Was Lesley Groff the Epstein Secret Keeper?

Who is Lesley Groff: allegedly one of the women behind Jeffrey Epstein.

She is a listed Epstein co-conspirator and is also a mother, wife, sister and daughter.

A University of Texas graduate, Lesley was Epstein’s New York administrator for more than 20 years.

But her lawyers maintain she has done nothing wrong and will not face criminal charges.

Lesley Groff

In December 2021, they said authorities had assured them Lesley would not be subject to criminal charges.

Her team also denied an allegation in journalist Julie K Brown’s book that she took apart a camera system after Epstein’s 2019 arrest.

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Perversion of Justice: Julie K Brown, 2021

Lesley Groff

Lesley Groff Epstein
Lesley Groff source: Randy Wright

She came into Epstein’s world as a personal assistant after her divorce from an office supplies businessman from New Jersey. Jeffrey Epstein’s super-efficient secretary was the dead pedophile’s  assistant for more than 20 years.

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She said in a 2005 interview, she answered Epstein’s phone and manage his schedule, which led to a bond between the two.

The mother-of-one, lives in Connecticut, pops out for Pilates and is living her best life.

Lesley Groff
Lesley Groff

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Moreover, since the death of Jeffrey Epstein, she has been living in a wealthy town populated by hedge fund managers.

So what is life like for her now after Epstein? Lesley has been  spotted walking her dog recently in the affluent Connecticut town of New Canaan. 

She also pops out of her $2million house to  attend Pilates and Barre classes with her twin sister, Ashley, who lives nearby.  

Lesley has been living her best life since she left her work  with Epstein. She can be seen on her husband’s YouTube channel singing and dancing to  the song Sisters with her twin. 

Lesley married  David “Ike” Groff in 2003. He is the founder of the financial services firm, Tourmaline Partners. They live in an elite town populated by the owners of hedge funds and their families.  They are social and have a regular Texas-themed party. 

Their main home has been extensively renovated and sits on a picturesque street in a wealthy neighbourhood. It’s ownership was transferred to Ike Groff in 2019. 

Who is Lesley Groff?

Her family’s Texas-themed parties attract a big attendance of family and finance types. 

The former high school cheerleader has worked a selection of parttime administration jobs since she left her work with Epstein, which we believe was around 2018.

Lesley is from a close family and visits her mother,  Diana, and stepfather, Randy, in Plano, Texas. Her father is a teacher/singer named Buster Taylor. Her parents also travel  to attend the Texas parties. 

Ike Groff retired from his business recently and his LinkedIn profile says he works in Norwalk, 13 minutes from New Canaan.

According to a post by Lesley’s step-father, Randy Wright, the Groffs have invested in a business partnership with an old friend, who is a real estate agent has bought neglected property around the town’s CBD.

Lesley Groff
Lesley (far left) in a photograph from a Disney cruise.

In an exclusive interview, she told The Prince and the Pervert in July the recent sale of two of her properties had been done for estate planning purposes.

Lesley Groff Husband

Firstly, Lesley was listed as one of Epstein’s coconspirators on the controversial deal struck before Epstein went to jail in Florida.

Lesley in high school in Texas.

She is now aged in her mid-50s and is allegedly a keeper of Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets.

Who is Lesley Groff

The dead sex offender conveniently wrapped all his assistants all up in a nice neat bow. Many of his key staff members are allegedly implicated in the conspiracy.

In a statement sent to TheWrap, Groff’s attorney Michael Bachner denied she had engaged in any misconduct when she worked for Epstein.

“As an executive assistant to Epstein, Lesley worked as part of a professional staff that included in-house attorneys, accountants, an office manager and other office staff,” he said.

About Prince Andrew

The US Virgin Islands is demanding Groff produce financial documents.

Attorney-General Denise George is asking Groff to hand over names of every masseuse Epstein used.

Who is Lesley Groff

As a consequence, names of all woman who flew to Little St James Island and names of individuals who lived in one of Epstein’s properties. 

As well, the US Virgin Islands says it wants an accounting of the money paid to Epstein’s masseuses.

The requests made to Groff by the US Virgin Islan

As well, the US Virgin Islands says it wants an accounting of the money paid to Epstein’s masseuses.

The requests made to Groff by the US Virgin Islands

There’s so much more to the Jeffrey Epstein criminal conspiracy than Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

The Prince & the Pervert Podcast focuses on a global sex trafficking operation.

Epstein was a serial child predator. He died in August 2019, leaving many unanswered questions. How did he get away with this decade’s long criminal enterprise?

His victims number in the thousands and include Australian resident Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who shocked the world in 2011 with her allegations of being sex trafficked to Prince Andrew as a 17 year old by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Who is Lesley Groff

Lisa & Jen also report on the vast infrastructure of people who helped Epstein do what he did right under everyone’s noses.

They discuss his enablers, recruiters, chefs, pilots, secretaries, maids, bankers, lawyers, ex-girlfriends, doctors, friends and business associates.

This is where you’ll find all the facts about Jeffrey Epstein, his connections to powerful people around the world, and how he was able to get away with so much.

The Prince and the Pervert podcast covers a global criminal conspiracy. It involves a prince, a jailed socialite, and a billionaire, who may or may not have been murdered.

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It dissects the world of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell. The program is hosted by two journalists who have been researching the case since July 2019.

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