Lisa & Jen are committed to following this Epstein conspiracy story until the end

Who are the people who helped Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

You won’t get outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information.

The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince & the Pervert Podcast is a labour of love by two Aussie mums who worked together in journalism.

There aren’t a lot of Aussie podcasts like ours. We record for our international audience from inside Jen’s laundry in Newcastle.

Our podcast covers news in different timezones. So we record in the middle of the night when news breaks because most of our listeners are American.

We tell the stories of the Epstein survivors, who are now women. It’s a huge honour and privilege. We will never forget that our work is a tribute to them. But when it comes to Epstein’s enablers, we don’t hold back.

The podcast has had almost 400,00 downloads since December 2019. We have been number 5 on UK iTunes in news commentary.

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A global criminal conspiracy, a prince, a jailed socialite, and a billionaire, who may or may not have been murdered.

Welcome to the world of The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince & the Pervert Podcast. The  program is hosted by two journalists and they have been researching the case since July 2019.