Epstein threatened me with “friends in high places”, says victims’ Lawyer

Attorney Bradley Edwards told how Epstein said to him “someone was going to get hurt” if he didn’t drop moves to unravel the pedophile’s immunity deal.

Survivor Virginia Roberts said on Twitter this was not an isolated threat, with the dead sex offender and his coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell telling victims they would harm their families.

They were fond of saying, in a menacing way, they knew where the girls’ siblings went to school.

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Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew & the Show Goes On.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. Epstein committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablersband will the women who were violated as children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

We are coming to you from Jen’s laundry. We have blankets on the windows, so for the next couple of weeks we are doing the right thing to help flatten the curve in Australia. So there may be a little bit of noise in the background. We are going to try being isolated & we do have more time to do this than ever. Imagine if time was a problem!

Yes exactly. I will have to make sure I don’t recommend any reality TV shows. But I found you a good one. LA preacher and it’s your fault, Lisa! You keep sending me down rabbit holes. I love it!

I want to do a shout out to my best friend Janie. I recommended a few things for her, instant hotel on Netflix. Have you seen it? Don’t tell me anymore, you don’t wanna know. Have you seen You on Netflix? Not yet – series 1 series 2 & series 3 is coming. You’ve gotta watch it.

So speaking of Netflix, you mentioned something about Netflix. Do you have an announcement? A few days ago, they announced they are going to run an Epstein documentary. Now I’ve heard different versions, either a four part or a 12 part series on the Epstein conspiracy. A 12 part. Can you imagine? That would be wonderful.

I would like that because I think that it gets a different market. One of my friends had a podcast about Keli Lane. It was called problem child and it’s wonderful listen, by the way. Keli was an Australian woman who was secretly pregnant three times. She adopted two of the babies and now one is missing and she’s been convicted of her murder. My friend she actually said to me that Netflix, it’s a different audience and you access different people. We get a lot of our information from Twitter, so these others may sit outside that social media bubble. You’ll get those people.

So Netflix said it’s going to be called Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich. Which is after the book by James Patterson that we both read. That’s a fantastic read and he worked with the Miami Herald journalist on that one. That was a broadcast journalist from Palm Beach. Oh, down there. Incredible. Netflix’s resources incredible, digging in researching, talking to people, it is a brilliant. I recommend you get Filthy Rich and there’s actually a link on our Facebook page to the Amazon. Go for it if you’re stuck at home & start reading. The book’s been updated. Now I told you I had to a get it sent to me from the UK to Australia. They weren’t putting it on shelves over here?I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went to Mclean’s booksellers in Hamilton and they ordered it for me, brilliant. I suppose it’s a really niche, yes I did think that there weren’t many Epstein obsessives in our town.

Well there are in my family, now but they usually rolling their eyes. So you see in my family, my husband says by rolling in coverage of Corona virus.I would suspect this is gonna have the link to Virginia Roberts. She is actually part of this documentary and she said the Netflix team were wonderful to her and her husband. They are looking to tell the world the truth of what being on behind closed doors. Virginia said she hoped the message reached the voiceless and gives them a voice. “I hope the message is clear to anyone that thinks no sex trafficking.” I think it’s wonderful and it’s fantastic the Virginia and her husband are involved and from what I understand other survivors as well. So I can’t wait for that, there is not a date yet other than 2020.

I am absolutely outraged again & we need an outrage button. Before I became an Epstein obsessive, I used to work in crisis and issues management. How was that relevant to Prince Andrew? Well not only does he have that heavy hitting team of lawyers, he also has one of the U.K.’s most as we call it successful spinners and this guy is good.

If Lisa and I ever get in trouble we’re gonna hire the people Andrew has hired. Yes what is the spin doctor? Well it’s basically reputation management and relationships are everything and there at the core of every project. More here.

New Podcast Episode: Epstein News

Jeffrey Epstein News

In this episode:

Prince Andrew hits new lows as a human
The culture of sexual harassment at Victoria’s Secret
A new survivor demands legal records
Disturbing police video of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.
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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August under suspicious circumstances. He committed these crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behavior. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing. 

Speaker 1: (00:32)
Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast. My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran and welcome to the latest happenings in Epstein world. It is absolutely going off, isn’t it Jen? There’s so much, so much to watch to read, to hear. I feel as though I’ve got information overload. My head has exploded. So anyway, we’re very excited. Today we’re going to have a chat with Rachel O’Brien on her podcast, so I will share once her episode is out. I will have that on socials because she’s an important part of this. And the more podcasters does it talk about it the better. I think we need to share the knowledge. We need to get the news out because then other people will hear and come forward with info that could help. Yeah, and also when we mostly good people. So I think it’s a smart thing to do. 

Speaker 1: (01:26)
You want to be on the right side of history with this one and you want to be able to say, look, I told my neighbor, I spoke to the doctor about it, or I spoke to a person around the corner. We want to just society to be aware of it, so more than hashtag Epstein didn’t kill himself. And also by doing this we can change the future. We can stop guys like this developing in the first place by giving, you know, parents talking to their kids. Just that. A little bit of difference, you know? Yeah, exactly. And hopefully we get to shake the elites up because this is, believe it or not, this is an intelligence operation. Well, CIA, FBI spooks. Um, the Russian, what are they called? Know I Ruskies well, bots, Russian bots. Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s called the Kremlin. 

Speaker 1: (02:22)
Oh yeah. Who knows? But a bit more on that later. I’m going to be talking, I’m getting sick of this about Prince Andrew. He’s come into new lows this week. He’s hiding behind his mother’s skirts. Exactly, her impeccably tailored skirts. No, I wouldn’t wear them. Not my style. She’s all right for a 93 year old. Yes she’s bloody good for her age. But still defending your asshole son. Yes, exactly. Speaking of assholes, I’m going to talk about Les Wexner and Victoria’s secret. Those poor models. Exactly. I mean it’s just terrible. But on the plus side, I note the survivor who has come out recently in the last few days and she’s demanding some more court documents that had been withheld. Go you. Yes. And also at the same time, and I’ll get into this later, four survivors sent a letter to Prince Andrew to call on him to cooperate with authorities. 

Speaker 1: (03:29)
Oh, I haven’t heard about this details, please. Okay, well we’ll get into Prince Andrew now. So I’ll just read you a little bit. Um, it’s on our website anyway, which is it epsteinwikipod.blogspot.com. Yes. One day I will get a proper URL up. Well it would help if read the blog before I turn up to the studio. That’s all right, Jen. So and Oh, we forgot also, where are we coming from today, Jen? We’ve gone punk again wearing at rock the nation in Newcastle. Shout out to the [inaudible]. It was his birthday yesterday. Yup. Yup. I think he was a long, I don’t know, 25 25 we’ll do Milad. Anyone who sponsors us, we will make up an age that you approve of and we will stay to it over the airwaves. So if you want to be 25, I say want to be at the time, you know you might want to be 87.

Speaker 1: (04:31)
They’re nice. Anyway, heres the open letter: Prince Andrew, the world is watching. You have been blessed with the privilege life and with the ability to influence and create positive change. Please help the U S authorities in anything you might have observed in your time spent with Jeffrey Epstein. That’s not that unreasonable. That’s actually a really nice way of making contact with him. They’re not saying you’re an asshole and you did all this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They are saying he can come forward with info without implicating himself. He, he would have seen just to Sydney. Um, Cindy McCain said down in Florida, we all knew, we all saw, who knew Cindy. I want names, put them on a list and send them to me because the circles she hangs out in late. Huge. We’re talking point out five of the 1%. We’re talking Washington political players, billionaires, they all knew, maybe it companies, they all knew. 

