Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women This post focuses on the women allegedly behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty

Epstein, the money man, ran his sex traffcking operation like it was a McDonald’s franchise.

He needed logistics, human resources and financial systems in place to run the nefarious scheme.

Survivor Virginia Roberts Guiffre has described his operation as a “pyramid scheme.” Epstein relied on a constant stream of new girls and young women.

Other women were allegedly on hand to support and enable his perversions, along with his bribery operation.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women

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The dead pedophile told The New York Times his assistants “can pick up the stresses in one of my trader’s voices and put the call right through; that can save me hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Without his assistants, Epstein would never have been able to do what he did to so many females for so long.

The ring of women behind Epstein was vast and represented more than just his alleged longtime alleged coconspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The British socialite was allegedly a boss and an enforcer inside the scheme.

But there were other adult women working for Epstein and one, his secretary Lesley Taylor Groff, worked with him until 2019.

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Lesley Groff

According to The New York Times, Lesley said in an interview in 2005, that she could almost read Epstein’s mind.

The dead sex offender conveniently wrapped all his assistants all up in a nice neat bow. Many of his key staff members are allegedly implicated in the sex traffcking operation. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women

Lesley came into Epstein’s world in the 1990s as a personal assistant. She was also a gatekeeper and a knowledge manager for Epstein, according to court documents. 

Epstein survivor Sarah Ransome told The New York Times, Lesley communicated directly with her, “repeating Mr. Epstein’s promises to help her obtain a fashion degree.” 

Lesley also allegedly monitored the “rules” the teens and young women were meant to comply with while being traffcked by Epstein, court documents said.

Epstein’s Secret Keeper Answers Our Questions

Lesley Taylor Groff, has exclusively answered our questions, including about the day the FBI knocked on her door.

Listen to what Lesley told The Prince & the Pervert

Lesley Taylor Groff: This is the first time Epstein’s assistant of 20 years has spoken to media, apart from a media release last year. 

It comes on the heels of an Epstein survivor named Sarah Ransome, dropping a civil suit against Lesley Taylor Groff, so she could receive compensation from the Epstein estate.

We have exclusive information from the mother-of-one, who now lives with her husband in a Connecticut town.

She was listed as one of Epstein’s coconspirators in the controversial Florida 2008 plea deal. Her name crops up in several other civil court cases.

Lesley stated in 2019 that she was shocked by the allegations against Epstein. 

Epstein Coconspirator Sarah Kellen – a Cult Victim?

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image-1 Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme

Sarah Kellen Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged lieutenant, known also as Sara Kensington, claims she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, and may also be stating she’s a victim of cult abuse.

In a few short years, Sarah Kellen went from being a teen bride to Jeffrey Epstein’s jet with Bill Clinton.

We found new information concerning the woman described as an Epstein coconspirator. It came to us via her husband’s website.

Epstein’s alleged Palm Beach boss, married former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers under the name of her Sara Kensington alias in 2013.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_2196-1 Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme
Sarah Kellen giving a deposition in 2010

The NASCAR champion’s website was updated recently to include charities he works with in partnership with Sarah Kellen.

The organisations he now supports have an overall justice theme.

Who is Sarah Kellen?

One is an anti-cult information group, Foundation Against Cult Threats. In the newly updated section of Mr Vickers’ website, he has also added FACT, The Sunny Centre and APJ to the list of organisations he supports.

Before she met Epstein, lived with her first husband, Ryo Noa Bonk, in Hawaii. 

He was also a member of her Jahovah’s Witness church. Within a few short years, Sarah divorced and pursued glamour and sports modelling.

Her parents said she had been cast out of her church due to her modelling deemed inappropriate by leaders of her church.

Sarah lived with an older man after her separation age at around age 20. The nature of their relationship is not clear.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image-3 Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme

According to The Sun, “Kellen was said to have been drawn into Epstein’s circle after she became friends with one of his female employees. The woman is said to have been commuting between Hawaii and the mainland US which her boyfriend didn’t like so she volunteered Kellen for her job and set up an interview.”

Sarah was extremely fortunate not to have been jailed after the Florida investigation. 

The police were close to arresting her in 2006 for charges relating to sexual battery of minors.

But the controversial non-prosecution deal authored by lawyer Alan Dershowitz let her live a glamorous and worry-free life for more than a decade.

After she departed Epstein, Sarah took up study in interior design at a university in Hawaii. She had a life full of social events, luxury and travel.

