Sky News apologises after Prince Andrew pictured during Madeleine McCann report

Social media users erupted after the broadcast when Prince Andrew was pictured as the story on the Madeleine McCann murder suspect was introduced. See video below:

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The Strange Friendship of Jeffrey Epstein & Harvey Weinstein, plus Fergie, Prince Andrew & new book

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances & committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablers and will the women who are violated as children get justice?


Just a reminder about this podcast the content can be disturbing.

In this week’s episode, we have a giveaway of Bradley Edwards’ (lawyer for 20-plus survivors) new book about Epstein.

1. Was Epstein on steroids?
2. Why is Fergie upset & does it have anything to do with us?
3. What gems does Brad Edwards have in his book Relentless Pursuit?
4. Why is Ghislaine Maxwell’s spokeswoman increasingly under fire?
5. What is happening around the court on June 10?

Want to win the book? Tell us your most outlandish theory of where Ghislaine Maxwell is today. Email us at Snarkarellas at

Stay safe & well y’all.

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Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast. My name is Lisa Tait and this is my wonderful, wonderful podcast partner Jen.

Hello everybody, now Jen has been working very hard this week going places where no one should really go. Yes Lisa sent me off to search p***s pics yet again, this may not be suitable if you’re listening in the car and there’s children. Jen what’s been happening?

Has there been some news about Fergie? When did you get that Email where we sent the stickers? We organised some Prince Andrew stickers for her. They had arrived and were on the way to her office. If you have any other emails, no or yes?

I have just seen, a few minutes ago, The Sun come through with a story about Fergie calling social media uses to show some respect. She is saying that we all need manners. What’s that? I don’t know but do you think it’s the stickers? They weren’t rude, they just were like stop sweating princess Andrew and call the FBI. So basically what everybody says, yes and she saying in a quote from The Sun that people say things on social media they wouldn’t dream of saying face-to-face.

Oh come on! You’d say to face-to-face and I know you probably say some swears too. So then she goes on trolling online is vicious and hurtful. how much you just fine It’s a strange definition if she thinks a sticker was trolling. Well, yeah I think that is quite strange that two stickers would prompt her to get on the phone & call The Sun.

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Bobby from The Jeffrey Epstein Show Talks the Santa Fe Ranch.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances and committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablers? And will the women who are violated as children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Thank you, our secret artist.

Hello. It’s Lisa from the Prince and the Pervert podcast here. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those people who cannot pretend things are okay when they’re not.

So, at the moment, I’m a little bit annoyed more than normal because I’m at home. So, firstly, I was at Jen’s house this morning and we were in the laundry recording with Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein podcast.

We had a few issues with Zoom and the Internet kept falling out. Whatever, her laundry, it also faces West, so by the time we finished we were there for about half an hour were both covered in sweat and dying and dehydrated.

But that’s okay but when Jen gets home, the introduction that we recorded was totally corrupted. We sound like aliens. There are are issues with the main file, so I thought well I check mine not you can barely hear it!

So I’m redoing the intro here and she’s doing some magic on the interview with Bobby. Now to do this intro, I have to have a degree of silence, so my husband, I thought was minding his own business. I shut the front door and I just said: “darling, I’m going to record now, I’m shutting the front door.”

So I shut it & then I can hear him again, so I went out to me and he was on the phone, I think,  to my dad. So I said to him: “Can you please go across the road or into the backyard?”

Do you know where he went? Right next to my bedroom, which is where I’m recording from, so I had to go out and ask him again. But as I was coming back, I tripped on one of the chairs on the front Veranda.

I fell forward and landed in another chair now. I’m one of those people who has chronic pain all the time, so it wasn’t the best outcome for me. So I’m hoping this all works out in the end. Working from home is not what it’s cracked up to be because sometimes your workmates rebel.

But we were really pleased to have eventually gotten Bobby from Las Vegas down the line from to us near Sydney.

