Sarah Kellen: From Jehovah to Epstein

Referred to as Ghislaine Maxwell’s lieutenant, Sarah was a constant force at Epstein’s Palm Beach home. She was part administrator, part recruiter and part abuser, according to court documents. Police were ready to arrest her before the Epstein immunity deal.

Sarah Kellen Vickers with husband Brian in 2016

Over the years, Sarah had changed her name to Sara Bonk and the regal-sounding Sarah Kensington. So what else do we know about her?

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Was Sarah in contact with Epstein recently?
Her husband NASCAR’s Brian Vickers
A summary of Sarah Kellen’s life to date.
Why did Kellen Vickers get a foreign worker visa?

Sarah (front left) in a family portrait source – Facebook

What do we know about Kellen’s husband and their life together?
Brian Vickers and heart surgery
How a group of women enabled Jeffrey Epstein

Source: The Miami Herald
Sarah Kellen on her wedding day to Brian Vickers in 2013.

Brian Vickers and Soho property

A Look Into Their Relationship

We Found Sarah Kellen Vickers & It Wasn’t Hard