Speaker 1: (05:35)
Say that’s one example. And why were the media companies sitting on stories they journalists had been following and working on and all of a sudden they stories were squashed. Why? Well, aBC and Amy Robart. She said I had it all, but I was told, please Jeffrey Epstein, no one knows who he is. And then the royal family came in and put the heavies on them and said, well, if you want to speak to William and kite, you want Romney’s all because no one knows who it’s Deniz. But that, you know, it’s ridiculous. Backing him knew him. Yes, quite well. But Prince Andrew, this white hit a new low. Hey, described Virginia. You fried Roberts. Who is, um, one of the main abstain. Oh, I suppose she’s an activist now, but she’s a survivor. Um, all vape stain and um, Prince Andrew questioned her mental health in an email to a friend of his said she was quite sick. 

Speaker 1: (06:43)
May I know who’s sick. And it’s not Virginia. That is offensive. That’s what they do is to do to women in the old days. Oh, well she’s doing something. I it like you family can send you off to an asylum. How to get rid of the misses when you bought up syndrome. Discredit her mental wellbeing, discredit her intelligence, her morals. Andrew, you’re a sick fucking bastard. Exactly. And he also made, and Calla breast kit’s a joke and it was so bad. The daily mile, the daily mile, he couldn’t run it. So what was it, Andrew? Because I want to put it on a tee shirt. Well, actually, Jane, um, art can build the one to fond it. I’ve tried to find it. It’s something about breast cancer and breastfeeding. All, I think, I know that he’s sucked down so many titties. He’s cancer free or sight or something. 

Speaker 1: (07:38)
I’ve got to look, anyone finds it, contact us. Cause I want to make a run a shirts and then you know, quoted Prince Andrew. Yeah. And then on the back something I stand with them Austin with the girls. Yeah, that would be good. Um, that’s an excellent ADI. Oh, I do love on tee shit. Well not for humiliating Prince sander whenever we can. We’ll, he did a fairly decent job of it himself with that bloody puppet. Exactly. But we’ll just go into, um, the allegations. So that’s Prince Andrew’s that were from a series of messages between the Jacob York and a friend property tycoon, David Rankin. And he sent them on to, he’s dead and they’ve been late. I love good luck. Well that bothered bum bum. Some of them would sign, not all of them share out to our lovely listeners in the UK. I’m sorry if that was offensive. 

Speaker 1: (08:37)
It just came off the top of my head. Um, okay. So the jib said the message in 2011 to mr Roland who described it as the lightest email from his role harness, his dad actually said, who got the email? Yeah. He’s not early. His nuts, absolute knobs. So he’s made, um, it’s called Virginia crazy. A joke about breast cancer made a weird reference to the British government in the context of the scandal. So it was like, Oh, well, um, we may need to get her Majesty’s government onto it, but mommy doesn’t run the government. No. ABI, unless there’s some UK politicians of that year involved with Andrews little, that’s what made me think so. He doesn’t mean the Quain won’t intervene. What he actually means is, um, that they’ve got friends in high places, but we know that, but it’s totally nonplussed about it all. Well, it’s basically what can I do about it? 

Speaker 1: (09:44)
You know, the maybe is not seen since I’m relaxed about it. It’s no time now to duck your head down. I’ve got to get on with it. So, um, that’s bizarre. He’s just honestly things we’d call him a Teflon. The stains just roll off him. Yeah. Teflon. Yeah. The shit doesn’t stick. Sorry. So, but as for the four women who was saying you have a chance to be on the right side of history, the world is watching and we are what and good on you girls. We’re behind you. Exactly. That’s why we’re doing these. Um, so they support women have been through absolute hell and wouldn’t surprise me if Virginia’s had to have some counseling after being exposed to abstain de [inaudible] and um, July in Maxwell. Well hopefully that she has managed to have the therapy or counseling that she needed off to that, but she made a second lot with the crap they now throwing at her, at her trying to do sweated up the fat. 

Speaker 1: (10:50)
She had to tweet that she was in sound mental health and was not at all suicidal. Just speaks volumes. Yes it does, doesn’t it? And um, I don’t think it’s actually a bad thing to say can help for your mental health. Maybe if, um, Andrew had gone to see someone, a bathroom being a filthy narcissist, things might not have ended up like this. Viewer, Andrew, if, Oh, if your parents or other people who were responsible for you noticed this and set boundaries. Yeah. You didn’t get everything you wanted. Well, there’s something awkward in the crown because what happened was there was a big gap between Clint Elise vis those two kids and the last two Keats and when Andrew was born, um, she said to people a whole, I’m really going to spoil this one because she was around a bit more than when Charles was younger. 

Speaker 1: (11:43)
True. And he, it, it comes across that he’s the favorite, that he can do. No wrong. Yes. And he has been an [inaudible] bit of a up child the whole way through. Yeah. That was like that brief period where he was a Navy helicopter pilot in the Falklands war. All the reason why he can’t sweat anymore. That’s right. What was it? Dolphin overload, which means now he made a sweat so it couldn’t possibly be him on a danceable sweating profusely. No, never. There’s been another woman come out who said she’s seen it, seen them at all. It’s fair to say Trump nightclub. It’s Trent trip four. That’s fine. Hi friend backed her up. I went to one of the lawyers, Lisa bloom. Uh huh. So more stories are coming out, more credible. Women are coming forward, but it sounds like they’re all just going to get trashed. 

Speaker 1: (12:40)
Oh, that’s par for the course. But can they call every call everyone out? Because there’s a lot of people now putting their hand up after wallet rings hollow. That’s the thing that Andrew, now he has lied so much. We don’t take anything he’s saying. And he was called out. Let me remind you, Jen, by the district attorney’s standing outside the front of Epstein’s house and house, the optics of that were fantastic variables standing outside. Those are iconic doors. I just love that. Yeah. Calling him out saying he’s not helping. He’s not helping. Oh, Andrew, you can all go to the U S you will be thrown in a lodge room or a small room. Yeah, exactly. You’ll have more to deal with than Ostara in American soil at you. Oh and thank you everyone who’s offered to send us American soil when we go and Trek Andrew down, I don’t know if I can be bothered. 

Speaker 1: (13:39)
He’s doing ISA disservice to himself. He’s just a vote. Yeah, we should go live just instead of calling him Prince Andrew, which should call him puppet Andrew. Well it was interesting. Last wait, um, one of, um, they brought a patrician squad from around that period, sort of the early two thousands, um, Hey timeout and said that July and time to visit once and she would visit him up to four times a day. It was regular. He sold them having a picnic under the Queen’s window at Buckingham palace. So there must’ve been on no, some kind of relationship. They are. Um, so she doesn’t go out full times a day and Andrew would written down and abusively side cause he’s terrible to staff apparently. Mmm. Yeah. Just send a straight up because I’ve also heard rumors that she didn’t have to sign in or go through security and neither did it stay when he visited. Yes. So they would bully. He would basically bully, um, the staff, they let him in the police. The security for Andrew must’ve hated Andrew. Yeah. Completely ignoring protocols. Live rotten. Sainter and I must have realized what it steam is like. Yeah. And she’s lying. Exactly. So she was there quite a lot. So who else was there? Jen, I don’t know. I know several was there a bit. 

Speaker 1: (15:13)
We know Jamie several, the infamous UK pedophile and, alright. Today one of the Queens chauffeurs has actually been accused of pedophilia as well. Oh, it seemed to me it’s just all through. Yeah. I mean that’s the thing that’s kind of like, you’re fighting a wall really, isn’t it? And they’re all protected. The money in the pal base protects them. Oh, absolutely. That’s why we’re doing this. It’s the protection racket. Well, no one else has a record like this. I wish we could. We have. It’s a war against the 1%. Now people are going to think I’m crazy because I said that. Oh. And we do live in a socialist nation. Great healthcare. Right. Healthcare. Yeah. And you know what, the country hasn’t gone broad covered either. Exactly. And we’re not gonna let Prince Andrew win or we don’t want him. No, no. He was in Perth last G of Shakara but he snuck in and that was very quad until he popped up here. 