We think that you’ll enjoy it,  he is one of the few journalists who has been near Epstein’s “baby ranch” and he’s gonna tell us about the property. It’s virtually in the middle of nowhere. It sounds absolutely terrifying.

But he’s a wealth of knowledge about Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew &  he spends 14 hours a day on his podcast, sometimes producing three episodes a day.

As we said, with us to it’s a seven-day-a-week job, so I hope you do enjoy this and please look for the Jeffrey Epstein Show podcast in all your major platforms.

I hope you’re all doing okay, don’t fall over your front chairs on the balcony, it’s terrible.

Alright, all the best. enjoy!

Lisa: Bobby, thank you so much for agreeing to speak with us. We are fan-girdling our hearts out tonight. Certainly. There’s not a lot of us in the Epstein world.

Bobby:  And it’s one of those things that I try to drive home a regular basis, that this case is deserving of so much more media. Then yes that’s why I started podcasting.

Lisa: same with Jen & I because we are frustrated with the mainstream media. I didn’t want the story to die and before Prince Andrew’s interview, I thought it was going to die.

Bobby: It looked like they were trying to use their usual under the rug and make sure that the public only had just a little bit of the story and that’s the way the media operate in America. And everything so I am overly detached from any sort of legacy media influences at this point.

Jen: it seems a little bit different in Australia, in such as the links in the case don’t really touch. There’s no real main players here except for the fact that people now know Virginia lives here. But the royal family is of interest where because we are part of the Commonwealth, you know the Empire.  It’s starting to filter into all the women’s mags.

Lisa: our media has had a lot more balls I think we’ve got a lot more editorial independence and that means that journos won’t be told what slant to be put on their stories. 

Bobby: something I really respect that Australia in general, they are right you, guy. And Australians aren’t here and I think it’s really great how the Australian address because you’re in America as you well know there’s a symbiotic relationship between the intelligence and the media.

We have seen it over and over and over again in United States of America and now we’ll, they are so brazen about what they do. They don’t care because you’re not trying to be there.

I haven’t missed one single day, that’s my birthday, that’s Christmas, that is Thanksgiving, not one single day and I plan on keeping on podcasting.

Nobody would’ve ever expected because this is of me, it’s  so out of the realm of things. But it’s just one of those cases that once I started researching. It really is.

Jen: we’ve been having nightmares.

Bobby: I’m good friends with Maria Farmer and actually hearing the story from her, it is so absolutely mindbendingly disgusting what happened to these girl & that nobody cared.

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Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew & the Show Goes On.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. Epstein committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablersband will the women who were violated as children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

We are coming to you from Jen’s laundry. We have blankets on the windows, so for the next couple of weeks we are doing the right thing to help flatten the curve in Australia. So there may be a little bit of noise in the background. We are going to try being isolated & we do have more time to do this than ever. Imagine if time was a problem!

Yes exactly. I will have to make sure I don’t recommend any reality TV shows. But I found you a good one. LA preacher and it’s your fault, Lisa! You keep sending me down rabbit holes. I love it!

I want to do a shout out to my best friend Janie. I recommended a few things for her, instant hotel on Netflix. Have you seen it? Don’t tell me anymore, you don’t wanna know. Have you seen You on Netflix? Not yet – series 1 series 2 & series 3 is coming. You’ve gotta watch it.

So speaking of Netflix, you mentioned something about Netflix. Do you have an announcement? A few days ago, they announced they are going to run an Epstein documentary. Now I’ve heard different versions, either a four part or a 12 part series on the Epstein conspiracy. A 12 part. Can you imagine? That would be wonderful.

I would like that because I think that it gets a different market. One of my friends had a podcast about Keli Lane. It was called problem child and it’s wonderful listen, by the way. Keli was an Australian woman who was secretly pregnant three times. She adopted two of the babies and now one is missing and she’s been convicted of her murder. My friend she actually said to me that Netflix, it’s a different audience and you access different people. We get a lot of our information from Twitter, so these others may sit outside that social media bubble. You’ll get those people.

