The Massive Maxwell Epstein Criminal Network

“Maxwell’s conduct was shockingly predatory. She was a calculating, sophisticated, and dangerous criminal who preyed on vulnerable young girls and groomed them for sexual abuse.” US Government Sentencing Document: US v Ghislaine Maxwell

Maxwell Epstein Crimes: The criminal duo met in the 1980s, not as it is commonly stated, after her villainous father’s death.

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Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein

But they did not run their criminal operation alone.

Lots of money flowed through their hands and they ran the sex trafficking operation as though it was a McDonalds.

If you knew Epstein, it was obvious he was up to something.

The Epstein Maxwell Criminal Conspiracy: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell today? And who was Jeffrey Epstein?

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Epstein was a billionaire, a convicted sex offender and friend of the rich and famous.

Peter Nygard & Epstein

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Epstein Maxwell Criminal Conspiracy

In 2019, the world was shocked to learn about the criminal conspiracy involving the late financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Now, new evidence has come to light that sheds even more light on the extent of his illegal activities.

According to court documents recently unsealed, Epstein’s network of associates and accomplices was far larger and more powerful than previously thought.

Epstein had a well-organized operation that involved recruiting and grooming young girls for sexual exploitation, and that this operation had ties to some of the most powerful people in the world.

Among the new revelations is the fact that Epstein had a team of recruiters who targeted vulnerable girls as young as 14 years old.

Who were Maxwell Epstein Using For Protection?

Their recruiters would lure the girls into his circle by promising them money, jobs, or other opportunities.

Once they were in, they would be subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation, with Epstein and his powerful friends using their wealth and influence to cover up their crimes.

Epstein had a network of enablers who helped him carry out his criminal activities. These included lawyers who provided him with legal cover, as well as individuals who helped him transport his victims and avoid detection by law enforcement.

One of the most disturbing revelations is that Epstein had connections to some of the most powerful people in the world, including politicians, royalty, and business leaders.

Undoubtedly some of these individuals may have even participated in the abuse of young girls themselves.

While Epstein himself died by suicide in jail in 2019, the investigation into his crimes is ongoing.

Epstein Maxwell Criminal Conspiracy

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Who is Ghislaine

The former socialite’s family is now trying to create a myth that she first met the pedophile financier after Robert Maxwell’s passing. This is simply not true.

Her mother’s book A Mind of My Own states her youngest daughter was living in New York when her father died in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ghislaine was not an innocent fawn in the woods running straight into super villain Epstein’s dangerous clutches.

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

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In the government’s submission for Maxwell’s sentencing, it wrote: “Ghislaine Maxwell played an instrumental role in the horrific sexual abuse of multiple young teenage girls. As part of a disturbing agreement with Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell identified, groomed, and abused multiple victims, while she enjoyed a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege.

In her wake, Maxwell left her victims permanently scarred with emotional and psychological injuries. That damage can never be undone, but it can be accounted for in crafting a just sentence for Maxwell’s crimes.”

Read Maxwell’s Sentencing Submission

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Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein Photos

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

Moreover, the attempt to blame Epstein for manipulating a weak and devastated Ghislaine does not stand up to scrutiny.

According to a book by Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother, Elisabeth, titled A Mind of My Own, her daughter lived in New York City before her father died.

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But that does not stop the family of dead fraudster Robert Maxwell embracing victimhood now more than ever before.

Drama seems to define this family, whose members have taken their outrage at Ghislaine’s imprisonment to the BBC, Sky and many UK newspapers.

The family itself calls it “Maxwellian Drama”.

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Source Maxwell’s sentencing document

Moreover, the latest scandal with Ghislaine comes on the back of family bankruptcies, business failures, a bigamist in-law & that old kernal – possible suicides.

Our Podcast takes you on an investigation into the world of Maxwell Epstein

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The US government seeks a minimum sentence of 55 years

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

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Maxwell’s sentencing submission

Nevertheless drama is a huge component of the Maxwell family’s mythology.

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But as much as Maxwell’s legal team still protests now, it’s hard to find anyone now who believes her tale of woe.

“We were able to use court documents which are full of redacted names. There is always a reason for that, and it certainly set us looking into things,” Emma Cooper, executive producer of Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein’s Shadow told the Observer.

“Interviews with so many [people] allowed our team to do an amazing amount of cross-referencing of testimony, and so we started to suspect that she had known Epstein longer, right back in the late 1980s when he was doing business in London. Eventually we got to the point where we could assert this fact, although we still don’t know exactly when they met or when their relationship started.”

But these days even her best friend is avoiding her.

Maxwell Epstein Crimes: Maxwell was repeatedly asked if she believed Jeffrey Epstein abused minors.

In 2016, Maxwell told how she helped Epstein when his mother Paula died. She considered herself an extremely ‘loyal friend’ in Epstein’s ‘hour of need’.

In her sentencing submission, the former socialite again claims she met Epstein after her dad died, when she was ripe for manipulation.

But the government was not having it. The judge was told: “Although there are many unsettling aspects of the defendant’s conduct, what stands out from the trial record is that she worked with Epstein to select victims who she knew were vulnerable to exploitation.”

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

Her trial sentencing reply is packed with lies, omissions and arrogance. There is not one word of sorrow for her survivors, in our opinion.

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Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

“It was very clear to me even as an undergraduate that she was interested in power and money,” says the writer Anna Pasternak, who was a contemporary at Oxford and moved in the same social circles.

“She was one of those people at parties who always looked over your shoulder to see if there was somebody more powerful or more interesting while she was air-kissing you.”

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

The truth is Epstein wasn’t just a billionaire, he was a money launderer, sex trafficker, extortionist and a grifter.

This is the story of a long criminal con, started by Ghislaine’s father after WW2.

The Epstein child sex trafficking scheme is at its core about money laundering. To the financial elite, abused children are a means to an end, a form of currency.

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Ghislaine Maxwell: Always the hostess

In the wake of the pedophile’s death, everyone was asking who knew about the crimes.

It turns out the answer may be a lot more than anyone wanted to know, if you ask Virginia Giuffre. 

For years, rumours have circulated that Epstein trafficked girls to rich and powerful men. For many years, these women were ignored.

Maxwell Epstein Crimes

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Maxwell with Epstein on his plane and Jean-Luc Brunel, jailed and dead model agent