Speaker 1: (16:19)
Exactly. It was very, very low key. I think everything is low key. Okay. I believe that. I knew this was all coming out well before he did the stupid interview. I think this has been planned by maybe a team all the way along. Yep. You know, worst case scenario. Then we do this. If you manage to pull it off, if we just go along like this and that’s why the Megan, you know, debacle was throwing up. Yeah, exactly. Meghan Markle. She was an absolute distraction to everything else. Now did you say rebel Wilson at the British film and television awards? What did she do? She’s so naughty. Um, she’s Australian. She’s a Coleman out. Um, she did a speech while they was William and Kate in the audience and she got up there and said, welcome. Welcome to the Royal. I’m Andrew. Oh, I can’t say that. Welcome. Welcome to the Royal hairy. And they did a bit of a laugh. It wasn’t too bad. There was a grimace at the start, but it did get a bit, um, crazy from there on in. I saw photos of the mall coming in and people were like side eyeing and there was funny looks on people’s faces. Oh really? Oh yeah. Well rebel also made a joke that, um, she calls her vagina a gifting wallet. [inaudible] 

Speaker 1: (17:42)
sorry. I know she covered everything. Really. She’s Al top gal. Exactly. So, um, let’s one for the Australian there, but that’s not really what can I do about Prince Andrew? Nope. Railing much. Or they’d be under the control of the coin or the firm as much as everybody else in that family. Yeah. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. Um, the other thing we need to go onto now is Les Wexner please the honor of L brands. He was also Jeffrey Epstein’s only client who gave the men now $17 million house in New York. He basically gave extinct, complete control over his finances. Just go for it. Might do business. Yes. And, um, Victoria’s secret, there’s always been, I always thought it was a big sauce. You know that the women walking down the catwalk with them, angel wings, I think Holly claim was one. Um, Miranda Kerr was one. So all that just sell who went out with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Speaker 1: (18:50)
She was one. So there’s been a stench about that company for a while. But before I go into that, what SA is now going to leave the company really, but it’s not just likely playing Juban and other billionaire. It’s nothing to do with Epstein. [inaudible] is a bit old isn’t it? You might be thinking of retiring if this didn’t hit well. What’s the base that you’re talking about? Well, that’d be to scandal. So the New York times, Ren I paced couple of days ago about the culture of sexual harassment at Victoria secrets and we all know that sometimes it stain and say that he was um, part of the staff there and he’d go and interview, um, women pretending he was glorious secret scout basically that, you know, you’re nice to me. I’m always on the lookout for models because you know, I work for him or work for the company and I say you and you’re underweight basically. 

Speaker 1: (19:54)
Yeah. So there’s a whole sexual harassment situation going on that involves Bella Hadid now. Oh, we love Villa. You know Bella. Oh, come home. I’m a housewife. Tragic. Yes. So that’s how we know her. Her mother was on the real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was accused of having Munchhausen’s disease, but she had long disease and was really ill herself. Exactly. But anyway, that’s just a, Hmm. Blast from the past. But anyway, this Bella, she was apparently getting ready and she’s a top notch model and um, one of the guys who works for Epstein, I’ll have to look up his name in a minute. I do have it. Hey was making terrible remarks about her and he was basically saying, um, because the tape, when they do that parade, it’s televised, right? So you can’t show too much a flash because of the, um, the commercial writing Concho, those nipples. 

Speaker 1: (20:58)
And so with the underwear it was like, Oh, I didn’t care what size they are, but ask the authorities, this was in front of her. If they, um, we’ll let her walk with those beautiful inquires titties. Dan the cat hold all. That’s appalling. She’s a model. Her body is her tool of employment. Exactly. It’s like, would you say something rude about an engineer’s computer or whatever or phones. It’s [inaudible] you’re treating her like she’s an object. No, no, no. It’s absolutely vital. Absolutely. And she’s young, really young and um, yeah, audit. You have want my kid in there if that’s the top of the modeling world. No, no, it’s absolutely not. Um, so the New York times calls it angels in hell. The culture of misogyny inside Victoria’s secret. It’s like a gentleman’s club. The way they carry on a pretty low class mom. But the company expresses regret only because it being cold out so that by their underwear, anyone, because it’s at the moment it’s still going into lays. 

Speaker 1: (22:14)
Wexner is um, pocket. But apparently word’s been getting out about wipe snap it stain and the whole Victoria’s secrets brand. But it’s also crushing because they’re not inclusive enough. That’s right. There is a huge problem where he just went refuse to have plus size models or trans models. Hello. When moving forward, there’s more than one June does. You know people, a PayPal, they not what’s between their legs and we come in all shapes and sizes be inclusive because if you aren’t, you’re losing market share. And I noticed that they haven’t been doing too well lately anyway, regardless of the scandal before this kit. So the New York times, they’re pointing the finger at a Mister [inaudible], he’s the chief marketing officer and he was saying as mr witness proxy leaving many employees with the impression he was invincible way paid three something very similar. I haven’t wait. 

Speaker 1: (23:16)
Oh, yet according to current and former employees on multiple occasions, mr Wexner himself was heard to meaning women. I’ve got a photo of them. I’ll just show you Jen. I’ll put it up. They look like they’re in a wet, wet museum. DAS so old. Yet they felt that there was a, one of the media team, not a model, videotape me. She was five foot 10 so she’s pretty tall, the on just four foot and she was only 140 pounds, which in Kalos is incredibly testing 58 and considering her heart, she would be classed as under white. He saw her getting food from a table during a work thing and told her to cut out the bread and the pasta, inferring that she was too fat. I high two fastest weight Heights. We do not lock it. Fat is nothing but for that hot and that way [inaudible] even though some people say that’s wrong, she would be basically spot on veering to the underweight side. 

Speaker 1: (24:23)
And it wasn’t her job to wear the clothing. Her job was to do the media, the promotion and yet he was calling her out on her parents. Well here he is, his name is Eddie Rez Resig. So he tried to kiss models. He asked him to sit on his lap, touched ones crotch ahead of the 2018 Victoria’s secret show. And guess what? They complained the models and they were never used again. And, um, Les Wexner that the billionaire founder and chief executive ofL brands, um, they keep being alerted. Haydel’s I said misogynistic thing around staff as well. So basically it was a nice, um, it was a business but also being run as a gentleman’s club and way back. I’m sorry we had to just have a little bright. I’m old and my batch, it’s a bit creaky. Too much nipple. That’s probably what it is. It’s got nothing to do with my sedentary lifestyle, I don’t think. 

Speaker 1: (25:29)
Never, never, never. Anyway, we’re getting back to now, uh, some disturbing signings this week of some video from the Palm beach mansion. What there was, was a massive dump of files. Uh, there was photographs, audio recordings and videos. Most of the info contained in this massive dump we sort of knew about. Anyway, it’s been reported on. Nothing really new came out except for a bit of a tour. Yeah. Creepy. [inaudible] what will we call it? He’s creepy wing of the house. Um, whoever he’s interior designer walls. I’ll come on. It’s July. Did anyone say the photos I’ll put up on social media or of her kitchen who has [inaudible] bowls that are just continuously brought rate. Even her teaching, her breakfast room has checked talls in red. The seats are all red, so it would be July and he did this pink carpet. Everyone see this soft pink carpet, these baby colors. 

