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Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities

Epstein Pilot Is an alleged fraudster who lives with his mother behind the purchase of home owned by Epstein aviator Larry Visoski?

The head of the Love and Bliss church, Alex Leszczynski, is now accused of attempting to hire a hitman to kill two witnesses, along with fraud and money laundering.

He has been indicted for hiring a ‘hitman’ to kill two government witnesses against him, prosecutors said in late October 2022.

The 23-year-old of North Redington Beach, has been charged on one count of murder-for-hire and one count of obstruction of justice.

According to The Tampa Area Times, Alex Leszczynski “promised to pay an individual to kill two people, identified as Victim One and Victim Two.”

Meanwhile, who is the man behind the Love and Bliss Church and other entities? Where does he come into this New Mexico land deal, considering he lives with his mother on the other side of the country?

Alex Leszczynski is accused by authorities of using fake charities — including Love & Bliss — to take part in several schemes, according to court documents and information from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

One fraud allegation included applying for and receiving two Payroll Protection Plan loans totaling about $196,000. He also was involved in a check kiting scheme and tried to deposit $2.7 million in worthless checks into the Love & Bliss business account, the government said.

After the launch of an investigation, the government seized $337,000 from one of Leszczynski’s accounts. When he found out the money had been frozen, Leszczynski “attempted to have it released by producing a fabricated pardon purportedly signed by former President Donald Trump,” according to U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg’s office.

Tampa Bay Times

Alex Leszczynski Arrested Love and Bliss Church

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein F70125EF-D4B2-43A2-84CC-3BD8408CEEF8 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities

The Epstein pilot, who now lives and works in Florida with his wife, was granted the land by Epstein. He said in a deposition in 2011, he paid a nominal amount for the site.

But is this really the case, or is it a part of a property title scam, which the Epstein pilot knows nothing about?

Who is Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski

The chief Epstein pilot shuttled high profile figures, such as Prince Andrew, President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and model Naomi Campbell around the globe.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_1266-1 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities
Tweet by Epstein survivor Virginia Giufree

What is his Love & Bliss church? Why did it claim to own part of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach and New Mexico properties?

Why did Love and Bliss also obtain the title for Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion?

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4425 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities
IRS letter advising Love & Bliss of its tax-free status
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-1 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities
Did Love & Bliss buy this property once owned by Epstein Pilot Larry Visosky?

Why did the church qualify for a coronavirus loan to cover payroll costs a few months before obtaining the Zorro land?

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-2-1 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities
PPP records for Love & Bliss
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4435 Epstein Pilot Ranch Scammer Tried to Hire Hitman: Authorities
The land owned by Visoski

Did Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski sell the land or was it Epstein and/or the dead pedophile’s estate? Or was it fraud?

Survivor Virginia Giufree said on the Broken podcast: “Larry Visoski had wealth of knowledge about Jeffrey Epstein and that’s why he was treated well. Larry Visoski always kept his mouth shut.”

In his deposition, Mr Visoski said he remembered Ms Giufree being on one of the Epstein planes. But he had no recollection of her going to the cockpit, and he didn’t know Virginia was a minor.

As well, he says he isn’t aware of any minors ever being on the pedophile’s planes.

Ms Giufree states has been in the cockpit and claims she met the pilot on a Florida to New York flight in the early 2000s. 

Back in 2008, the Pilot told the court he did not know of any misconduct concerning underage women and Epstein. He added he was sceptical about claims his employer was abusing girls and young women.

“I don’t believe he (Epstein) had sex with underage women,” he told the court (see 2008 deposition excerpt below).

While the mainstream media has been focusing on Jeffrey Epstein’s death and his survivors, two of his pilots who flew young women with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew still have aviation licences.

Why does this matter? Well, it means that we can’t be 100% sure what went on when the two powerful VIPs were on Epstein’s planes.

Epstein Pilot

In a 2019 episode of The Devil in the Darkness podcast, an unnamed driver said Epstein’s pilots were scared of their boss.

“They were like his wing men…they would get in the car and you could see if they’d had a bad day or not with Jeffrey

The two main pilots were really nice guys and they were very jovial. But if they got in the car, you could tell if something was wrong,

They didn’t want to lose their jobs, they didn’t want to upset him because of what he can do, (the pilots) never talked about passengers…he must’ve had them on a tight leash when it came to that type of thing.”

Our show, The Prince and the Pervert, exposes how this criminal conspiracy has victimized thousands of children and women.

A global criminal conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of power. But it’s also an story about friendship and betrayal.

Epstein Pilot

We don’t just want to tell his story. Our work shines light on this travesty of justice . The Prince & The Pervert Podcast – is available now wherever you listen to podcasts!

We tell you all about it on The Prince & The Pervert Podcast – available now wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

Maxwell’s mother: the chilling Sliding Doors Moment

Elisabeth Maxwell: Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother was told her daughter was assessed as having “low intelligence” and needing psychotherapy.

In her book, A Mind of My Own, the wife of media fraudster Robert Maxwell breezily accounts tiny Ghislaine’s disruptive school behaviour.

It’s a chilling tale of an opportunity lost to save the youngster from her fate.

Moreover, the family says she was anorexic because her parents ignored her for the first three years of her life.

In a shocking Sliding Doors moment, Dr Maxwell re-tells the story with all the emotion of a ordering a pizza delivery.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2693-1-706x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
Passage from A Mind of My Own

Elisabeth Maxwell|Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mother

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 18FDAFB6-D5C2-4A68-A73C-4CBC26AEFEF7-758x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

What did they do to help her? Nothing, they changed schools to one where she was lauded as a high achiever.

Historian Ben Macintyre said his sister was childhood friends with the now 61 -year-old.

“Ghislaine was envied, admired, teased for her money, and mocked for her slow reading,’ he continued in an article for Air Mail.

And while Ghislaine did attend prestigious Oxford University , the consensus was that father Robert Maxwell had bought her spot.

Moreover, friends reported the convicted sex trafficker had problems with spelling.

Macintyre told how Robert Maxwell, the late newspaper tycoon, would invite school friends to the family’s home of Headington Hill Hall, where he would make them take part in reading competitions with his daughter.

‘However good the other girls were, he declared Ghislaine the winner every time,’ Macintyre wrote.

At nine, she went to Edgarley Hall boarding school in Somerset, but she was back in Oxford at 13 to attend Headington Girls’ School, where she was ‘very sporty at tennis, hockey and athletics’.

After her A-Levels at Marlborough College, a top public school, she joined her father’s Pergamon Press.

Elisabeth Maxwell

According to Oxford Mail, she spent her first years of schooling at Oxford High School for Girls in North Oxford.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2699-816x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
More about Maxwell & family from her sentencing submission
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2702-661x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
From Maxwell’s sentencing submission; siblings Anne and Phillip

The Oxford Mail stated the convicted sex trafficker went to four schools before attending Oxford university with people such as UK PM Boris Johnson.

“At the age of nine, she went to Edgarley Hall boarding school in Somerset, but she was back in Oxford at 13 to attend Headington Girls’ School, where she was “very sporty at tennis, hockey and athletics,” said the newspaper.

Elisabeth Maxwell

After her schooling at Marlborough College, she joined her father’s Pergamon Press at Headington, “doing anything from typing to managing congresses”.

But as much as Maxwell’s legal team protests now, before sentencing on June 28, it’s hard to find anyone now who believes her tale of woe.

“It was very clear to me even as an undergraduate that she was interested in power and money,” says the writer Anna Pasternak, who was a contemporary at Oxford and moved in the same social circles. “She was one of those people at parties who always looked over your shoulder to see if there was somebody more powerful or more interesting while she was air-kissing you.”

Rachel Johnson, the UK prime minister’s sister and another Oxford contemporary, raised eyebrows when she recalled spotting Ghislaine Maxwell across the Balliol junior common room – “a shiny glamazon with naughty eyes holding court astride a table, a high-heeled boot resting on my brother Boris’s thigh.”

But these days even her best friend is avoiding her

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2697-766x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

The book is out of publication but we managed in 2020 to find a second-hand copy on EBay.

Elisabeth Maxwell Ghislaine Mother

Ghislaine Maxwell Prison

Will Lloyd, a reporter from Unherd, was in the courtroom and offers a reminder of who the trial was really for, the victims seeking justice:

“The women sobbed; it sounded like the air around them was being eaten by the sadness they felt. We learned that post-Epstein, Carolyn went on to become a drug addict, prostitute, and single mother. Facing Maxwell a few weeks ago, she pointed at her and shouted: “You broke my soul.” 

If Ghislaine still had a soul it was well hidden in the courtroom – Will Lloyd.

But Lloyd also touches upon Maxwell’s immaturity, or what we describe as something like arrested development:

“The accusers’ testimony suggests that Ghislaine seemed young in herself. She offered wooing gifts: preppy shirts, loafers, Victoria’s Secret underwear, cashmere sweaters. They become friends with her in malls and cinemas. Their ages when Ghislaine allegedly facilitated, and occasionally participated in, Epstein’s sexual abuse of them, were: fourteen, fourteen, sixteen and seventeen. Jane, Carolyn, Annie, and Kate.”

Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

Caviar Diplomacy Prince Andrew enjoyed “caviar diplomacy” from autocratic nations, including lavish hospitality, private flights and a blind Russian masseuse.

  • Prince Andrew: The Azerbaijani dictatorship was using a full-spectrum influence campaign to sway Western opinion in its favour.
  • Since 1991, about 20 billion pounds was invested by the UK into the former Soviet state, according to the Daily Mail.
  • Moreover, the royal met with the autocratic president of Azerbaijan 12 times.
  • Caviar diplomacy is used to improve a country’s image in the eyes of the world.
  • Plus there were reports of Azerbaijan lobbying of Prince William and Prince Harry to host a polo match in the country.

Caviar Diplomacy: The former soviet nation courted the Duke of York with lavish hospitality and declared him the “Dear Guest”, travel records, media reports and anti-corruption reports show.

The Duke of York’s Other Unsavoury Diploatic Contacts

Prince Andrew – the Caviar Trade Rep

Date Country WhoReasonMediaConflict
2001UKPrince Andrew roving trade ambassador Appointed as roving trade ambassador. Went to NYC weeks after Sept 11 attacksttps:// 11
2007/2008LibyaPrince Andrew meets Col Gaddafi & son Saif Al-Islam. Duke meets dictator three times in 2008 & is photographed on yachts owned by Libyans. One of Andrew’s trips to Libya in 2007 was official business. It was for five days.Andrew demands a briefing with UK Serious Fraud Office on BAE Saudi bribery claims. “Two senior SFO sources confirmed that BAE case-handlers had protested in strong terms at the time at the request for a briefing by Prince Andrew, and insisted that he only be given publicly-available information. “They all thought the request was well out of order,” one said. They felt “very uncomfortable”.◀️◀️Arab Spring
2009Libya Azerbaijan TunisiaLibyan gun-runner and friend of Prince Andrew ‘gave Princess Beatrice £18k necklace’ before the Duke allegedly lobbied British company for him. The gift-giver, Tarek Kaituni, spent several years on remand in a Paris jail for smuggling a gun before he was given a two-month suspended sentence, and fined 10,000 Euros a year later. Andrew, who continued to visit Libya and party with Libyans.In 2011, Andrew met with MP to discuss “Azerbaijani trade.” The duke was a constant visitor to the nation. While trade envoy and after.

He met with President Ilham Aliyev, a man described by The Daily Mail as a despot, on more than a dozen occasions.

Despite growing concern over his willingness to establish business links with foreign dictatorships from the Middle East to central Asia, the Duke of York met Mark Field, Tory MP for Cities of London and Westminster and chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on Azerbaijan, at Buckingham Palace and asked for support in parliament and Whitehall for British investment in Azerbaijan.“None of this seemed to bother Andrew, who enjoyed a four-day holiday in Tunisia with Kaituni in November 2008, shortly before visiting Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli.

Calling for the Duke to lose his role, Labour MP Chris Bryant told the House of Commons: “Isn’t it especially difficult to explain the behaviour of the special ambassador for trade who is not only a close friend of Saif Gaddafi but is also a close friend of a convicted Libyan gun smuggler, Tarek Kaituni.”
The common link between the Prince and the gun runner? The alleged fraudster who gifted Prince Andrew more than £1 million ($1.3 million) was introduced to him by a convicted Libyan gun smuggler. 

Tony Blair had a private meeting with Prince Andrew in 2009 after they stayed in the same hotel in the  notorious former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

On this occasion, Andrew was on a private three-day visit ‘with an element of work’, but has previously established a wealth of contacts while promoting British business interests in his special envoy role.
News said gun runner wanted Andrew to lobby for him in the UK. It was also claimed Andrew courted Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi at Buckingham Palace. Why? Money? Trade? Plus he hosted the Tunisian dictator’s son-in-law at the palace in 2011.  Met with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, a man described by The Daily Mail as a despot, more than a dozen times.                            –private-meeting-Azerbaijan.html ok
Arab spring.Azerbaijan constantly fighting with neighbours. Tunisian dictator overthrown.
2008 onwardsKazakhstanAccording to The Times: “Andrew’s dealings with the oil and gas-rich former Soviet republic have multiplied in recent years. Since 2003 he has paid three social visits to the country.”

He dined with the ex-President in 2008 in a VIP section of a five-star resort in Egypt, said The Times.
The East Asian nation’s tentacles are now deep inside the United Kingdom’s trade system. 

The Prince was also, until recently, the Honorary Patron of the British Kaazch Society.

The royal repeatedly visited Kazakhstan for his own reasons, too. He was there on another “private” visit in 2008, according to his spokesman.
The ex-president’s son in law bought his unwanted martial house.Bloody Tuesday crackdown 2022. The regime is described as a kleptocracy, essentially stealing from its people.
2014AzerbaijanAndrew censured for sneaking off twice to meet with despotic President. The Duke of York flew by private jet to meet Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev. The Billionaire despot has been accused of appalling human rights abuses.

Prince Andrew stayed in the room capital, Baku, during his ‘private’ four-day trip. “Details of the trip only emerged after a British Government source tipped off the pressure group, Platform, which campaigns against social and environmental abuses associated with the energy industry.

Its spokesman, Emma Hughes, accused the prince of having a ‘cosy relationship’ with President Aliyev and demanded to know in what capacity he was visiting Azerbaijan.”

It has grown increasingly close to President Aliyev, 48. He is also said to be friendly with his wife Mehriban and daughters Leyla and Arzu.
“The regularity of his visits have also led media in the former Soviet state to speculate that the Queen’s son may have business links to the oil-rich state, including a golf resort on the Caspian Sea. Buckingham Palace has vehemently denied this.” (note: a resolution adopted by the European Parliament in September 2015 described Azerbaijan as “having suffered the greatest decline in democratic governance in all of Eurasia over the past ten years,” noting as well that its dialogue with the country on human rights has “not made any substantial progress.”) In 2016, Azerbaijan was harshly criticized for bribing foreign officials and diplomats to promote its causes abroad and legitimize its elections at home, a practice termed Caviar diplomacy. (Source: Wikipedia) Local media in Azerbaijan have speculated that he has business links in the region, including a golf resort on the Caspian Sea. 
Buckingham Palace has, however, denied this.” writes the publication. Even after retiring, as the Independent has learned, the Duke of York continues to demand reports on the situation in Azerbaijan directly from the British ambassador to Baku, with whom he recently held a face-to-face meeting, inviting him to the palace. In Baku, the prince is treated in a royal way. For example, Ilham Aliyev took him to his own luxury spa, which employs a blind Russian masseur described as the best in the world. It is not by chance that “over the past five years, Prince Andrew visited President Aliyev eight times.” He also invites the British Ambassador to Baku to Buckingham Palace, demanding reports on the situation in Azerbaijan.
Tina Brown upcoming book: “She claimed Epstein would fly Andrew to meet governments in ‘obscure foreign markets’ who could not refuse to see him because he was a royal, and would come along with him as an ‘investment adviser’ to His Royal Highness. 
He then would negotiate deals for his personal gain.
Brown said Epstein knew which buttons to push to ensnare Prince Andrew, who felt stung from being second fiddle to Prince Charles and relied on his mother to fund his lifestyle.
The author and journalist also claimed Andrew was made to feel important by Epstein thanks to ‘the deals, the girls, the plane, the glittering New York world, where he wasn’t seen as a full-grown man still dependent on his mother’s Privy Purse strings.’
2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war was an armed conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding territories. The main combatants were Azerbaijan, with support from Turkey and foreign mercenary groups on one side; and the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh and Armenia, on the other. It was the latest escalation of an unresolved conflict over the region source Wikpedia List of conflicts;
2015/16KazakhstanPrince Andrew acted as a broker for a Kazakh oligarch who wanted to buy a London home from the Queen’s estate, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed.

The Duke of York’s office tried to secure a crown estate property near Kensington Palace for the oil and gas tycoon Timur Kulibayev at the same time as his marital home of Sunninghill Park was being sold to the billionaire for £3m over the asking price.

The duke was a government trade envoy at the time of the attempted deal for Kulibayev, son-in-law of the Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Its emergence is likely to fuel calls for further investigation into his dealings with the autocratic regime.

According to the emails released to the Mail on Sunday, the Duke of York’s private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, urged the crown estate to sell one of its valuable Kensington properties to Kulibayev, saying: “They are happy to spend very large numbers to get the right property.”
Kazaks wanted a trade deal with the UK and they received billions in deals with English firms. rights abuses
2019LibyaThe UK’s Telegraph newspaper disclosed that the Duke of York was introduced to Selman Turk by Libyan Tarek Kaituni in 2019.

After their summer meet, they quickly established a friendship, with the duke attending dinners at Turk’s London home.

Kaituni had a longer link with Prince Andrew, which he boasted about to other connections. He had reportedly organized meetings between the duke and the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and attended the wedding of the duke’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, in 2018.

Turk quickly used his introduction to the duke to organize payments to him and his family, including £225,000 to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and £25,000 to Princess Eugenie.

Andrew gave Turk an award at his Pitch@thePalace 2019 London event, for a bank which collapsed.
Cash for citizenship?
2019BahrainGoes to Bahrain with Fergie, Beatrice & her husband. Pic taken at Grand Prix. Andrew on a week of Royal engagements. “Inseparable” with Fergie and stayed at the Ritz.