So Netflix said it’s going to be called Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich. Which is after the book by James Patterson that we both read. That’s a fantastic read and he worked with the Miami Herald journalist on that one. That was a broadcast journalist from Palm Beach. Oh, down there. Incredible. Netflix’s resources incredible, digging in researching, talking to people, it is a brilliant. I recommend you get Filthy Rich and there’s actually a link on our Facebook page to the Amazon. Go for it if you’re stuck at home & start reading. The book’s been updated. Now I told you I had to a get it sent to me from the UK to Australia. They weren’t putting it on shelves over here?I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went to Mclean’s booksellers in Hamilton and they ordered it for me, brilliant. I suppose it’s a really niche, yes I did think that there weren’t many Epstein obsessives in our town.

Well there are in my family, now but they usually rolling their eyes. So you see in my family, my husband says by rolling in coverage of Corona virus.I would suspect this is gonna have the link to Virginia Roberts. She is actually part of this documentary and she said the Netflix team were wonderful to her and her husband. They are looking to tell the world the truth of what being on behind closed doors. Virginia said she hoped the message reached the voiceless and gives them a voice. “I hope the message is clear to anyone that thinks no sex trafficking.” I think it’s wonderful and it’s fantastic the Virginia and her husband are involved and from what I understand other survivors as well. So I can’t wait for that, there is not a date yet other than 2020.

I am absolutely outraged again & we need an outrage button. Before I became an Epstein obsessive, I used to work in crisis and issues management. How was that relevant to Prince Andrew? Well not only does he have that heavy hitting team of lawyers, he also has one of the U.K.’s most as we call it successful spinners and this guy is good.

If Lisa and I ever get in trouble we’re gonna hire the people Andrew has hired. Yes what is the spin doctor? Well it’s basically reputation management and relationships are everything and there at the core of every project. More here.

Epstein News – It’s Getting Nasty in Prince Andrew’s World

Jeffrey Epstein obsessives, Lisa & Jen, are recording the Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast from their bunker aka the laundry.

In this episode, they tell how the Epstein story is taking another turn with leaks to royal reporters, attacks on law enforcement & the appointment of fancy spin doctors. 

Plus – What’s the Netflix excitement? Does it have anything to do with the Jeffrey Epstein case? 

They also explain what’s a Crownavirus. Plus does everyone need a Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain magnet or a Prince Andrew tote? 

There’s also more news on Epstein’s dodgy US Virgin Islands bank, where $12million went missing after his death. Who has the cash? #JizzStain? The money was transferred quietly into his bank by his estate.

Plus a blast from the past…Imelda Marcos & her attempt at image rehabilitation. Does Andrew need a documentary? (Save us!)

Who is the dickhead of the week? Why are they wearing a hazard protection suit?

Plus we talk drunken, rampaging convicts.

Listen to us here

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The Prince and the Pervert podcast is recorded at Rock the Nation Studios (most of the time, except while in the laundry).

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Epstein’s Evil Comes in Many Shades

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If you are following the Epstein criminal conspiracy, Twitter is the place to be due to the insights from independent journalists looking into the real story.

It’s a complicated case because there are levels-upon-levels of injustice, as it involves the top one-percent of people. Plus it’s not a case of left v right, Christian v Buddhist or Democracy v Communism.

The Epstein conspiracy can’t be sliced and diced into dichotomies because evil comes in many shades.

But I will warn you, once you go down that rabbit hole, it will shock, amaze and stun you. Prepare for your entire world view to be turned on its head.

The pigs well and truly have their snouts in the trough and they soon are going to be falling one-by-one. Well that’s our hope.

On Twitter, there is no binning of documentaries for three years, such as the America ABC did, while girls are still being victimised by Epstein, right up until he was arrested.

Here is one person on Twitter you should follow because Xeni is awesome.

You need to make up your own mind about this Epstein mystery.

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? Ghislaine Maxwell – where is she now? 