Speaker 1: (26:36)
It just screams that they were trying to make these girls look even younger then what they were. It was all his satisfaction. Yes. So it is a bit creepy. You go up some stairs and then there’s some rooms off the stairs and one of them in about, I don’t know, I’ve had scientists. Okay. Mmm. It really fucking disturbs me. Do you want me to say? Yep. There were then just chase [inaudible] in rooms. There was bathrooms with desks in them and notepads and pencils. They were photographs that were incredibly, well put it this way, I had to blur out the faces of faces and other parts of these portraits, these photographs up on the wall, and then if it’s not horrifying enough, there’s a charcoal drawing of Jalane with her puppy dog. It’s weighed an out of context. So there’s row after row of these photos. 

Speaker 1: (27:40)
They black and white, South Bay, mainly black and whites. The girls look so young. I do so, so young. Of course faces are being blurred because I would victims and underage, but there was also a naked one of zine as well as apparently it’s six foot high and she’s on a beach or she’s laying down or something. Oh, but these aren’t normal people. They’re monsters. No, you don’t have rooms and hallways. Oh uh, photographs of naked children. But that’s the thing. I’ve always said that I ran it like it was a McDonald’s, didn’t they? It was like a process in and out. Get the girls in that I perform, get them out or get those girls. You don’t like to get more girls for you. I had an interview, it was actually on the eBay say TV podcast and they call it lady July. And someone was talking about, they knew her, but I didn’t know quite what she was up to. 

Speaker 1: (28:43)
And one day they were in central park and she’d just run up to girls and give them a number and give them hers. So I wonder what the approach was. I’m a modeling agent. Would you like to come and pose for us? No, she’d say, do you want to make some money? I now a nice man. You just have to give him a message. She was a bloody pimp. We call that bitch. She really, really was. But Bobby doesn’t like us to say that cause it implies the girls were prostitutes. Ah, good point. Thank you. Bobby Bass from the Jeffrey Epstein show. Um, so yeah, she’d run up to them like that and she was just surviving and looking for Jeffery. And she did actually tell this friend that she wanted to marry Jeffrey. So there was something going on there. It was the why to keep him by his side, keeping him happy. 

Speaker 1: (29:38)
She was still useful. Therefore part of his, while she was pro, you know, getting those girls. So anyway, these tasks is like the one in, um, y’all can had cameras every way now that’s creepy in bathrooms, in bathrooms. You can understand cameras on exit and entry points to a house in whole ways, you know, lounge rooms where people could break in, you know, those points. But in bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s just not marriage stuff. And the photos, the amount of photos on the walls. Gina, there’s a photo of the gibon go. That was, he’s gone daughter. He was obsessed with her and he used to help her with her homework. And um, he did piano playing and seeing this was in the letter that they wrote for him. That’s right. Cause her parents said he was an upstanding guy. He’s uncle Jess. But yes, there’s a photo of her. 

Speaker 1: (30:39)
I’m not gonna say her first name. I’m naked. Oh, the, the police of sane. I mean, come on. The parents must have known, well that climb that. So her dad had to step down from his million, a factory capital fund. Oh. Um, just, but he said it’s got nothing to do with Epstein bullshit. Um, and they signed, I knew nothing of what he was up to as C. Cindy McCain made it quite clear. We all knew, everyone knew. And she was mixing in the same circles and higher ones the aisle. So this is total 1% stuff over their heads. That’s what I think. Let the 1% ate bread. That’d be nice. That get old fat. I’d like that. It’s no, wouldn’t lock it. Oh no he wouldn’t. Um, so that is on mine. If you want to look at those pictures. Um, and some messy big document dump. I had trouble also seeing it. A lot of people deed I had no trouble, but I’ve got fairly decent internet. But the Wilson, anything I’ve been reading and reading are still got more to go through and just, you know, talking to people. Nothing new really has come out. 

Speaker 1: (32:05)
I don’t know. Was it a messy distraction? Another bolt of disinfection. So we’re all looking through all these files and something else is happening. You’ll way well, they were phone messages. Mmm. Um, did, that was the bad old. Nothing really new that we found yet or that we’ve managed to draw a link to. This means that hopefully something will come out of it. Oh, it’s absolutely writing information. I actually feel a little bit confident, but then the cynic in may is just like, yeah, just way. It’s just distraction. There’s nothing really there. But let’s say time will tell. Yes. And um, Jen and I really sought it. We’re going to be on Rachel O’Brien’s program. [inaudible] they suede. We’re doing it tomorrow aren’t we? The interview. And so when Rachel comes out I’ll make sure you can all listen to it. And apart from that, Jen, anything on your radar at the moment? 

Speaker 1: (33:05)
I’ve just got a lot of writing to do, so why? I want to find that of color jug that he might Prince Andrew. Definitely. So I’m going to be looking into that because I had a little bit more spare time. Now they’re not harassing Megan as much. True. True. It’s a little bit easier for you. So if you guys would like to join the conversation, um, where on Twitter? On Melissa L tighter you again. Oh really? Truly. That’s her new one. Um, where on Facebook? Just Wiki event. Abstain. They, what are we on the Instagram. That’s right. Well, I just think with Prince in the Perth and other websites, they’re just Google prints in the pervert. You can have a look at some of the research that I’ve done. Um, and also, um, Jen and I would love some tips. So please get in touch with us. 

Speaker 1: (34:00)
And um, I think that next week is going to be as interesting as this week after the fall of all these info. There’s something else coming. I can feel it in my bones. Yeah, I can too. And Sydney McCain said it’s coming lost weight, so fingers crossed. Let’s hope chin. And in the meantime I’ll work out a better descriptor nickname for [inaudible] July, July. Oh, I keep saying PIM. I have an account called a pimp anymore. Well yeah, look, it’s what work on it, Jay lane, but I have to tell you that’s not even the technical way of signing it, but it’s in my head now. Um, good line. [inaudible] yeah, she’s a Google. Yeah, she is. She does home passes in his spare time, I’m sure of it. Anyway, everyone have a fantastic week. Thank you for listening to us. Don’t forget to review us on iTunes. We would love that, but if you’re annoyed by us, instead of leaving one stir, just get in contact with us and we’ll try and fix it. We did do it. Try to do our best. Have a thought with this on Twitter. It’s fine. All right guys. Thank you. Bye.

