Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast: Lady of the House

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast: The 60-year-old former socialite was Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged chief co-conspirator.

Maxwell was at his side from the early ‘90s until he was jailed in Florida in 2008.

News alert: Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty

The many homes of Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell

“They were careless people,” writes F. Scott Fitzgerald of two of The Great Gatsby’s other characters, Tom and Daisy. “They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

F Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

About The Prince and the Pervert: Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast

The British socialite was arrested by US authorities in Bradford, New Hampshire, on July 2, 2020.

We tell you about how the socialite daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell was arrested and charged with sex trafficking.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast:

Why was she called the lady of the house?

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• Learn the real story of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and their connections
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• How did Queen Elizabeth’s son get embroiled in this scandal

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast
Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell’s ex.

We are your Ghislaine Maxwell Wikipedia

As journalists who have been covering the case for two years, we can fill you in on everything you need to know about the story behind Maxwell and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

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Maxwell’s estranged husband

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast
Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast

The daughter of a spy, the alleged brains behind the Epstein operation.

Learn more about her colourful life on The Prince and the Pervert.

Her estranged spouse

The Maxwell siblings

Meet the Maxwell Family

Listen: Busting Ghislaine Maxwell Myths

Ghislaine Maxwell Wikipedia

Prosecutors believe she procured young girls to be abused by the billionaire pedophile Epstein and his friends. Maxwell denies this claim.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Ted Waitt : her other billionaire.

Her family and friends are campaigning for her release, but it seems they don’t understand that law enforcement believes she may be a flight risk.

Her family has a Twitter account which only tweets to promote her innocence and challenges people to perform acts of kindness. The people it follows journalists and media outlets, or people with connections to these groups who have something favorable to say about her.

But is the campaign missing some crucial information? We think so.

Ghislaine Maxwell Wikipedia
Ghislaine Maxwell

Learn About Her Parents Robert and Elisabeth

Ghislaine Maxwell. We all know her as the daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991 when Ghislaine was 30 years old.

The story about her arrival in the US is she bounced straight into Jeffrey Epstein’s treacherous arms. But is this the truth? There is so much myth surrounding the now-60-year-old.

What does this all mean for the Oxford University graduate now?

The Prince and the Pervert will tell you everything you need to know Maxwell’s life

Plus how has it has impacted other people?

It is an in-depth look at Epstein and Maxwell’s relationship, as well as the lives of some of their alleged victims.

Maxwell was denied bail on four occasions after prosecutors argued she was a flight risk. It was alleged her connections and three different nationalities could help her evade justice if she was released from custody.

Ghislaine Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, but what will happen next? The Prince and the Pervert is available to listen to now.

The woman who allegedly procured girls for Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail on four occasions after prosecutors argued she was a flight risk.

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast

Who is her husband Scott Borgerson?

Epstein’s black book – was it Ghislaine’s? Oh yes it was!

Ghislaine Maxwell Wikipedia
Ghislaine Maxwell

The woman who allegedly procured girls for Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail on four occasions after prosecutors argued she was a flight risk.

It was alleged her connections and three different nationalities could help her evade justice if she was released from custody.

Maxwell denies the sex trafficking charges and her family believes she is a substitute for the now-dead Epstein.

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Epstein’s Female Pilot

The Deposition Ghislaine Didn’t Want You to See

Former US President Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s planes.

The famous friends of Ghislaine Maxwell

Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein

We tell the story behind the headlines.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast: The Prince and the Pervert podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Ghislaine is facing serious jail time, up to 80 years.

– Will alleged the sex slave procurer Ghislaine Maxwell just break under the pressure?

– Who’s next in this human trafficking scandal?

Gislaine Maxwell
Who knew?

Why did her close friend Prince Andrew bolt off to Scotland? We tell you all the details.

In 2020, Prince Andrew has turned down three requests to be interviewed in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein case.

David Boies, a lawyer who represents more than a dozen of Jeffrey Epstein victims, claimed Andrew has ‘not been prepared to co-operate’.”

But the victims’ lawyer gave the Duke of York some handy legal advice, which will probably go unheeded.

According to The Daily Mail, Andrew, who denies all claims of wrongdoing, hired Clare Montgomery in 2020, one of the UK’s leading extradition lawyers. Her former clients include the Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Asked about the appointment, Mr Boies said: ‘It’s not that I don’t appreciate why he wants to lawyer up – I do appreciate that. But if he could step back and look down the road and focus on what’s the endgame.

‘If I avoid extradition, do I really want to have this hanging over my head and my family’s head for the rest of my life? Do I want my epitaph to be I succeeded in escaping justice?’

So what else do we know about the prince and Maxwell?

He invited Epstein and Maxwell to various palaces in Scotland and England for her 40th birthday and his daughter’s 18th.

The Prince says he broke up with Epstein because he was “too honourable”.

Ghislaine Maxwell Prince Andrew
Epstein and Maxwell purportedly at the Queen’s hunting cabin.

The Duke of York may come face-to-face with the Epstein whistleblower in a New York court, that is if he was brave enough to turn up.

Ms Giufree is suing Prince Andrew over allegations that he sexually abused her when she was aged 17.

And we know what happened to Ghislaine Maxwell when Virginia sued her back in 2015. It led to purgery charges.

The Prince says he can’t remember the photograph with accuser Virginia Giuffre and in the trainwreck BBC interview, he claims was instead at a pizza party at Woking Pizza Express. 

In August 2020, US-based lawyer Lisa Bloom stated she had a client who said she saw the Duke at Tramp nightclub the night Ms Giuffre alleges that she was trafficked to him by Ghislaine Maxwell.

The royal remains shut away with his crisis people and his multiple teams of lawyers.

We love to see the royals on the backfoot, instead of leaking to their favourite journalists to obscure Prince Andrew’s links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. What is their next move? Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Ghislaine Maxwell Podcast

The Epstein Maxwell criminal conspiracy is an ongoing epic drama that spans the globe and involves some of the most world’s most powerful people.

We’re here to tell you all about this shocking story that has captured international attention for years.

Join us on our journey as we uncover the truth behind one of America’s most notorious sex offenders and his connections to some of the world’s most powerful people.  And if you like what you hear, please subscribe!

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