Want more? Here’s the latest episode.

Now Epstein’s Dead – Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell?

• 0:08 – 1:08 
Hello and welcome to the Prince & the Pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran, welcome, welcome. How is everyone’s day going at the moment? How are you? Well, it’s not a hundred whatever degrees Fahrenheit & we’ve had a bit of rain for the first time in months. So doing well, so that’s a bit more conspiracy and it is a conspiracy. It’s getting worse. I think some people getting nervous as well, Glenn Dubin, who was really great mates with Epstein, sat back from his hedge fund and there’s a few other things going on. Victoria Secret as well. Yes, they’re selling. Apparently. But that’s also quite controversial because people are saying it’s not really a sale, that the people who are trying to buy it are linked with Les Wexner.
• 1:08 – 2:08 
Anyway, so they’re going to be the front people and he’ll keep running it. Look, nothing would surprise me. Nothing would surprise. Here’s what we have for you today, thank goodness the survivors are finally getting some political recognition, and we’re going to call them survivors now because these women, they’re all a giant force of nature, they  are strong. People may think they’re pushovers. They may assume because of what happened to them as children, they are pushovers. But what they don’t know is they are strong. Intelligent women, and remember only a fraction of his the survivors have come forward. Yeah, only a fraction & is more coming. Yes, that’ll be a tsunami, won’t it. 
Also I’m sorry to tell you that Prince Andrew’s grounding only lasted 6 weeks, and where he crawl out of of? 
• 2:08 – 3:05 
Mummy, let him out, so more on that in its second now. I love the Internet because it never forgets, Jen. Have you found the wayback machine? I love it! Actually when we talk about Ghislaine Maxwell’s  ponzi scheme today it’s because that’s on the wayback machine. I got that from a reddit thread, so god bless the person that passed that on. So what I have is Ghislaine’s ponzi scheme. She’s like a low rent Burnie Madoff. Did you hear he’s dying? Yeah, I heard rumours. He wants to get out of jail early & that request didn’t go down well. He’s part of the 1%. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Orange is the New Black, you’re still yeah the biggest ever financial scam in American history.
• 3:27 – 4:27 
And also some smart person put a link up to Epstein’s old blog and there’s a list of things that he said he would cover in his 2011 Grants. Oh so giving to charitable foundations was he? Yes you wouldn’t believe it, and what type of foundations was he targeting? Well, you’ll have to wait and see like everyone else Jen. So Jen is going to also tell us how we think we can find Ghislaine because it just seems, despite the fact that Prince Andrew said he’d talk to talk to you authorities, he hasn’t. Why won’t you get Ghislaine, that woman knows everything. Get her to be charged and to you might know whether Epstein might have had a ninja in his bushes. Now, I’ve heard this and I think it’s hysterically funny. 
• 4:27 – 5:25 
Way back in 2008, when Epstein was under house arrest time for a while. It was 2008. He claimed in a letter to the state of attorney’s office in Florida that Mafia, ok get this, Mafia ninja were stalking him & he supposedly needed a security team. They’d found the mafia ninja’s licence plate. It was Sopranos 07. Would send someone who is stupid enough to drive a car with the licence plate that links back to someone in a particular Mafia family?
• 5:26 – 6:25 
Plus also they’re looking in the bushes. That’s a bit of a cliche, isn’t it? True. Maybe he was doing something else in the bushes who knows exactly but you can’t miss that bit. Jen has paper all over the floor where she’s been plotting about finding Ghislaine and debunking the Epstein ninja story. I’m all over this one. This is my type of thing. This is my time to shine, but I’m going to quickly talk about Courtney Wild and she’s spoken publicly of being assaulted by Epstein when she was 14, but she attended the state of the union address last Tuesday. I. was so happy. I got like those little Goosebumps when I heard that. So she was a guest at the state of the union of Representative Jackie Spearos apologies. She’s a Democrat from California.
• 6:25 – 7:25 
She’s put forward a bill named after Courtney. It’s a fantastic Bill and you have to remember Courtney spent more time in jail, then it’s been ever did because her Life Spiral because of the trauma inflicted on her it’s well known in the mental health and addiction circles. The drug addiction is caused a lot of the time by trauma and she had a hell of a lot of whatever caused her to end up in jail. Yeah, that’s once on you. It’s been
So this act will hopefully be called the Courtney Wild Crime Victims Rights Reform of 2019 and it seeks to strength convictions rights and prevent prosecutors from reaching sweetheart deals like the 2008 one which saw Epstein avoid the Federal charges.