New Episode: Epstein Comes Back to Haunt Prince Andrew

• 0:00 – 1:00 Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender, he died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. His crimes out in the open many people knew of his illegal behaviour. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get Justice? Just a reminder about this podcast the contents can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the prince and the pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jenny Tarran. And we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been listening and reviewing us, as we’ve had quite a few good reviews. We are so happy about that that you are supporting us because really we’re just two mums on the Internet being cranky, who have had enough of this case and we want to try and see what we can do. • 0:59 – 1:59 So what we can find out where is the pimp? That is, Ghislaine Maxwell. Well. That’s the thing, we felt like authorities will be compelled to do something, they didn’t wait for the victim. I’m  infuriated about the power web that surrounds this case and the silence, but a little bit was broken today and more about that soon. But how are you Jen, a bit hot? Yes we’re here at Rock The Nation studios in Newcastle Australia, as always City is on fire. Well not literally but temperature wise and we’ve got a room to record in. We’ve had to turn the aircon off because of the background noise, but it’s wonderful we’ve gone to a Punk studio. The first time the netball mums have been here with everything Punk. It’s a legendary place this place. It’s yes, a very popular studio and we are the first podcast. I think so. That’s exciting. So thank you for helping. • 1:59 – 2:59 I also want to give a shout-out to a another podcaster. Her name is Rachel O’Brien and she did an episode on her Be Here for a While podcast about the perverse world of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s very, very good. They talk about the conspiracy, but not only that they’ve got a lady there who has lived in England and she was talking about the royals and the environment that surrounds them. So I found it fascinating, so I’m going to search for Rachel O’Brien and you should too. What are you going to talk about? Well, I’m going to talk about Cindy McCain, who is wife of Senator John McCain. She spoke the Florida international University on human trafficking and she admitted that she knew that everybody knew about Epstein. • 2:59 – 3:59 But that later, but if you get the chance, look up on the tube of you because her body language. When she’s talking about points and hands are going towards herself. But there was a girl at her daughter’s high school who fell into the web. Is that too close to home? I won’t go and watch it until later. It’s brilliant now. I am also I’m going to talk about Prince Andrew, but you’ve got an update on Ghislaine, the pimp, and some confusing information. It’s been deliberately vague. Apparently, you know she’s been hacked because you know the Southern Court district of New York made a big boo boo and redacted her email in some parts, but not in others. Her lawyers are stating that she’s been hacked her host computer her server, whatever. • 3:59 – 4:59 So we have some “emails.” So her lawyers have been leading people that they’ve gotten hold of them. The trouble is none of the emails have surfaced or may they well. I may or may not have gotten some emails in the prince and the pervert virtual mailbox, which lives in my laundry, by the way l, a messenger conversation. It it says Ghislaine – professor dershowitz (who will be on the floor of the senate today trying to save Donald Trump from impeachment). He has fallen into the flamingo lagoon on St James Island and now has a bad rash. What should I do?” And it’s a real thing. I looked it up. They had like a flamingo lagoon, like ok? So here’s what Ghislaine says back to Sarah Kellen, who was her Lieutenant: “tell him to wrap himself in olive oil and sit in direct sunlight for two hours. • 4:59 – 5:59 She asks: “Are The Flamingos ok? Is Lilybet Windsor coping? she’s getting old. So make make sure Eva Dubin has her feathers fluffed for when Jeffrey arrives on the island. Eva is Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and best friend. You think? I understand there’s more. Yes. There’s another one here saying a “Madame tussaud called and she would like to purchase Jeffrey epstein’s penis.” Egg-shaped, so we wonder if we’re getting mis-information. This is an example of this mis- information. I wrote these because I was bored. And I’m a bit of a snarck but really you’ve got a have kinda sceptical view of what is coming from Ghislaine team. • 5:59 – 6:59 Now there was this letter that was filed to the court saying, this is why you can’t release the latest 10000 documents . You know – the sealed documents. It’s just all mis-information proof. There’s been a leak for starters. You know if there was a leak if her computer was hacked. Let me see – dribs and drabs of people’s names everywhere. Ok, Jen here’s another email, this time from GMaxwell at Not Dead. Mossad.com. It’s about a lost item – one pair of y-fronts size. Extra small. Prof Dershowitz thinks he left them by the pool. Regards, Sarah Kellen. What Dershowitz is is infamous for saying that he did have a massage in epstein’s, but it was from an old Russian woman, and he kept his underwear on y-fronts. How do I know? • 6:59 – 7:58 Internet internet now. Also a Mr Clinton rang about his portrait. Does the outfit have to be blue? Why does he have to sit for the portrait on the Lolita Express information there? We got another again & it’s also last one. “Dear GMax the Prince Andrew puppet needs replacing, the rod is sticky and the likeness to the duke has faded over the past 20 years. I told the Prince to get a chemical peel on his face, but his allowance has been cut off regards, Sarah Kellen. So maybe that is disinformation. It’s hard, people throwing their own theories forward and often. It’s due to their own political agendas. Yes. • 7:59 – 8:59 Yes, we had an Australian guy on Twitter who also supports Trump and the Beautiful hashtag, make Australia great again. He was pointing out that in a section of the Australian 60 minutes that aired on Sunday night. There are images of Sarah being shown and he was going nuts screaming at everybody that it was another woman, a Katherine Keating. Now about Katherine, she’s a little bit younger than us. Yes, very glamorous, plus the former prime minister of Australia and Paul Keating, a labour politician. This information was send to hurt linking Labour politician. One of our great prime ministers to the scandal. Sorry dude, and then he also. • 8:59 – 9:59 tried to say it was her handbag that proved. “It was Katherine Keating obviously”, it was long and hard social possibly they look close. I think Sarah Kellen was in love with Epstein for a while. I don’t think he had that kind of relationship with Katherine Keating because it showed it as physical, walking down street, walking out the door. Also this poor bloke from Twitter just doesn’t understand women at all. He would if he did he realise it that handbag everybody who was a bit of money had that exact handbag, so he was saying I will be the same handbag, but to me. It just looked like a black handbag, and it’s really grainy footage. • 9:59 – 10:59 The footage was 2012 and to be honest, I sent through some sources to him. It’s not heard. She wasn’t involved. She doesn’t know anything about the conspiracy. He went for Jen and I that we were being like there for the Keating family, and we were trying to confuse the world about what we’re actually doing and protect her and we’re being paid by the Keating family. I’d like to be paid for something, but we’re not being paid. Jen started up this new Twitter account. What’s it called? Jen – I really truly ok? And I saw it and it’s got like our logo the little crown, and I’ll say I thought it was. • 10:59 – 11:59 that same guy trolling me. Anyway getting back to watch the information. We think Ghislaine’s lawyers are full of it. Absolutely they’re the ones running the misinformation campaign at the moment, and by saying that all these emails have been leaks the trying to scare the hell out of everybody else to support for anyway. Speaking of Prince Andrew I am absolutely furious today, and it’s not because my husband made me late. It’s the latest news on Prince Andrew, he’s been called out by a senior Justice Department figure in America who did a press conference outside epstein’s New York mansion. Oh the optic isnt it? That would have been fantastic. That’s beautiful, just the right place to do it because everybody’s Familiar of pics of outside that door. Yes, that’s famous. • 11:59 – 12:59 so basically Prince Andrew put a press release out in December after his terrible BBC interview saying he would help law enforcement. Well he has not. so he’s a liar liar Royal pants on fire. I think it’s terrible and I’m glad the fbi’s trying to call to account, but nothing happened to him. He’s probably not going to tell me about it. Also give you guys 24 hours until there’s another Meghan markle story out. They will use this information to take the focus off Andrew yet again, but these survivors and they are survivors. They matter to me. Then the offspring of a German monarchy that no longer exists not so much. • 12:59 – 13:59 These women have been through hell, and he’s just picked up and got along with his life. I say enough. Do you think if he was in the USA, he’d get arrested? Yes, you get called in I don’t know. I’m just a cranky woman on the internet and jurisdiction as well to friend is all different came up with an idea. I said to Jen ok? He needs to be on US soil. I used to work for a consumer organisation where we tested washing machines. You can actually buy Australian standard dirt from Holland, so if we buy some American standard dirt, Jen and I find Prince Andrew on the golf course, throw it at him with all goalkeeper Precision and you’ll be perfect, and then smashing the dirt, he is covered in American dirt & to to the embassy. • 13:59 – 14:59 Maybe American soil covered in American soil, so I can’t stop it. No and speaking of mummies. Apparently. He’s been a tower of strength to his mother during the debacle. That is Megan specifically Megan here, because remember we blame women in this case. Don’t we especially, women who are divorced Americans and oh my gosh at the elephant in the room, mixed race. She is. She is the sacrificial lamb whatever and then Harry’s dragged along as well. So Prince Andrew visits the queen everyday. I think that’s just to make sure she hasn’t turned on the net found out what else he’s been up to over the past 3040 years, and also his manipulating her so he was out and about at church with her he has.