November 2019: Andrew pulls out of Bahrain trip after Epstein interview 
PR to gloss over human rights abusesOngoingUnilateral US-Arab intervention against Syrian Islamists.
The Houthi insurgency in Yemen,[45][46] also known as the Houthi rebellion, the Sa’dah War, or the Sa’dah conflict, was a military rebellion pitting Zaidi Shia Houthis (though the movement also includes Sunnis[47]) against the Yemeni military that began in Northern Yemen and has since escalated into a full-scale civil war.
2022TurkeyPrince Andrew has become embroiled in a legal riddle over a £750,000 payment from a Turkish millionairess.

Nebahat Isbilen, 77, who claims to have been scammed out of fortune by a dishonest businessman, was allegedly tricked into giving the Duke of York money ‘by way of payment for assistance’ with her passport, a court heard.

The prince has since repaid the cash after she alleged it was a scam.
The Daily Mail
Cash for citizenship
More: Other notables:

2010: Met with Jordanian, Malaysian, Indian and Indonesia defence ministers

2011: visits Saudi Arabia Qatar and UAE, meets with the Saudis up until 2019

2013 Meets Turkmenistan. 
        PresidentTom Mayne, of the anticorruption campaign Global Witness in London, told RFE/RL that such meetings could be positive if Prince Andrew raised important issues such as corruption.

“Unfortunately, what we’ve been hearing — for example in the leaked cables — is that Prince Andrew doesn’t take the topic of corruption seriously,” Mayne said.

“Turkmenistan is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world: the country doesn’t publish a proper budget; there is very little information about what happens there to the money that the country earns from its sale of oil and gas.

It is his obligation, if he’s promoting business, to raise these issues.”
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein oH6R7b-tOKRkc3j6GNuhqMcot8SWax76Tq-YTJBYzp9PdNLrT7nxv1hlSTfDiSE4idslZpudzRiNP-3PO3y4fel1LJfU9KnQO2BFLVg5h0YtSRQktZrMv-IRidg5ucFDz7y1luxqTxrmo6VMT4SzGrnpvYtSmk61wbXSX95i86hWqvI7K_vmJOD6 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

From flights on the president’s jet to gifts of the fishy delicacy, they rolled out the red carpet for Prince Andrew.

Azerbaijan is a nation where you can bathe in crude oil to improve your health. Or just because you can, if you have the money.

There is no evidence the royal engaged in inappropriate behaviour. But he spent time with unsavoury people.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0327 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar
2011: Ilham Aliyev met with Duke of York of the Great Britain, Prince Andrew

Critics are accusing the Azerbaijani government of carrying out a “full-spectrum influence campaign” in the West. This includes lobbying, PR, lavish gifts, and junkets.

The goal of this campaign was to sway Western opinion and it appeared to have worked.

In recent years, the nation enjoyed increasing support from the UK.

Prince Andrew was an advocate for closer ties with Azerbaijan.

This was despite reports of widespread torture and repression in the nation.

According to The Economist, caviar diplomacy diverts “attention abroad from its (a nation’s) human-rights record and discourage the opposition at home”. In the case of Azerbaijan, through lavish extravaganzas and high-end lobbying.”

Why is this relevant? Jeffrey Epstein described the Royal as a “useful idiot.”

The Duke linked him up with contacts who wanted deals in obscure countries, according to biographer Tina Brown.

Epstein would fly Prince Andrew to meet governments who could not refuse to see him because he was a royal. The now-dead pedophile would come with him as an ‘investment adviser’ to His Royal Highness. 

Moreover, Epstein would then negotiate deals for his personal gain.

During his time as UK special representative, Prince Andrew helped negotiate several energy deals, according to The Economist.

In 2017, Britain was the largest investor in Azerbaijan, mainly through BP oil and companies related to resources.

As well, the UK has invested about 20 billion pounds in the country.

According to The Daily Mail: “In Azerbaijan, Prince Andrew is routinely described as a ‘dear guest’ by the leader of a country that ranks as one of the most corrupt in the world on the Transparency Index.

President Ilham Aliyev took the royal to his spa, which employed the blind masseur, described as the best in the world. 

Moreover, former UK PM Tony Blair had a private meeting with Prince Andrew in 2009 after they stayed in the same hotel in Baku. 

Andrew was on a private three-day visit ‘with an element of work’. But he had previously established a wealth of contacts while promoting British business interests in his envoy role.

Andrew was in 2014 censured for sneaking off twice to Azerbaijan.

Moreover, the Duke of York flew by private jet to meet President Aliyev. The royal stayed in the capital, Baku, during one ‘private’ trip. 

A British Government source tipped off the pressure group, Platform, which campaigns against abuses associated with the energy industry.

Its spokesman, Emma Hughes, accused the prince of having a ‘cosy relationship’ with the President.

The Duke of York had also summoned Britain’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan for a meeting at Buckingham Palace.

The royal made eight visits to Azerbaijan in six years. Two were private, arousing suspicions he has business interests there, including a golf complex. There was a total of 12 jaunts to Baku.

The business claims have been vigorously denied by Buckingham Palace. Categorically. Vehemently. Absolutely denied. 

At Andrew’s 60th party, a friend of Aliyev donated caviar and a monster bottle of wine. The links don’t stop there – the friend’s wife is the President’s niece.

The donor, Soheil Dadfar, was thanked on the menu. It just happened to drop into the hands of The Daily Mail. 

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Ez2KCcw0gHDtCObKHROVRc_COK3pI_jzmWhNPoLscHOFxwHCLfzop-UBCJcL-E3BvuBlkv5WEZo_p4-DgO-0uY1zsQvO9i6J-RNIvZTu6AQc8HwtFI3p7FUIuPlqkQGd5JQW6r06 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

So what does the President of Azerbaijan want from his caviar diplomacy? Well one thing you can do is launder money overseas.

According to a report from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the regime parked money in London. The President and two daughters — Leyla and Arzu — own a penthouse in London worth $26 million.

Finally, Prince Andrew is friends with Layla.

In 2021, The Guardian reported The Queen’s estate launched a review into a £67m London property, bought from the family.

The Pandora papers revealed a network of offshore companies linked to Aliyev and associates. They traded £400m of UK property over 15 years.

Properties include a London mansion worth $25 million, a flat near Hyde Park worth $8 million, nine waterfront mansions in Dubai valued at $44 million, a dacha near Moscow worth $37 million, and a villa in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary worth $ 1.1 million.

These are just “the known properties”.

But it’s not just about money.

The Economist: “The government practises a revolving-door policy with critics, locking them up and releasing them when it is expedient.”

But Azerbaijan wants more than honorary membership of the European community. Exactly what that is remains unclear. 

Moreover, the nation faces increased sanctions and is finding it difficult to steal from its people and launder money. This is due to human rights, money laundering and election rigging.

But whatever it does, it involves oil, property and the provision of caviar. 

Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

In 2001, Royal hosted child protection charity at Buckingham Palace four days after the alleged encounter between him and the 17-year-old.


Virginia Andrew: Just four days after the Duke of York allegedly assaulted teenager Virginia Giuffre, he hosted a dinner at Buckingham Palace for a child protection charity.

Queen Elizabeth’s second son had no qualms hosting the National Society for the Protection of Children (NSPCC) on March 14, 2001.

  • Prince Andrew allegedly assaulted Ms Roberts (now Giuffre) in London on March 10, 2001, at the home of now-convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • In addition, the Prince also attended a second event for the child abuse charity in London on March 28, 2001.
  • Moreover, Prince Andrew was in America frequently; at least four times. Or, including Epstein’s island in the US Virgin Islands, it is five visits during 2001.
  • Less than a month later after the alleged London assault, he was flying to New York to allegedly see Ms Giuffre and the pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, while undertaking official arrangements.

Virginia Andrew

Our analysis of the royal’s movements comes from the official palace record, known as the court circular. It’s essentially a diary of the Windsor family’s official activities.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-7-991x1024 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

Virginia Andrew

Ms Giuffre told The Daily Mail she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. In 2015, she said she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, on three occasions, when she was 17 years old.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_6546-1-1024x679 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_6564 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast

The allegations against Prince Andrew first surfaced publicly after Ms Giuffre came forward to the media in 2011.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_6563-713x1024 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast

Ms Giuffre also alleged:

  • In April 2001, there waa a second alleged assault in New York City
  • Easter 2001: Prince Andrew allegedly assaults Ms Giuffre on Epstein’s island in the US Virgin Islands

The Royal has always vehemently denied these allegations.

But Epstein survivor Johanna Sjoberg  alleged the Duke of York groped her breast when she was aged 21, as Ms Giuffre, then 17, sat with a puppet of Andrew on her lap in 2001.

Virginia Andrew

And so I sat on Andrew’s lap, I believe of my own volition, and they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast and so Andrew put his on mine.’

It was all done in ‘a joking manner’. ‘Everybody laughed,’ Miss Sjoberg said. ‘Ghislaine… had a very dirty sense of humour.’

According to her accounts, the prince, while being inappropriately tactile, had not caused offence. She thought him ‘charming’.

JoHanna Sjoberg: The daily Mail

The Duke of York says he cannot remember the Virginia Giuffre photograph, being upstairs in Ghislaine Maxwell’s house, or the bar at the London nightspot Tramp.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 882E79F6-8120-4369-8BC5-9C4950B267E3-1024x302 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

Moreover, Prince Andrew was in America frequently during that year; at least four times. Or, including Epstein’s island in the US Virgin Islands, it is five visits during 2001.

The prince says he was not close with Epstein, but admits he stayed once in 2010 at the perve’s New York mansion.

Virginia Andrew

“At the time I felt it was the honourable and right thing to do and I admit fully that my judgment was probably coloured by my tendency to be too honourable but that’s just the way it is,” he told the BBC in 2019.

Until recently in court documents, the Prince has been denying he knew Ms Giuffre.

But she is insistent that her allegations are true.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein b0ee016a-8ec0-4b77-9ab0-58d3c525de30-819x1024 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast

The mother-of-three says she was trafficked by Epstein and she claims was forced to perform sex acts on his rich and famous friends.

She brought her case against the royal under the Child Victims Act, a state law enacted in New York in 2019 which expanded the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases.

During a court phone conference last September, the Duke’s lawyer Andrew Brettler described her case against the prince as “baseless, non-viable [and] potentially unlawful”.

Virginia Andrew

The Prince was the patron of the NSPCC’s full-stop campaign.

He was pictured at its winter ball in 2002 where the Prince is seen in photos from the evening with former US President Bill Clinton.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 234EADBE-A03E-4E7E-B13F-E4158A6D49B5-724x1024 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast

In addition, Mr Clinton also associated with Epstein and Maxwell during the 2000s.

The former president and the royal visited Epstein’s Little Saint James Island and appeared on flight logs for the dead billionaire’s planes.

Finally, the Duke of York is no longer associated with the NSPCC, as is the case with alleged Epstein associate Countess Clare Iveagh Guiness, who resigned from her position in 2021.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 114836F7-DBE0-48C3-BC63-9460AB00FDF5 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast

Princess Eugenie Andrew

New human trafficking podcast by Princess. Prince and the Pervert transcript.

Lisa: Now I’ve got to check out Hypocrisy folder Jen,

Jen: How’s it going?

I think it’s pretty full because now that we mentioned this Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Eugenie.

She’s putting out her podcast finally,

her long awaited podcast for the anti slavery collective , about human trafficking.

I kid you not.

I’m not making it up.

It was in People magazine a couple of days ago because she trashed it.

Princess Eugenie Andrew

She stopped doing it, Yes, but now she’s coming back.

Yes, so the recording started in 2021 at the Princess’s home and it will be released later this year.

Maybe she’s relying on people listening and clicking on it because of her dad.

Well, she probably realised she’s going to get a pasting regardless.

So should go ahead and do it.

So it’s her long awaited podcast.

Princess Eugenie Andrew

Well, it might be a long awaited by you, but I don’t think any of us needs to hear from you at the moment about human trafficking.

And if you are going to do it,

I don’t want it to be some kind of astro turfing reputation cleanser.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_5196 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records

Why did you introduce some of the girls that who were at that bar your dad went to?

And I wonder if she will include the Ghislaine Maxwell trial?

Yes, but she doesn’t.

So apparently she’s spoken at the UN about it, but so had Maxwell.

Before this, I thought it was prestigious thing to speak at the UN.

But I think if you’ve got contacts, you can do it.So I think that the world can wait for your contribution to this unless you’re going to be thorough.

Princess Eugenie Andrew

So, Jen, do you think she’ll be editing for eight hours?

I doubt it should have a professional team.

I wonder who’s paying for it?

She just have to go in and talk.

It would be all scripted.

I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts,

Once it comes out, people are gonna go crazy.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-10 Virginia Andrew “Assault” Bombshell | Official Records
Ms Maxwell, former UN speaker

I reckon it’ll be a short series, maybe 46 episodes, and that’s it.

Very little press other than launching it, I don’t think there’ll be any follow up.

She won’t do any interviews.

Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew and Epstein, the go-go bar buddies, and their flashy 2001 Asian holiday.

Listen to the truth about Prince Andrew and Epstein’s Thai bar crawl

  • Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand
  • What Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew were up to in Thailand
  • New and revisited details about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship
  • Prince Andrew was known at the time as a bit of a ladies man.
  • They spent days lazing on a $1million yacht and staying at a $4000-a-night resort on the island of Phuket.

When the Prince was seen partying at a go-go bar in Thailand with Jeffrey Epstein, people took notice.

What’s even more curious is that Andrew continued to associate with Epstein long after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from underage girls.

What was the prince thinking?

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

Was he trying to keep up with Epstein, or did he have something else going on? Only Andrew knows for sure…but these questions are sure to fuel speculation for years to come.

Prince Andrew has always been a bit of an enigma.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 882E79F6-8120-4369-8BC5-9C4950B267E3-1024x302 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

He’s never quite fit the mold of a typical prince, eschewing traditional royal duties in favor of more…colourful pursuits.

And recent revelations about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein have only served to further muddy his reputation.

What was Prince Andrew thinking, associating with a man like Epstein? Was he simply trying to make connections or was there something more nefarious at play?

Let’s take a closer look at their friendship and see what we can learn.

The prince has denied any wrongdoing, but this latest news is sure to fuel speculation about just what kind of relationship he had with Epstein.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

Could the British royal have known about his friend’s dark side? Or was he completely oblivious?

One thing is for sure – it will be hard for Prince Andrew to shake this scandal off now.

Even royals have to answer for their bad decisions.

In the wake of the pedophile’s death, everyone is asking what the royal knew about his friend’s crimes.

It turns out the answer may be a lot more than anyone wanted to know, if you ask Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

For years, rumours have circulated that Epstein trafficked girls to rich and powerful men.

So what does this mean for the royal family? And will Andrew finally be held accountable for his ties to Epstein? Stay tuned…

Welcome to the world of the Jeffrey Epstein,
the Prince and the pervert Podcast journalists,
Lisa and Jen bring you the ultimate deep dive.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast.

My name is Lisa. And with me today I have my partner in justice.

Jen, how are you?

I’m well,How are you going over there?

Well, there’s lots of news around in the Epstein world, Jen.
And not only am I going to talk about the lanes bid for a new trial.

I’m also going to talk about Prince Andrew and Epstein in go go bars. But nothing to see there.

Jen, of course. No, it never happened. He doesn’t remember it.
I Know, exactly.

And you have some more documents that have come out of New York in relation to Ghislaine’s Quest for the new trial?

Yes. Interesting. And I understand we’ve got someone who was at the trial going to chat to you. Yes, someone interesting.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-1 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday
Quote Prince Andrew Vanity Fair, 2011

Prince Andrew and Epstein

So Brad Edwards, one of the key victims lawyers, has been talking to insider dot com.

He has said a new trial for Ghislaine Maxwell would go even worse for her, claiming more accusers have come forward to him after her sex trafficking conviction.

Now that’s something they hadn’t bargained on,
isn’t it, Jen?

That’s true, considering her brother has been crying as we spoke about recently about how unfair this is and how it’s a travesty of justice.

Well, more people coming out can’t be a great thing for their case, either.

No, I’ve seen statistics come out of the US that retrials are never really a good shot.

No. So, just in case you missed it, Ghislaine is fighting for a retrial in her child sex trafficking case over comments from one of the jurors who convicted her.

And must I say, in my personal opinion, I saw him on a recent documentary with the British television station. He is thirsty as, Jen, as they say, he loves going over and over it.

Yes, you can share your experience, but let’s just think. Even after Ghislaine was calling for a retrial, you’re still in the media talking about it.

It’s not good, and it leads to people wondering why you are doing this exactly.
And there’s no evidence that there’s anything improper going on.

But there are concerns about the company He works for Carlyle Group. Apparently, they were the biggest donors to Trump.

Did you know that? Yes, I’ve heard that.
So that’s what happens. It can often, especially in this case, grow a life of its own. Whether it’s true or not, it will grow and dominate the news cycle and it also takes away from the real stories here.


So Brad Edwards is now representing 58 women.

More women have contacted Edwards to say they’d be willing to participate in any investigations into her conduct, so this may not be the end for her.

This may be actually her first sex trafficking trial. There could be more charges coming.

They’re willing to share their stories about the lane and testify,

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

But also I’ve got what I consider the definitive list of organisations people, events, etcetera that no longer want to be associated with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

So these are the foundations and trusts, not the whole of the rest of the world.
Oh, no,
There’s a school in Canada that’s had enough. Oh, that’s a great one. We spoke about that probably a year ago,that they had called a parent meeting about it bad. Look, isn’t it? Oh,yeah,

OK, Jen. So I don’t think a new trial would go any better for her. In fact, I think it would go worse for her.

I agree. A new trial would also mean that prosecutors could present more evidence to convict Maxwell and keep her behind bars for the rest of her life. So we know she’s facing up to 65 years. It depends which source you read it somewhere between 40 and 65.

Do you agree?

I’ve even seen people say at essentially at her age.It would be life now, on to some of the documents. We know that on January 19th, Ghislaine Maxwell’s team filed a motion for a new trial,but they wanted everything under seal, particularly juror number 50.

Now that’s Scotty the Bear,as we call them down here, who then did a whole heap of interviews, including,as Lisa just mentioned, appeared in a documentary.

Now Ghislaine’s team wants to keep everything about the new trial under seal until the decision is made and then what’s the bet?

They try and fight to keep it under seal.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_6181 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

If her motion fails now, this ceiling of everything as pissed off quite a few people, not just Lisa and I, Julie K. Brown and The Miami Herald have submitted to court saying No, we say it should be unsealed.

