The Scandalous Sarah Kellen

Sarah Kellen is today living in a New York penthouse, a far cry from her past as a Jahovah’s Witness cast-out.

She is the woman who allegedly worked as Ghislaine Maxwell’s lieutenant at Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

To date, she not helped law enforcement (as far as we know) and has rarely spoken about her time with Epstein.

The NASCAR wife is pictured below at her 2010 Florida deposition stemming the Epstein child rape case.

Sarah Kellen

Sarah Kellen

As seen above, she wears a black turtleneck and an Alice band. In the footage, she looks like she’s an extra from Big Little Lies and barely squeaks out her answers.

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There have been other serious allegations against Sarah Kellen, some as recent as from 2008.

Sarah Bonk
Allegations Civil Suit Guzel Ganieva v Leon Black

During a testimony in a defamation court case, butler, Renaldo Rizzo, who worked for billionaires Eva Dubin and Glenn Dubin, alleges:

“She (a 15-year-old girl) just lets it rip, and what she told me was unbelievable,” Rizzo testified.

“She proceeded to tell my wife and I… ‘I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, and there was Sarah (Kellen),’ and she said, ‘They asked me for sex. I said no.’”

The butler later clarified, “She didn’t specify who asked for sex. She said they asked for sex.”

Rizzo testified that when she refused to have sex, Sarah Kellen took her phone and passport and gave them to Maxwell. “And at that point, she said she was threatened,” Rizzo said.

In her latest personal reinvention, it looks like Sarah Kellen is claiming she’s a cult victim.

The Lawyer and the Bean Counter

We found some new information recently concerning the alleged Jeffrey Epstein coconspirator via her husband Brian Vickers’ website.

It may show her defence has recently taken on this mind control element.

Her husband is the three-time NASCAR champ Brian Vickers. He supports charities in the justice area.

One is even a cult information group, the Foundation Against Cult Threats.

According to husband Brian Vickers: “Justice and prison reform are very important to my wife and I.

We have both been wrongfully accused of things in our personal and professional life before, so this always resonated for us.”

He adds: “Even outside of the justice system, in general, I would say that society’s shift towards a mentality of “guilty until proven innocent” is wrong and very dangerous. You see this sometimes inside the justice system but the justice system also has other systemic problems.”

Sarah Kellen

In the newly updated section of Vickers’ website, he has added FACT, The Sunny Centre and APJ to the list of organisations he supports.

Before the Epstein story broke in 2019 , Sarah Kellen was publicising her skills as an interior designer.

Her company, SLK Designs, had projects in New York, the Caribbean, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean.

In other words, her main client was probably Epstein. In our opinion.

She also had two other names over the years – Sarah Bonk and Sara Kensington.

She has sported different hair colours and lived in multiple cities to attempt to reinvent herself.

Sarah Kellen
Kingston? Or Kensington? Source: Palm Beach News

The Zorro Sisters

The Other Women

Prince Andrew

Here is the 2006 Palm Beach probable cause document:

Sarah Bonk

probable cause

There have been other serious allegations against the long-time Epstein staffer.

Sarah said in 2019 she had also been abused by Jeffrey Epstein.


The allegations against Sarah Kellen are grave, shocking and extremely serious.

She lives now on the down low in New York’s Soho, after staying for more than a decade in Miami.

Was Sarah in contact with Epstein recently?
Her husband NASCAR’s Brian Vickers

  • A summary of Sarah Kellen’s life to date
  • Why did Kellen Vickers get a foreign worker visa?
Sarah Bonk
Sarah (front left) in a family portrait source – Facebook

Sarah Kellen was born a Jahovah’s Witness. She married at 17, lived in Hawaii, divorced and pursued modelling.

More information

Who are the other Epstein women

Is there a cult defence in US Criminal Law? Author: Eve Epsy.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a fundamentalist religious sect with more than eight million of followers worldwide.

Its headquarters are in New York where they publish their religious literature.

They have active worship centers in 240 countries. In the United States, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have tax exempt status as a charity organization.

Sarah Kellen
Sarah Kellen modelling days

The church is conservative in nature, promoting modesty, strict views on sexuality and on the roles of women in the household and church and tend to require members to commit to significant time in service to the organization.

Sarah Kellen

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are not unlike other conservative religious sects such as the Amish, Mormons, Orthodox Jews, Muslims or even cultural conservatism like those in Muslim counties such as Pakistan.

Mr and Mrs Vickers

If one is a “victim” of a cult for being raised in a fundamentalist household, then would people raised in any of the above mentioned religious or cultural sects also be “victims” of a cult?

Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult?

In the US, there is not a fixed definition of a cult nor is it illegal. The legal system website states that the U.S. First Amendment rights protect religious exercise, no matter how odd or non-mainstream they may be. The illegality of cult begins with another criminal violation such as financial crimes, sexual or child abuse.

The term “cult” is considered a pejorative term for offshoot or unique religious practices and would not likely stand up in court.