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

Where is Epstein’s Palm Beach Recruiter Sarah Kellen?? We’ve Found Her

She’s on her husband’s Brian Vickers’ Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Sarah Kellen and Brian Vickers

It wasn’t hard to find Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged Palm Beach fixer. She is living her best life free in America.

Brian Vickers, a one- time Nascar champion, is financing breast implants these days after blood clots made him quit the sport. He also does some racing commentary and loads of overseas trips.

He sounds like a colourful character.

They live in Miami, Florida. Epstein last year wired her $250,000.

But the Vickers family seem to have embraced her, as the images below show.
Vickers, Kellen, Ramona Vickers and Clyde Vickers
Behind this happy family shot is Sarah’s dark story.

Do they know about her Epstein past?

Sarah Kellen/Kensington/Bonk/Vickers is accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s.

She allegedly  prepared the oils and the lotions in the rooms where the sex abuse occurred.

Kellen saw hundreds of girls go up those stairs at Epstein’s Palm Beach home.

Is she a classic victim, as she claims?

She’s pleaded the fifth amendment on the Epstein allegations and was one of the beneficiaries of the much-criticised Acousta plea deal. So we may never know her story.

Epstein News: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Email Leak

Dear Hackers,

Please stop sending us Ghislaine Maxwell’s hacked messages. It is confusing our social media manager, Bell the Cat. We are sick of reading about Dershowitz’s underwear.


Australia’s top Epstein podcasters (because we are the only ones).

(Just in case Ghislaine lawyers see this, it is satire, which I believe is covered under your first amendment. Don’t bring us into that shit.)

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

Epstein News: Dershowitz, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Virginia Roberts

Read this book. Essential reading. 

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes in then open . Many people knew off his illegal behavior . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated his Children get justice ? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing .

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast . My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran , and as always , it’s been a big week in Epstein land . So much has gone on , certainly has . 

So this week on the Prince in the Pervert , we’ll be talking about the new life that has been breathed into a case involving thousands of documents relating to a civil trial between Ghislaine Maxwell , a k a . Epstein’s pimp , and Virginia Roberts . So Some of them have been released , and there was an actual court case . It’s been going on for a long , long time because they’re full of names and associates . And so what was rejected? They’ve managed to slip through well 2000 pages so far with a release back in August And then last week , the judge said No , but I may reconsider if you give me some more evidence . So maybe one or two days later , the judge came back and said , OK , I’ve got that evidence . I just need to contact all the parties involved and I’ll do that within two weeks . Um , some of them are of considerable means , some of the papal . So does that mean rich and powerful men ? Never . And a lot of them live in say, so Israel? Or Mossad?  Here we go – never, no, nothing to see here.

He , um so that is a really quite exciting development . And we’re going to stay tuned because that’s not the end of this saga . And there are a lot of nervous people out there . And I think there are two John Dos associated with this . So two men who are totally against the file’s coming out . I don’t know who they are . Well , one there would have been but unfortunately he didn’t kill himself . So who were those two John Does ? Who’s which ? Males surrounding these have got the most to lose . Well , I’m thinking I crown . Yeah , yeah . They’re not old grand Duke of York . And I noticed that he’s back out in the public with Mom . Yes , they let him out so soon as they got Megan out of the country . Who was there ? Foil . And that was part of the reason why she got all that negative media coverage . 

He was out . He was a church . Now , Maybe the Queen was taking him to cleanse his soul or something . Ask for redemption . He said it was Anglican thing . Well , look , I’m technically an Anglican , but I don’t know , um , you thought your Deacon friend might know. The thing is , who was advising the queen ? This is not a good look . Something bringing back out the prince . Or has she been advised that the whole Megan and Harry thing is so overwhelming ? Everyone suddenly forgot about Randy Andy. Well , she’s got a lot on a plate for a 93 year old husband’s dying easy . Yeah , Harry and Megan left.  And what isn’t Harry , her favorite grandson ? Yes , I think so . And I imagine it would have been quite emotional , but yet they still were leaking against Harry , so I don’t know what is going on there , but it wasa sustained project to get them out out and make a big deal about it yet to cover up everything else . Maybe the queen just doesn’t have the Internet access . Does the rest of us have and has no idea of the tone out ? Well , I think also I’m Andrew has definitely listened down . You saw him in the interview . He will be communicating that to his mom and saying nothing to see here . And plus we you know , we don’t have favorite Children , But some people do have favourite Children , anyone to believe a kid . So I know that would be so difficult . But you’re also the queen , and we know royal family . We see you . We have not forgotten Prince Andrew’s interview for a start , and we have not forgotten the fact that these girls were underage Children.

They were saying ages 15 16 though there are rumors coming out that there’s 11 year olds . Yes , they said the victims that were 11 now , that’s not in relation to Andrew . But what I saw this week waas that there’s a legal effort by the U . S . Virgin Islands . Now that was the country Where’d Epstein’s Island Was? And they’re going to take action to get some of these assets . And at first I thought , Oh , is that a money grubbing thing on behalf of the government ? And I said , No , it’s all gonna be distributed to the victims some who were as young as 11 . So this is the 11 year old part has come from a country government . Yes . Whoa . So it says they told NPR in America it six to conference Kate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy , including these two private islands . I didn’t know they were too well thought there was just one . He’s going to be great , Um , and he’s up , and they’re asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the estate . The victims would be the beneficiaries of what the authorities are saying.

 Well , let’s just say the U . S Virgin Islands has got a better government . Then America has , Yeah , but I want to know that the money actually gets there , gets to the right place . Yes , to the victim’s gets to those girls . So that’s where we’re at at the moment With that I’m gonna keep a really good eye on it . But the thing is , in 1996 Maria Farmer was the 1st 1 to blow the whistle on what’s kept it had been going on , and if they had have listened to her way back when and taken her complaint seriously , none of this would have happened . And girls as young as 11 may not have been victimized . The other thing . Waas . He was still doing it in 2000 and 18 . I’ve heard reports I couldn’t find extra sources , but they had been whispers that he was allegedly still trying to , or his helpers were also trying to shop for girls . Yes , just before his death . Yet in the months leading up to it and 1996 that’s when the first complaint was made . So that’s 23 years ago . Yeah , women are not taken seriously . No , And it’s not only girls . There’s probably boys involved . Well , it depends on what his friends Thais for allegedly lot exactly be catering for everybody at the parties that be vegan food , vegetarian gluten free boys and girls allegedly . 

So , speaking of friends , Trump’s impeachment lawyers . Oh yes , what’s the man thinking he’s got Detroit bodies . Nine . Dershowitz , the man who, in a the filming when he was talking about Prince Andrew and in recent , um , news coverage , I took a screenshot of that . Has anyone managed to work out water these Because it’s not a real person . We could tell that it’s from blowing up the image , but it looks like a Dole O . R . So don’t remember those ones that used to use to make of little kids with their head in the corner . Yeah , that’s what it looks like to me . It’s being creepy , but anyway , so Trump’s got human involved and she has come out . He was interviewed on American television the other day , and he pointed out that it’s his role as a loyal solicitor , a legal person to represent people who are accused of horrific crimes . And that’s how you know the system works . Those who have been accused of bad stuff , they need representation . It’s part of being a humane society and being fair to walk . And that’s his rather NBC stick . He has represented a lot of what people would consider baddies , alleged bad news and some kind . He was involved with the O . J . Simpson . Yeah , and human Kenneth Starr . Ken Starr was the person behind the impeachment of Clinton back in the day , they’ve worked together quite a lot , so it seems that’s the nation’s fallen into the Bad Boy Club . And he pointedly said in the interview that he represents these people saying this people need representation But he doesn’t necessarily like these people , and he’s often worked for people he does not like . It was that he didn’t mention it state by name in that little engine . So was he trying to infer that you never liked Epstein ? But if you read some of the articles , he’s been quoted as saying , it seems a great guy and a mate and things like that . So it’s a little it’s trying to distance himself . It’s too late . You’ve been a record now . 

