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Epstein Victim “my life would change forever.”

Epstein Victim: The sex-trafficking trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has heard an alleged survivor was groomed for abuse from the age of just 14.

Asked earlier why she remembered the first time she was abused by Epstein, the woman said it was more clear than other events “because it’s the beginning of when my life would change forever.”

Minor victim one’s testimony appears to be a key component of the case, US v Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4647 Epstein Victim “my life would change forever.”
Ghislaine Maxwell

Known as Jane, she was the first of four women whom prosecutors have described as underage victims of Maxwell and the socialite’s former boyfriend.

The Epstein victim testified that the dead financier began sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old.

She told the court how Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-lover and defendant in the case, normalised the abuse by being in the room.

The alleged acts left her feeling ashamed and humiliated.

“I’ve always just wanted to put this past me. I moved on with my life,” Jane said.

“I work in the entertainment industry and victim shaming is still very present to this day.”

Talking publicly could also affect her career, the Epstein victim said.

“I didn’t really want any part of it,” she said.

“I just wanted it to go away.”

She added: ”I was terrified and felt gross and felt ashamed.”

Prosecutor Alison Moe asked Jane : “Who was most frequently in the room when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein when you were 14 years old?” “Ghislaine Maxwell,” Jane said.

But Maxwell’s counsel Bobbi Sternheim asked the woman why it took twenty years for her to report the alleged assaults.

As well the defence lawyer, focused on her career as an adult. She described Jane as an actress.

“She is a pro at playing roles,” Ms. Sternheim said.

The New York Times said the lawyer asserted Jane had changed her story to obtain millions of dollars in compensation from a fund established for Epstein’s victims.

If the jury believes Epstein victim Jane, it could be “game over” for Maxwell.

But how the defence team will try to undermine this testimony though is becoming apparent.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her.

The trial, in New York City, is expected to last six weeks.

More: Epstein’s male assistant

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 78F7D650-73F9-4334-ADD8-C7410D9AEB16 Who is Annie Farmer the Sex Trafficking Crimes Whistleblower

Who is Annie Farmer the Sex Trafficking Crimes Whistleblower

Annie Farmer is one of the minor victims at the centre of the New York criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ms Farmer, who holds a Doctorate of Psychology told ABC’s 20/20: “Maxwell was a really important part of the grooming process.”

They worked together as a team, I think.”

She told the court at one of Maxwell’s bail hearings: ”She is a sexual predator who groomed and abused me and countless other children and young women.”

“I believe that she is a psychopath… she has demonstrated a complete failure to accept responsibility in any way for her actions and demonstrated a complete lack of remorse for her central role in procuring girls for Epstein to abuse.”

Annie Farmer Psychologist

Dr Farmer is referred to as minor victim two on the Maxwell indictment, but has waived her right to confidentiality.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 25D63CB7-CCAC-437E-9E8B-5E0F6B2EEE0A-1024x302 Who is Annie Farmer the Sex Trafficking Crimes Whistleblower

She said Maxwell and Epstein sexually assaulted her at age 16 at his New Mexico ranch.

Moreover, Ms Farmer told the court last year she was invited to Jeffrey Epstein’s property in 1996 after Maxwell and the financier suggested they would help her with academic goals.

According to CBS: ”She said Maxwell’s presence made her believe that she would be safe with Epstein. Instead, Farmer said Maxwell massaged her upper breast and Epstein climbed into bed with her without her permission.” 

Who is Annie Farmer Psychologist

But Maxwell’s team said during the trial, her motive was money, something her lawyers have dismissed.

In December, one of Maxwell’s lawyers, Laura Meningher wrote to to the court: ”The fact that [Farmer] seeks money from the estate and from Ms. Maxwell, in the millions of dollars, at the same time she is a government witness in an upcoming criminal trial on the same topic is reason enough to suspect that her newly asserted memories of abuse — without corroboration — are not based on the truth or a desire for ‘justice’ so much as her desire for cash.”

Sigrid McCawley, an attorney for Dr Farmer, responded to the court on Thursday, slamming Maxwell’s letter as a “vicious, victim-blaming” attack.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1600d4f1-f8e3-4866-98b5-21a0d498b993 Who is Annie Farmer the Sex Trafficking Crimes Whistleblower
Annie Farmer Epstein

Everything you need to know about Maxwell & Epstein

Maxwell’s Mystery Husband Scott Borgerson Has Her Missing $20million

Maxwell’s Husband Scott Borgerson: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell’s mystery man, the reputed husband of five years?