Interestingly, in their letter asking for these documents to be unsealed, they wrote this, and this is on page two of Document 581.
“Additionally, the interests of the Miami Herald are not likely to overlap with the defendant or the government,particularly where, as here,neither party is likely to support unsealing.”

So the Miami Herald believes that even the government, the prosecution doesn’t want anything to do with Juror 50 unsealed for the public to look at. But they’re not the only news organisation. ABC News and NBC Universal News Group have also hit up the court for Unsealing and The New York Times.

So anyone who’s carrying on that the mainstream press has ignored this case. Here’s three big players just in the American media that have asked that these documents be unsealed. Whether or not that will happen, we have no idea, and Judge Nathan has given the prosecutors the government until February 2nd to put in a submission about this.

Like the other publications, New York Times is pushing the First Amendment right to access. So let’s hope that the judge does unseal it all. And in the unsealing or the unredacted of the various does in the Virginia Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell Civil case.Still nothing there.

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 14bc93af-ba1b-4e0e-8679-24bc2a900db6-410x1024 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday
What did the Prince do in 2001?

Prince Andrew and Epstein Walk into a GoGo Bar

So back to Prince Andrew and he’s go Go bar buddy.
What we’re Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew up to in Thailand.
There’s some new details about an old story concerning Prince Andrew’s trip to Thailand with Epstein and Maxwell.
Nothing suspicious.

Nothing to see there, but apparently Prince Andrew and Epstein visited the crazy girls by rock hard.
I can’t believe I’m saying this Crazy girls by rock hard venue, which is in a quote, according to the Mirror raunchy area where quote many of the girls are prostitutes, all victims of sex trafficking.

That’s what people don’t actually realise that when you go to Asia, a lot of those girls have been trafficked huge amounts of them because of the poverty.

So crazy girls, by rock hard, you can enjoy the craziest and sexiest are smacking bar.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

That’s what they’ve said on Facebook and speaking to the Sunday mirror at the time.
So we’re talking 2000 and one, the manager said.

“I was amazed to see a prince, but he was not fazed,
and he seemed quite relaxed when people realised who he was, a regular said,
You certainly wouldn’t get a member of the Thai royal family in a place like this.
This area is very raunchy, and many of the girls are prostitutes.”

Sex trafficked.
The Maxwell was in the country at the same time,
and they had a Southeast Asian jaunt together.

And at the time that the UK taxpayer was forking out £240,000 a year to help fund his life. And you may have seen there are photos of Epstein and Prince Andrew and a bunch of topless females on a mega yacht.

Does that include the photo where he’s pinching his nipples?
Oh yeah, I think I know where he’s got his arms out on an angle.

Yes, and it looks like he’s playing with his nipples. Yes,
well, apparently, Jen the atomic kitten singer Jenny Frost was there.

She was 22 at the time, and she was pictured topless on the $1 million vessel.
So and apparently there was an it girl called Normandy Keith,
aged 28 that he was threatening to throw overboard.

you’re hilarious,
aren’t you?
Jenny Frost,
the singer,
told the Sunday people.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein B59647AE-2185-4195-8525-A965C2D55070 Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday

Prince Andrew and Epstein

I had no hesitation in going topless in front of Prince Andrew.
Why should I?
The fact is,
I didn’t want to get strap marks on my body while I was sunbathing.
That’s interesting.
No allegations there.
I’m not bothered about getting my boobs out in front of everyone.
That is very good.
Good on you.
So Epstein and Andrew,
they stayed at the Ammo Puri Hotel in Phuket as well $4000 a night.
And guess what,
That was the place allegedly where Fergie had her toes sucked in the nineties.
The shrimping, Yes,
so it’s an ultra exclusive resort to go to place for celebrities.
One of the bars,
they went to staff by semi naked go go dancers,
the sleazy holiday.
Now this is what the Mirror says offers a window into the relationship between Andrew and the paedophile couple.
He’s said to have become increasingly close to them around that time.
this would have been after.
it was the beginning of 2000 and one.
So he had yet to meet Virginia.
he says he never did.
They also went to the Banana Disco Jen,
whose website features videos of scantily clad young women.
who runs the travel blog Go Phuket dot net.
Banana Disco is a nightclub popular with tourists.
Nothing exclusive.
Just DJ music,
cocktails and a dance floor.
there you go,
Prince Andrew.
I betcha.
He regrets that.
Now I’ve got to check out Hypocrisy folder Jen,
How’s it going?
I think it’s pretty full because now that we mentioned this Prince Andrew’s daughter,
Princess Eugenie m or use in any or you Jeannie,
I don’t know.
I thought it was you,
Jenny, Complaints again.

Prince Andrew Epstein Thailand

Not to me.
She’s putting out finally,
her long awaited podcast for the anti slavery collective about human trafficking.
I kid you not.
I’m not making it up.
It was in People magazine a couple of days ago because she trashed it.
She stopped doing it,
but now she’s coming back.
she is So the recording started in 2021 at the Princess’s home,
and it will be released later this year.
Maybe she’s relying on people listening and clicking on it because of her dad.
she probably realised she’s going to get a pasting regardless.
So should go ahead and do it.
So it’s her long awaited podcast.
it might be a long awaited by you,
but I don’t think any of us needs to hear from you at the moment about human trafficking.
And if you are going to do it,
I don’t want it to be some kind of astro turf ng reputation cleanser.
Why did you introduce some of the girls that we’re getting there but slept at that bar your dad went to?
And I wonder if she will include the Ghislaine Maxwell trial?
but she doesn’t.
So apparently she’s spoken at the UN about it,
but so had Maxwell.
Before this,
I thought it was prestigious thing to speak at the UN,
But I think if you’ve got contacts,
you can do it.
So I think that the world can wait for your contribution to this unless you’re going to be thorough.
do you think she’ll be editing for eight hours?
I doubt it should have a professional team.
I wonder who’s paying for it.
She just have to go in and talk.
It would be all scripted.
I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts,
because once it comes out,
people are gonna go crazy.
I reckon it’ll be a short series,
maybe 46 episodes,
and that’s it.
Very little press other than launching it,
I don’t think there’ll be any follow up.
She won’t do any interviews.
Speaking of Prince Andrew,

Did you know nine out of 10 York residents want Prince Andrew to be stripped of his title of Duke of York?

Good on him as a survey,
a very scientific survey in the Daily Mail.
But 88%.
That’s pretty cool,
and they’ve also recently removed a plaque in a Belfast city hospital marking its formal opening of its tower block by Prince Andrew.
The Belfast Trust said the display was removed without its direction,
and its whereabouts are currently unknown.
Do you think it’s a prankster?
Sounds like the staff got sick of it,
or a patient or a visitor and just went time to take action.
So it’s red Belfast City Hospital Tower opened by His Royal Highness.
Not anymore.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

The Prince Andrew,
25th of June 1986.
so the poor kids at Prince Andrew High School in dark mouth in Canada,
they’re going to get their school renamed based on submissions from the general public and students.
Prince Andrew High School is in Nova Scotia and it’s going to be renamed,
and they’re not putting any spin on it.
They’re saying that it’s a result of the sexual abuse case going forward with Prince Andrew.
We’re changing the name to move in a different direction due to the negative reports about Prince Andrew,
school principal Craig Campbell told CNN in an email.
That’s brilliant because I spoke about that about a year ago when they were discussing it,
and it looked like at that stage one of the Royal Canadian Mountie,
a female officer was going to be honoured.
She was killed in the line of duty,
so it’ll be interesting to see what name they do choose.
But it won’t be the first high school,
and I reckon there’ll be quite a few pubs as well.
we’ll get to that.
Just hold on,
Hold your horses,
my dear.
A plaque at a police station in Devon marking its opening by the Duke of York Prince Andrew,
has been removed.

According to the BBC,
the plaque it was taken down by the Devon and Cornwall police.

It had been at the Tourky station since 2000,
and one.
The action was carried out after a member of the public complaint.
Good on him,
said Assistant Constable Jim Nice.
Well done.
Now maybe you could investigate some of those allegations.
Virginia made amount.
Now there’s even a horse race,
So this is from The Telegraph in London.
Prince Andrew has plenty on his mind,
but the latest ignominy following the Virginia Giuffre a scandal will not be missed by his mother,
whose most fervent passion is horse racing.
York Racecourse has decided to rename the Duke of York Steaks a prestigious race for sprinters run each year at its May meeting in a bid to distance itself from the embattled voile.
And the story will certainly make headlines in Wednesday’s editions.
The race has been with us in different guises over different instances and at different times of the years since 18 95 said the club.
So this is just another evolution.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image Prince Andrew and Epstein | Their Wild Thai Holiday
Prince Andrew Latest

Did Ghislaine’s Husband Call the Paparazzi on Himself and New Love?

Who is Ghislaine’s Husband Scott Borgerson and why are there photos him on romantic beach walks with another lover?

Is this the end of his five-year marriage to Maxwell?

Let’s go for a walk on the beach with Ghislaine Maxwell’s estranged husband and his new girlfriend, Kris McGinn.

Here is a transcript of the video review of the new images.

Some photos have come out today in The Daily Mail of the two lovers and there is video of the lovebirds birds walking on the beach, going into the forest.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 6EA58690-6998-4B13-9288-C7DFCD2E22F5-edited-767x1024 Did Ghislaine’s Husband Call the Paparazzi on Himself and New Love?
Image source: The Daily Mail

Who is Ghislaine’s Husband Scott Borgerson

The forest photos were taken on a separate day to the beach photos.

So let’s press play on the beach video and let’s see what happens shall we knew right? I think so. You ready? 1, 2, 3.

Well, it looks a bit cold, Jen, doesn’t it? It is. Everyone’s wearing big jackets.

It’s a sunny day and you can see the two of them. So Scott and Kris are walking along the beach with two dogs and they seem to have somehow ended up with someone else’s tiny little dog.

Well, that happens all the time on the beach. So Jen, you had some interesting comments on about how that angle keeps changing.

Who is with Ghislaine’s Husband?

Well, it does. Which means that whoever’s videoing, this has moved from one location to another. So in other words, I think they were a participant in this.

The video has got a title on it called prob media. Now pro media, I used by international news outlets, intelligence agencies, and corporate and individual clients. Did they hire this guy?

Well, it’s very possible. They did because it’s all the rage in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie did it years ago with Brad Pitt on a beach. Remember we’re on a beach, everyone and her son.

So that was the first photo of those two to break apparently.The Kardashians are the masters of calling the paparazzi on themselves.

But what I think is happening here too, maybe it’s a deal they did because Scott hates the media.

Maybe he just wanted to get rid of them. And he’s like, okay, we’ll do this for you.

Who is Ghislaine’s Husband Scott Borgerson

And they set it up. They had some unknown photograph them. And then the next day, film them while they walking down the beach makes sense.

Trouble is all this is going to do is incite the other news organizations to get their own footage.

Um, interestingly, his new girlfriend’s a journalist.

But Scott looks straight at the camera and I’ve been told in my research. That means that it’s a setup. If they’re looking directly at the camera, because otherwise you just go about your business.

Don’t you, Jen? Yeah, you don’t.
If I look at someone with a big, huge lens, unless, you know, they’re there for a reason.

And the photos are fascinating that came out of this as well because it’s the two of them embraced.
That’s the bit over the top.

Yeah, the hugging and the kissing. And she’s leaning against him while the dogs are running around.

And then they take the dogs into the forest for another walk. Fascinating. I think he’s trying to build a new narrative for himself as well.

He really needs to.

Because he wants to get back into society like the business community. It’s a tough call.

Who is Ghislaine’s Husband Scott Borgerson

Exactly. Now, for those of you who aren’t across the detail, apparently he broke up with Ghislaine in a heated phone call while she was in prison.

So we don’t know if that truly happened because remember pre-trial services, she said she was divorcing her spouse and we know they hadn’t had contact for at least three months before the FBI went in and arrested her. Exactly.

And why did she go and buy that big house? I think that they were split up full-stop and all they’re in the process of, and that’s why she had to buy the second house.

And then they convinced him to write that wonderful letter recommendation for bail.

As they say, it’s all smoke and mirrors , Jen.

And the reason why I want to talk about this next bit is because I’m sick of the Maxwell family, trying to hijack the narrative.

And there was an ITV documentary this week about Ghislaine, her brother, Ian, who is the public spokesman, cried on television, but a lot of nasty people on Twitter said he was fake crying.

Let’s press play on Ian Maxwell.

“Damn it damn. I’m just damn angry. I don’t see how anyone, anyone looking at this cannot feel that way. It’s just wrong. I have devoted a lot of my time as of my brothers and sisters to help her. We believe her. We love, and we hope that she will get the justice that she definitely deserves,” he told ITV.

So what do you think Jen is that fake crying or genuine crying?

I think he’s crying for himself or the family name. He doesn’t give a shit about Ghislaine and it’s an act.

This whole thing’s been about them. It’s been about the family’s legacy, which was in the toilet. Anyway. I don’t understand these people. I don’t understand why they get so much media. Imagine how the survivors feel about this.

Especially as there is a guilty verdict.

Yeah. It’s time to go please and no more crying on television or whatever it is. We’re sort of done with that.

Plus you’re carrying on about all you’ve done for Ghislaine. It was your sister, Isabel, who was there every day in the court. How often did you turn up?
Did you buy pizza for the media? Like Isabel did.
Or take photos of them?

They’re very interesting family. Jen.

Aren’t they, that’s putting it mildly.

Who is Ghislaine’s Husband Scott Borgerson

So that’s what Jen and I have for you today. We hope that you enjoyed this. It’s our first video review.

You can find us on the Jeffrey Epstein, the prince and the pervert podcast, Jeffrey Epstein,

I’ll put all the details down on. Also put a link to the daily mail article, let us know what you think.

Fake crying and let us know if you think it was a setup. The photos on the beach and going into the forest core
Have great weekend. Bye.

More news:

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew: Queen Elizabeth’s second son faces an unprecedented test due to his woes associated with his friendship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Listen to The Prince and the Pervert Podcast and learn all about:

  • The Royal was sued by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleged she was forced to have sex with the Prince three times, in London, New York and on Epstein’s Caribbean island, when aged 17.
  • Although not part of this case, Ms Roberts Giuffre has made claims the royal assaulted eight other girls in a group sex encounter on Epstein’s island.
  • The fall out means effectively the Prince will never return to an official royal role.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 0a32e-2ac6d982-33a9-467c-821c-c5fb9d163fc8 Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
Prince Andrew and journalist Camilla Tominey

In 2022, The Duke of York, as he is also known, agreed to pay Ms Roberts Giufree approximately £12million.

The Royal was being sued by the mother-of-three, who alleges she was forced to have sex with the Prince three times, in London, New York and on Epstein’s Caribbean island, when aged 17.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew’s lawyers argued that a Jeffrey Epstein settlement agreement with Ms Roberts Giuffre intended to cover anyone she might sue.

Although not part of this case, Ms Roberts Giuffre has made claims the royal assaulted eight other girls in a group sex encounter. The incident allegedly happened on Epstein’s Little St James Island.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_1378 Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
courtesy The Secret Artist

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Daniela Esler wrote on about how the palace had protected the prince for years.

“To me, it’s simply wrong that Queen has called to bear the clout and lustre of the throne to try and save the skin of a man who, even if nothing else, saw fit to spend five days staying in the home of a registered sex offender,” she said.

Andrew Prince of England’s American Crisis

The Duke of York was also reportedly a frequent visitor to Epstein’s Paris apartment.

In an unpublished memoir, Ms Roberts Giuffre wrote: “Epstein, Prince Andrew, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together…The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English.”

As a result, the UK royal family is again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons with the Duke of York at the center of the scandal.

According to Sean O’Grady in The Independent, the case will not deliver a fatal blow to the monarchy: “Prince Andrew’s apparent determination to resist the civil case, and the palace and the Queen (presumably) paying his legal bills, the affair will drag on for some time. As it goes on and on, the details about what did and did not happen will be examined in excruciating detail.

While the Queen pays his legal bills, the affair will drag on for some time. As it goes on and on, the details about what did and did not happen will be examined in excruciating detail….It won’t end the controversies anyhow, and Andrew’s name will be forever linked with Maxwell and Epstein.“

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

He denies the allegations but what would happen if he came to America? Could he be arrested on his arrival or face perjury charges? Can he sweat?

Her lawyers have also been asked for information about his widely-mocked claim he could not perspire.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein fd33dfbe-24a4-425a-98e6-3e8b12deb84c-1024x1024 Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Transcript: the Prince and the Pervert Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

My name is Lisa Tait,
and welcome to my co host,
Jen Tarran

00:00:29,510 –> 00:00:30,470
How are you going?
It sounds like a thunderstorm is about to roll through.

00:00:33,630 –> 00:00:35,190
So if you hear any banging it is,not Mossad,

00:00:38,220 –> 00:00:42,230
Not aday goes by where we’re not getting more news out of this case,

00:00:42,230 –> 00:00:42,670
isn’t it?

00:00:42,670 –> 00:00:43,270

00:00:43,280 –> 00:00:46,960
Everyone was filing last thing on Friday.

00:00:47,340 –> 00:00:47,810
And Jen,

00:00:47,810 –> 00:00:53,370
it’s very rare in my life that I’ve been able to see karma unfold and we’re watching it now.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:00:53,370 –> 00:00:55,280
And if it’s great for us to see,

00:00:55,280 –> 00:00:58,650
can you imagine how the survivors feel joyous,

00:00:59,040 –> 00:01:00,280
absolutely joyous,

00:01:00,280 –> 00:01:01,650
because welcome,

00:01:01,650 –> 00:01:02,260

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 9F3C12D6-BA30-45A3-8F64-2B442F7B9DD6 Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
The photo that led to Ghislaine Maxwell’s downfall
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein andrew-envoy Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
andrew envoy

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:01:03,400 –> 00:01:04,630
the queen’s second son,

00:01:04,640 –> 00:01:06,660
is in a world of pain,

00:01:07,240 –> 00:01:12,300
and some of the headlines today from the UK Press are interesting. This is from the Daily Express,

00:01:12,310 –> 00:01:14,100
Queen Casts Out Andrew,

00:01:14,100 –> 00:01:18,790
adrift for the sake of the monarchy. The Sun “throne out“,

00:01:18,800 –> 00:01:23,810
as in throne that you sit on, the one that he let Kevin Spacey and Colin Maxwell sit on.