Newspapers show she was also a fixture on the Palm Beach social circuit, along with another Epstein associate Story Cowles.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women

Life was peachy keen for Sarah after leaving Epstein. She changed her name to Sara Kensington and dyed her hair dark. 

She also started her own interior design company in 2016 called SLK Designs. Her clients were listed as living in France, the Caribbean and the US.

But she was also photographed with Epstein in 2012, just after his jail stint.

According to The Miami Herald, Epstein was alleged to have given her US $250,000 just before he died.

Sarah Kellen was alleged to have been a constant force behind the doors of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

The question is – why? Was Epstein trying to pay witnesses off so they would not testify against him?

It’s alleged she saw hundreds of girls go up the Palm Beach house’s spiral staircase to Epstein. She also spent more time with Epstein when he was in jail than almost anyone else. 

According to police reports, Sarah was Epstein’s chief Palm Beach organiser.

She has been credibly accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s.

Sarah was also well paid, as Epstein divulged in a 2005 interview, he paid his closest assistants $200,000 a year. She was seen zipping around Palm Beach in a sports car in the late-2000s.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s pilots, David Rogers, told the court in the Guiffre v Maxwell defamation case that Sarah was “like an assistant to Ghislaine.”

She also allegedly kept the names and numbers of all the girls who gave Epstein massages, according to Palm Beach police. 

Sarah would call them whenever the sex offender was in town, asking the girls if they were ready to “work,” the report said. 

Survivor Sarah Ransome told CBS: “You know when Jeffrey wanted me, you know, Sarah Kellen or Ghislaine would call me into his bedroom, and I had no choice but to go,” she said. “Ghislaine was always on the phone, and Sarah Kellen was always on her laptop organizing things.”

Ransome said Kellen booked all her flights.

Mr Spencer Kuvin, who is representing several accusers, told The New York Times: “Sarah was really running that organization, bringing girls and getting them in and out of the Palm Beach home.”

On Lifetime’s documentary Saving Jeffrey Epstein, Sarah was also quoted as saying she was very sorry for any hurt she may have caused.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 5763A4A2-1449-4D81-921F-177C532C06DE Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme
Allegations in a civil suit against Leon Black

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women

But how far is too far if you’re a victim? Or do you become a participant to the abuse? Was there a situation where she was given no choice?

Sarah’s parents spoke to The Sun about their daughter. They said she had been very innocent. Due to her strict church upbringing. 

But she went to a mainstream high school.

Her father, Thomas Kellen said she had been cast out of the community for nude modeling.

According to her family, did naked work in fashion catalogs, while also art modeling.

They haven’t seen Sarah Kellen for years because the Jehovah’s witness requires once someone’s cast out by elders of the community, families can’t see them.

Although they did say Sarah Kellen popped in for a brief visit and they met Brian Vickers for the first time.

Epstein’s Other Women
What do we know about Sarah Kellen’s background as Jehovah’s witness child bride?

Her mother Mary Kellen in The Sun: “I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I can see she was maneuvered or brainwashed. I just hope someone doesn’t go and kill her.”

“There are a lot of prominent, powerful people out there that don’t want anything said.” 

Epstein’s Pilot: Nadia Marcinkova

Miami Herald journalist Julie Brown reported that Marcinko was “brought” to the US from (the former) Yugoslavia to live with an abusive man, Epstein.

 He was more than 30 years her senior and she was aged just 14.

“It’s not hard to imagine she’s adept at survival,” says Wired.com.

Nadia says she came to the US in 2000 to become a model and also worked in marketing before becoming a pilot.

She founded in 2011 a company called Aviloop, which has a very creepy YouTube channel. 

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast 901E9DCB-37DC-4090-BA4C-6B63643664A4 Epstein’s Other Women and the Vile Sex Pyramid Scheme

Epstein helped her start an aviation training business, now owned by his brother Mark.

Nadia is an accomplished pilot and was known on social media as Gulfstream Girl and Global Girl.

Her social media accounts, which had big followings, disappeared around the time Epstein died. 

Wired added: “Nadia Marcinkova, by that name, first appeared in court documents, in Florida, about a decade ago. She was 22 then and had been in the US since 2000…is one of the most prominent immigrants in the circle of Epstein, the accused child rapist and registered sex offender.”

She was named as a participant in the sexual assaults Epstein committed and she may have been involved in soliciting victims for him.

Her lawyer said she was too traumatised to speak about Jeffrey Epstein due to the abuse he heaped upon her from a very young age.

She maintains her innocence.

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