Plus why is he being sued by the sex trafficker’s lawyers and accused of money laundering?

  • The law firm that long represented Ghislaine Maxwell is also suing her brother Kevin
  • Haddon, Morgan & Foreman claimed the former couple and her family worked to hide wealth while not paying bills 
  • It accused of ‘false promises’ and claims Mr Borgerson tried to ‘shelter Maxwell’s assets’ to dodge the law firm’s fees
  • Lawyers say they are owed $878,302.66 – not including interest

Update January 2022: Scott Borgerson was a no-show at his wife’s trial for sex trafficking .

Moreover, there are reports they may be divorcing.
What does this estrangement mean for her money in their family trust?

Borgerson reportedly has a new partner and lives in a palatial, $2million mansion near Boston.

When arrested in July 2020, the former socialite refused to tell Pre-Trial Services the identity of her “spouse.” She told authorities she was in the process of getting a divorce.

News emerged that her ”husband” was Boston-based ocean cargo entrepreneur Scott Borgerson.

Maxwell told the court she didn’t previously identify him because she wanted to protect him and his family from the media.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 4FC90F52-C692-4973-8771-B88FBA38ABF4-1024x1024 Maxwell’s Mystery Husband Scott Borgerson Has Her Missing $20million
Parody: Digital mischief by us but the photos are genuine

It’s too late for that now. The cat is truly out of the bag about their relationship.

Court documents showed Ghislaine Maxwell Husband Scott Borgerson Had Her $20million.

Moreover, he has control of a trust where Maxwell has parked her estimated $20million fortune.

Now this is where it gets fascinating: Borgerson has reportedly moved on from his marriage and now has a new girlfriend.

So what now about the money?

The 46-year-old cargo entrepreneur is a former coast guard officer, a father-of-two and holds a PhD.

He owns a mansion outside of Boston and Maxwell lived with him for several years before moved alone to her home New Hampshire.

But the relationship was shrouded in secrecy. Ghislaine’s brother Ian Maxwell said he found out about the marriage with the rest of the world in 2019.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-4 Maxwell’s Mystery Husband Scott Borgerson Has Her Missing $20million
Maxwell and Borgerson at the Arctic Circle assembly, Iceland

Whether they were even still together was remaining a mystery, as the FBI stated Maxwell and Borgerson had not spoken on the phone for months before she was arrested.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell Husband

She told the court also planned to live with someone other than Scott Borgerson in New York, if she was granted bail.

“The fact that the defendant’s spouse has only now come forward to support the defendant should be afforded little weight given that he refused to come forward at the time of her arrest.

While a friend’s desire to avoid publicity may be understandable, a spouse’s desire to distance himself in that manner—particularly when coupled with the defendant’s inconsistent statements about the state of their relationship—undermine her assertion that her marriage is a tie that would keep her in the United States.”

Maureen Comey, Assistant US Attorney.

Ghislaine Maxwell Husband Scott Borgerson

In a letter to US District Judge Alison Nathan, Borgerson said: “The person described in the criminal charges is not the person we know. I have never witnessed anything close to inappropriate with Ghislaine.

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Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Were Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Maxwell friends?? The Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein? Is there such a thing? Read this article to learn the truth.

PLUS find out who else in the Bravo world knows Ghislaine Maxwell.

Firstly, this is a running thread on Epstein and the real housewives information we find. There is no evidence of impropriety with any of these people. If anything, it just shows it’s a small world.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_8759 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Leah McSweeney came out blazing earlier this year against Real Housewives of New York alumnus Carole Radziwill.

“This is so weird,” Leah McSweeney, 38, captioned a screenshot that showed she can no longer see Radziwill’s profile. “I’ve never uttered a word about her but I do have a question for her … how is the sex trafficking bestie Ghislange [sic] doing?”

Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

Maxwell is awaiting a November trial date for allegedly procuring girls for pedophile Epstein.

They were photographed together at events in the early 2000s.

Carole brushed off the criticism and only said she was considering doing another podcast episode with real housewife pal, Heather Thompson.

A previous interview on the show led to a dispute between Heather and Leah on The Real Housewives of New York.

Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

The Real Housewives Epstein

Secondly, when news of the departure of Dorinda Medley from the New York housewives hit the media last year it even brought Carole out of her fancy apartment.

It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to ask Carole Radziwill about her friendship of almost a decade with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Observe below:

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_3858 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Carole was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell for over a decade

Moreover, Carole Radziwill acknowledged she met Maxwell but said she hadn’t spoken to her for a decade.