00:01:23,820 –> 00:01:25,020
Do you remember that photo,

00:01:25,020 –> 00:01:25,460 Jen?

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:01:26,140 –> 00:01:27,790
Seared in my eyeballs,

00:01:27,820 –> 00:01:31,870
The narcissist formerly known as Prince Andrew.

00:01:32,030 –> 00:01:33,700
They stole that from me.

00:01:33,710 –> 00:01:36,780
As soon as I heard I was like Andrew,

00:01:36,790 –> 00:01:38,160
formerly known as Prince.

00:01:38,540 –> 00:01:42,210
Maybe Ghislaine’s sister could loan him a raspberry beret.

00:01:42,220 –> 00:01:44,400
She likes a beret just like Prince.

00:01:44,400 –> 00:01:45,400
That was your analogy,

00:01:45,400 –> 00:01:45,980
wasn’t it?

00:01:46,060 –> 00:01:47,200
Certainly was.

00:01:47,210 –> 00:01:47,870

00:01:47,870 –> 00:01:52,280
so the Queen strips son of His Royal Highness title.

00:01:52,290 –> 00:01:52,920
Up until then,

00:01:52,920 –> 00:01:58,360
it was only naughty people like Diana and Harry to people who were just trying to live their life.

00:01:58,440 –> 00:02:03,000
If you compare it to what is going on here with Andrew is significantly different,

00:02:03,010 –> 00:02:04,890
and he’ll face claims.

00:02:04,900 –> 00:02:07,260
He’s just plain old Andrew.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:02:07,320 –> 00:02:09,960
He’s also lost his military titles,

00:02:10,070 –> 00:02:12,160
and his royal patronage is.

00:02:12,190 –> 00:02:16,550
And the times Andrew humiliated as Queen strips his titles.

00:02:16,560 –> 00:02:17,250
Prince Andrew,

00:02:17,250 –> 00:02:19,710
cast out by the Queen. Queen,

00:02:19,710 –> 00:02:21,140
freezes out Andrew.

00:02:21,150 –> 00:02:22,880
So it’s very,

00:02:22,890 –> 00:02:27,100
very unprecedented ties for the royal family.

But Jen, I believe they had to choose between the monarchy or him.

00:02:31,240 –> 00:02:31,990
They did,

00:02:32,000 –> 00:02:44,250
and I feel that they held off until it was decided whether or not his motion to dismiss the civil case that Virginia has brought against him when that was thrown out and the case is going ahead,

00:02:44,300 –> 00:02:47,160
I think then the queen had to do something.

00:02:47,440 –> 00:02:47,660

00:02:47,660 –> 00:02:47,920

00:02:47,920 –> 00:02:49,790
This is not about doing the right thing.

This is about covering their own a$ses.

00:02:52,840 –> 00:02:54,350

00:02:54,360 –> 00:02:55,660
So the BBC,

00:02:55,660 –> 00:03:04,550
I thought I’d go to them for some commentary because they would know this was a ruthless piece of palace politics distancing the royal family from one of its own.

00:03:04,560 –> 00:03:07,120
There was no waiting to see if Prince Andrew,

00:03:07,120 –> 00:03:07,960
the Duke of York,

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:03:07,960 –> 00:03:08,270

00:03:08,280 –> 00:03:08,700

00:03:08,710 –> 00:03:09,960
there you go.

00:03:10,340 –> 00:03:12,370
They’re saying here it happened before Jen.

Andrew Prince of England

00:03:12,380 –> 00:03:15,630
So he’s already lost the use of His Royal Highness,

00:03:15,630 –> 00:03:17,440
and military links have been severed.

00:03:17,450 –> 00:03:20,560
Brutal tweeted royal commentator Peter Hunt.

00:03:21,040 –> 00:03:24,230
The Windsors have shown that the institution is under threat.

00:03:24,230 –> 00:03:27,430
Dynastic preservation trumps flesh and blood.

00:03:27,430 –> 00:03:28,190

Because the number one thing they learn in that family is you have to do absolutely everything to ensure the survival of the monarchy.

00:03:36,840 –> 00:03:37,860
Let’s think about it.

00:03:37,870 –> 00:03:39,700
It’s been there for 1000 years,

00:03:39,700 –> 00:03:40,220
hasn’t it?

00:03:40,380 –> 00:03:45,000
And it survived a king allegedly killing his two nephews,

00:03:45,010 –> 00:03:45,690

00:03:45,700 –> 00:03:47,610
And then there was a revolution.

00:03:47,620 –> 00:03:50,850
And then there was someone who liked to cut everyone’s heads off for a while.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:03:50,860 –> 00:03:51,310

00:03:51,310 –> 00:03:52,800
and then there was another one.

00:03:52,810 –> 00:03:54,030
And then there was Henry the eighth.

00:03:54,040 –> 00:03:55,590
So it survived all that.

But can it survive a pervert? Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:03:58,040 –> 00:03:58,610

00:03:58,620 –> 00:04:03,350
it survived a king abdicating to marry a divorced woman,

00:04:03,840 –> 00:04:05,030
an American,

00:04:05,040 –> 00:04:06,000
an American.

00:04:06,000 –> 00:04:08,850
And word has it a Nazi sympathiser.

00:04:09,240 –> 00:04:10,100

00:04:10,110 –> 00:04:11,430
they were friends with Hitler.

00:04:11,440 –> 00:04:12,670
There’s photos there.

00:04:12,680 –> 00:04:13,380
We know.

Can the Monarchy Survive Andrew the Prince?

00:04:13,440 –> 00:04:16,330
So what does this mean for Fergie?

00:04:16,330 –> 00:04:22,460
I know it’s meant she’s had to cancel or put on ice her story time with Fergie.

00:04:22,940 –> 00:04:23,360

00:04:23,360 –> 00:04:26,070
so Fergie is Prince Andrew’s ex wife,

00:04:26,080 –> 00:04:27,170
Sarah Ferguson,

00:04:27,180 –> 00:04:28,280
the Duchess of York,

00:04:28,290 –> 00:04:32,110
and they have a rather bizarre relationship where they live together at Royal Lodge,

00:04:32,110 –> 00:04:34,260
which is part of the Windsor Castle.

00:04:34,270 –> 00:04:35,080
Great Park,

00:04:35,080 –> 00:04:35,960
as they call it.

00:04:36,340 –> 00:04:39,290
She’s had a rather bizarre YouTube channel,

00:04:39,290 –> 00:04:40,820
and we’ve also parried it,

00:04:40,820 –> 00:04:41,220
haven’t we?

00:04:41,220 –> 00:04:45,020
Jet and it’s had more than 20,000 views our video,

00:04:45,020 –> 00:04:46,850
and I’ll put the link in the show notes.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:04:47,110 –> 00:04:48,130
We’re proud of that.

00:04:48,280 –> 00:04:48,590

00:04:48,590 –> 00:04:57,110
Fergie apparently moved back in because of the princess’s now both their daughters have married and have had Children.

00:04:57,120 –> 00:05:00,110
Yet Fergie is still in the home with Andrew.

00:05:00,200 –> 00:05:02,560
I don’t think she’s got anywhere else to go.

00:05:02,940 –> 00:05:03,990
Who would want her?

Prince William apparently wanted to kick her out because he was sick of her doing magazine shoots in their house and also just to let you know Fergie took money from Jeffrey Epstein.

00:05:13,840 –> 00:05:14,670
That’s right,

00:05:14,670 –> 00:05:16,860
she did to cover her debts,

00:05:16,940 –> 00:05:18,210
and she knows Ghislaine.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew the Prince of Shame

00:05:18,210 –> 00:05:22,890
And she also took the girls to the resort in the Bahamas owned by Peter Nygard,

00:05:22,900 –> 00:05:28,500
the Finnish Canadian clothing designer whose up on sex trafficking charges as well.

00:05:28,500 –> 00:05:30,560
So she’s got some dodgy friends.

00:05:30,940 –> 00:05:35,790
And what’s interesting about that Easter holiday she spent at Nygard’s.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Andrew was a little bit late because he was on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

00:05:40,450 –> 00:05:41,430

00:05:41,430 –> 00:05:42,540
he disputes it.

00:05:42,540 –> 00:05:42,780

00:05:42,780 –> 00:05:43,550
he does.

00:05:43,570 –> 00:05:45,950
So it could be seen as inevitable,

00:05:45,950 –> 00:05:47,130
the BBC says,

00:05:47,130 –> 00:05:48,820
rather than facing endless,

00:05:48,830 –> 00:05:51,270
awkward questions about Prince Andrew’s future.

00:05:51,280 –> 00:05:53,560
Not that they’ve ever answered them.

00:05:53,940 –> 00:05:56,580
Buckingham Palace has made a preemptive strike,

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:05:56,590 –> 00:06:00,880
effectively announcing that he will never return to an official royal role.

00:06:00,890 –> 00:06:01,620
In my opinion,

00:06:01,620 –> 00:06:05,550
he was done when he did that BBC interview in 2000 and 19.

00:06:05,940 –> 00:06:08,100
So now he’s a private citizen.

00:06:08,100 –> 00:06:11,190
And one who cannot go to America.

00:06:11,200 –> 00:06:12,660
Will he get a job?

00:06:13,040 –> 00:06:14,570
Maybe if you go back in the Navy,

00:06:14,570 –> 00:06:15,350
would they have him?

00:06:15,560 –> 00:06:16,190
I doubt it.

00:06:16,190 –> 00:06:19,750
If they want his honest stripped absolutely.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 2D86C42D-A83D-4C91-84DF-11850D55FC9C Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
Listen to the podcast

Andrew Prince’s Crisis

00:06:20,240 –> 00:06:22,760
And there’s a lot of talk that he’s damaged the brand.

00:06:22,760 –> 00:06:22,890

00:06:22,890 –> 00:06:23,670
what about the girls?

00:06:23,670 –> 00:06:29,760
He’s damaged and then they start to talk about I’m sick of hearing about the Queen’s Jubilee plans,

00:06:29,760 –> 00:06:30,570
quite frankly,

00:06:30,570 –> 00:06:32,750
because I’ve seen these people do this before.

00:06:32,840 –> 00:06:35,490
Remember back in 2000 and 11,

00:06:35,490 –> 00:06:37,310
when Kate and William were married?

00:06:37,320 –> 00:06:38,930
There were concerns in Vanity Fair,

00:06:38,930 –> 00:06:40,020
then from Andrew’s,

00:06:40,020 –> 00:06:43,130
people that would take away the gloss from their wedding.

Andrew Prince of England

The story about Andrew and Virginia like Come on.

00:06:45,650 –> 00:06:48,340
So now we’re talking about the Jubilee Congratulations,

00:06:48,340 –> 00:06:48,750

00:06:48,750 –> 00:06:49,890
but I really don’t care

I care about these girls and there’s more than one and you know it and I know it.

00:06:54,380 –> 00:06:55,870
So I’ll just read you.

00:06:55,870 –> 00:07:07,610
Her statement about her alleged favourite son with the queen’s approval and agreement the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal patronage is have been returned to the Queen,

00:07:07,620 –> 00:07:15,750
the Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending the case as a private citizen.

00:07:15,760 –> 00:07:21,210
Now there’s been a lot of talk about Virginia just wanting it for the money.

00:07:21,220 –> 00:07:23,260
She’s come out and basically said,

00:07:23,260 –> 00:07:23,770

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-4 Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
Andrew Prince of England’s American Crisis

00:07:23,780 –> 00:07:24,760
So do you think now,

Andrew Prince of England

00:07:25,510 –> 00:07:27,640
because the judges said cases going ahead,

00:07:27,640 –> 00:07:29,150
Do you think he’s going to throw money at her?

00:07:29,440 –> 00:07:30,910
He can throw money at her,

00:07:30,910 –> 00:07:32,400
potentially a castle.

00:07:32,400 –> 00:07:34,290
He could give her a bridge.

00:07:34,300 –> 00:07:36,320
He could also request that she has,

00:07:36,330 –> 00:07:36,800
I don’t know,

00:07:36,800 –> 00:07:41,140
a small principality in the Falklands because that’s his area.

00:07:41,150 –> 00:07:42,140
But she’ll say No,

00:07:42,150 –> 00:07:46,390
I can guarantee it because people like to say Virginia Giuffre’s is out for money.

00:07:46,400 –> 00:07:47,960
She’s not in it for money.

00:07:47,970 –> 00:07:48,610
To be honest,

00:07:48,610 –> 00:07:51,690
I think she would say she’s got more than enough to be comfortable.

00:07:51,700 –> 00:07:56,810
But she’s here because she wants to attack the snake that is sex trafficking.

00:07:56,810 –> 00:07:59,970
And she’s coming for Epstein and his mates one by one.

00:08:01,330 –> 00:08:05,280
I would be looking at this and I would be absolutely sweating.

00:08:05,290 –> 00:08:07,450
She’s shaking the tree.

00:08:07,840 –> 00:08:09,040
She is now the Dubins .

00:08:09,040 –> 00:08:10,910
They were friends of Epstein’s,

00:08:10,920 –> 00:08:13,830
their high profile billionaire couple in New York,

Andrew Prince of England

00:08:13,840 –> 00:08:14,080

00:08:14,080 –> 00:08:14,760
She didn’t know,

00:08:15,240 –> 00:08:15,710
but yes,

00:08:15,710 –> 00:08:16,180
you’re right.

00:08:16,180 –> 00:08:17,300
And she’s shaking the tree.

00:08:17,300 –> 00:08:19,080
This is about the big picture,

00:08:19,080 –> 00:08:21,890
and they’ve always Her lawyers have always had the eye on the price.

00:08:21,890 –> 00:08:23,070
They know what they’re doing.

00:08:23,080 –> 00:08:25,820
And that’s why she went Prince Andrew.

00:08:25,830 –> 00:08:31,590
So it has been an epic fall for the former war hero and son of the Queen.

00:08:31,600 –> 00:08:32,750
What will happen next,

00:08:32,750 –> 00:08:33,150

00:08:33,240 –> 00:08:33,790

00:08:33,790 –> 00:08:36,660
the documents have been flying about his case.

00:08:37,040 –> 00:08:37,530
They have,

00:08:37,530 –> 00:08:38,070
haven’t they?

00:08:38,080 –> 00:08:40,550
She wants to speak to Shakuri Walker,

00:08:40,560 –> 00:08:50,450
who claims to have seen Prince Andrew at Tramp nightclub in London with a young girl around the time that the plaintiff contends Prince Andrew abused her.

00:08:51,040 –> 00:08:52,430
Now she went public.

00:08:52,440 –> 00:08:53,910
Now let me get the years right.

00:08:53,910 –> 00:08:54,890
Not last year,

00:08:54,900 –> 00:08:56,160
the year before,

00:08:56,640 –> 00:08:59,610
and she apparently offered to help the FBI,

00:08:59,620 –> 00:09:02,230
but they politely turned down the request.

00:09:02,240 –> 00:09:03,380
According to her lawyer,

00:09:03,520 –> 00:09:04,410
Lisa Bloom.

00:09:04,450 –> 00:09:05,060

00:09:05,440 –> 00:09:09,760
Virginia also wants to depose Robert Aston Olney,

00:09:10,140 –> 00:09:14,230
who is the former assistant of Prince Andrew.

00:09:14,290 –> 00:09:14,540

00:09:14,540 –> 00:09:19,450
he was in charge of his travel where he was accommodation,

00:09:19,630 –> 00:09:21,550
possibly even his clothing.

00:09:21,940 –> 00:09:22,290

00:09:22,290 –> 00:09:24,960
you’re going to a warm tropical island.

00:09:25,640 –> 00:09:26,030

00:09:26,030 –> 00:09:28,090
we’re going to New York in winter,

00:09:28,090 –> 00:09:29,750
you might need a coach,

00:09:30,640 –> 00:09:34,320
so this guy would have a lot of information.

Andrew Prince of England

00:09:34,330 –> 00:09:38,160
He’d know his schedule backwards because he was in charge.

00:09:38,160 –> 00:09:39,720
He was the assistant.

00:09:39,730 –> 00:09:40,460

00:09:40,640 –> 00:09:41,560
as they say,

00:09:41,940 –> 00:09:42,510

00:09:42,520 –> 00:09:44,730
And he’s also in Epstein’s Little Black Book,

00:09:44,730 –> 00:09:46,230
which is actually Galanes.

00:09:46,250 –> 00:09:49,050
That’s right under the Duke of York.

00:09:49,110 –> 00:09:52,760
He must have so much access to emails for a start.

00:09:52,760 –> 00:09:54,400
Could you imagine Be so good?

00:09:54,400 –> 00:09:56,880
The discovery is going to be fantastic.

00:09:57,000 –> 00:09:59,890
It is going to be absolutely amazing.

00:09:59,900 –> 00:10:00,130

00:10:00,130 –> 00:10:02,130
It’s interesting with Shakuri Walker.

00:10:02,140 –> 00:10:03,660
She did come out,

00:10:03,670 –> 00:10:04,400
as you were saying,

00:10:04,400 –> 00:10:05,790
the year before last,

00:10:05,800 –> 00:10:11,160
and she has agreed to appear in the upcoming civil case if they need her.

00:10:11,160 –> 00:10:17,400
And she said she will absolutely tell the court that she saw the Duke of York at Tramp back in 2000 and one.

00:10:17,410 –> 00:10:20,480
Now she’s also a survivor of sex trafficking.

Prince Andrew Latest

00:10:20,480 –> 00:10:21,230
Did you know that,

00:10:21,230 –> 00:10:21,490

00:10:21,490 –> 00:10:28,740
You probably do so when she saw him in that interview on the BBC and she was totally not impressed by his answers.

00:10:28,740 –> 00:10:31,640
And I think for her it was personal because of what had happened to her,

00:10:31,640 –> 00:10:33,400
because she’s from Somalia.

00:10:33,410 –> 00:10:34,860
But Now she lives in London.

00:10:35,340 –> 00:10:37,800
So as for Prince Andrew’s assistant,

00:10:37,810 –> 00:10:39,520
he’s like a ghost on the Internet.

00:10:39,530 –> 00:10:43,870
All I can find is an association with Stubs and Press Lynn Limited.

00:10:43,880 –> 00:10:45,520
And it was a company,

00:10:45,520 –> 00:10:50,270
a management consultant company that was dissolved in 2021.

00:10:50,280 –> 00:10:53,050
So that’s basically it Now.

00:10:53,050 –> 00:10:56,680
There’s been another document in this case,

00:10:56,680 –> 00:10:59,340
which is the Virginia V.

