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Lisa is a true crime podcaster and journalist who co-hosts “The Prince and the Pervert” podcast with her friend Jen. The podcast delves into the alleged crimes and controversies surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and his associates, including his close relationship with Prince Andrew of the British royal family.

Both have backgrounds in journalism and has worked for various media outlets, including ABC News.

Lisa has covered a wide range of topics over the course of her career, including crime, politics, and social issues. But the Epstein case is the one she cannot shake out of her system.

On The Prince and the Pervert they provide in-depth analysis of the ongoing investigations into Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring, as well as the various legal battles and scandals that have emerged in the wake of Epstein’s death.

Through their podcast, Lisa and Jen aim to shed light on the complex web of corruption, exploitation, and abuse that surrounds the Epstein case, and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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