Prince Andrew Podcast

Prince Andrew Podcast
Was Prince Andrew with his accuser at Tramp London?

A global criminal conspiracy, a prince, a jailed socialite, and a billionaire, who may or may not have been murdered.

Prince Andrew Podcast: Welcome to the world of The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince & the Pervert Podcast. 

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Prince Andrew Podcast

The  program is hosted by two journalists and they have been researching the case since July 2019.

Virginia Giufree, a once scared 17 year old girl allegedly trafficked to a prince, now has all the power.

Prince Andrew Podcast

That is the thing about them tables, they turn.

We update you on the latest in the Duke of York’s drama, which seems to have been created by the Prince and his multiple lawyers.

The word is that Andrew may try to re-marry his ex Fergie after the two fled to Scotland.

The public wants answers from him but he has been hiding behind his mother. This case won’t just go away quietly ever.

Prince Andrew Podcast

The Duke of York is being sued by his Epstein nemesis.

Will he actually come face-to-face with the Epstein whistleblower Virginia Roberts in a New York court?

It may not happen; he will possibly settle. But let’s think of the court of public opinion here. That’s clearly what Virginia’s lawyers have in mind.

Even so, would he ever be brave enough to go to America and risk potential arrest by the FBI or being led into a perjury trap being asked by about the Ghislaine Maxwell case

Watch: Epstein the Feminist

Who are the people who helped Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

You won’t get outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information.

The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince & the Pervert Podcast is a labour of love by two Aussie mums who worked together in journalism.

Lisa & Jen are committed to following this Epstein conspiracy story until the end.

There aren’t a lot of Aussie podcasts like ours. We record for our international audience from inside Jen’s laundry in Newcastle. 

Prince Andrew Podcast

Our podcast covers news in different timezones. So we record in the middle of the night when news breaks because most of our listeners are American.

We tell the stories of the Epstein survivors, who are now women. It’s a huge honour and privilege. We will never forget that our work is a tribute to them.

But when it comes to Epstein’s enablers, we don’t hold back.

The podcast has had almost one million downloads since December 2019. 

Prince Andrew Podcast

Our audience devours Epstein-related content. The audio from the podcast is our primary tool but we re-purpose it on our blog, books, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


  1. since Epstein had that weird temple on that island little st. James, was he into satanic ritual abuse?

  2. Sooooooo, was listening to today’s podcast, smashing 👯‍♀️Annnnnd!
    It’s occurred to me that maybe Ghislaine has a Confidential Marriage. After years of trying to catch my husband’s ex living with her boyfriend for a decade! OBTWc no kids involved here, everyone is grown but he still has to pay, until he dies for someone who cheated on him for 23 years. Ya, I cannot stand the bitch, and after 4 years of trying to find out if she’s married, on genealogy sites, paid for info sites etc. I find out California has a thing called Confidential Marriage which we need to have a court order to see if it exists! Wish the POS lawyers I have consulted with would have mentioned this! Hence, I don’t think CA is the only state, but who knew eh? Maybe someone needs to research which states AND get the court orders to find out! I’m so doing it for our situation! Hope this helps, Tia

  3. Oh and also I looked it up, California is the only state that allows it, lucky us, not. I am not sure who is allowed to get the court order to have it released but at least it’s not multiple states! 👯‍♀️I will try to research The Who can obtain it part for you Girlfriends 👯‍♀️

  4. If you haven’t looked into it yet… our corrupt Attorney General, William Barr released a statement a few days ago in which he says that Alex Acosta did not do anything criminal in the Epstein case. Barr sats he simply had “poor judgement”. Any observer can see and smell corruption and criminality with the whole case. The question is whether the truth will ever come out. The fact that Barr came out with a statement about Acosta is a clear indicator in my opinion that something is about to happen in the case. One of Barr’s tactics is to come out ahead of time to put his own spin on something illegal to control the narrative. A classic example is the Mueller report. If Bill Barr says something it immediately makes me suspicious.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the FBI information dump you guys just mentioned in your latest episode… hmmmm.

    Reminds of him commenting on Epstein’s “suicide” right afterwards with his best impression of Captain Louis Renault in Casablanca. “Gambling? You mean there is gambling going on in here?”
    That also made me suspicious that he orchestrated the whole thing to protect people in the administration… perhaps even our disgraced president The Donald.

    I just started listening to the podcast. Loving it so far. Thank you for shedding light on this despicable injustice, and more importantly making more people aware of trafficking.


  5. I couldn’t be more obsessed with this case but it’s really difficult to listen to the reading of the depositions with the super annoying voice that ghislaines evidence is being read in . It just doesn’t add anything .

    1. This is how I see it – Jen has spent weeks on this, editing, recording and uploading. She has not been paid, it’s out of love.
      If she needs to use her Ghislaine voice to get her through recording, it’s ok by me.
      We have had a lot of praise for the recordings but I suppose we are not for everyone. Have a good day. Thank you for you comment. Lisa

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