• 7:25 – 8:25 
She was there to quote “send a clear message that women are done with being treated as second-class citizens in our Country.” Go Courtney Wild, so fingers crossed. Hopefully it gets through. I’m not sure to sort of sure how the situation is. There is the numbers for that bill, but good luck, and I hope it’s both parties. Get on board now. I feel like I’m sick of talking about him my apologies, but I’m minding my own business and suddenly on Twitter comes along a tweet from lu. JOW he is the British ambassador ambassador to the UK.
• 8:26 – 9:24 
And he had someone over for dinner who was that quote. I will quote him now the good ambassador at the critical time of fighting the Corona virus. I express my sincere Sympathy for Chinese people and pray for the speedy control and victory over a virus the queen said that gets who conveyed it or no. Really. I thought you was grounded Prince Andrew so we can go and you know to the Chinese embassy official business despite the fact. He’s a naughty naughty boy. Ok? I was listening on the way over here to Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein show. He just doesn’t care. I don’t think the queen does I really don’t think she does she thinks she’s so removed from any backlash or criminal charges.
• 9:26 – 10:11 
Send to I think so. There’s Andy out and about but what was more offensive was that 30 tagged along and Beatrice their old is Jordan a saving mean about Beatrice because I feel sorry for her having those to his parents, but look at Fergie with a big grin. She has a big grin. She standing close to Andrew as well to sort of bolster Andrew just a nice guy image. I think she’s like one of those truffle dogs that wherever there’s no doubt that it’d be right. Now someone on our Facebook page the prince in the pervert Facebook page. They said they think Fergie’s are sociopath.
• 10:14 – 10:43 
Yes yes yes you think so. It’s kind of has no Moral Compass and I saw recently a video. She did about World kindness day from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia be kinder to journalists Washington Post journalist. Don’t kill them don’t enslave your own people and Victor 30, but should go anywhere. You should go anywhere for a dime so.
• 10:45 – 10:54 
It looks as though the Chinese don’t care either they don’t they don’t have.
• 10:56 – 11:55 
The people’s representation that we do supposably in western democracies. They really don’t give a shit about a sex scandal in another country. No look this with completely tone deaf from the ambassador, and the other thing is the Chinese population who would have seen this release you know the ambassador. I’ve been with Prince Andrew the Chinese aren’t getting news at all about the Epstein scandals. Put it on Twitter and the response that was totally tone-deaf, as I said now Marie Hill he’s one of our followers on Twitter and she said it’s Fergie who introduced Andrew to Jelena just how friendly are they with the women accused woman accused of molesting underage utes. They also have children’s charities, which is something you’ve mentioned.
• 11:56 – 12:56 
Strange that all epstein’s friends run charities and foundations for vulnerable people give him a tub of decency that he supporting his his hanging around friends. Who would support children and sex trafficking. Is it about optics for him, or is it allegedly, about optics for them? Did you see yesterday? I came across that People magazine article from 2000 about Andrew’s 40th birthday, and it had that he was the head of a child protection society. I will put that up. I haven’t had a chance to put it in the blog the other thing that came up was he didn’t even with these kids most of the time. He said him and Sarah had to be he wasn’t Buckingham Palace the kids are in the nanny elsewhere, and Fergie was in America that made it big.
• 12:56 – 13:11 
Sarah was away he was there if he was away. She was there that that was their style of parenting and also one of his excuses for being a Pizza Express so therefore couldn’t he’s always.
• 13:21 – 14:21 
Right this is going off. I’m sorry Jen oh my goodness. We just had to stop then Siri like a go through a girl just came. It was weird. I think it would have been working on this so long that series trying to get involved as well, but we can’t pay you Siri and I found series never help. Have you had luckily Siri volume all the way down, but she’s still turned up, so I don’t know is it Spooks is it spies? Is it more sad? Who knows that’s what it is now. I’ll get back to it. All have foundations eccetera and Andrew yet. He got caught in. I think it a bit of a lie, because he is at Buckingham Palace and the kids are Elsa.
• 14:21 – 14:59 
Cos you’re he was pushing that I’m a good family man. I’m good with children die Co parent, and it’s obviously he didn’t know so speaking and charities the wayback machine found for me this week’s information on the Epstein foundation. Is that a nightmare anyone can have a foundation for what? I don’t know. We’ll have to think of something something. That is worth.

