Epstein Banks Are Being Targeted by Victims & Virgin Islands

Epstein Banks Two women who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual assault are suing the international investment banks JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank.

Updated: Law & Crime, March 14, 2023: “Jeffrey Epstein survivors’ attorneys are levelling their most direct allegations yet against financier Jes Staley, accusing the ex-JPMorgan Chase senior executive turned Barclays CEO of “participating” in the abuse.”

“There is no doubt that there was sex trafficking,” said David Boies, a prominent attorney for Epstein victims.There is no doubt that what JPMorgan did made that possible.”

The dawn of 2023 is heralding a nervous time for many of Epstein’s banking associates.

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The Epstein banks are asking a judge to dismiss the law suits.

“The banks also said they had no duty to protect the women from Epstein and did not cause his abuses, requiring the dismissal of claims under a new law in New York that lets abuse victims sue even if statutes of limitations have expired,” wrote Reuters.

“Jane Doe 1 is a survivor of Epstein’s sexual abuse, and she is entitled to justice,” but filed meritless claims against the “wrong party,” JPMorgan said in its filing.”

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But Reuters added: “a lawyer for the women says the facts, as described in their complaints, speak for themselves.”

“We are disappointed in the banks’ continuing effort to avoid taking responsibility for their role in the expansion and perpetuation of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring,” Boies, the lawyer, said in a previous statement to Reuters.

Epstein Banks

Update December 29, 2022 : the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein had his private island, is also suing banks due to their links with the dead pedophile.

The lawsuit was filed in New York last month as a part of a class action. The filings stated the banks were ignoring “red flags” for its customers and profiting from the late predator’s sex trade.

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Maxwell and Epstein

The Epstein Banks Legal Challenge

The women, who filed in New York City, stated they sought financial damages. The cases are being led by lawyers representing dozens of Epstein victims.

According to the allegations in the suit against JP Morgan Chase, one woman, described as a ballet dancer, was abused by Epstein and associates between 2006 and 2013. 

Epstein and his co-conspirators could not have victimised without assistance from wealthy individuals and financial institutions. We will not stop fighting for the survivors until everyone is held responsible. This is a big step but not the end.
He added: “The time has come for the real enablers to be held responsible, especially his wealthy friends and the financial institutions that played an integral role.”

Bradley Edwards, lawyer for the Epstein survivors

Our podcast reveals the following:

Epstein Banks

The lawsuit alleges JP Morgan knew his account was used for trading because of the identity of people withdrawing money.

Both banks have been under fire for years due to their association with Epstein.

The lawsuit suggests that the wealthy Epstein turned to Deutsche Bank when ties were severed with JP Morgan around 2013.

It also refers to previous findings by banking regulators about Deutsche Bank’s business with Epstein.

They concluded that “although the bank properly classified Epstein as high-risk, [it] failed to scrutinise the activity in the accounts for the kinds of activity that were obviously implicated by Epstein’s past”.

Source. Jane Doe v Deutsche Bank

Epstein Banks

After the billionaire died in unusual circumstances, Deutsche Bank admitted that it made a “critical mistake” when it to okayed Epstein as a client.

And now JP Morgan is gunning for its former Epstein-linked boss. It accused Staley of concealing an “inappropriate relationship” with Epstein and vouching for the sex offender’s character to help keep him as a client.

The SMH wrote: “The bank’s court filings demand Staley hand over all of his compensation from 2006 through 2013 — a figure surpassing $US80 million ($121 million). They also argue he should bear the cost of any payouts in two lawsuits accusing the lender of facilitating Epstein’s crimes.”

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