00:10:59,490 –> 00:11:02,460
Andrew no longer Prince Andrew H.

00:11:02,460 –> 00:11:02,790

00:11:02,800 –> 00:11:03,520

00:11:03,530 –> 00:11:05,930
It was sent in by cigarette,

00:11:05,940 –> 00:11:16,660
and it’s about stipulated confidentiality and protective order and its discussing what should remain sealed and what can be out there in the public.

00:11:16,840 –> 00:11:28,010
The producing party may designate as confidential only the portion of such material that is reasonably and in good faith consists of a medical,

00:11:28,020 –> 00:11:31,660
mental health and or other health care records,

00:11:31,720 –> 00:11:33,970
which means they can be produced in court,

00:11:33,970 –> 00:11:35,860
but they can’t be made public.

00:11:37,140 –> 00:11:37,500

00:11:37,500 –> 00:11:39,300
Social Security numbers,

00:11:39,300 –> 00:11:40,670
personal phone numbers,

00:11:40,680 –> 00:11:41,510
tax returns,

00:11:41,510 –> 00:11:44,580
credit and banking information sealed.

00:11:44,650 –> 00:11:46,280
And this is the kicker.

00:11:46,420 –> 00:11:51,570
Names of alleged miners names plural,

00:11:51,710 –> 00:11:54,050
alleged minors.

00:11:54,940 –> 00:11:56,890
So what does that indicate to you,

00:11:56,890 –> 00:11:57,460

00:11:57,940 –> 00:11:58,560

00:11:58,570 –> 00:11:59,770
I’ve always wondered,

00:11:59,770 –> 00:12:01,440
and there is a previous episode.

00:12:01,440 –> 00:12:03,850
You can look up from a couple of months ago,

The outstanding question of Prince Andrew and the eight missing Russian girls that Virginia says were involved with herself,

00:12:12,720 –> 00:12:16,260
Epstein and Andrew in a group sex activity.

00:12:16,740 –> 00:12:20,370
It’s my belief that there may be brought into this case,

00:12:20,380 –> 00:12:22,020
other minor victims,

00:12:22,110 –> 00:12:27,690
and Virginia is alleging that their minor victims survivors of Andrew Well,

00:12:27,690 –> 00:12:29,160
we know for a start,

00:12:29,170 –> 00:12:35,940
Andrew was seen by that book author having his feet rubbed at Epstein’s mansion by a girl of overseas origin.

00:12:35,940 –> 00:12:37,330
I think Eastern European.

00:12:37,340 –> 00:12:39,410
And then there was the case where Prince Andrew,

00:12:39,410 –> 00:12:40,890
I don’t know if everyone’s heard this,

00:12:40,890 –> 00:12:42,730
but there was a puppet.

00:12:42,730 –> 00:12:43,870
That gal ain’t got him.

00:12:43,880 –> 00:12:47,560
It was like this big spitting image puppet they call it in the UK,

00:12:47,570 –> 00:12:51,490
and this puppet was used to grab Virginia’s breasts.

00:12:51,730 –> 00:12:53,770
That was witnessed by another survivor,

00:12:53,770 –> 00:12:54,980
Joanna Soderbergh.

00:12:54,990 –> 00:12:57,930
So there are other women who have seen Andrew around,

00:12:57,930 –> 00:12:59,180
plus these Russian girls,

00:12:59,180 –> 00:13:01,470
and do you want to know the kicker and what Epstein says,

00:13:01,470 –> 00:13:02,720
and this is how revolting.

Prince Andrew Latest

00:13:02,720 –> 00:13:04,190
Here’s he told Virginia.

00:13:04,200 –> 00:13:04,370

00:13:04,370 –> 00:13:04,560

00:13:04,560 –> 00:13:06,010
I like the overseas girls.

00:13:06,020 –> 00:13:07,020
They don’t speak English.

00:13:07,020 –> 00:13:08,090
It’s easier for me.

00:13:08,090 –> 00:13:08,660
It’s better.

00:13:08,740 –> 00:13:09,510
And of course,

00:13:09,510 –> 00:13:11,560
if they’re overseas girls.

Andrew Prince of England

00:13:11,940 –> 00:13:17,880
He also could hold over immigration status and visas over their heads or hide their phones.

00:13:17,890 –> 00:13:18,810
That’s another thing.

00:13:18,820 –> 00:13:19,740

00:13:19,860 –> 00:13:20,600
their passports.

00:13:20,600 –> 00:13:23,730
That was done before by two other people involved in the case.

00:13:23,730 –> 00:13:28,750
But also Andrew spent a lot of time at Epstein’s place in Paris.

00:13:28,750 –> 00:13:29,170

00:13:29,180 –> 00:13:32,550
and we have not heard that much about the girls in Paris.

00:13:32,740 –> 00:13:33,460
That’s right.

00:13:33,840 –> 00:13:34,890
And Jean Luc Brunel,

00:13:34,890 –> 00:13:39,230
who’s on trial now for sexual assault allegations in Paris.

00:13:39,230 –> 00:13:42,260
He was a very close friend of Epstein and Maxwell,

00:13:42,270 –> 00:13:43,890
so you never never know,

00:13:43,890 –> 00:13:44,780
do you?

00:13:44,790 –> 00:13:48,660
When the French authorities raided Jean Luc Brunell’s house,

00:13:48,670 –> 00:13:52,950
they also went into Epstein’s main apartment at the same time.

00:13:53,140 –> 00:13:54,950
That was in the middle of the afternoon.

00:13:54,950 –> 00:13:56,890
Both places were raided.

00:13:57,080 –> 00:14:01,530
They remained in Epstein’s unit until three o’clock in the morning,

00:14:01,540 –> 00:14:02,980
according to neighbours.

00:14:03,130 –> 00:14:07,120
Now there’s another document that has just dropped in this case,

00:14:07,380 –> 00:14:14,950
and it’s Andrew requesting to depose Robert Giuffra now that is Virginia’s husband.

00:14:15,340 –> 00:14:16,380
But it’s not just Robert.

00:14:16,380 –> 00:14:17,930
He wants to put under oath.

00:14:17,940 –> 00:14:21,140
He also wants to put under oath Virginia’s doctor,

00:14:21,310 –> 00:14:23,050
Dr Judith Lightfoot,

00:14:23,940 –> 00:14:27,990
now over in the Alan Dershowitz civil case,

00:14:28,000 –> 00:14:28,940
Alan Dershowitz,

00:14:28,940 –> 00:14:32,580
Who is Epstein is a longtime friend and former lawyer,

00:14:32,610 –> 00:14:35,090
so he also represented Trump and O.

00:14:35,090 –> 00:14:35,610

00:14:35,620 –> 00:14:37,800
And other high profile clients.

00:14:37,860 –> 00:14:41,870
He spent a good six months trying to get that civil suit thrown out.

00:14:41,880 –> 00:14:43,350
And when that didn’t work,

00:14:43,440 –> 00:14:48,340
he then lodged a counterclaim of defamation against Virginia.

00:14:48,340 –> 00:14:52,950
She actually wants to depose Caroline Minor Victim four.

00:14:53,130 –> 00:14:55,590
So Document 3 97.

00:14:55,600 –> 00:14:57,900
In the Jeffrey V.

00:14:57,990 –> 00:14:59,330
Dershowitz case,

00:14:59,430 –> 00:15:00,030
he writes,

00:15:00,030 –> 00:15:09,400
defendant Alan Dershowitz professor respectfully requests a pre motion conference at which he will seek leave to move for an order deemed,

00:15:09,400 –> 00:15:10,280
as admitted,

00:15:10,290 –> 00:15:12,060
certain requests for admission.

00:15:12,070 –> 00:15:17,860
Which plaintiff has refused to answer concerning her recruitment of Caroline.

00:15:18,340 –> 00:15:24,490
And I’m not going to use her surname to provide sexual massages to Jeffrey Epstein,

00:15:24,500 –> 00:15:29,040
Caroline testified as a witness for the government in United States v.

00:15:29,040 –> 00:15:29,870

00:15:29,880 –> 00:15:32,610
Shortly after her testimony,

00:15:32,620 –> 00:15:35,560
Professor Dershowitz propounded the request,

00:15:35,560 –> 00:15:41,020
which essentially asked her to admit or deny the accuracy of Carolyn’s testimonies.

00:15:41,020 –> 00:15:45,090
Set forth Plaintiff has refused to respond to the requests,

00:15:45,100 –> 00:15:49,210
principally on the grounds that they are irrelevant now.

Andrew Prince of England

00:15:49,210 –> 00:16:02,560
Dershowitz’s requests for admission to Virginia about Caroline include please admit that you introduce Caroline to Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14 or 15 years old.

00:16:03,040 –> 00:16:08,130
Please admit that at the time you introduce Caroline to Jeffrey Epstein,

00:16:08,140 –> 00:16:11,010
you were at least 18 years old.

00:16:11,020 –> 00:16:15,400
Please admit that Caroline was called as a witness in the United States v.

00:16:15,400 –> 00:16:16,060

00:16:16,640 –> 00:16:25,850
Please admit that you told Caroline that she could be paid $300 to give a massage to a rich man in Palm Beach.

00:16:26,240 –> 00:16:32,660
Please admit that you told Carolyn to dress provocatively for her meeting with Epstein.

00:16:33,040 –> 00:16:38,240
Please admit that you told Carolyn that if Jeffrey Epstein asked her age,

00:16:38,250 –> 00:16:41,410
she should tell him she was 17 years old.

00:16:41,440 –> 00:16:47,350
Please admit that the first time Caroline accompanied you to Jeffrey Epstein’s house in Palm Beach,

00:16:47,380 –> 00:16:51,300
you had sex with Mr Epstein in front of Caroline.

00:16:51,450 –> 00:17:01,480
Please admit that you solicited Caroline to accompany you to Jeffrey Epstein’s house in Palm Beach by telling her she would be paid $300.

00:17:01,690 –> 00:17:08,100
Please admit that Jeffrey Epstein paid you to introduce Caroline to him.

00:17:08,240 –> 00:17:15,160
Please admit that Jeffrey Epstein paid you to solicit Caroline and that signed Howard M.

00:17:15,160 –> 00:17:15,850

00:17:15,860 –> 00:17:19,060
who is one of Alan Dershowitz’s attorneys.

00:17:19,740 –> 00:17:24,340
So he’s really trying to push the fact that Virginia recruited Caroline.

00:17:24,480 –> 00:17:26,080
That’s not in question at all.

00:17:26,080 –> 00:17:26,460
Is it?

00:17:27,140 –> 00:17:27,620

00:17:27,620 –> 00:17:28,790
that is not in question.

00:17:28,790 –> 00:17:32,810
Virginia has said that she did help recruit girls for Epstein,

00:17:32,860 –> 00:17:34,940
and she at the time was a victim.

00:17:34,940 –> 00:17:36,470
She was doing what she was told,

00:17:36,470 –> 00:17:37,450
what she was groomed,

00:17:37,450 –> 00:17:40,130
what she was coerced to do.

00:17:40,340 –> 00:17:43,710
But this is the line they’ve been running with for a very long time.

00:17:43,710 –> 00:17:45,940
Now it’s getting old dash.

00:17:46,040 –> 00:17:47,360
Isn’t he dying anyway?

00:17:47,440 –> 00:17:50,770
He seems to be very busy For someone who says he’s dying,

00:17:51,440 –> 00:17:52,270
that’s true.

00:17:53,940 –> 00:17:54,300

00:17:54,310 –> 00:17:56,010
over in the main case,

00:17:56,020 –> 00:17:57,160
US v.

00:17:57,190 –> 00:17:58,150
Elaine Maxwell,

00:17:58,210 –> 00:18:00,960
they have set a date for sentencing.

00:18:01,340 –> 00:18:03,390
It’s an order from Judge Nathan.

00:18:03,510 –> 00:18:12,330
The court is in receipt of the Parties Joint letter regarding a schedule for sentencing and resolution of the severed perjury counts.

00:18:12,510 –> 00:18:19,640
The court hereby schedules the sentencing in this matter for June 28 2022.

00:18:19,650 –> 00:18:20,960
At 11 AM,

00:18:21,440 –> 00:18:31,370
the court will delay ordering the preparation of a pre sentence investigation report until April 2022.

00:18:31,440 –> 00:18:39,050
The court previously set the schedule for briefing on the new trial notion as well as all other post verdict motions.

00:18:39,240 –> 00:18:50,180
The court adopts the party’s proposal that the scheduling of any proceedings related to the severed perjury counts be deferred until the post verdict motions are resolved.

00:18:50,190 –> 00:18:51,780
By January 18,

00:18:51,790 –> 00:19:05,060
the government shall indicate in a joint letter whether it is seeking an exclusion of time under the Speedy Trials Act for the perjury counts and the basis for any requested exclusion.

00:19:05,540 –> 00:19:06,550
In the joint letter,

00:19:06,560 –> 00:19:12,950
the defence shall indicate whether it consents to the proposed exclusion of time.

00:19:13,640 –> 00:19:17,560
So she’s going to find out how long she’s going to be in prison in June.

00:19:17,940 –> 00:19:18,370

00:19:18,370 –> 00:19:18,780

00:19:18,790 –> 00:19:19,750
Not long now,

00:19:19,750 –> 00:19:20,270
is it?

00:19:20,640 –> 00:19:24,710
It’s exciting now that whole severing of the perjury charges,

00:19:24,720 –> 00:19:27,630
I think that comes down to the government has said,

00:19:27,630 –> 00:19:28,040

00:19:28,050 –> 00:19:34,940
we won’t try you on them if you give up the whole mistrial based on the juror number 50 shit store,

00:19:34,950 –> 00:19:38,300
which basically has no legs to stand on now,

00:19:38,300 –> 00:19:43,900
The civil suit that Virginia was involved with Jan Skylar Laine Maxwell for defamation.

00:19:43,900 –> 00:19:47,670
Now that was back in 2015 2016.

00:19:48,440 –> 00:19:48,650

00:19:48,650 –> 00:19:49,990
for years now,

00:19:50,000 –> 00:19:55,850
they’ve been fighting over keeping the names sealed of non party does.

00:19:56,740 –> 00:19:56,980

00:19:56,980 –> 00:19:58,220
when we say does,

00:19:58,230 –> 00:20:01,660
it could be a Jane Doe or a John Doe.

00:20:02,440 –> 00:20:03,570
Now both sides,

00:20:03,580 –> 00:20:06,340
and these nonparty does had to,

00:20:06,570 –> 00:20:07,020
I suppose,

00:20:07,020 –> 00:20:14,170
make a request or an appeal to the courts stating why they should be unsealed or in the does cases kept sealed.

00:20:14,540 –> 00:20:15,350
The other day,

00:20:15,390 –> 00:20:21,770
Gala Maxwell said she had withdrawn any opposition to unsealing these names.

00:20:22,940 –> 00:20:23,390
To me,

00:20:23,390 –> 00:20:26,270
that reeks of taking her bat and ball and going home.

00:20:26,840 –> 00:20:31,430
Now the objecting does are at this stage known by numbers.

00:20:31,440 –> 00:20:33,660
They are does 17,

00:20:34,040 –> 00:20:42,720
73 93 151 along with 55 56.

00:20:43,020 –> 00:20:47,950
There is a dough 53 that does not oppose the unsealing,

00:20:48,840 –> 00:20:49,560
and oh,

00:20:49,570 –> 00:20:54,550
54 does not generally oppose the unsealing.

00:20:54,940 –> 00:21:03,490
So I went digging because the table that was put to the court listed where there were references to these days where their names were redacted.

00:21:03,620 –> 00:21:04,510
And sure enough,

00:21:04,520 –> 00:21:07,400
there was a little bit of a mistake in one document,

00:21:07,420 –> 00:21:08,720
and they left No.

00:21:08,720 –> 00:21:13,250
50 three’s name unredacted in one part of the document.

00:21:13,270 –> 00:21:15,760
But in the body it was redacted,

00:21:16,340 –> 00:21:17,460
but they were all numbered.

00:21:17,460 –> 00:21:20,650
So you knew that 14 whose name was redacted.

00:21:20,660 –> 00:21:24,770
There it was on the index under 14 as Alexandra Hall,

00:21:25,140 –> 00:21:26,760
who is a survivor,

00:21:27,540 –> 00:21:30,180
so we know that Dough 53 is a survivor.

00:21:30,190 –> 00:21:41,030
And from what I’ve read about 50 for it’s either another survivor or a staff member who’d probably wasn’t involved in any physical or sexual abuse.

00:21:41,040 –> 00:21:43,000
So after going through the documents,

00:21:43,010 –> 00:21:46,950
I put up a piece on our website Jeffrey Epstein podcast dot com.

00:21:47,340 –> 00:21:53,770
But I’ll just quickly dive into the does 55 56 now.

00:21:53,770 –> 00:21:57,460
They submitted their request to the court together,

00:21:57,470 –> 00:22:01,790
and they aren’t named together in one of the depositions.

00:22:01,800 –> 00:22:03,860
So they were dealt together,

00:22:04,340 –> 00:22:08,170
and I mentioned in four experts of the same deposition.

00:22:08,640 –> 00:22:16,750
Virginia’s lawyers said that their objections are predicated on the notion that the deposition itself is unreliable.

00:22:16,760 –> 00:22:21,350
Neither reasons surmount the proposition of public access,

00:22:21,360 –> 00:22:25,000
such to warrant continued ceiling further.

00:22:25,000 –> 00:22:33,770
The names of both does 55 56 have already been the subject of media attention in connection with Epstein and Maxwell,

00:22:34,140 –> 00:22:53,500
mitigating the risk of any specific harm resulting from any unwarranted attention to the deposition where they are mentioned further does 55 56 argument that they did not have a chance to refute the DuPont Dent’s That’s the person who makes the deposition is unavailing,

00:22:53,500 –> 00:22:56,720
given their continued ability to do so.

00:22:56,720 –> 00:22:57,170

00:22:57,440 –> 00:23:05,160
there is simply nothing stopping them from responding to the opponent’s testimony if they contend it is false.

00:23:05,240 –> 00:23:09,860
But the most interesting one is Doe 151.

00:23:10,540 –> 00:23:16,350
They are mentioned in 47 different documents in this case.

00:23:16,660 –> 00:23:19,660
So more than any other dough from the beginning,

00:23:19,670 –> 00:23:22,450
right to the end to the document.

