Prince Andrew’s New Bag of Epstein Tricks

Jeffrey Epstein obsessives, Lisa & Jen, are recording the Prince and the Pervert podcast from their bunker aka the laundry.

The two podcasters tell how the Jeffrey Epstein story is taking another turn with leaks to royal reporters, attacks on law enforcement & the appointment of spin doctors.

Plus what is all the Netflix excitement? Does it have anything to do with the Jeffrey Epstein case?

They also explain what’s a Crownavirus. Plus does everyone need a Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain magnet or a Prince Andrew tote?

There’s also more news on Epstein’s dodgy US Virgin Islands bank, where $12million went missing after his death. Who has the cash?

Plus a blast from the past…Imelda Marcos & her attempt at image rehabilitation. Does Andrew need a documentary? (Save us!)

Who is the dickhead of the week? Why are they wearing a hazard protection suit?

Plus we talk drunken, rampaging convicts.

And why do we have merchandise? Get your Find Ghislaine Maxwell charity sticker here.

Why was Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private plane? Where is Epstein’s pal Ghislaine? Was this a Mossad intelligence operation? Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? What went on the night Epstein died? Was Epstein murdered?

This story must not be ignored.The Epstein survivors matter and he ran his operation out in the open. It’s about justice. 

We are going to keep talking about Epstein and by listening to this podcast, you can share the details of this terrible true story with others. Be on the right side of history.

Listen to Bobby Capucci on The Jeffrey Epstein Show.

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Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew & the Show Goes On.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. Epstein committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablersband will the women who were violated as children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

We are coming to you from Jen’s laundry. We have blankets on the windows, so for the next couple of weeks we are doing the right thing to help flatten the curve in Australia. So there may be a little bit of noise in the background. We are going to try being isolated & we do have more time to do this than ever. Imagine if time was a problem!

Yes exactly. I will have to make sure I don’t recommend any reality TV shows. But I found you a good one. LA preacher and it’s your fault, Lisa! You keep sending me down rabbit holes. I love it!

I want to do a shout out to my best friend Janie. I recommended a few things for her, instant hotel on Netflix. Have you seen it? Don’t tell me anymore, you don’t wanna know. Have you seen You on Netflix? Not yet – series 1 series 2 & series 3 is coming. You’ve gotta watch it.

So speaking of Netflix, you mentioned something about Netflix. Do you have an announcement? A few days ago, they announced they are going to run an Epstein documentary. Now I’ve heard different versions, either a four part or a 12 part series on the Epstein conspiracy. A 12 part. Can you imagine? That would be wonderful.

I would like that because I think that it gets a different market. One of my friends had a podcast about Keli Lane. It was called problem child and it’s wonderful listen, by the way. Keli was an Australian woman who was secretly pregnant three times. She adopted two of the babies and now one is missing and she’s been convicted of her murder. My friend she actually said to me that Netflix, it’s a different audience and you access different people. We get a lot of our information from Twitter, so these others may sit outside that social media bubble. You’ll get those people.

So Netflix said it’s going to be called Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich. Which is after the book by James Patterson that we both read. That’s a fantastic read and he worked with the Miami Herald journalist on that one. That was a broadcast journalist from Palm Beach. Oh, down there. Incredible. Netflix’s resources incredible, digging in researching, talking to people, it is a brilliant. I recommend you get Filthy Rich and there’s actually a link on our Facebook page to the Amazon. Go for it if you’re stuck at home & start reading. The book’s been updated. Now I told you I had to a get it sent to me from the UK to Australia. They weren’t putting it on shelves over here?I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went to Mclean’s booksellers in Hamilton and they ordered it for me, brilliant. I suppose it’s a really niche, yes I did think that there weren’t many Epstein obsessives in our town.

Well there are in my family, now but they usually rolling their eyes. So you see in my family, my husband says by rolling in coverage of Corona virus.I would suspect this is gonna have the link to Virginia Roberts. She is actually part of this documentary and she said the Netflix team were wonderful to her and her husband. They are looking to tell the world the truth of what being on behind closed doors. Virginia said she hoped the message reached the voiceless and gives them a voice. “I hope the message is clear to anyone that thinks no sex trafficking.” I think it’s wonderful and it’s fantastic the Virginia and her husband are involved and from what I understand other survivors as well. So I can’t wait for that, there is not a date yet other than 2020.