During her February 2020 interview on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Carole explained that she and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, “were friendly in the early 2000s.”

Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

Radziwill said, “People are gonna regret saying mean things about me if they’re saying mean things about my friendship [with Maxwell].”

Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

She added, “Ghislaine and I had a very good mutual friend … So, randomly, I get a phone call from Ghislaine Maxwell, who I never had heard of, didn’t know, and she said, ‘Our friend, Lisa, told me to call you … I know a lot of people in London and I want to make sure you’re okay and you have things to do.’ And it was very nice.”

About a half hour after Carole Radziwill got off the phone with Ghislaine Maxwell back in December 1999, she received another call — this time from Prince Andrew.

Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

Assuming that he’d been filled in on her husband’s passing he said, “I would like to take you to dinner and to the ballet, if you’d like. I would love to do that for you.”

The two also met again for lunch in 2006 as a part of her regular Glamour column.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_8760 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 14f774a5-6833-4c29-8046-06095d1a74ae Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Yolanda Hadid and her superstar daughter, Gigi, are emphatically denying the claims made by a Dutch data researcher.

There’s no suggestion that Ms Hadid knows of or participated in anything illegal.

The big data expert who posted the tweets is alleging a former real housewives star was a confidante of Epstein coconspirator Maxwell and claimed the UK socialite may have stayed with her recently.

Here’s how Henk Van Ess came to the conclusion.

Gigi backs her mother, who says she has never met Ms Maxwell.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0827 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0831 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

There’s some gossipy background as to why these rumours about Yolanda have sprouted. I’m going to let Tamara Tattles (a gossip blog but a good one) tell you what we’ve also heard:

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0795 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

Updated: July 4, 2020: Here’s a picture of Denise Richards, the now Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2663 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Ghislaine Maxwell Posing With Jessica Capshaw and Denise Richards. Jessica is apparently Stephen Spielberg’s step-daughter

Now to my previous work:

So here are my shows:



3. The Ladies of London

4. Flipping Out (all will be revealed).

Disclaimer: I’m from Australia, so there will be links and context that I’ve missed. Please let me know and I can amend this post.

Plus just because someone knew/had a photo taken with/provided services to /flew on a plane with Epstein or his henchwoman Ghislaine Maxwell it doesn’t mean they committed a crime.

More Carole Radziwill Ghislaine

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0173 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Circled in red: reads Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein’s coconspirator took Carole’s author picture for What Remains (which was NOT ghostwritten)

Carole was friendly with Epstein’s Ghislaine Maxwell. The dead pedophile’s missing coconspirator took the author photo for Radziwill’s book What Remains (which was totally not ghostwritten, Aviva!)

But as we know from Carole’s friendships on RHONY, she may have given the impression she was friends with Ghislaine but actually she wasn’t (as with Tinsley).

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-4 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0213 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Is Radziwill wearing pantyhose with open-toed sandals?
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein  Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
This picture was taken at Ghislaine Maxwell’s home.

Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein. EpsteinCarole is also listed in Epstein’s infamous “little black book.”

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0257 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Lady” Sonja Tremont Morgan

I’ve managed to find Sonja Morgan and Ghislaine Maxwell both at the 2007 launch of Allegra Hicks’ boutique (the clothing retailer is a relation of Prince Andrew). It’s a very long bow.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0252 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0255 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

But whether they met that night is uncertain. I really have nothing here, so we should move on.

Queen Bethenny Frankel

Called out a Hollywood publicist, Peggy Siegel, for enabling Jeffrey Epstein.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-6 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Source: A Convenient Death, Alanna Goodman

 Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

“Goodbye” Kyle Richards

She’s the aunt of the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky, through her sister, Kathy, who is the girls’ mother. There’s a disturbing account of Ghislaine Maxwell trying to recruit a young Paris.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7969 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Ewww – source The New Zealand Herald

The last time Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted in public was at a 2019 motor racing event attended by Paris Hilton.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0262 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
(Circled) Ghislaine Maxwell
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0259 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Her sister Nicky’s ex husband, Todd Meister, is also listed on Epstein’s little black book. The pedophile was a business associate of Todd’s father, Robert.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0258 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends
Nicky Hilton (left) and ex-husband Todd Meister
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2275 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Caroline Stanbury

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0176 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

The Ladies of London star denied she ever dated Andrew & said she known him since she was a child.

