Will Ghislaine Maxwell get bail at her arraignment tomorrow?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell get bail at her arraignment tomorrow?
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🍿🍿🍿🍿 Prince Andrew will launch an extraordinary public fight back after US authorities requested for him to be quizzed over the Epstein affair.🍿🍿🍿🍿

The Daily Mail reports: “It is understood his team will publish a full account of their dealings with the Department of Justice. 

The Mail has been told that the duke’s legal team is ‘at the end of its tether’ and has ‘tried to play a straight bat’ with US officials, only to be greeted by leaks and innuendo.

A source close to the duke’s legal team told the Mail last night: ‘Legal discussions with the Department of Justice are subject to strict confidentiality rules, as set out in their own guidelines.”

Here’s Lisa’s two cents on this development:

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POST EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen Jeffrey Epstein biography surfaces – News – The Palm Beach Post

POST EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen Jeffrey Epstein biography surfaces – News – The Palm Beach Post – West Palm Beach, FL

“To those in the scientific, education, wellness, and civic communities who have benefited from his largesse, he is an unparalleled patron seeking nothing for himself.

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‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ Review

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ Review

This docu-series will not please everyone. Especially this point, which is well made by the Hollywood Reporter:

“Why are there myriad specific accusations against Epstein “companion” Ghislaine Maxwell, but a group of women accused in nebulous terms of procurement are never discussed in real detail and don’t even provide statements? Why is only one former Epstein employee here from the notorious “Pedophile Island” (or other properties where servants were plentiful, but documentary participation is absent) and what governed what he was able to discuss? What allowed Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Harvey Weinstein to be named as representative high-rollers in Epstein’s sphere, but only in very limited contexts and with limited implications of criminality?”

As for me (Lisa), at this stage I’m grateful it was made and my expectations were low but open.

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Ghislaine Maxwell seeks court delay due to Epstein probe – New York Daily News

Ghislaine Maxwell can’t be questioned under oath about a lawsuit filed by a Jeffrey Epstein accuser because she is under criminal investigation, an attorney for the accused madam writes in new papers.

I call bullshit. There’s no criminal investigation other than the one against the Epstein guards.

Where are you Ghislaine Maxwell #jizzstain?
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The making of ‘Prince Charmless’: New Prince Andrew biography paints unflattering portrait – NZ Herald

Biographer Nigel Cawthorne asks how the past ‘Prince Charming’ got where he is today.

Back in the 1980s, the poster boy for the monarchy was a young man who rivalled Princess Diana in the popularity stakes. At his public appearances, girls screamed and even fainted — it was Beatlemania all over again, according to one commentator.

Month after month, there were gushing tributes to Prince Andrew’s “movie-star looks”, his straightforwardness, his enviable self-confidence. On top of all that, he was viewed as a military hero who had put his life on the line for his country.

Yet now, according to recent polls, Andrew is unquestionably the least popular member of the Royal Family. His now-notorious Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis — in which he defended his friendship with the American paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and failed to express sympathy for the multi-millionaire’s victims — has led to much mockery and disbelief. Corporate sponsors have deserted him. Charities no longer clamour for his patronage. Even the Queen, Andrew’s greatest supporter, bowed to the inevitable: she told him he’d be losing his £249,000 taxpayer-funded salary and could now appear in public only at family events.
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Big News: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Receive Amicus Support in the Eleventh Circuit

(Amicus – Someone not a party to a case who submits a brief and/or presents oral argument in that case.)

The key issue at this point in this long-running litigation is whether the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA) extends any  protections to crime victims before the formal filing of federal criminal charges.

Ms. Wild has argued that, for example, the CVRA’s right to confer with prosecutors can apply before the filing of an indictment–a position supported by the Fifth Circuit and the district court in this case, as well as by a law review article I co-authored on the subject six years ago.
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Co-executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate faces questioning: source – New York Daily News

Darren Indyke is scheduled to be deposed by attorneys representing Epstein victims on June 22. It is perhaps the first time Indyke has been questioned under oath about more than two decades of work as Epstein’s lawyer.
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International model reveals what Prince Andrew REALLY did inside Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion

The latest allegations were made by a woman from Eastern Europe.

She said: ‘It seems to me that Epstein used Prince Andrew to attract women.’ The source claimed Andrew was perfectly at home in the huge townhouse.

‘Andrew behaved like he felt himself at home there, he was even going to the kitchen where people were cooking meals… he moved around the house like it was his.’

So Andy wasn’t there for the reasons he stated.

We imagine he said: “I am here to break up with you, Jeffrey, but after I have a foot massage, watch a So Andy wasn’t there for the reasons he stated. We imagine he said: “I am here to break up with you, Jeffrey, but after I have a foot massage, watch a movie, chat with the chef, and sleep for six days in your royal-themed room.”

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Jeffrey Epstein Chef Gets Easy Ride on Joe Rogan’s Show So We Strike Back

So you have Jeffrey Epstein’s former chef on your high-rating podcast & what do you ask?

Well if you are Joe Rogan, you will ask the chef, Adam Perry Lang, absolutely nothing about his dead pedophile boss.

It seems there’s another rule for Joe Rogan’s mates.

Mr Perry Lang worked for Epstein from 2000 to 2002 but claims he knew nothing of his crimes. But like so many people, including two presidents, he had no idea what the child abuser was up to.

The chef was supposedly just grilling fish and grinding up rocks for Ghislaine Maxwell’s #JizzStain’s consumption.

Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre said yesterday she had asked the chef for help to bring to light the Epstein offenders.

But Perry Lang, who is Jimmy Kimmel’s BFF, refuses to help, according to Ms Roberts Giuffre.

The chef now runs a fancy restaurant (named after himself) in Los Angeles and another in Orange County but he won’t sit down for lunch with Virginia.

We’d love to hear why this man refuses to assist victims of sex trafficking, as alleged by Ms Roberts Giuffre.

What kind of man are you, Adam Perry Lang?

But Joe Rogan only asked the chef about meat, which is strange because the podcaster is very outspoken about Epstein.

Can’t you talk about meat and Jeffrey Epstein?

So we’ve decided to send Adam Perry Lang some feedback via TripAdvisor. Here’s our review of his restaurant (pictured).

You can do so too. To review Adam Perry Lang’s APL restaurant just click here. It’s social justice in action. Karma on the march.

As for Adam Perry Lang, deal with it, mate.

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