He was the guy who also said he kept his underwear on when he got a massage and abstains because they have been allegation . He has been involved with some of the Children , and he has really strongly denied them strongly denied . But as I’ve always said , there’s gonna be a lot of decent people caught up in these because they worked with him . They traveled with him where he had the same social circles , and if they weren’t involved in that top of thing , it state may not have introduced them to that sort of his personality . Some people will be shocked . 

But Dershowitz which was so close to that in a circle he won’t have know well , he got that dodgy deal down in Florida . He was heavily involved in that . And I’m in the process of reading Patterson’s book Filthy Rich , which is a crime that everyone should read that book for the background on its state and just got to that part now with a also Mrs play Dale . And anything to do with sexual offenses against Children is gone . It’s appalling . It’s shocking . The American system is screwed . So this was a deal which involved Epstein . And here they ended up getting him on child prostitution charges . Wasn’t child prostitution was just prostitution , and hey , ended up getting , um , immunity . Full four of these accomplices . So one was Ghislaine , I think Andrea Ross . And then there’s Sarah Killen , maybe Leslie Growth . So they all got immunity from prosecution . As a result , of that deal that Dershowitz actually negotiated . And that was the work release steal that Epstein got as well . 

So he I got to go leaving the county jail , which is basically like a Formula One hotel , a cheap hotel sort of situation that he was released to go to work and 12 hour days , 16 hour days , something like that . I think you might be right on the 16 hour days , he also had his own cell . Also , basically , it was obeyed . He didn’t kill himself . Then did he now?

Strangely enough , I wonder if these video of Epstein would have been lost . I’ve lost deleted . I’m waiting till someone fall goes into the deep Web and finds that because stuff doesn’t just disappear , you know it doesn’t count . And the only thing I can say that’s good about these Thio , it’s Oh , I can’t get it right . You guys know what I’m saying ? I’m just a netball mom from Australia . Basically , this is giving it more publicity’s the abstain case because people are outraged that Trump has hired abstains former lawyer and the architect of that play deal . What is Trump thinking ? What is he ? His advice is thinking to associate himself with such a man with Yes , sure . As we’ve said before , lawyers have to represent everybody , and that’s justice. It just is a bad taste . It’s , I don’t know . 

But Trump very quickly cut out Epstein from his place in Florida. Once he heard that they were complaints from Children to their parents , allegedly about approaches , I should say Trump got rid of Epstein very quickly . Seven . Ties with abstain before the Florida incidents . So , yeah , that’s interesting . We’ll have to see what happens there in relation to Trump because apparently Ronan Farrow is writing a book about the National Enquirer and Trump or another one . Yes , through it . So that’s exciting because I’ve just read , catch and kill , and it’s a podcast. Well , I recommend you listen to it , but I do think filthy rich is definitely must watch if you are into the whole Epstein , conspiracies, the truth .

You want to know what’s going on . You need to read this book . He’s by James Patterson and his co authors . They know what they’re talking about . We’ve got the victim’s statement . See there are cases where names are redacted , but you can fill in the holes . They have done such a brilliant job , the back story in the history of this man that tried to track where he came from , how he evolved into what he is . Psychopath . They’ve even got a definition , and they’ve interviewed a psychiatrist . Well , right . It’s huge . It is a wonderful book . You must read it yet , definitely . Now it’s hard to get . I think it’s out of print because I had to get mine shipped into the country , and then I You saw me on the plane . You saw me getting my hair cut . You sold me on the streets . You watched me be abused . You saw May hashtag awareness hash tag . Justice hashtag Ghislaine Maxwell Hashtag Jeffrey Epstein Hashtag Naomi Campbell . Hashtag Prince Andrew , Virginia.

 And it’s true , this photos of her being seen with these people , she’s mentioned . Sure , you know , cables , birthday party , her 30th and it’s obvious from the photos . Virginia is a girl . She’s so much younger . She’s so fresh faced, she’s so innocent . But now we know the not maze . She was living at that times as a mother , a teenage daughter . It’s just so what’s an American girl doing ? Um , on a yacht in San Trope.  At a 30 year old’s birthday party , a model someone who flies in the highest circles . What’s this little girl from Florida ? doing there ? Yes , the reason . Well , they’re result , the whole culture of yacht girls . But this is totally different . What a yacht girl is . It’s basically pay for play or crew . Good looking crew short shorts and but generally is with adults . They’d be adults to do that type of work where she now Amy Campbell said she had no idea that Virginia was so young . At her birthday party , she put an interview on her YouTube channel , Um , saying that she felt victimized because she was , ah , high profile person of color . And she believed that there were many people there . And Virginia didn’t stand out to her off seeing photos of that gathering genius tweeted wth . Um , there are news articles everywhere . I’ll put them on our social media . She stands out and die on me in the industry would have seen girls going through the modeling industry , the young ones coming through . She’d understand and be a judge . Girls age . Well , also , Virginia is wearing the same clothes that not and she did with Prince Andrew in July , Ian’s house in London and that little pink crop top she’s wearing . That’s not socialize . I’ve got lots of money on a big model on rich and expensive type . Clothing that stands out is a go go from the street . You know , your average child . Yeah , because of Virginia’s not wearing Don’t chain Gabbana . Lighten Naomi ? Definitely not . She stands out that she’s an average person . You’re not the 1% you can see . It’s staying there , standing near Virginia . And then there’s Virginia behind him . And there’s another shot where you could say July Maxwell and I mean it as well . Isn’t that she stands out . She stands out like a girl who’s cruising the mall with her mates . That’s what she looks like with a born here down . She hasn’t got the makeup , the designer labels . I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t have realized her age . So what she said was , that’s Naomi . She said the party was organized by her boyfriend at the time . She had nothing to do with the organization . Virginia remembers stunningly beautiful Naomi Andi . She dance the night away , and , um , the youngster had been flying there with its Sting and Maxwell in the private jet . The Lolita Express .

 I just can’t believe some of the stuff that’s coming out and also the tiles , All the excuses that coming forward . So this birthday party was on board a luxury yacht named Lady in Blue . I wonder if we could find to owns the lady in blue . Any ship types out there ? Any boffins who know their yachts in there are , you know , wasn’t Ghislaine’s  boyfriend from Boston , wasn’t he into tracking cargo and ships ? And , well , that’s very much going down the train spotters route there . Yeah , interesting . This site . 

Look , I said to Jen this morning , Um , the more we know about these , the list we know were so passionate about these girls getting justice . But it’s one wormhole after another wormhole . You know , we wouldn’t see dialogue unless the Children dragged us outside . one thing leads to another leads to another tweet to a tumble opposed to a Facebook post to YouTube up moon . Yet it’s insane . And the news articles that are coming out now and I think part of it is to do in Trump’s label , 10 people are outright . It’s shown a lot on the whole situation . Get It’s good . I actually think so . Not so good for democracy Nor but , um But yes , Virginia said that Eddie Jordan , a Formula One style , was there , and so was Campbell’s thing . Boyfriend Flavio . All that man . Yes , Rhea Torrey . I think he wants co owned the Queen’s Park Rangers football club , and I think he had something to do . Formula One , too . But I could be wrong . I’m not an expert . I only know netball . 