It’s likely she blew off the Duke of York because he’s a total moron. She doesn’t need to be a Duchess because she is already a Queen.

Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

Caprice Bourret

Prince Andrew pulled out an unusual courting technique for the former Ladies of London star – he invited her to his mother’s throne room.

A source said: “He took her to Buckingham Palace twice, and on one occasion she sat on the queen’s throne,” a source close to the model said.

“This means Caprice would have been admitted into the Throne Room, which prominently displays the throne, upholstered in crimson silk, that was made for the queen’s coronation in 1953, and another chair later made for her husband, Prince Philip.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein cf60a61a-fa59-42e5-92b8-6c70698ada3c Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Well that’s awkward because Andrew has a tendency to take visitors to the throne room.

As an American, she was thoroughly entertained at the notion he was a part of the royal family,” the friend told The Sun about the series of hush-hush dates Caprice and Andrew went on. “Plus all the secretive rendezvous, although unnecessary, were a great family dinner conversation point.”

Unfortunately for Andrew, Caprice, who also competed on the TV show “Dancing On Ice,” never reciprocated his romantic feelings and their dates were platonic. “She never fancied him” and ultimately “ghosted” him, the friend said.

Ghosted him – awesome.

Adela King

Her experience with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is so disturbing. This is exactly how people are entrapped into sex slavery.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0264 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

Adela King, 45, alleged in an Instagram post that she had a lucky escape from the disgraced financier after she was once approached by Maxwell under the premise of doing some modelling work.

It was a very close call after meeting Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

“When I got to Claridges they called up to Epstein and announced my arrival so I got into the lift to his floor and as I was walking down the corridor two women came out of his suite and were obviously in a hurry and falling over themselves laughing one was Ghislaine … this didn’t sit right with me but I went ahead anyway.

“Epstein opened the door to his suite and sat down on his sofa and looked through my portfolio and then instructed me to pose in a degrading way and said he’d be in touch.”

She added: “A few days later I went to a friend’s birthday in the private room of a restaurant.

“Ghislaine Maxwell walked in and when she saw me she was mortified she couldn’t believe I ran in the same circles as her.

“I told some friends at dinner about my encounter with her and Epstein and they told me she recruited women for threesomes with them both!

“I was in shock how I’d been so stupid! But I believe that dinner saved me from something far worse and thankfully I never heard from them again.”

Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

Lea Black

I’ve never seen the Real Housewives of Miami but I’ve watched Lea Black on Flipping Out.

Her husband was one of Epstein’s lawyers but that doesn’t mean much because Epstein needed many, many attorneys.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0266 Carole Radziwill Ghislaine Find Out if They Were Friends

The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince

Duke of York: The Royals don’t play fair. Meghan Markle is not the only female to have fallen victim to vicious palace media attacks.

They’ve also gone after a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein, says crisis communication manager Lisa Tait.

Ms Tait, cohost of The Jeffrey Epstein: Prince and Pervert Podcast, said she’d seen the Royals attack survivor Virginia Roberts.

“She had survived the billionaire pedophile back in 2001- and the Brits have shown no mercy at all.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 4D57C505-362D-4984-9861-81656BF6E886 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince

The Duke of York & Epstein

“They go for the throat and show no mercy. They even made contact with an internet troll who has been harassing survivors for more than a year,” she said.

Ms Giuffre is the woman in the now-infamous photo with Prince Andrew.

“Newspapers have described her as a “prostitute who’d been on the game” for years

When these people leak against you, it’s vicious.”

Ms Tait is an experienced crisis management practitioner. She worked for Hill & Knowlton in Sydney, has 10 years in-house PR experience.

The Duke of York & Epstein

Ms Roberts was last year slandered by The Telegraph and its reporter, Camilla Tominey (pictured below).

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 5c932-da04b1d9-a129-40b2-a163-92fd53316ae7 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince
The Telegraph article. The notes are Ms Tait’s. Tominey pictured below.
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-4 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince

Ms Tominey reacted defensively when criticism of the slurs broke on social media.

Ms Tait was surprised by the tone of the reporter’s replies because she believed “putting negative energy out there does attract critics”.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 367b9-e7fde3fc-44f0-4504-be69-172f6c17481f The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein f21a8-391aa59d-8073-4e89-8ad5-6a6a7b0a3351 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince

“Newspapers have described her as a “prostitute who’d been on the game” for years,

Ms Giuffre has also been attacked by the royals and their spokespeople for more than a decade. They even recently engaged with an internet troll who had been abusive to the Epstein survivors.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 22a9a-img_4874 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince
Prince Andrew on accuser: “A very sick girl”
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein fd9f4-img_4872 The Duke of York: the Desperate Royals Lie for Scandalous Prince
Source: The Telegraph

The royal family are survivors and they play hard, even against a survivor of sex trafficking, said Ms Tait.

