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Sins of the Father – Were the Seeds of Ghislaine Maxwell Downfall Sown by Fraudster Dad? Jeffrey Epstein, The Prince and The Pervert Podcast

Plus:  1. More documents and a April 23 arraignment for Maxwell 2. Epstein’s Paris apartment  Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is in damage control mode. They are wondering how their sister, the socialite daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, could  have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking? The answer is in her past. It’s a long history of shady business dealings, hiding from the media, posting bail, and rumors. This episode dives into the details behind Ghislaine’s arrest & her family’s tone deaf defence of their youngest sibling. Her family and friends are campaigning for her release on bail, but it seems like they don’t understand the issues at play Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is using her wealth and influence to defend her against claims she lured young women into sexual encounters with Epstein. Will this work?  Want something noone else has? We have designed two new pins because we just love designing merchandise. There is a design of the stars overhead Bradford, New Hampshire, in the early hours of the morning when #GhislaineMaxwell was arrested. The other is of the longitude and latitude of Bradford, New Hampshire. Go to our Instagram to check them out. This is the Bradford star design .  Jen thinks it’s a secret representation of all us #Epstein sleuths. The pins arrive April 19 and we are taking pre-orders. They will be $14.50 USD but for sale at an introductory price of USD $12.99 includes postage. Plus a “message” from our intern JizzStain. 😬😬 Just head to snarkarellas@gmail.com place an order The Prince & the Pervert tells the story behind the headlines. The podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case.No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information. Support us for just $3-a-month on Patreon. Find us: Twitter: @lisapodcasts and @ohreallytruly. Visit us at Facebook at the Prince and the Pervert Podcast   Website http://www.jeffreyepsteinpodcast.com
  1. Sins of the Father – Were the Seeds of Ghislaine Maxwell Downfall Sown by Fraudster Dad?
  2. Photos, videos & testimony – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prosecutors Extensive Material
  3. Ghislaine Maxwell – the new lifestyle brand is here PLUS Prince Andrew talks
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell's luxury jail cell with a stinky toilet
  5. Ghislaine Maxwell Facing 80 Years Jail

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