00:23:22,450 –> 00:23:24,180
That’s about the settlement agreement.

00:23:24,190 –> 00:23:27,140
This does name appears now.

00:23:27,150 –> 00:23:33,050
I have trawled through all 47 of these documents to see if there was a misplaced pro now.

00:23:33,090 –> 00:23:35,150
But unfortunately it was clean.

00:23:35,360 –> 00:23:40,300
And this is from Virginia’s attorneys 15 ones.

00:23:40,300 –> 00:23:46,240
Objections centres on the fact that they testified pursuant to a protective order,

00:23:46,250 –> 00:23:53,170
that they are trying to live a private life and do not want any attention stemming from disclosure.

00:23:53,540 –> 00:23:59,060
And they will be hounded and pursued by the media for comment and elaboration.

00:23:59,440 –> 00:24:00,360
Her lawyers right?

00:24:00,740 –> 00:24:02,040
These reasons yet again,

00:24:02,040 –> 00:24:04,960
do not justify continued ceiling.

00:24:05,540 –> 00:24:06,230
For starters,

00:24:06,230 –> 00:24:15,050
dough 151 and material associated with them has already been widely reported in the media.

00:24:15,940 –> 00:24:16,560

00:24:16,560 –> 00:24:28,870
such material mentioned in their objections has already been unsealed by the second Circuit in 2019 with respect to Doe 15 one’s health concerns.

00:24:28,880 –> 00:24:33,010
Although plaintiff would not want to put anyone’s health in jeopardy,

00:24:33,100 –> 00:24:38,850
much of the information about Dough 151 is already largely public.

00:24:38,950 –> 00:24:39,280

00:24:39,290 –> 00:24:44,480
any privacy concerns cannot defeat the presumption of public access.

00:24:44,550 –> 00:24:45,310

00:24:45,310 –> 00:24:57,360
Dough 151 Reasons for not engaging with the media are irrelevant to this analysis and to the extent that they feel unduly limited in their ability to respond.

00:24:57,640 –> 00:24:58,180

00:24:58,180 –> 00:25:02,710
this dough has said that they have been the subject of a lot of media attention,

00:25:02,890 –> 00:25:08,860
and they have declined to engage and will continue to refuse comment going forward.

00:25:09,440 –> 00:25:16,090
So who is it that someone who is heavily involved with Glenn Maxwell They’re all over the documents in this case?

00:25:16,340 –> 00:25:18,410
Is it a Jane Doe or a John Doe?

00:25:18,420 –> 00:25:18,810
Is it,

00:25:18,810 –> 00:25:19,310

00:25:19,320 –> 00:25:20,340
Sarah Kellen,

00:25:20,540 –> 00:25:24,860
Though Kaelin’s name is mentioned in other documents in this case,

00:25:24,870 –> 00:25:27,250
is it Alan Dershowitz Ill health?

00:25:27,260 –> 00:25:28,070
But then again,

00:25:28,080 –> 00:25:30,440
Allen is also mentioned in other documents.

00:25:30,440 –> 00:25:31,360
In this case.

00:25:31,440 –> 00:25:32,810
Is it Kelly Bovino,

00:25:32,820 –> 00:25:34,820
who was an assistant of delays?

00:25:34,900 –> 00:25:35,950
We don’t know.

00:25:36,140 –> 00:25:37,410
Was it Bill Clinton?

00:25:37,420 –> 00:25:39,860
We have no idea who this person is.

00:25:40,440 –> 00:25:41,990
We have theories,

00:25:42,110 –> 00:25:43,640
but we’ll wait to see.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:25:43,770 –> 00:25:46,670
So the judge has to make a ruling on that.

00:25:47,240 –> 00:25:47,670

00:25:47,680 –> 00:25:47,960

00:25:47,960 –> 00:25:49,550
does have got no problems.

00:25:49,940 –> 00:25:51,050
Except Dough,

00:25:51,060 –> 00:25:54,150
54 who is either a survivor of a staff member,

00:25:54,160 –> 00:25:54,880
is worried about.

00:25:54,880 –> 00:25:56,550
A transcription error,

00:25:56,560 –> 00:25:59,120
which is acknowledged by Virginia’s team,

00:25:59,150 –> 00:26:00,860
might shine them in a bad light,

00:26:01,240 –> 00:26:02,860
but it is a transcription error,

00:26:03,240 –> 00:26:06,960
so now we just have to sit and wait for that unsealing.

00:26:07,840 –> 00:26:10,100
I just wanted to jump in quickly and tell everyone.

00:26:10,100 –> 00:26:25,600
There was a story yesterday in the Daily Mail about how visitor logs obtained by daily mail dot com revealed Jeffrey Epstein was not always alone when he visited the Clinton White House between 1993 and 95 records show,

00:26:25,600 –> 00:26:26,930
he brought along eight women,

00:26:26,940 –> 00:26:28,960
including his girlfriend Selena,

00:26:28,960 –> 00:26:29,890
Middle Fort,

00:26:29,900 –> 00:26:31,240
Eva Andersson Dubin,

00:26:31,240 –> 00:26:33,770
Francis Jardine and Ghislaine Maxwell.

00:26:33,780 –> 00:26:38,570
His relationship with the four other women who accompanied him Jennifer Garrison,

00:26:38,580 –> 00:26:39,920
Shelley Gaffney,

00:26:39,930 –> 00:26:46,660
Jennifer Driver and excuse the pronunciation Liubov all over is unclear.

00:26:47,540 –> 00:26:48,570

00:26:48,580 –> 00:26:50,460
So he didn’t just take the lane,

00:26:50,510 –> 00:26:51,650
he took a few.

00:26:51,770 –> 00:26:53,390
What could they have been doing?

00:26:53,390 –> 00:26:56,590
There wasn’t the same office as a blue dress.

00:26:56,690 –> 00:26:57,190
Okay, Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:26:57,190 –> 00:26:58,080
I was thinking about that.

00:26:58,080 –> 00:27:01,140
Jen 93 to 95.

00:27:01,150 –> 00:27:04,230
I’ll go and check while you go into your Peter Nygard stuff,

00:27:04,240 –> 00:27:08,170
but I think that happened in 96 with Monica Lewinsky.

00:27:08,940 –> 00:27:11,100
If I sound really tired today,

00:27:11,270 –> 00:27:13,260
instead of going to bed last night,

00:27:13,840 –> 00:27:15,310
I was in a court hearing.

00:27:15,430 –> 00:27:20,670
It was Day three of Peter and I guards latest bail attempt.

00:27:21,640 –> 00:27:26,010
Now Nygaard is the Finnish born Canadian fashion designer.

00:27:26,100 –> 00:27:36,450
I prefer the term polyester designer who has allegedly raped and trafficked hundreds of young girls and women.

00:27:36,840 –> 00:27:40,280
The assaults and rapes took place in Canada,

00:27:40,290 –> 00:27:42,450
America and the Bahamas,

00:27:42,460 –> 00:27:47,060
as well as different locations in Europe and Asia.

00:27:47,940 –> 00:27:53,970
This bail hearing was for the Toronto charges that were laid last year.

00:27:53,980 –> 00:27:58,170
The charges include six counts of sexual assault.

00:27:58,840 –> 00:27:59,770
As I said,

00:27:59,780 –> 00:28:13,210
it was another bail attempt after he was arrested on behalf of the American government to be extradited to New York to face a raft of sex trafficking charges there.

00:28:13,410 –> 00:28:14,070
Of course,

00:28:14,080 –> 00:28:16,300
that bail attempt failed,

00:28:16,330 –> 00:28:18,270
and he spent about a year in jail.

00:28:18,640 –> 00:28:23,380
He was recently transferred to a prison in Toronto,

00:28:23,390 –> 00:28:28,660
and it was from this prison that he attended an online bail hearing.

00:28:29,240 –> 00:28:32,450
So there was three days of hearings spread over two weeks,

00:28:32,840 –> 00:28:36,170
and the decision will be handed down next week.

00:28:37,740 –> 00:28:51,330
There are two non publication orders placed on this bail hearing and before you cry censorship public needs to know this is the Canadian criminal system,

00:28:51,420 –> 00:28:53,670
the Canadian legal system.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:28:54,040 –> 00:28:58,600
It’s closer to the Australian system than the American system and here,

00:28:58,610 –> 00:29:11,060
the right to privacy to safety of alleged victims of horrific crimes that beats out the public’s need or thirst to know the details.

00:29:12,040 –> 00:29:15,040
So hopefully next week for the next episode,

00:29:15,050 –> 00:29:19,330
I’ll be able to tell you whether or not Nygard has been denied bail.

00:29:19,370 –> 00:29:27,850
I’m not going to take any steps in the dark or the light about what the judge will decide because of those two non publication bans.

00:29:28,240 –> 00:29:32,860
But the fact that no information is coming out is not about censorship.

00:29:33,340 –> 00:29:35,970
This is about centering the survivors,

00:29:35,980 –> 00:29:40,120
their safety and their emotional well being as well.

00:29:40,180 –> 00:29:42,200
It’s going to come out later anyway,

00:29:42,200 –> 00:29:43,170
during the trial.

00:29:43,940 –> 00:29:47,180
As for the extradition order at this stage,

00:29:47,190 –> 00:29:48,930
no decision has been made.

00:29:48,930 –> 00:29:51,960
It’s got to go to the minister of justice.

00:29:52,010 –> 00:29:59,210
My hope is for those Canadian survivors that he gets tried first in Toronto.

00:29:59,290 –> 00:30:04,060
And as soon as a verdict is reached that he’s thrown on a plane and sent to America.

00:30:04,640 –> 00:30:04,970
And then,

00:30:04,970 –> 00:30:08,450
after the New York trial he sent down to the Bahamas,

00:30:09,440 –> 00:30:11,180
guess what I found out.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:30:11,190 –> 00:30:13,530
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.

00:30:13,540 –> 00:30:16,670
Their affair was between 95 97.

00:30:17,140 –> 00:30:21,160
So this was the same time Epstein was going in there with other women.

00:30:21,540 –> 00:30:22,390

00:30:22,590 –> 00:30:24,350
but does Clinton like brunettes,

00:30:24,350 –> 00:30:25,890
or does he just like everyone?

00:30:25,980 –> 00:30:26,180

00:30:26,180 –> 00:30:31,670
maybe he is avoiding all media interviews like dough 1 51.

00:30:32,140 –> 00:30:32,560

00:30:32,570 –> 00:30:33,360
I had a theory.

00:30:33,360 –> 00:30:34,050
It was him,

00:30:34,060 –> 00:30:34,390

00:30:34,390 –> 00:30:34,780

00:30:34,780 –> 00:30:37,210
I tracked the lawyer down that made the requests.

00:30:37,220 –> 00:30:39,990
And he did work at the White House during the Clinton years,

00:30:39,990 –> 00:30:41,020
and so did his wife.

00:30:41,030 –> 00:30:41,990
But you never know.

00:30:41,990 –> 00:30:47,140
There are so many attorneys in New York that it could be anyone That’s true.

00:30:47,150 –> 00:30:47,720
So good.

00:30:47,720 –> 00:30:48,040

00:30:48,050 –> 00:30:51,050
used a lawyer that used to be at the White House.

00:30:51,070 –> 00:30:52,560

00:30:52,840 –> 00:30:53,950

00:30:54,940 –> 00:30:55,680

00:30:55,690 –> 00:30:56,560
we wait.

00:30:57,040 –> 00:30:59,170
But thank you so much for listening to us.

00:30:59,180 –> 00:31:00,400
We really appreciate it.

00:31:00,410 –> 00:31:04,220
And thank you to the wonderful person who sent us some coffee today.

00:31:04,220 –> 00:31:04,730

00:31:04,740 –> 00:31:06,620
on our buy me a coffee app.

00:31:06,620 –> 00:31:12,710
We appreciate that we love our patreon supporters and we’re bringing our intern back next week.

Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein

00:31:12,720 –> 00:31:13,350
We promise.

00:31:13,360 –> 00:31:16,550
It’s just it’s about to storm and we don’t want a disaster.

00:31:16,550 –> 00:31:17,330
But just stay in.

00:31:17,330 –> 00:31:19,020
The intern will be on her way.

00:31:19,030 –> 00:31:21,020
So if you’d like more information,

00:31:21,030 –> 00:31:24,770
there’s some links in the show notes and you can go to our website.

00:31:24,770 –> 00:31:26,380
We’ve also got a Facebook group.

00:31:26,390 –> 00:31:27,900
I’m at least a podcast.

00:31:27,900 –> 00:31:28,270

00:31:28,270 –> 00:31:30,310
you are really truly.

00:31:30,400 –> 00:31:33,850
And we’re also on instagram sometimes on YouTube.

00:31:33,860 –> 00:31:34,680
You never know.

00:31:34,690 –> 00:31:35,720
Send us an email.

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

00:31:35,720 –> 00:31:38,110
We’ll reply if it’s a complaint,

00:31:38,300 –> 00:31:39,360
sent it to me.

00:31:39,840 –> 00:31:41,160
That’s right.

00:31:41,540 –> 00:31:42,620
Or one of our trolls.

00:31:42,630 –> 00:31:43,580
We’d love that.

00:31:43,670 –> 00:31:44,810
So thank you so much.

00:31:44,810 –> 00:31:45,850
It’s been a big week.

00:31:45,850 –> 00:31:48,600
We really appreciate your commitment to this story.

00:31:48,610 –> 00:31:50,240
It’s rapidly evolving.

00:31:50,250 –> 00:31:52,700
So who knows what’s going to happen next?

00:31:52,710 –> 00:31:53,700
And Virginia,

00:31:53,710 –> 00:31:55,300
you are a star.

00:31:55,310 –> 00:31:56,180
Your choice,

00:31:56,180 –> 00:31:56,920

00:31:56,930 –> 00:31:58,040
She’s a good Sheila.

00:31:58,070 –> 00:31:59,360
You’re all right.

00:31:59,640 –> 00:32:01,130
See you later.

00:32:01,670 –> 00:32:02,270

Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew | Girls, Private Jets and Cash
Prince Andrew Latest

Who is Virginia Giuffre: the Girl in the THAT Photo

Who is Virginia Giuffre? Known worldwide as the girl in a photo with a royal, the mother-of-three wants to bring down the entire Epstein sex trafficking network.

And now she is coming for every single one of them.

  • Prince Andrew will face an unprecedented test in a New York court
  • As we know, the duke denies the allegations he sexually assaulted Ms Roberts Giuffre on three occasions in 2001.
  • He says it’s all lies, but what would happen if Prince Andrew came to New York for a hearing?
  • It might not happen; the royal might try to settle instead. But let’s think of the court of public opinion here. That’s clearly what Virginia’s lawyers have in mind and she says she does not want to settle.
  • Even so, would Prince Andrew ever be brave or foolhardy enough to go to America and risk potential arrest by the FBI or being led into a perjury trap being asked about his relationship with Maxwell and Epstein?

Who is Virginia Giuffre

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-3 Who is Virginia Giuffre: the Girl in the THAT Photo

This is the shocking true story of what happened when Ghislaine Maxwell recruited 16-year-old Virginia Roberts (as she was then known) into the Epstein trafficking network.

In her civil claim, she alleges Prince Andrew sexually abused her as a teenager on multiple occasions in London, Manhattan, and the US Virgin Islands in 2001 — allegations which he denies.

Ms Roberts was sexually abused by a family friend at the age of seven, which set off a pattern of more abuse, running away from home, foster care, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Who is Virginia Giuffre

“I was just so mentally scarred already at such a young age, and I ran away from that,” she told the BBC’s Panorama in 2019. 

She told the program she was almost instantly groomed by Maxwell to join the global sex trafficking scheme.

“Through that time they were asking me questions about who I was,” she said.

She added: ”They seemed like nice people so I trusted them, and I told them I’d had a really hard time in my life up until then – I’d been a runaway, I’d been sexually abused, physically abused… That was the worst thing I could have told them because now they knew how vulnerable I was.”

Ms Giuffre has said Epstein “passed me around like a platter of fruit” among his powerful friends and business partners, as she was taken across the globe on his private plane.

In March 2001, then aged 17, Maxwell and Epstein brought her to the United Kingdom and introduced her to the then-40-year-old Prince Andrew.

Who is Virginia Giuffre

“It was a really scary time in my life… I wasn’t chained to a sink, but these powerful people were my chains,” she told the BBC. 

Ms Giuffre says the prince sexually abused her three times – at Maxwell’s London home and later at Epstein’s homes in New York City and Little St James in the Virgin Islands.

She has also testified in 2021 in Paris against disgraced French model agent Jean-Luc Brunel, a friend of Epstein and Maxwell.

Ms Giuffre now lives in Australia with her husband, Robert, and their three children.

She has founded a non-profit organisation called Speak Out, Act, Reclaim (SOAR), aimed at “educating and advocating for victims of trafficking”.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein D87CA3E5-F180-4C2F-9445-7704059F089D-1018x1024 Who is Virginia Giuffre: the Girl in the THAT Photo

Finally, the woman who was a once scared 17 year old girl allegedly trafficked to a prince, has all the power.

Prince Andrew Woes

We update you on the latest in the Duke of York’s drama, which seems to have been created by the Prince and the Prince alone.

Moreover, the public wants answers from him but he has been hiding behind his mother. This case won’t just go away quietly, ever. He is only just now starting to realise this new reality.

Prince Andrew continues to be locked in a vicious battle over claims he assaulted Ms Roberts Giuffre three times when she was aged 17. 

The Epstein whistleblower alleges Maxwell and Epstein trafficked her to Prince Andrew. 

This latest move in the ongoing saga comes after Ghislaine Maxwell was recently convicted of federal charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking involving minors. 

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1dad39c2-a838-48cf-9ea0-f29254a1b390-1024x1024 Who is Virginia Giuffre: the Girl in the THAT Photo
BBC TV 2 interview quote

Who is Virginia Giuffre

Ms Roberts Giuffre is seeking unspecified damages from Prince Andrew for alleged sexual assault. The Duke of York has strenuously denied all allegations made against him.

This case will further embarrass Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth II when it goes to trial. 

This could be another blow to the monarchy, which is still reeling from the aftermath of Prince Andrew’s former friend Epstein’s suicide in jail in 2019.

The trial date has not yet been set, but it is expected to take place later this year. 