I am absolutely outraged again & we need an outrage button. Before I became an Epstein obsessive, I used to work in crisis and issues management. How was that relevant to Prince Andrew? Well not only does he have that heavy hitting team of lawyers, he also has one of the U.K.’s most as we call it successful spinners and this guy is good.

If Lisa and I ever get in trouble we’re gonna hire the people Andrew has hired. Yes what is the spin doctor? Well it’s basically reputation management and relationships are everything and there at the core of every project. More here.

Epstein News – It’s Getting Nasty in Prince Andrew’s World

Jeffrey Epstein obsessives, Lisa & Jen, are recording the Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast from their bunker aka the laundry.

In this episode, they tell how the Epstein story is taking another turn with leaks to royal reporters, attacks on law enforcement & the appointment of fancy spin doctors. 

Plus – What’s the Netflix excitement? Does it have anything to do with the Jeffrey Epstein case? 

They also explain what’s a Crownavirus. Plus does everyone need a Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain magnet or a Prince Andrew tote? 

There’s also more news on Epstein’s dodgy US Virgin Islands bank, where $12million went missing after his death. Who has the cash? #JizzStain? The money was transferred quietly into his bank by his estate.

Plus a blast from the past…Imelda Marcos & her attempt at image rehabilitation. Does Andrew need a documentary? (Save us!)

Who is the dickhead of the week? Why are they wearing a hazard protection suit?

Plus we talk drunken, rampaging convicts.

Listen to us here

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The Prince and the Pervert podcast is recorded at Rock the Nation Studios (most of the time, except while in the laundry).

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A Notorious Dictator, a Prince & the Epstein Conspiracy

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. He committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew off his illegal behaviour. So who were these enablers? And will the women who were violated as Children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast. The content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the prince and the pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran.Now, today’s a big news day again. And we’re going to be talking about optics and how they relate to the Epstein case. That means what everything looks like, exactly to the man on all the woman on the street. Plus, we’re going to give the Queen of England a history lesson and we’re going to ask why Prince Andrew took a mattress with him overseas.

Hey, what What’s this? What’s this mattress thing? Mattress. He used to take it on the plane with us. They could have massages, really? According to Fergie. But more about that later. Now, Jen has been working very hard to look into Andrew’s new lawyers. And they’re not a good look. Oh, the optics are bad, bad, bad. So she will tell you why he’s hired this team of heavy-hitters.

And meanwhile, there’s just been some news out of Manhattan. I’ll just take you through it and then we’ll go back to Jen.

Now this is just in from The New York Times. Prince Andrew is stonewalling the Epstein case. Shock. Horror. Sorry. So Andy Pandy has refused to help federal prosecutors who are investigating these sex trafficking case around Epstein. Really, I never would have guessed, you know, so that’s from the U. S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York. So in a public statement, the attorney said although Andrew had said he was willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agencies with the investigations, he’s not really.

Do you think that might have something to do with the new lawyers? Jen? Yes, I think it does.Now Berman has said twice that Andrew’s help has not yet been forthcoming. So that makes me infuriated. What do they think we are? When they put that press release out saying he was going to Well, maybe they were hoping he’d do the decent thing, but now mummies let him lawyer up so it’s quite unusual for them to be pointing Andrew out. But he did bring it on himself. And plus, don’t forget with one of the releases, he stood in front of Epstein’s front doors to say, Hey, come on, Andrew. The optics. So Prince Andrew has completely shut the door on. Now this is important voluntary cooperation. And that’s the key word, which is why he’s lawyered up.

Yes, so what can you tell us about he’s merry band of defenders? Well, first, it came out that the Duke has called upon the services of Clare Montgomery QC, which is Queen’s counsel. Now she’s part of the Matrix Chambers set up by Cherie Blair. Oh, she is their former prime minister’s wife. Yes, the British prime minister’s wife. Now Montgomery is shit hot. This woman is fantastic. She is great.

Trouble is, she’s best known for defending Pinochet. Oh, the Chilean dictator, the one that knocked off ordered the knockoff of thousands and thousands of ordinary people? You know, organisers,university lecturers. Medicos, your average Joe on the street. Anyone he thought looked sideways at him or questioned him, they disappeared. They lost a generation of minds there. Yes. And also I heard he used to push people out of helicopters. I wouldn’t put it past it, but anyway. He was had been kicked out of power. He was in Britain and supposed to get heart surgery or something. And he was arrested. So hey, got Montgomery to defend him to stop extradition for war crimes. Yes, she won. Well, I wouldn’t really bragged about that. Well, everybody deserves representation. That is the cornerstone of most legal system. Look, I know that and she is bloody good. And if I get in trouble, I’m calling her. She’s good. But the optics of this.

