The Jeffrey Epstein Documentaries – Netflix, Discovery & Lifetime

There are three documentaries airing about the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy – Netflix’s Filthy Rich, Investigation Discovery’s Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein & Lifetime’s Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

The first, Netflix, premiered globally on May 27. Our podcast has reviewed episodes one and two, the second with comic and podcaster Rachael O’Brien. We also watched the third and here is our review.

Survivor Maria Farmer states she was unimpressed by the conduct of the Netflix producers. She says she wishes she’d never taken part in the series.

We caught up with the original Epstein podcaster from the Jeffrey Epstein Show to discuss the remaining Netflix episodes. Bobby has produced almost 300 episodes on the criminal conspiracy.

Bobby Capucci’s Podcast

The Discovery series was aired on USA Memorial Day and Jen tweeted her thoughts on the first episode.

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