Sorry, guys , but this definitely Epstein in that photo . So Naomi , strongly denied it . I recommend you look at the interview on YouTube . It is quite bizarre . That’s the interview she did , denying this . I’m not saying it’s bizarre that she’s denying it . What I’m saying is the whole structure and the so called journalist who says So Naomi isn’t this fake news?. So basically , it was a pass . Don’t she set it up ? Well , I think , um , real journalists don’t ask questions  likeIs that fake news ? You don’t ask questions that would give a yes or no answer . If you’re a journalist , well , maybe these days would they say fight news ? I don’t know . It’s a big difference toe . When we were practicing way , you had a skeptical mind about any tried to be balanced . Try to be balanced and you’re waiting there and kept your own opinion out of it . Yes , although they still awesome people who height may from stories that are right in the nineties . That’s sure , but you try to be fair . But if they do the wrong thing if you want , How about the truth ? Yeah , truth . That’s a sticky thing , isn’t it ? Thoughts . You’re the bomb . Exactly . So that’s that . Get onto YouTube . Check it out . It was in August Naomi Campbell’s response to Virginia’s climbs before , after they didn’t kill himself . Episode . Oh , because that could . That timing could be important , too , because he’s did , and she realized that people will start looking at those who was still alive . I’m thinking all this 19 . Why would I be thinking that ? Okay , so it’s coming out recently in this imitated Jen . 

The Disturbing Interior Design of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

As Countess LuAnn from the Real Housewives of NYC would say, money can’t buy you class.

I think Ghislaine Maxwell may have decorated all of these in what seems to be her signature blood and gore look.

Nothing to see here, right?!

Source: Dylan Howard Devil in the Darkness
Source Dylan Howard Devil in the Darkness
Source Dylan Howard  Devil in the Darkness

Epstein’s office and living room (source: Dylan Howard The Devil in the Darkness, 

Ghislaine’s wall art at her NYC home. Source: Getty

A champagne reception at Ghislaine’s NY abode. Source: Devil in the Darkness Dylan Howard.
Source: Devil in the Darkness, Dylan Howard

Buy Dylan Howard’s Epstein book here.

New Episode: The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast

Royal Crisis – it’s not about Prince Andrew or Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes out in the open . Many people knew off his illegal behaviour . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated as Children get justice ? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing . 
Hello and welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast . My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran, and we’ve had another disappointing week of media coverage off this Epstein scandal, hasn’t it? It’s been shocking . Yes , there have been things like photos of Bill Clinton on Epstein’s jet . They’re out and about , but they’re not getting much coverage . No , it seems that everything at the moment is about Prince Harry and Meghan . And why’s that ? I wonder . 

Oh , are they being the fall guy for Randy Andy? Quite possibly . Because the royal family has a history of leaking things . And we heard this week how Prince Harry had actually sent through his plan on request and then it was leaked straight away . So the men in black, the firm , the suits , the courtiers who actually think they’re the royal family but aren’t a leaking stuff ? 

Yes , exactly . So that’s what’s happening . Ah , a lot off the commentary makes me absolutely sick . But the bottom line is if they lose the Her Royal Highness title, His Royal Highness . Why should Andrew keep his? 

Andrew lost his birthday party in his fairy bread . That’s a pathetic response to the allegations . He should be cut from the family taken off the public purse . Oh , he is off the public pose . Definitely off the public . The queen has to pay for him good and realistically charged and in full investigation and possibly charges if warranted . So he must be sitting back now, pleased. I can imagine him sitting there like Mr Burns from The Simpsons, rubbing his hands together. Thinking: “I’ve got that one over them.” 
But we are not going to forget . And that’s what we want to talk to you about . We’ve had an absolute influx of listeners . Thank you so much . We think it’s really important that good people are listening to this story and we’re hearing from the victims and we’re justifying what they’re saying because otherwise the mainstream media would just let it go straight through . They’re ignoring it . There are absolutely ignoring . At least they’ve stopped a lot of thie underage women crap they were pulling earlier and more likely to say you have Children or under 18 . But not enough attention is being focused on the true victims of this crime . 

The true victims aren’t Meghan & Harry, and it’s definitely not Prince Andrew , despite carrying on about him being victimised . Yes , I think he does actually think that there is no doubt about it at all . But he’s not the main story . 

So our friend Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein show is going to New Mexico soon , and he’s going to check out Epstein’s so-called baby ranch now . I told my husband about this this morning , and I had to say three times, I’m not crazy . I’m not making it up . This is true . Epstein wanted to start his version off the human race in that ranch . Impregnate young girls . It sounds completely insane , but it’s true . So he was either going to service these women already or had sperm banks set and was hoping to disseminate his sperm across the globe . Yes , apparently that was the plan . Why ? Because If you look at all the scientists that he was friends with, it’s about eugenics . And he thought himself he was the perfect human being . So if he impregnated these young, attractive young girls, there could be a perfect Epstein race which links back to his egg shaped Penis . It means it wasn’t a birth defect if he believes or believed that he was the perfect human . Now , sis , sis do though true teacher . 

So you know , there’s at the moment we don’t know whether the FBI , the local police or anyone whether they’ve been through the ranch , there could have been so much evidence there that’s just been passed over or moved off . So once again , the law enforcement in America has let the people down . Has anyone got a proper list of all the homes or islands or ranches that he owns ? Have they all been hit at the same time ? Police shoulder to shoulder should go straight through all these properties at the same time around the globe . Why do two Australian women standing in a laundry have to say that ? Why has it not gotten done before ? Now ? It’s ridiculous the things that haven’t been dug up when it’s quite obvious to us sitting here different times, different country, different hemisphere without the money behind us to go .
Why don’t you check this?  Because I’m hearing allegations that his house in New York he actually owned the place next door as well . Or that there were tunnels , whether or not this is just deluded crap that’s been thrown around to try and muddy the waters . But what is that ? He bought it for a very small amount , and there was links between the two places that were sealed . Well , probably nothing would surprise me. 
Now we did have an update this week on Ghislaine, who is apparently Mossad and FBI . They’re going to let her take the rap good , though , if Mossad was behind all this and she didn’t go rogue and she was following their programme well , awkward . So she’s going to be a sacrifice , but that’s not all we’re going to talk about today . 

Jen is also going to talk a bit more about Epstein’s autopsy , and I will talk a little bit more about something called dead-catting, which is what the Royal palace is doing with Megan and Harry . Dead catting is when you get a dead cat and you throw it on the table and all people talk about is the dead cat . Well , so at the moment , all we’re talking about at the moment is did he kill himself or was Epstein murdered.

Okay, well, at least the 60 minutes American 60 minutes has cleared up. Quite a bit of the talk of that . He’s still alive . He’s dead now . Michael Batten , who is the lawyer for Epstein’s brother, who was there for the initial autopsy . And he’s got a history spreading back decades with this type stuff . The man knows his stuff . He would see the lawyer or the pathologist . Lawyer lawyer . Okay , sorry . But he has setting on many autopsies over the ESA’s . Well , he has stated that the fingerprints matched Epstein . It was definitely his body . But after he went on 60 minutes , he also did a bit of a show on Fox with news extra . So little bits , extra bits and pieces have come out . But while it’s cleaned up the fact that it was definitely his body, everyone’s now going while that he didn’t kill himself . All the evidence that was put forward . The breaches in protocol . 
It’s all pointing to other person group’s involvement now . A bit of a trigger warning here because I managed to find Autopsy photos leaked from a nice Russian site . I think they were Really ? Now, when someone dies blood pools.

Hi this is Lisa from the Prince and the Pervert with an update. The files with thousands of pages relating to a defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell will not be made public. 
U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska determined in an 11-page ruling Monday that the documents do not fall under the legal definition of “judicial documents” and therefore are not subject to the presumption of access by the public.
Preska previously ordered the released a trove of documents relating to Epstein the day before he died.
What a coincidence! We are bummed out but we will be back! Thanks for listening.