The Duke of York & Epstein

Epstein, Prince Andrew & Peter Nygard

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“Uncle Jeff” Epstein’s Eva Andersson-Dubin Chilling Testimony

This is the story of the 30-year relationship between a Miss Sweden-turned-cancer-philanthropist and Jeffrey Epstein.

Eva Andersson-Dubin We’ve heard a lot about Epstein’s entanglement with Ghislaine Maxwell but there was also another significant ex-girlfriend in the pedophile’s life.

  • Eva Andersson Dubin, Miss Sweden 1980, is now a doctor, and a philanthropist in New York City.

  • In fact, she has a breast cancer centre named in her honour. 

  • The mother-of-three had a romantic relationship with Jeffrey Epstein for 11 years. They remained close friends until his death, much to the annoyance of her husband Glenn Dubin.

Eva Andersson-Dubin: Here is Epstein and Dr Dubin, photographed during the time they were together:

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein b61b5-a041745b-d9c0-4d6f-9fc4-c0f6d76f39ee “Uncle Jeff” Epstein’s Eva Andersson-Dubin Chilling Testimony

Eva Andersson Dubin

Glenn Dubin was also close to Epstein and named as an offender by whistleblower Virginia Guiffre.

The then-Eva Andersson (now Dubin) and Epstein met sometime  in the 1980s. She met her now-husband Dubin and married in 1994.

Epstein was reported to have said a girlfriend who became his friend was upgraded in status.

After she married Dubin in Sweden, she had three children with the former hedge fund owner.

Eva Andersson-Dubin

They are the subject of serious allegations made by their former butler concerning a bereft 15-year-old girl. 

The Dubins deny all allegations of impropriety and say they were not aware of Epstein’s crimes.

Who is Eva Andersson-Dubin

They fund their cancer facility in New York and Epstein also donated to it, under the ruse of a trust in the name of one of  the Dubin’s daughters.

This is where it gets weirder. Yes, it was named after the Dubin daughter Epstein wanted to marry. I’m not naming her because she was a child.

Even more disturbingly, Epstein staff reported he had a naked photo of this child on his wall. This was the photo referenced at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. 

Eva Andersson Dubin also provided Epstein with a personal reference around the time of that 2008 Florida plea deal.

Her kids called Epstein “Uncle Jeff” and he tutored the eldest child in mathematics, she wrote.

Here it is below: 

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 46537-8bc42206-47e5-4e5d-a136-77d4f0fe8ad6 “Uncle Jeff” Epstein’s Eva Andersson-Dubin Chilling Testimony
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein e6bf0-cb3ee1a9-1b3d-4f78-8647-6d8e4acb03a0 “Uncle Jeff” Epstein’s Eva Andersson-Dubin Chilling Testimony
Source: WPBF

Who is Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin

She was also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at Bette Midler’s 60th birthday. Ghislaine, of course, is the one in the mask. She is supposedly close to Epstein’s mentor and benefactor, Les Wexner.
Wexner apparently allowed Eva and her family to use his super yacht Limitless while she was recovering from breast cancer.  This is something he rarely does. 
According to Vanity Fair, “Wexner’s wife, Abigail, “graciously invited the Dubins to use their boat for four days while Eva Dubin was recovering from breast cancer surgery,” Dubin’s spokesperson explained.) But according to one source, it was quite unusual for Wexner to let anyone use Limitless when he was not on board.”
The source recalled talking to Debra Rizzo, the Dubins’ onetime chef, about the trip. “She was telling me how magnificent this thing was,” this person said, “and she said that the captain came over to her and she said he goes, ‘I’ve got to ask you, what does your boss do? Who is he?’ And she’s like, ‘Well, it’s Glenn Dubin. He runs a hedge fund.’
He’s like, ‘Oh. I’m just baffled because nobody is allowed on this boat. Nobody. We’ve never had anybody on this boat other than the owner.’ So she said it was like a really, really big deal to them and they were shocked that Dubin was on this thing.”
(A spokesperson for Wexner declined to comment.)

Who is Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin

Who is Lesley Groff