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img_9666 Prince Andrew (centre) with Ghislaine Maxwell (Yellow hat) at Royal Ascot, early 2000s.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Commoner, Walks Behind Royalty


Prince Andrew (left) and Jeffrey Epstein 2010


(Above) Awkward Tweet about Jimmy Savile, UK entertainer & prolific child abuser.
Meme Courtesy of The Secret Artist: Robert Maxwell (left) and his daughter Ghislaine (right).

Ghislaine Maxwell

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Please don’t call Ghislaine Maxwell a pimp or a madam, these women were children or trafficked, so they can’t consent.

The Other Women in Epstein’s Life


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Below is a link to a post we wrote about the other female players in this filthy Epstein quagmire.

The Group of Women Who Served Epstein

Video: The Women Who Served Epstein

The Ring of Women Behind Epstein

Lesley Groff (above)

Lesley Groff worked for Jeffrey Epstein for 20 years and they were apparently “mind-melded.”

The former secretary is now a mum in Connecticut, popping out for Pilates and living her best life. She’s on YouTube dancing with her sister.
According to The Toronto SunLesley said in an interview in 2005 she could almost read Epstein’s mind.



Civil court allegations against Groff & Sarah Kellen
But Lesley recently commented , via her lawyer, and she was shocked by the allegations against Jeffrey Epstein.

Sarah Kellen Vickers aka Sara Bonk, Sarah Vickers & Sara Kensington:

Kellen (left) with her boss Ghislaine Maxwell aka JizzStain.

Kellen (left) with Vickers on their wedding day 2013

Sarah Kellen/Kensington/Vickers is accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s.

She allegedly  prepared the oils and the lotions in the rooms where the sex abuse occurred.

Video: The Women Who Served Epstein 



Above: Civil court allegations against Groff & Kellen
Kellen watched thousands of girls walk up those Palm Beach mansion stairs to be abused by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell aka #JizzStain.
Police were very close to charging her in the early 2000s (see below). image Sarah married Brian Vickers, an ex-NASCAR driver in 2013.

Nadia Marcinkova



Nadia was supposedly “purchased” by Epstein in the early 2000s to act as his “sex slave.”

She is a very accomplished pilot, which is kinda scary because Epstein used planes a lot. Nadia was known on social media as Gulfstream Girl and Global Girl. Epstein referred to her as his “sex slave.” Her lawyer said she was too traumatised to speak about Jeffrey Epstein.

Haley Robson

Haley Robson was one of the main Palm Beach recruiters. She likened herself to Heidi Fliess. Police were close to charging her and Sarah Kellen until the notorious plea deal.

She has changed her tune over the years about working for Epstein. Haley believes she was scapegoated by the police investigation. She maintains she was traumatised by the dead pedophile, as can be seen in this recent article. 

Here is a summary of the allegations against her:

Eva Dubin

A96D6C21-AB69-4A86-BB7A-17E360124C0B We’ve heard a lot about Epstein’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell but there was also another significant ex-girlfriend in the pedophile’s life.

Eva Andersson-Dubin was Miss Sweden 1980 and is now a doctor and philanthropist. She also had a romantic relationship with Epstein for 11 years 😲 & remained a close friend until he died last year.

The dead sex offender was close to the entire Dubin family, was godfather to their three children and tutored one in science and maths.

Mrs Dubin wrote a reference (excerpt below) for Epstein during the time he was in a Florida jail.

Epstein donated to Eva’s charity under the ruse of a trust in the name of Dubin’s daughter.

At one point, Epstein pondered about marrying the same girl.Dubin daughter Epstein wanted to marry. (I’m not naming her because she was a child.)Even more disturbingly, Epstein staff reported he had a naked photo of this same  child on his wall.


Eileen Guggenheim

Oh look! Bill Clinton and Eileen Guggenheim
Guggenheim (with the grey hair) greets Jeffrey Epstein.

An arts administrator who took several graduates from the New York Academy of Art to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. (Although she denied it until two additional ex-students stated she did go to the ranch). Survivor Maria Farmer said Guggenheim had forced her to sell Epstein a painting for half price.

Story Cowles

Sarah Kellen aka /Vickers and Story Cowles

Story Cowles Believed to be one of the few male administrators in the dead pedophile’s immediate orbit. No one spent more time with the sex offender when he was in jail in Florida. He signed into the facility as a paralegal, which he was not at the time Epstein was in jail. Cowles also lived with Sarah Kellen in a million-dollar New York apartment owned by Mark Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother.

We can’t work out why Cowles worked as Epstein’s assistant. His mother married a railway heir, who presumably had money. Cowles, who was once a fixture on the Palm Beach social circuit, now works in finance in North Carolina.

Video: Story Cowles Epstein Assistant

Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

29D0E2F2-D5F6-4BD5-B76B-1779C50307F1These days, Sarah Ferguson spends most of her time trying to foist Prince Andrew on to us.

But she’s known Ghislaine Maxwell for years during their time in the social circuit. Fergie disgraced herself when she borrowed $24,000 from Epstein to pay off her debts. She also took her daughters as children along to meet Epstein while he was parked in his jet on the tarmac of a Barbados airport. FB0773AE-B1A2-4B12-A362-11AF2EA48E44.jpeg79E1FA63-FCEA-41BD-9D03-F6673E23BD58.jpeg Sarah Ferguson (top left) with Peter Nygard (right grey hair). Princesses Eugene and Beatrice (front).

Ferguson now gives the press outrageous quotes about Prince Andrew.


Les Wexner

Survivor Maria Farmer said “Wexner was the head of the snake.”

The clothing retailer’s relationship with Epstein was complicated, so here are some links because it’s frankly too complex for us to do justice in one blogpost.

1. Epstein, Wexner and the Mega Group by Whitney Webb

2. Maria Farmer on Wexner and Epstein on The Jeffrey Epstein Show 

3. Les Wexner Leaves Victoria Secret

4. Epstein Accuser Blames Les Wexner for Assault

5. Les Wexner was a Billionaire 

Adam Perry-Lang

Adam Perry Lang and BFF entertainer Jimmy Kimmel

Mr Perry Lang worked for Epstein as a chef from 2000 to 2002 but like so many people, including two presidents, he had no idea what the child abuser was up to.

Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre said she had asked the chef for help to bring to light the Epstein offenders.

But Perry Lang, who is Jimmy Kimmel’s BFF, refuses to help, according to Ms Roberts Giuffre.

The chef now runs a fancy restaurant (named after himself) in Los Angeles and another in Orange County but he seemingly won’t sit down for lunch with Virginia.


Clare Hazell

Believed to be now Lady Clare Iveagh, aka Clare Guinness, mate of Ghislaine Maxwell. She was the alleged “minder” of survivor Maria Farmer when she was trafficked to the Les Wexner estate.

Clare Iveagh’s husband, Ned Guinness, is one of the richest people in the UK. Yes, he’s from the Irish brewing dynasty. Lady Iveagh has not commented on the Epstein criminal conspiracy. A Clare Hazell was listed more than 30 times in the Epstein planes’ flight manifests. There’s a Clare Hazell Iveagh listed in the Epstein black book.

According to survivor Maria Farmer, Clare is also the woman who was the focus of a new article from The Mirror. “A British socialite could hold vital information about the misery inflicted on young victims of Prince Andrew’s paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein”. Ms Farmer has made specific allegations about Clare Hazell, one being she was Epstein’s girlfriend. Fellow survivor Virginia Roberts alleged she was assaulted by a Clare Hazell (see below). image