Epstein and the Millionaire Countess: Clare Hazell

Clare Hazell: Shock allegations are being made about the Jeffrey Epstein case and one UK aristocrat.

Epstein Survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre says the woman now known as Countess Clare Iveagh Guinness (previously Hazell) allegedly abused her when she was a child.

Clare Hazell was said to have been in the inner circle of the group cultivated by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to reports, she has worked as an interior designer, but it’s still unclear exactly how she fitted into Epstein’s crowd.

Although there have been allegations Epstein was bankrolling her tuition at Ohio State University in the 1990s.

There have been some shocking claims made against the woman by one of the Jeffrey Epstein survivors.

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Tweet with allegations

Her estranged husband, Earl Ned Iveagh Guinness, is one of the richest people in the UK. He is a descendent of the Irish brewing dynasty.

There was a Clare Hazell listed on Epstein’s flight logs 32 times.

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A University associate of Clare Hazell told The Daily Beast that Epstein paid for Hazell to attend Ohio State University in 1995, and that she described him as her benefactor.

The former friend, who asked to remain anonymous, alleged that Hazell took him with her on a trip to Epstein’s portion of retail mogul Leslie Wexner’s New Albany estate, ‘the rotunda.’

Though it remains unclear how the Countess was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell, the anonymous source notes the high society scene that the young British woman operated in.

Clare Hazell

Clare Hazell is believed to have met Earl Ned Iveagh Guinness at a dinner party.

They married in the family chapel on their massive estate near Norfolk in 2001. At the time, she was said to have been writing a children’s cook book.

The University friend mentioned her modelling portfolio and expensive Columbus apartment, as well as describing an occasion when Hazell took him to a country club, purchasing a racket and clothes for him so that he would be allowed inside.

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Clare Hazell in Maxwell’s black book

He added if Maxwell and Epstein contacted her or were in town, any other plans would be cancelled.

The friend felt that Hazell was at the beck and call of the pair, said The Daily Beast.

He stated: ‘It’s my opinion, but at some level I kind of felt like she was being shopped to eligible suitors’.

The person recalled Hazell showing him photographs of her new boyfriend, who had vacationed with her at Epstein’s Caribbean property.

“In my conversations with her, she was looking for a certain man that was going to provide her with a certain lifestyle,” he said.

Clare Hazell

In 2020, Countess Iveagh Guinness filed for divorce from from Ned Guinness, who has a reputed fortune of more than £900million.

Their divorce has been described as potentially one of England’s most expensive. They have a son together and live on a sprawling English estate, which has its own pub.

Elveden Estate has some of the most spectacular farming land in the United Kingdom.

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