Socialite Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking By Jury

Maxwell Found Guilty: From the throne room at Buckingham Palace to being found guilty of sex trafficking, it is an epic fall for British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell Found Guilty

She was found guilty by a jury today on five out of six counts relating to sex trafficking after a mammoth, month-long trial in a New York City court.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_5416-1024x576 Socialite Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking By Jury
ABC News Headlines

The British socialite was accused of being financier Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator. She denied all charges.

Maxwell Found Guilty

During the trial, the government alleged: “Ghislaine Maxwell made her own choices. She committed crimes hand in hand with Jeffrey Epstein. She was a grown woman who knew exactly what she was doing.”

The charges alleged the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 14.

According to ABC News: ”As the verdict was read, Maxwell appeared to show little reaction behind a black mask. She stood with her hands folded as the jury filed out, and glanced at her siblings as she herself was led from the courtroom.

During the trial, prosecutors called 24 witnesses to give jurors a picture of life inside Epstein’s homes — a subject of public fascination and speculation ever since his 2006 arrest in Florida in a child sex case.“

There were four women in court who testified about abuse as teenagers in the 1990s and early 2000s at Epstein’s homes in Florida, New York and New Mexico. One incident occurred in Maxwell’s townhome in London.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein EF8B7257-0B5E-40F5-A047-9141A7B4F5B0-1024x1024 Socialite Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking By Jury
Maxwell Found Guilty

Maxwell Found Guilty

Jurors deliberated for five days and the daughter of fraudulent media baron Robert Maxwell faces a sentence of many years in prison.

The women who spent years fighting in courts to hold the multimillionaire Maxwell accountable have spent decades fighting for justice.

The guilty verdicts in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial represent the culmination of prolonged and dramatic disgrace for a woman who once roamed the world amid lavish homes.

As well, she networked with actors, billionaires, politicians and royals.

Moreover, the Manhattan courtroom verdict could also herald the beginning of a new chapter in the #MeToo movement.

Maxwell Found Guilty

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1BC2D6C4-9A9B-4C7A-896A-3ECFFEBE1A87-edited-768x1024 Socialite Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking By Jury
Watch this space: Maxwell quoted in an interview in The Philadelphia Daily News, early 1990s.

Sex offenders cannot assume they will not be prosecuted and they must now the possibility of being dragged to court and jailed for life.

The jury found the Oxford-educated scion of a disgraced publishing dynasty on five of six counts. It finally represents an emphatic decision played out over weeks in a New York City court room.

Furthermore, the next target is Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. His civil icase is before another New York court on January 4.

Transcript: The Epic Fall of Ghislaine Maxwell: The Prince and the Pervert Podcast

A global criminal conspiracy, a jailed socialite and a billionaire, who may or may not have been murdered. Welcome to the world of the Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast.
Journalists Lisa and Jen bring you the ultimate deep dive.

My soul yearned for justice for years,
and today the jury gave me just that. I will remember this day, always having lived with the horrors of Maxwell’s abuse. My heart goes out to the many other girls and young women who suffered at her hands and whose life she destroyed. I hope that today is not the end, but rather another step in justice being served. Maxwell did not act alone. Others must be held accountable. I have faith that they will be.

My soul yearned for justice for year and today the jury gave me just that. I will remember this day, always having lived with the horrors of Maxwell’s abuse. My heart goes out to the many other girls and young women who suffered at her hands and whose life she destroyed. I hope that today is not the end, but rather another step in justice being served. Maxwell did not act alone. Others must be held accountable. I have faith that they will be.

Virginia Giuffre

Maxwell Found Guilty
Hello, My name is Lisa.

00:00:59,170 –> 00:01:01,930
Welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast.

00:01:01,940 –> 00:01:06,630
Joining me today on this amazing day is my co host,

00:01:06,630 –> 00:01:07,600
Jen Tarran

00:01:07,600 –> 00:01:13,920
and we are both journalists who’ve been following the Jeffrey Epstein criminal conspiracy for more than two years.

00:01:13,930 –> 00:01:14,620

00:01:14,620 –> 00:01:15,150

00:01:15,740 –> 00:01:17,490
I’m sorry if I sound a bit tired.

00:01:17,500 –> 00:01:22,850
Of course I did the full overnight shift and just got into bed when Lisa rang to say,

00:01:22,860 –> 00:01:24,210
I’ve just had the tip off.

00:01:24,220 –> 00:01:25,820
The jury is coming back in.

00:01:25,830 –> 00:01:27,180
It was quite unexpected.

00:01:27,180 –> 00:01:28,610
It’s been a long process,

00:01:28,610 –> 00:01:30,760
but they wanted to make sure they got it right.

00:01:31,040 –> 00:01:41,990
Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of sex trafficking for Jeffrey Epstein and from the throne room at Buckingham Palace to being found guilty of sex trafficking.

00:01:42,000 –> 00:01:42,410

00:01:42,410 –> 00:01:46,850
It’s certainly been an epic fall for the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

00:01:47,340 –> 00:01:53,250
She was found guilty on five of the six charges that she faced trial for.

00:01:53,740 –> 00:01:54,760
It’s a brilliant,

00:01:54,770 –> 00:01:56,160
brilliant result.

00:01:56,170 –> 00:01:57,790
Absolutely it is.

00:01:57,790 –> 00:01:59,500
But it’s just the beginning.

00:01:59,500 –> 00:02:05,020
We have Prince Andrew in the spotlight early next month in his civil case with Virginia Giuffre,

00:02:05,110 –> 00:02:07,670
who is one of the whistleblowers in this case.

00:02:07,720 –> 00:02:08,120

00:02:08,130 –> 00:02:09,530
as part of this trial,

00:02:09,540 –> 00:02:18,550
none of the witnesses for the government were offered any plea deals to those who came forward for the prosecution as witnesses.

00:02:18,700 –> 00:02:21,880
I’m not saying there will be extra charges,

00:02:22,060 –> 00:02:24,770
but we assume there will be well.

00:02:24,770 –> 00:02:31,430
Virginia said in her statement that she is hopeful justice will be done in the future because don’t forget,

00:02:31,440 –> 00:02:32,450
there’s Prince Andrew.

00:02:32,460 –> 00:02:36,970
There’s also a civil case of Virginia has brought against Alan Dershowitz,

00:02:36,980 –> 00:02:38,460
the Harvard law professor.

00:02:39,140 –> 00:02:40,660
This is more than a win.

00:02:41,340 –> 00:02:48,980
This is confirmation and validation of these survivor stories of what they went through over the years,

00:02:48,990 –> 00:02:50,790
when people call them fantasies.

00:02:50,820 –> 00:02:56,750
When people dismiss them as money grubbing whatever which was aligned the defence took,

00:02:56,750 –> 00:02:57,720
that was for sure.

00:02:57,840 –> 00:02:59,710
It’s given them validation.

Maxwell Found Guilty:

00:02:59,720 –> 00:03:02,190
These things did happen to them.

00:03:02,440 –> 00:03:07,100
I have a statement here from the Department of Justice from the Southern District of New York,

00:03:07,110 –> 00:03:10,980
and we have U S attorney Damien Williams on the verdict,

00:03:10,990 –> 00:03:11,630
he said.

00:03:11,640 –> 00:03:17,310
A unanimous jury has found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable.

00:03:17,420 –> 00:03:21,360
Facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of Children,

00:03:21,360 –> 00:03:25,330
crimes that she committed with her longtime partner and co conspirator,

00:03:25,330 –> 00:03:26,470
Jeffrey Epstein.

00:03:26,480 –> 00:03:29,680
The road to justice has been far too long now,

00:03:29,680 –> 00:03:30,000

00:03:30,000 –> 00:03:39,460
That’s what you were saying because some of these girls were called prostitutes by their own government back in the days of Epstein’s plea deal in 2000 and eight.

00:03:39,840 –> 00:03:40,600
That’s right.

00:03:40,610 –> 00:03:42,760
They’ve had a formal apology since,

00:03:42,770 –> 00:03:48,010
but that word has been used in headlines around the world now,

00:03:48,010 –> 00:03:51,430
Damien Williams says I want to commend the bravery of the girls,

00:03:51,440 –> 00:03:55,750
now grown women who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom.

00:03:55,760 –> 00:03:59,670
Now I cannot imagine what they went through on that stand,

00:03:59,680 –> 00:04:05,020
considering there were two particular lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell who absolutely hammered them.

Maxwell Found Guilty:

00:04:05,030 –> 00:04:06,590
I know it was their job,

00:04:06,600 –> 00:04:09,130
but it was an extremely poor taste.

00:04:09,230 –> 00:04:10,270

00:04:10,270 –> 00:04:10,600

00:04:10,600 –> 00:04:14,370
those two lawyers had nothing to say for themselves this afternoon,

00:04:14,620 –> 00:04:19,810
and those two lawyers consistently docks these victims.

00:04:19,820 –> 00:04:21,650
They used real names and,

00:04:21,650 –> 00:04:22,420
in one case,

00:04:22,420 –> 00:04:24,610
one of Ghislaine’s legal team.

00:04:24,610 –> 00:04:27,040
Jeffrey Pagilucia to or Pag,

00:04:27,040 –> 00:04:28,560
as I prefer to call him,

00:04:28,640 –> 00:04:31,510
was warned about using a real name,

00:04:31,520 –> 00:04:36,160
and the next sentence out of his mouth was yet another real name.

00:04:36,170 –> 00:04:41,750
He didn’t show any respect to these women or the witnesses who were using a pseudonym.

00:04:42,140 –> 00:04:42,400

00:04:42,400 –> 00:04:44,210
you’re bringing up an excellent point there,

00:04:44,210 –> 00:04:44,610

00:04:44,620 –> 00:04:48,660
because I think society has moved ahead of some people in the legal profession.

00:04:48,670 –> 00:04:50,800
Another of Ghislaine’s lawyers,

00:04:50,810 –> 00:04:51,440
Laura Meningher ,

00:04:51,440 –> 00:04:51,890

00:04:51,900 –> 00:05:03,490
She was described to the first survivor Jane as a C bomb because she hammered and hammered and hammered her so they’ll be back.

00:05:03,490 –> 00:05:06,750
He has been with Ghislaine for a very long time,

00:05:07,240 –> 00:05:08,420
as has Manager.

00:05:08,430 –> 00:05:18,010
They both were involved in the Civil Defamation suit that Virginia Giuffre A brought against Maxwell back in 2000 and 15.

00:05:18,020 –> 00:05:19,560
Maxwell settled well.

00:05:19,560 –> 00:05:21,330
I’m glad they’ve shut up for once.

Maxwell Found Guilty:

00:05:21,570 –> 00:05:22,960
It’s about time,

00:05:23,040 –> 00:05:24,980
so they look quite disappointed,

00:05:24,980 –> 00:05:27,960
according to Josie Ensor of The Telegraph.

00:05:28,840 –> 00:05:29,120

00:05:29,120 –> 00:05:32,030
so did Maxwell when the jury was brought back in.

00:05:32,040 –> 00:05:36,280
And I’m compiling what happened in the courtroom from various sources,

00:05:36,290 –> 00:05:38,080
including Josie Julie K.

00:05:38,080 –> 00:05:38,870

00:05:38,880 –> 00:05:41,490
the wonderful Matthew from Inner City Press as well.

00:05:41,500 –> 00:05:43,560
When the jury filed in,

00:05:43,570 –> 00:05:46,890
Maxwell did not look at them when they had to stand up.

00:05:46,890 –> 00:05:48,080
She was a bit shaky.

00:05:48,090 –> 00:05:49,660
She was sipping on water,

00:05:49,740 –> 00:05:50,490
and then,

00:05:50,500 –> 00:05:53,120
when the verdict was finally read out,

00:05:53,130 –> 00:05:53,980
she didn’t cry.

00:05:53,980 –> 00:05:54,990
There were no tears,

00:05:54,990 –> 00:05:57,470
but she slumped in her seat,

00:05:57,530 –> 00:05:59,040
and then Bobby Sternheim.

00:05:59,110 –> 00:06:04,710
One of her other long term lawyers put an arm around her shoulder as she was sent out the room.

00:06:04,720 –> 00:06:07,590
I’ve also heard that Bobby didn’t look too good.

00:06:07,600 –> 00:06:09,860
Neither did Leah Saffian,

00:06:09,940 –> 00:06:13,850
who isn’t one of the legal defence team.

00:06:13,860 –> 00:06:16,360
It was there every day.

00:06:16,370 –> 00:06:25,500
Now she was one of the lawyers who helped Ghislaine’s brothers when they were in all that financial trouble in the UK following their father’s fraudulent activities.

00:06:25,510 –> 00:06:27,550
Now this is all on our website,

00:06:27,740 –> 00:06:29,650
and if it’s the first time you’ve listened,

00:06:29,650 –> 00:06:32,740
welcome Jeffrey Epstein podcast dot com.

00:06:32,930 –> 00:06:47,720
It’s all there certainly is now Leah Saffian and was also involved in setting up that Come and Get Me or Come and Find Me photo at the in and out Burger Joint in LA just after Jeffrey Epstein died in custody.

00:06:47,730 –> 00:06:48,060

00:06:48,060 –> 00:06:48,710
that’s right.

00:06:48,710 –> 00:06:53,860
Dylan was in that photo at In and Out Burger with a book about spying in the CIA.

00:06:53,870 –> 00:06:56,240
They think they’re so much smarter than everyone else,

00:06:56,240 –> 00:06:56,850
don’t they?

00:06:57,140 –> 00:07:01,010
There’s been a lot of conjecture about why Leah is in there.

00:07:01,020 –> 00:07:13,960
She was even there on the charging Saturday when the government and the defence teams joined with the judge to hammer out the charge sheet that will be read to the jury Before they went into deliberations.

00:07:14,640 –> 00:07:16,880
She was constantly on her phone.

00:07:16,890 –> 00:07:19,830
She was sitting with the defence on her phone.

00:07:19,920 –> 00:07:23,430
She hadn’t been docketed as part of her defence team,

00:07:23,430 –> 00:07:26,760
so there are a lot of questions about why she was there,

00:07:26,770 –> 00:07:28,900
why she was so close to Ghislaine,

00:07:28,910 –> 00:07:34,760
why she was showing her phone to Ghislaine and other family members during the trial.

00:07:35,440 –> 00:07:45,220
It’s my belief that she was looking at the social media trying to gauge the perception out there and that she is already working on the appeal.

00:07:45,230 –> 00:07:51,360
And I believe it will centre that the jury weren’t given correct instructions by the judge,

00:07:51,370 –> 00:07:56,900
which will go down rather well with Judge Nathan and also media interference.

00:07:56,910 –> 00:07:58,610
Interesting that you say that,

00:07:58,610 –> 00:07:58,820

00:07:58,820 –> 00:08:01,620
because there was a statement by Maxwell’s family.

00:08:01,630 –> 00:08:04,050
We believe firmly in our sister’s innocence,

00:08:04,050 –> 00:08:06,110
and we are very disappointed with the verdict.

00:08:06,120 –> 00:08:08,220
We have already started the appeal tonight,

00:08:08,220 –> 00:08:11,600
and we believe that she will ultimately be vindicated.

00:08:11,610 –> 00:08:12,860
Oh bugger off,

00:08:13,040 –> 00:08:13,990

00:08:13,990 –> 00:08:15,650
That is so insufferable.

00:08:15,740 –> 00:08:17,950
But it’s also imperious as well.

00:08:17,960 –> 00:08:19,040

00:08:19,050 –> 00:08:19,550

00:08:19,940 –> 00:08:22,060
Oh triggers my anger.

00:08:22,070 –> 00:08:22,790

00:08:22,800 –> 00:08:24,220
now the verdict.

00:08:24,230 –> 00:08:26,550
She was found guilty on Count one,

00:08:26,550 –> 00:08:37,960
which was conspiracy to entice individuals under the age of 17 to travel in interstate commerce with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

00:08:38,340 –> 00:08:38,960

00:08:39,940 –> 00:08:52,560
I’m going to skip to count three conspiracy to transport individuals under the age of 17 to travel in interstate commerce with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

00:08:53,140 –> 00:08:59,300
Guilty count for transportation of an individual under the age of 17.

00:08:59,360 –> 00:08:59,950

00:08:59,960 –> 00:09:04,190
Only with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

00:09:04,430 –> 00:09:06,270
Guilty count.

00:09:06,270 –> 00:09:06,890

00:09:06,900 –> 00:09:11,960
Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of individuals under the age of 18.

00:09:12,540 –> 00:09:14,000
Guilty count.

00:09:14,000 –> 00:09:14,630

00:09:14,840 –> 00:09:19,050
Sex trafficking of an individual under the age of 18.

00:09:19,080 –> 00:09:21,490
Caroline only guilty.

00:09:21,730 –> 00:09:23,170
Now that’s the big one.

00:09:23,440 –> 00:09:28,200
That count alone carries a maximum of 40 years in prison.

00:09:28,330 –> 00:09:32,340
The only count she wasn’t found guilty on was count,

00:09:32,350 –> 00:09:37,230
too enticement of an individual under the age of 17.

00:09:37,240 –> 00:09:38,020

00:09:38,030 –> 00:09:46,360
Only now that was the first survivor to travel with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

00:09:47,140 –> 00:09:52,210
So even though count to she was found not guilty and that was to do with J,

00:09:52,220 –> 00:09:57,660
she was found guilty of the other count to do with just J.

00:09:58,040 –> 00:10:00,460
So Jane has been vindicated in this.

00:10:01,540 –> 00:10:09,050
Now the various news organisations have already hit saying anywhere between 30 years in jail to 50 years in jail.

00:10:09,060 –> 00:10:11,330
But we won’t know until sentencing,

00:10:11,340 –> 00:10:13,660
which could be three or four months time.

00:10:13,670 –> 00:10:14,650
We’re not sure yet,

00:10:15,740 –> 00:10:16,300

00:10:16,300 –> 00:10:17,850
at the age of 60.

00:10:17,860 –> 00:10:21,650
Even a 20 year sentence equates to life,

00:10:22,140 –> 00:10:24,970
and she deserves it now.

00:10:24,970 –> 00:10:28,550
During the trial itself and the jury deliberations,

00:10:28,720 –> 00:10:32,260
there was a bit of cockiness coming from Dylan Maxwell’s defence team,

00:10:32,640 –> 00:10:37,320
especially when the jury started asking for transcripts from the pilots,

00:10:37,330 –> 00:10:39,580
FBI police officers and,

00:10:39,580 –> 00:10:39,980
of course,

00:10:39,980 –> 00:10:40,950
all the victims.

