Epstein Victim Blaming

Epstein Victim Blaming: As the Ghislaine Maxwell trial approaches, The Prince and the Pervert Podcast is calling out unfair media portrayals of survivors.

And most of this is coming from UK media. In our opinion.

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Update: Maxwell’s brother attacks Virginia Roberts Giuffre

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Prince Andrew’s lawyer

Epstein Victim Blaming

Congrats to our first entry – British journalist Neil Shaun from NBC, who we believe was victim-blaming Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giufree.

The reporter was asked on Sky News Australia why she took so long to sue Prince Andrew.

He was also citing the discredited Epstein Florida plea deal, which has SFA to do with Prince Andrew.

Trust an old white guy to say this:

“She’s had quite a few relationships” & “why it took Virginia so long to come to this conclusion.”

Neil Shaun

He also mocked Virginia’s dad and Andy’s pants and interestingly claimed to have seen insider information about the case.

Shaun also said it was information he could not mention on air. That sounded like he had read Alan Dershovitz’s dirt file.

We have all seen it and it is nasty.

Epstein Victim Blaming

Repeat Offender: Camilla Tominey

Virginia Roberts Giuffre was last year slandered by The Telegraph and its reporter, Camilla Tominey.

Epstein Victim Blaming
Ms Tominey’s work – the notes and highlights are Lisa Tait’s.

Tominey was back then riding the Prince Andrew innocence train. She has stuck to it, as this 2015 article demonstrates.

And who can forget the state of Florida for calling children ”prostitutes.”

Other mentions.

Nice one Daily Mail! Not!

Dishonourable mentions: The Times November 24

Source: The Daily Mail
Epstein Victim Blaming
More from Camilla from The Telegraph

Lisa Tait