Listen to the Jeffrey Epstein podcast here.

Falling down the Twitter’s Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole.

Hello fellow #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself truth seekers, it’s Jen, the short one of the duo that brings you The Prince and the Pervert Podcast.

I’ve been busy reading up on all the main players in the Epstein case, but I thought it was time to update you on one of the crucial resources we use to find news stories, and some great conspiracies, it’s Twitter and it’s a goldmine. 

So much info is being shared over there, and that’s what we love about Twitter, people share, they don’t hoard information. Some of the theories are, well crazy, but there’s some great links to old news stories. 

Despite being on the bottom of the planet and in completely different time zones to most of those following the Epstein child sex trafficking case, we can always find someone awake on Twitter to chat to.

So if you are on Twitter you can find us tweeting at @lisaltait and @ohreallytruly.
Keep an eye out for the various #hashtags such as #JizzStain for Ghislaine Maxwell along with #PrinceAndrew #Epsteincoverup #Epsteinsblackbook and of course #Epstein.

Below are some of this week’s highlights. 

On Monday, March 9, we in Australia raced to turn on our national broadcaster, the ABC, to watch the advertised 4Corners Epstein episode. Sadly for Lisa and I, it was Panorama’s show from 2019, but it’s a huge boost for the case as apart from a few articles around the time of his ‘suicide’ there hasn’t been much exposure at all in the main stream or legacy media in Australia.

 The Panorama piece was well researched and a polished production so we’re hoping that more people start chatting about the case. 

Of course as a lover of the low level troll, Lisa threw out another idea on twitter as a way to try and push Prince Andrew into talking to the FBI. 
We’re hoping that celeb lawyer Gloria Allred picks up on it, like she did with our, may I say, BRILLIANT idea of putting billboards with wanted posters of Andrew on the side of buses and driving them around London to try and shame him into talking to the FBI. 
Yes, Gloria Allred had a bus with Andrew’s mug on it and the FBI’s number drive past the Palace.

 And when it comes to low level trolling we opened up a Threadless store which of course we HAD to share.

Of course as soon as we had the store up and running, we just had to test out how to buy a sticker.
 And then we sent it to Fergie. And because we’re who we are, we videoed the whole transaction to show just how easy it is. 
All funds made from the Threadless Shop will be donated to Virginia Giuffre’s (a survivor of Epstein and Prince Andrew) non-profit organisation aimed at assisting victims of sex trafficking,

If you want to read the Nygard complaint head over here.  It’s another case that we are following, Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard. 
Someone leaked a copy of the case against him. Is it legit? Is it false, fake news? We don’t know but it’s an interesting read and shared by one of the Epstein case followers.

We’re keeping a close eye on Nygard, not just because of the appalling nature of the alleged crimes, but he was a close personal friend of not just Prince Andrew, but Fergie too. Can you see a pattern forming here . . . . .

Story Cowles – Epstein’s Great Pal

There is one name in the Epstein case which does not get enough attention – the tale of his assistant and Sarah Kellen’s flatmate and BFF.

What does the man, Story Cowles, know about the Epstein conspiracy? A lot, according to visitor logs from the dead pervert’s prison visit records.

Video: Story Cowles Epstein Assistant

According to CNBC: No one visited Epstein more than Story Cowles, who was reportedly his personal assistant.Cowles visited Epstein nearly 130 times.

At times, Cowles signed in as a paralegal. His online profile says that he is currently an investment banker at Tobin & Co. His name was mentioned on Florida court documents from the days of the immunity deal.”

Here are more details from The Daily Mail:

“One source told that Epstein was using his assistant Story Cowles to serve as his emissary at this time, and prison records obtained by do show that the young man visited Epstein almost every single day prior to his being granted work release. 
Cowles would arrive in the morning on most days, stay for a few hours and then leave around lunch time.
He would then return a second time and leave again around 7pm, generally logging six or seven hours in jail each day as a result, despite he himself having committed no crime.”