The public perception of what a cult is does not match up with something that would be illegal. This is why family members have a difficult time getting adults out of one, because adults have the freedom to worship, live in a compound and give away all of their money. It is not illegal. When a religious organization conducts fraudulent transactions, or abuses people, is when law enforcement gets involved.

The website lists many different ways an offshoot religion can be labeled a cult. These include: a single charismatic leader, the demand for significant amounts of money, overly happy people, vague information until you get to a meeting, declarations of being the “only true religion”, hiding the teachings from the public, restrictions on who you can associate with, door-to-door solicitation, no questioning or debate about teachings or practices and demanding submission to the group.

Obviously, the Jehovah’s Witnesses tick a few of these boxes, but not all of them. They do not have a single leader, in fact, individual congregations have a group of elders, not a single leader.

They do not require a title or other mandatory financial contributions.

Who is Sarah Kellen

They do believe they are the only way into heaven, as do most Christian sects. They do go to door-to-door, they do, they do demand you adhere to a strict code of values and they frown upon associations outside of their organization. Again, they are not the only religion or Christian sect to do so.

Jeffrey Epstein Coconspirator

There is no shortage of information about what they believe by both believers and former members. I’ve listened to multiple podcast from former members clearly discussing their experiences and the belief system.

As a group is the JW sexist? From what I’ve seen it seems as if women do not play a leadership role in the group or in their own households. This again is a choice as part of that religion.

Does abuse take place in the JW church? People have accused it of such, but with no formal structure, such as the Roman Catholic Church, this was handled at the local level. Did some people cover it up? Yes.  Is it wrong? Yes? Do other fundamentalist Christian groups have similar organizations and issues? Yes they do. Does this make the Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult? No, it does not.

This is not to diminish the claims of sexual abuse in the religion. It seems that parents and others put their acceptance in the local groups over the safety of their children. Also children raised in these groups are taught to be obedient and are less likely to report abuse. I would argue that other denominations have similar issues, but they’ve yet to be reported or they are so localized, they would not be in the national spotlight.

Sarah Kellen

The religious order of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is listed as a charitable organization with the Internal Revenue System (taxing authority) of the United States and has tax-exempt status.

According to the International Cultic Studies Association, the three main characteristics of a cult are undue influence, fraud and misrepresentation. While there appears to be pressure to conform and be accepted by church leaders and elders, one could argue that is not undue influence. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are very clear about their views and expectations on their website and they do not demand financial contributions, therefore, fraud and misrepresentation would also not apply to the group.

Is that a viable excuse for someone’s criminal actions?

If one was to claim that they suffered brainwashing and mind control from a conservative religious group, then the actions they were programmed for would be fundamentalist versions of morality, sexuality and gender roles. Jehovah’s Witnesses main goal is to please Jehovah (God) through submission and service. Scheduling teenage victims, laying out sex toys and preparing a massage room does not seem like something one would be brainwashed to do having grown up in the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

Listen to us

A review of psychological journals reveals that people leaving a fundamentalist faith, not just the Jehovah’s Witnesses, report a sense of isolation and depression because leaving the faith often costs them all of their friendships, familial relationships and associations (Friedson, 2014).  Shunning is not limited to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and would not be unique.

How would one claim they were a victim of a cult?

If a lawyer would be able to establish the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a cult, what harm would the lawyer establish towards Sarah Kellen? That she was brainwashed to be conservative? That her family shunned her when she began nude modelling? How does any of this have to do with an alleged cult? How does being raised in a strictly conservative / fundamentalist household equate to hunting new victims for sex trafficking? It is literally one extreme to the other extreme.

Would this stand up in court?

If was the prosecutor, I would challenge the establishment of the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a cult. Then I would challenge Ms. Kellen/ Bonk/ Kensington/ Vickers as to how being raised in a religion the valued sexual purity and modesty would lead to booking trafficked minors. I would also ask her why she changed her name to Kensington? What was she hiding from? I would also challenge the $200,000+ payment she received close to the time of Epstein’s death?  I would also go through her taxes with fine toothed comb to make sure those payments were reported and how were they reported? It’s well over the legal limit for a gift. Was it her salary? Or paid as salary and if so, were the proper taxes and FICA (Medicare and Social Security) taxes paid? Was she a 1099 (independent contractor, responsible for paying her own taxes) or a W-2 (employee, where employer contributes to FICA and employee contributes to FICA)?

Closing Arguments

Ms. Kellen/ Bonk/ Kensington/ Vickers may have been raised in a fundamentalist religious organization which valued modesty, sexual purity and strict gender roles.

Firstly, Sarah married at the age of 17 with her parent’s consent and moved with her husband to Hawaii.

Moreover she chose to live against the values of her faith and took up modeling.  

Sarah Kellen

Sarah left the church and was estranged from her family because of it. Then became associated with Jeffery Epstein, presumably on a quest to become a model, and became a facilitator for the trafficking and abuse of minor children.  

In the end, she should be charged with child sex trafficking and probably many financial crimes.