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Epstein’s “Heidi Fleiss”

There are no black and whites in the stories of the young women who helped Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
Hayley Robson was just 17 when she started recruiting girls for Epstein.
Court documents detail how the high school student brought teenage girls from her high school to Epstein’s lair to give him massages in exchange for payment. 
But here’s where I question her motives – in a 2005 conversation with police, Robson compared herself to “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.
Oh please. It’s nothing to brag about because the Charlie Sheen associate ended up in jail for tax evasion.
Robson, in 2005, certainly had no regrets about her role in the conspiracy. 

At the time, Robson denied that she did anything wrong. She insisted that the girls who were willing to come to Epstein’s house didn’t need any convincing.

That’s blood-curdling indifference.
Epstein first met Robson when she came to his house to massage him but she said was uncomfortable with his request and didn’t do anything sexual other than massaging him naked.
She told police she was then asked by the pedophile if she’d recruit girls, “the younger the better.”
Epstein gave her $200 for every girl he sent to his Palm Beach mansion.
But police were ready to charge her in 2005.
No action was taken against Robson by the police. She still lives in Florida and works as a waitress.
She’s apparently sick of people gossiping about her life, according to this site: 
“She may have been alluding to the Jeffrey Epstein case in a post from May 8, 2019: “I think you have to be a VERY weak individual to gossip about someone’s past esop where you weren’t even around, but definitely a twat to spread rumors when you don’t even have the correct information or facts to go off. Wise individuals go to the horses mouth, twats speak without knowledge##soontheworldwillbeinformedmystoryone.”
Okay then. Good luck with the next few months, they could be stressful. 

New Podcast Episode: Epstein News

Jeffrey Epstein News

In this episode:

Prince Andrew hits new lows as a human
The culture of sexual harassment at Victoria’s Secret
A new survivor demands legal records
Disturbing police video of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.
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Twitter: @lisaltait @ohreallytruly
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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August under suspicious circumstances. He committed these crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behavior. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing. 

Speaker 1: (00:32)
Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast. My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran and welcome to the latest happenings in Epstein world. It is absolutely going off, isn’t it Jen? There’s so much, so much to watch to read, to hear. I feel as though I’ve got information overload. My head has exploded. So anyway, we’re very excited. Today we’re going to have a chat with Rachel O’Brien on her podcast, so I will share once her episode is out. I will have that on socials because she’s an important part of this. And the more podcasters does it talk about it the better. I think we need to share the knowledge. We need to get the news out because then other people will hear and come forward with info that could help. Yeah, and also when we mostly good people. So I think it’s a smart thing to do. 

Speaker 1: (01:26)
You want to be on the right side of history with this one and you want to be able to say, look, I told my neighbor, I spoke to the doctor about it, or I spoke to a person around the corner. We want to just society to be aware of it, so more than hashtag Epstein didn’t kill himself. And also by doing this we can change the future. We can stop guys like this developing in the first place by giving, you know, parents talking to their kids. Just that. A little bit of difference, you know? Yeah, exactly. And hopefully we get to shake the elites up because this is, believe it or not, this is an intelligence operation. Well, CIA, FBI spooks. Um, the Russian, what are they called? Know I Ruskies well, bots, Russian bots. Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s called the Kremlin. 