00:10:41,540 –> 00:10:51,530
They seemed to believe that that meant that the jury was questioning everything the survivors had said and what the government witnesses had said.

00:10:51,540 –> 00:10:53,340
But that didn’t mean that at all.

00:10:53,350 –> 00:10:55,760
That meant that the jury was doing their job.

00:10:56,240 –> 00:10:57,640
They were drilling down.

00:10:57,650 –> 00:11:07,320
They were talking it through because the last thing these people who sat through this horrendous court case would want is for the whole thing to be a mistrial.

00:11:07,330 –> 00:11:08,340
They did their job.

00:11:08,350 –> 00:11:09,530
They did it correctly.

00:11:09,770 –> 00:11:12,600
But you could tell even today the gallon.

00:11:12,600 –> 00:11:14,860
Maxwell’s team thought they had it in the bag.

00:11:15,440 –> 00:11:25,960
Leah Saffain was talking to an ABC American producer for about five minutes and then slid them over to talk to Gullane herself.

00:11:26,640 –> 00:11:29,230
That was about a minute or so conversation,

00:11:29,240 –> 00:11:38,050
but you could tell straight away they were trying to set up interviews because they honestly believe she’d get off different to Australia.

00:11:38,060 –> 00:11:40,080
I think they can still do interviews,

00:11:40,080 –> 00:11:41,150
even if you’re in prison.

00:11:41,150 –> 00:11:41,640

00:11:41,650 –> 00:11:42,160

00:11:42,160 –> 00:11:45,890
but I don’t think that was the style of interview they were setting up.

00:11:45,900 –> 00:11:46,420

00:11:46,420 –> 00:11:46,940
they may have,

00:11:46,940 –> 00:11:48,300
perhaps wanted a hotel.

00:11:48,300 –> 00:11:48,870

00:11:48,880 –> 00:11:52,220
They had a five star hotel picked for Ghislaine if she got bail.

00:11:52,360 –> 00:11:52,690

00:11:52,690 –> 00:11:53,630
that’s right.

00:11:53,640 –> 00:11:54,700
They may go there.

00:11:54,710 –> 00:11:58,850
Would they go to Scott Borges and her estranged spouses mansion?

00:11:59,140 –> 00:11:59,650

00:12:00,040 –> 00:12:00,220

00:12:00,220 –> 00:12:01,420
that’s the other thing.

00:12:01,430 –> 00:12:05,230
How much has she spent so far on her defence?

00:12:05,410 –> 00:12:06,930
And then you’ve got the appeal.

00:12:06,940 –> 00:12:08,400
Now she and Scott got married,

00:12:08,400 –> 00:12:11,010
apparently in 2000 and 16.

00:12:11,020 –> 00:12:14,350
He has control of all her money in a family trust.

00:12:15,740 –> 00:12:17,210
The divorce is coming.

00:12:17,220 –> 00:12:22,150
I’m not quite sure what the breaking up the assets is like in America,

00:12:22,150 –> 00:12:23,770
but after five or six years,

00:12:23,770 –> 00:12:25,390
here it’s a half and half.

00:12:25,390 –> 00:12:26,600
Possibly more.

00:12:26,610 –> 00:12:28,520
If somebody is left with the kids,

00:12:28,520 –> 00:12:29,260
so to speak,

00:12:30,040 –> 00:12:31,700
he can walk away with half her money.

00:12:31,710 –> 00:12:33,710
She may not have cash left.

00:12:33,720 –> 00:12:34,060

00:12:34,060 –> 00:12:45,890
cash that we know of exactly because Epstein apparently gave her $30 million and we’ve been told her ex boyfriend Ted wait gave her $20 million when they broke up,

00:12:45,900 –> 00:12:49,060
and I’ve only seen accounting for 27 million.

00:12:49,640 –> 00:12:54,280
That was when I was going to say and board can walk off with half of it straight away.

00:12:54,280 –> 00:13:01,960
So she hasn’t got that much left for appeals unless Ian is going to fork out to keep that family surname clean.

00:13:03,040 –> 00:13:03,480

00:13:03,480 –> 00:13:05,520
how the tables have turned to Jen.

00:13:05,860 –> 00:13:06,940
And in the past,

00:13:06,940 –> 00:13:09,550
the Maxwells have been found not guilty.

00:13:10,440 –> 00:13:12,360
This is a new development for them.

00:13:13,140 –> 00:13:14,460
They don’t know what to do.

00:13:14,940 –> 00:13:15,710

00:13:15,720 –> 00:13:18,070
they’re probably licking their wounds tonight.

00:13:18,090 –> 00:13:19,410
I’ll give you some advice,

00:13:19,410 –> 00:13:19,730

00:13:19,730 –> 00:13:20,960
Get on with your life.

00:13:21,340 –> 00:13:26,560
Don’t get tied up in that Life is too short to get tied up in knots over these appeals.

00:13:27,540 –> 00:13:27,770

00:13:27,770 –> 00:13:28,470
of course,

00:13:28,480 –> 00:13:32,160
this would spell utter disaster for Prince Andrew.

00:13:32,220 –> 00:13:32,570

00:13:32,580 –> 00:13:33,130

00:13:33,130 –> 00:13:33,710

00:13:33,720 –> 00:13:34,070

00:13:34,080 –> 00:13:34,580

00:13:34,590 –> 00:13:37,290
they’ve got a phone hook up on January four.

00:13:37,300 –> 00:13:37,760

00:13:37,760 –> 00:13:39,950
and we will be following Prince Andrew.

00:13:39,960 –> 00:13:40,410

00:13:40,410 –> 00:13:41,250
we will.

00:13:41,480 –> 00:13:43,160
And then there’s Dersh as well.

00:13:43,340 –> 00:13:43,610

00:13:43,610 –> 00:13:44,490
Alan Dershowitz.

00:13:44,490 –> 00:13:47,920
He is Martha’s Vineyard’s number one nude volleyballer,

00:13:47,930 –> 00:13:49,880
but he was also Epstein’s lawyer,

00:13:49,890 –> 00:13:50,990
Trump’s lawyer,

00:13:51,170 –> 00:13:52,160
OJ’s lawyer.

00:13:52,370 –> 00:13:57,590
Now he’s already been on the BBC banging on about the verdict.

00:13:57,600 –> 00:14:01,010
He wouldn’t answer any questions about Ghislaine,

00:14:01,070 –> 00:14:04,200
but he used the time to attack Virginia Jew free,

00:14:04,340 –> 00:14:07,660
saying that she should be up on the same charges that Ghislaine was.

00:14:08,240 –> 00:14:08,800
Of course,

00:14:08,800 –> 00:14:10,010
it seems,

00:14:10,190 –> 00:14:12,860
according to people who watched the segment,

00:14:12,890 –> 00:14:16,580
that he didn’t point out his conflict of interest,

00:14:16,730 –> 00:14:23,150
one that he was Epstein’s lawyer and that Virginia Giuffre has brought a civil suit against him for defamation.

00:14:23,420 –> 00:14:24,350
He forgot about that.

00:14:24,740 –> 00:14:25,360

00:14:25,370 –> 00:14:29,190
according to something he put on the docket in that civil case,

00:14:29,200 –> 00:14:30,470
he’s on his deathbed.

00:14:30,470 –> 00:14:35,900
He’s dying and doesn’t believe he will be there to see the outcome of his civil case.

00:14:35,930 –> 00:14:37,960
But he can go into all these interviews.

00:14:37,960 –> 00:14:39,410
So he’s been on BBC.

00:14:39,420 –> 00:14:40,100

00:14:40,100 –> 00:14:44,560
he went on another big Q flavoured podcast as well.

00:14:44,840 –> 00:14:48,870
And he had his minion put out today an attack on Virginia as well.

00:14:48,870 –> 00:14:52,180
And I just thought anyone who claims to be a journalist would know.

00:14:52,180 –> 00:14:55,750
Today is not the day for another element of this story.

00:14:55,760 –> 00:14:56,840
Everyone is busy.

00:14:56,850 –> 00:14:58,570
No one will see what you’ve written.

00:14:58,570 –> 00:15:02,930
I’m sorry you just got thrown out with the trash and the trash.

00:15:02,940 –> 00:15:04,860
Today is delay Maxwell.

00:15:05,540 –> 00:15:06,950

00:15:06,960 –> 00:15:11,430
She has certainly come a long way from arrests from the helicopters,

00:15:11,430 –> 00:15:16,770
from the yachts from being lady of the House chin because the tables have turned.

00:15:16,830 –> 00:15:17,620
And for once,

00:15:17,620 –> 00:15:18,890
we’re there to see it.

00:15:19,100 –> 00:15:20,060
It’s so good.

00:15:20,640 –> 00:15:21,710
It is so good.

00:15:21,720 –> 00:15:29,550
I can’t comprehend how I know how excited we were and how relieved and then stunned and teary when the verdict came down.

00:15:29,560 –> 00:15:31,760
Imagine what the survivors are going through.

00:15:32,140 –> 00:15:36,630
Those women have displayed so much strength.

00:15:36,640 –> 00:15:45,160
And I want to say congratulations and hopefully this will be a new era for you because you are believed you are.

00:15:45,540 –> 00:15:47,060
These women matter.

00:15:47,640 –> 00:15:50,910
That’s why we did this podcast Jen more than two years ago.

00:15:50,920 –> 00:15:52,830
This is a massive development,

00:15:52,840 –> 00:16:01,570
and I want to say congratulations to the government in how they ran because that was the best set of charges to lay.

00:16:01,580 –> 00:16:03,890
There was a lot of chest thumping going on.

00:16:03,890 –> 00:16:04,570
It was bad.

00:16:04,570 –> 00:16:05,490
It wasn’t good enough.

00:16:05,490 –> 00:16:06,530
They did a bad job.

00:16:06,540 –> 00:16:06,930

00:16:06,940 –> 00:16:10,970
within the structure of the laws that are written that they had to abide by.

00:16:10,980 –> 00:16:14,120
That was the best set of charges to bring against L.

00:16:14,120 –> 00:16:14,210

00:16:14,210 –> 00:16:14,850

00:16:15,640 –> 00:16:18,950
and she will now be out of her remand facility.

00:16:18,950 –> 00:16:19,570

00:16:19,720 –> 00:16:22,450
She’ll now go into what they call club Fed.

00:16:22,510 –> 00:16:24,580
I don’t know if you’re going to get your vegan food there,

00:16:24,580 –> 00:16:24,980

00:16:24,980 –> 00:16:25,620

00:16:25,630 –> 00:16:30,330
We shall see many people think this is the end of this saga.

00:16:30,340 –> 00:16:30,850

00:16:30,860 –> 00:16:33,060
it’s just the beginning.

00:16:33,640 –> 00:16:36,440
There are so many avenues that we need to chase down.

00:16:36,440 –> 00:16:40,450
There are so many other enablers that need to be chased down.

00:16:40,540 –> 00:16:41,080

00:16:41,080 –> 00:16:44,070
and they would be getting absolutely nervous tonight.

00:16:44,110 –> 00:16:44,550

00:16:44,740 –> 00:16:46,630
We should send a few emails.

00:16:46,840 –> 00:16:47,250

00:16:47,250 –> 00:16:47,580

00:16:47,590 –> 00:16:49,500
I love sending emails to people.

00:16:49,540 –> 00:16:50,220

00:16:50,220 –> 00:16:52,360
Sarah Kellen Vickers might want one.

00:16:52,740 –> 00:16:53,570
Shut out.

00:16:53,940 –> 00:16:57,370
Nadia Marcinko might want one story.

00:16:57,370 –> 00:16:59,620
Cowles might want one.

00:16:59,630 –> 00:17:02,030
Kelly Bovino shout out.

00:17:02,210 –> 00:17:03,530
She might want one.

00:17:03,660 –> 00:17:07,860
And the Healy sisters Michelle Healy and Shannon Healy.

00:17:07,870 –> 00:17:08,380

00:17:08,390 –> 00:17:15,190
Michele Tatum Now and also Dr Eva Andersson Dubin and her husband,

00:17:15,190 –> 00:17:16,060
Glenn Dubin.

00:17:17,240 –> 00:17:20,690
And there is also the case down in the Virgin Islands.

00:17:20,690 –> 00:17:22,340
Following the money.

00:17:22,350 –> 00:17:23,560
They’re doing a Seiko,

00:17:23,560 –> 00:17:28,270
which is their version of the American Rico racketeering charges,

00:17:28,740 –> 00:17:30,590
and they’ve been putting out subpoenas left,

00:17:30,590 –> 00:17:31,470
right and centre.

00:17:31,480 –> 00:17:33,510
Most of them have been ignored,

00:17:33,540 –> 00:17:35,060
but they’re doing good things.

00:17:36,040 –> 00:17:42,410
Darren Indyke was Jeffrey Epstein’s private lawyer for decades,

00:17:42,420 –> 00:17:44,100
and his financial advisor,

00:17:44,100 –> 00:17:44,910
Richard Kahn,

00:17:44,920 –> 00:17:56,100
who was seen walking out of the Epstein mansion with the Tiffany blue bag just a couple of days after he allegedly suicide ID or was murdered in prison.

00:17:56,110 –> 00:17:56,950
We’ll never know,

00:17:56,950 –> 00:17:57,560
will we?

00:17:57,700 –> 00:17:57,890

00:17:57,890 –> 00:17:58,780
they’ve been subpoenaed.

00:17:58,780 –> 00:17:58,980

00:17:58,980 –> 00:17:59,990
right and centre There.

00:17:59,990 –> 00:18:00,460

00:18:02,740 –> 00:18:07,030
We’re going to crack open a bottle and have a bit of a daytime drink.

00:18:07,040 –> 00:18:11,350
But we will be back in a couple of days with something slightly longer,

00:18:11,380 –> 00:18:13,430
and I will be doing more of the transcripts.

00:18:13,440 –> 00:18:15,330
But unlike the defence lawyers,

00:18:15,340 –> 00:18:17,260
I will not be naming people.

00:18:17,640 –> 00:18:19,460
I will use pseudonyms.

00:18:20,340 –> 00:18:20,850

00:18:21,440 –> 00:18:24,470
so thank you so much for joining us today.

00:18:24,480 –> 00:18:27,520
We’d also like to shout out to our patreon supporters.

00:18:27,530 –> 00:18:29,430
Thank you for being there.

00:18:29,440 –> 00:18:30,870
Some of you from very,

00:18:30,870 –> 00:18:31,960
very early on.

00:18:32,340 –> 00:18:34,060
And if you’d like to find me,

00:18:34,060 –> 00:18:35,580
I’m at least a podcast.

00:18:35,590 –> 00:18:37,110
Jen is at a really,

00:18:37,110 –> 00:18:39,010
truly were on Instagram.

00:18:39,020 –> 00:18:44,020
Come join us on Facebook and to the survivors.

00:18:44,030 –> 00:18:44,670
Thank you.

00:18:45,140 –> 00:18:48,050
Because you have helped us so much.

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And you are believed these women matter.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 259B9123-C915-4F39-9B81-D7C8A35B22B7-edited Socialite Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking By Jury
Maxwell Found Guilty

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Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_5062-1 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter

Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter

Epstein Girlfriend: Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin, a former Miss Sweden whose husband is hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, said she dated Jeffrey Epstein on and off from 1980 to about 1990-1991.

The cancer philanthropist testified in Manhattan federal court on Friday during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Dr Andersson-Dubin said she had traveled with Jeffrey Epstein and her young family on his planes.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 5253E482-7DCC-499D-BFFC-CA7F7E022421-edited-1 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter
Eva Dubin as Miss Sweden

Former Epstein Girlfriend Eva Dubin

“Were you and Mr Dubin comfortable with the relationship between Mr Epstein and your children?” asked Jeffrey Pagliuca, one of Maxwell’s attorneys.

“Yes, we were,” she said.

Mr Pagliuca: “Did it appear to you that Mr Epstein was fond of your children?”

Former Epstein Girlfriend Eva Dubin

Mrs Dubin responded: “yes he was”.

The defense witness also testified that she never observed any inappropriate conduct between Jeffrey Epstein and any teenage girls or underage females.

Mr Pagliuca queried claims from Maxwell accuser Jane about group sexual encounters.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-7 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter
Glenn and Eva Dubin

During Jane’s cross-examination, she said that one participant in a sexualized group massage was named “Eva”.

When asked if she ever been in a group sexual encounter with the person called Jane, Dubin responded: “absolutely not”.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_5064-1 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter
Eva Dubin

Glenn Dubin Net Worth

The Dubins are at the centre of allegations made by a butler concerning a bereft 15-year-old girl. 

The couple denies all the allegations and there are several.

According to Forbes:

  • Glenn Dubin was the founder of Engineer’s Gate, a quantitative trading hedge fund. He stepped down from this business in the wake of the Epstein scandal
  • Dubin’s $2billion fortune comes from Highbridge Capital, which he cofounded in 1992 and then sold to JP Morgan Chase in 2004.
  • He is chairman of Castleton Commodities, the energy firm
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 882E79F6-8120-4369-8BC5-9C4950B267E3-1024x302 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter

Together the duo funds a cancer facility in New York, which Epstein also donated to under the ruse of a trust named for one of  the Dubin’s daughters.

The Epstein trust was reportedly named after the Dubin daughter Epstein wanted to marry.

There were multiple reports Epstein had a naked photo of the same child on his wall.

Glenn Dubin Net Worth

This was the same photo referenced at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_5062-1 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter
Eva Dubin

Epstein Girlfriend

Maxwell rested her sex-trafficking case after calling the prosecution’s arguments against her “unproven” and declining to testify. 

Her decision comes after her lawyers called nine witnesses over two days.

Maxwell, 59, denies grooming underage girls for abuse by the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Former Epstein Girlfriend

Closing arguments begin on Monday. The disgraced socialite faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted on charges of sex trafficking and perjury.

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, was found dead in his jail cell on August 2019 while awaiting trial on federal charges of sex trafficking involving dozens of underage girls.

More: Epstein’s Other Women

Glenn Dubin Net Worth

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein CC6952F5-15FA-42B5-A3B4-E6BBBA921A53 Epstein Girlfriend Denies in Court a Group Sex Encounter

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast puts the microscope on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

We investigate the world of Epstein, from his days as a child maths and piano prodigy to his arrest in July 2019.

Prince Andrew, Jean-Luc Brunel & their associate Peter Nygard – we cover them all, plus the cesspit of filth around the pedophiles, the conspirers and alleged enablers.

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