That’s six or seven hours a day with Jeffrey Epstein.
Cowles has a long and wealthy list of associates, according to this tweet thread, which is excellent reading.

He also lived in a home with Kellen in New York City, which was owned by an Epstein relative. My guess is the brother Mark.
Blurry archive photo but that’s him with Kellen on the right.
Cowles with his late mother Elizabeth. who was married to a railroad heir.

In 2009, he  attended a Young Friends of the American Red Cross party at Trump’s golf resort in Florida.

Plus he’s out and about living his best life, according to his Facebook profile.

Epstein News: Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell Stop Running Now!

Where are you, Ghislaine Maxwell?
The thing about being Australian is we have no nuclear weapons & zero representation on the United Nations Security Council but we can fry your with our mirth.
The Jeffrey Epstein, Prince & the Pervert podcasters, Lisa & Jen,  decided they needed to do something about this criminal conspiracy because law enforcement does not seem to be doing anything of significance.
How are we doing it? We are taking the piss out of Andrew and Ghislaine, aka #JizzStain. 
We’ve heard Epstein’s right hand woman, Maxwell, has a huge ego, so she may not like what we do. But we live in a world where we have free choice, unlike the young girls she recruited and abused. 

So thanks to the designs of a wonderful listener, we have a Threadless store. Yay! 

All proceeds go to charities supporting sex trafficking survivors and we’ve only made $6 so far, so please order away. Imagine all the hand sanitiser you could fit in the Prince Andrew tote bag!
All we can hope for in the Epstein case is to drive awareness. So please drop by for a sticker, a bag or even for a sweaty Prince Andrew beach towel.
Run, Andy, run! 
Call the FBI, you nonce! 
Anyone for Ghislaine Maxwell Pervert sticker? 

Jeffrey Epstein’s Ghislaine Maxwell is Wanted!

A wonderful design by a listener of the Prince and the Pervert Podcast 

As listeners of the podcast may be aware, we are fed up with the authorities not being able to find Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, #JizzStain.

So we might as well do it ourselves because we don’t think law enforcements in the UK, France or the USA are trying too hard.

Here’s what we brainstormed about Operation #JizzStain, a few weeks ago, on The Prince & The Pervert podcast:

“We want to put wanted posters on Instagram. What we need to do is get some billboards outside in places. We think she’s been in London. 

“Okay, so we’re probably looking at Israel. We’ll hit the UK and we’re looking at the U. S. A.”

Plus more, let’s put Maxwell’s face on a food delivery motorcycle’s rear compartment, after all Prince Andrew has a bus with his picture. 

Prince Andrew’s bus

Peter Nygard Images are Disappearing from the Web

Peter Nygard walks two dogs with a blue parrot on his arm
Lisa & Jen wanted to review Peter Nygard’s appearances on the 1992 season of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. But overnight the video disappeared, along with his corporate website. 🙀 All that remains are thumbnails.
But don’t fear we watched all 46minutes of the YouTube video and we took notes.
Who is Peter Nygard? We call him Epstein 2.0. He is also friends with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, as shown in the images below.

Here are more details of the allegations about Peter Nygard, he “allegedly told girls as young as 14 he could make them models before raping them and forcing them into performing ‘deviant acts’.”

This is the second association Prince Andrew and Ferguson have fostered with someone who has been up on child sex charges. The first was Jeffrey Epstein.

How does this keep happening to the disgraced Duke of York? (Rhetorical) An even stranger aspect of this mystery is the fact that his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson was on Nygard’s islands WITH THEIR KIDS.

The claims against Nygard are at odds with his public profile. This image below was found last night on his Twitter account. We don’t think there will be much talk about his “dynasty” right now.

But don’t fret! We can take you through a 2008 Bahamas Weekly video promotion featuring Nygard. So get on YouTube and let us guide you through the life and times of Peter Nygard. You are going to want to hear him talk about visits from “church leaders.”
Nygard’s Resort Under Construction 1992
Nygard said he could have played Volleyball at the Olympics
Volleyball again
Seriously? What do you call that?
So many bikinis
Nygard and a model at 2008 Bahamas Fashion Week
Do you want a prediction? Nygard is about to become  gravely ill, just like Harvey Weinstein.
Here are Lisa’s notes she made while watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Update: Epstein Karma Bus Hits Prince Andrew

There may be more UK protection police with information about Prince Andrew from around the time Virginia Roberts says she met him.