Speaker 1: (02:22)
Oh yeah. Who knows? But a bit more on that later. I’m going to be talking, I’m getting sick of this about Prince Andrew. He’s come into new lows this week. He’s hiding behind his mother’s skirts. Exactly, her impeccably tailored skirts. No, I wouldn’t wear them. Not my style. She’s all right for a 93 year old. Yes she’s bloody good for her age. But still defending your asshole son. Yes, exactly. Speaking of assholes, I’m going to talk about Les Wexner and Victoria’s secret. Those poor models. Exactly. I mean it’s just terrible. But on the plus side, I note the survivor who has come out recently in the last few days and she’s demanding some more court documents that had been withheld. Go you. Yes. And also at the same time, and I’ll get into this later, four survivors sent a letter to Prince Andrew to call on him to cooperate with authorities. 

Speaker 1: (03:29)
Oh, I haven’t heard about this details, please. Okay, well we’ll get into Prince Andrew now. So I’ll just read you a little bit. Um, it’s on our website anyway, which is it Yes. One day I will get a proper URL up. Well it would help if read the blog before I turn up to the studio. That’s all right, Jen. So and Oh, we forgot also, where are we coming from today, Jen? We’ve gone punk again wearing at rock the nation in Newcastle. Shout out to the [inaudible]. It was his birthday yesterday. Yup. Yup. I think he was a long, I don’t know, 25 25 we’ll do Milad. Anyone who sponsors us, we will make up an age that you approve of and we will stay to it over the airwaves. So if you want to be 25, I say want to be at the time, you know you might want to be 87.

Speaker 1: (04:31)
They’re nice. Anyway, heres the open letter: Prince Andrew, the world is watching. You have been blessed with the privilege life and with the ability to influence and create positive change. Please help the U S authorities in anything you might have observed in your time spent with Jeffrey Epstein. That’s not that unreasonable. That’s actually a really nice way of making contact with him. They’re not saying you’re an asshole and you did all this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They are saying he can come forward with info without implicating himself. He, he would have seen just to Sydney. Um, Cindy McCain said down in Florida, we all knew, we all saw, who knew Cindy. I want names, put them on a list and send them to me because the circles she hangs out in late. Huge. We’re talking point out five of the 1%. We’re talking Washington political players, billionaires, they all knew, maybe it companies, they all knew. 

Speaker 1: (05:35)
Say that’s one example. And why were the media companies sitting on stories they journalists had been following and working on and all of a sudden they stories were squashed. Why? Well, aBC and Amy Robart. She said I had it all, but I was told, please Jeffrey Epstein, no one knows who he is. And then the royal family came in and put the heavies on them and said, well, if you want to speak to William and kite, you want Romney’s all because no one knows who it’s Deniz. But that, you know, it’s ridiculous. Backing him knew him. Yes, quite well. But Prince Andrew, this white hit a new low. Hey, described Virginia. You fried Roberts. Who is, um, one of the main abstain. Oh, I suppose she’s an activist now, but she’s a survivor. Um, all vape stain and um, Prince Andrew questioned her mental health in an email to a friend of his said she was quite sick. 

Speaker 1: (06:43)
May I know who’s sick. And it’s not Virginia. That is offensive. That’s what they do is to do to women in the old days. Oh, well she’s doing something. I it like you family can send you off to an asylum. How to get rid of the misses when you bought up syndrome. Discredit her mental wellbeing, discredit her intelligence, her morals. Andrew, you’re a sick fucking bastard. Exactly. And he also made, and Calla breast kit’s a joke and it was so bad. The daily mile, the daily mile, he couldn’t run it. So what was it, Andrew? Because I want to put it on a tee shirt. Well, actually, Jane, um, art can build the one to fond it. I’ve tried to find it. It’s something about breast cancer and breastfeeding. All, I think, I know that he’s sucked down so many titties. He’s cancer free or sight or something. 

