claim to own part of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach and New Mexico properties?

Why did Love and Bliss also obtain the title for Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion?

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IRS letter advising Love & Bliss of its tax-free status
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image-1-1 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Killer: Reports
Did Love & Bliss buy this property once owned by Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski?

Why did the church qualify for a coronavirus loan to cover payroll costs a few months before obtaining the Zorro land?

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PPP records for Love & Bliss
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The land owned by Visoski

Did Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski sell the land or was it Epstein and/or the dead pedophile’s estate? Or was it fraud?

Survivor Virginia Giufree said on the Broken podcast: “Larry Visoski had wealth of knowledge about Jeffrey Epstein and that’s why he was treated well. Larry Visoski always kept his mouth shut.”

In his deposition, Mr Visoski said he remembered Ms Giufree being on one of the Epstein planes. But he had no recollection of her going to the cockpit, and he didn’t know Virginia was a minor.

As well, the Epstein Pilot says he was not aware of any minors ever being on the pedophile’s planes.

Ms Giufree states has been in the cockpit and claims she met the pilot on a Florida to New York flight in the early 2000s. 

Back in 2008, the Pilot told the court he did not know of any misconduct concerning underage women and Epstein. He added he was sceptical about claims his employer was abusing girls and young women.

“I don’t believe he (Epstein) had sex with underage women,” he told the court (see 2008 deposition excerpt below).

While the mainstream media has been focusing on Jeffrey Epstein’s death and his survivors, two of his pilots who flew young women with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew still have aviation licences.

Why does this matter? Well, it means that we can’t be 100% sure what went on when the two powerful VIPs were on Epstein’s planes.

Epstein Pilot

In a 2019 episode of The Devil in the Darkness podcast, an unnamed driver said Epstein’s pilots were scared of their boss.

“They were like his wing men…they would get in the car and you could see if they’d had a bad day or not with Jeffrey

The two main pilots were really nice guys and they were very jovial. But if they got in the car, you could tell if something was wrong,

They didn’t want to lose their jobs, they didn’t want to upset him because of what he can do, (the pilots) never talked about passengers…he must’ve had them on a tight leash when it came to that type of thing.”

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Epstein Pilot

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