Speaker 1: (07:38)
I’ve got to look, anyone finds it, contact us. Cause I want to make a run a shirts and then you know, quoted Prince Andrew. Yeah. And then on the back something I stand with them Austin with the girls. Yeah, that would be good. Um, that’s an excellent ADI. Oh, I do love on tee shit. Well not for humiliating Prince sander whenever we can. We’ll, he did a fairly decent job of it himself with that bloody puppet. Exactly. But we’ll just go into, um, the allegations. So that’s Prince Andrew’s that were from a series of messages between the Jacob York and a friend property tycoon, David Rankin. And he sent them on to, he’s dead and they’ve been late. I love good luck. Well that bothered bum bum. Some of them would sign, not all of them share out to our lovely listeners in the UK. I’m sorry if that was offensive. 

Speaker 1: (08:37)
It just came off the top of my head. Um, okay. So the jib said the message in 2011 to mr Roland who described it as the lightest email from his role harness, his dad actually said, who got the email? Yeah. He’s not early. His nuts, absolute knobs. So he’s made, um, it’s called Virginia crazy. A joke about breast cancer made a weird reference to the British government in the context of the scandal. So it was like, Oh, well, um, we may need to get her Majesty’s government onto it, but mommy doesn’t run the government. No. ABI, unless there’s some UK politicians of that year involved with Andrews little, that’s what made me think so. He doesn’t mean the Quain won’t intervene. What he actually means is, um, that they’ve got friends in high places, but we know that, but it’s totally nonplussed about it all. Well, it’s basically what can I do about it? 

Speaker 1: (09:44)
You know, the maybe is not seen since I’m relaxed about it. It’s no time now to duck your head down. I’ve got to get on with it. So, um, that’s bizarre. He’s just honestly things we’d call him a Teflon. The stains just roll off him. Yeah. Teflon. Yeah. The shit doesn’t stick. Sorry. So, but as for the four women who was saying you have a chance to be on the right side of history, the world is watching and we are what and good on you girls. We’re behind you. Exactly. That’s why we’re doing these. Um, so they support women have been through absolute hell and wouldn’t surprise me if Virginia’s had to have some counseling after being exposed to abstain de [inaudible] and um, July in Maxwell. Well hopefully that she has managed to have the therapy or counseling that she needed off to that, but she made a second lot with the crap they now throwing at her, at her trying to do sweated up the fat. 

Speaker 1: (10:50)
She had to tweet that she was in sound mental health and was not at all suicidal. Just speaks volumes. Yes it does, doesn’t it? And um, I don’t think it’s actually a bad thing to say can help for your mental health. Maybe if, um, Andrew had gone to see someone, a bathroom being a filthy narcissist, things might not have ended up like this. Viewer, Andrew, if, Oh, if your parents or other people who were responsible for you noticed this and set boundaries. Yeah. You didn’t get everything you wanted. Well, there’s something awkward in the crown because what happened was there was a big gap between Clint Elise vis those two kids and the last two Keats and when Andrew was born, um, she said to people a whole, I’m really going to spoil this one because she was around a bit more than when Charles was younger. 

Speaker 1: (11:43)
True. And he, it, it comes across that he’s the favorite, that he can do. No wrong. Yes. And he has been an [inaudible] bit of a up child the whole way through. Yeah. That was like that brief period where he was a Navy helicopter pilot in the Falklands war. All the reason why he can’t sweat anymore. That’s right. What was it? Dolphin overload, which means now he made a sweat so it couldn’t possibly be him on a danceable sweating profusely. No, never. There’s been another woman come out who said she’s seen it, seen them at all. It’s fair to say Trump nightclub. It’s Trent trip four. That’s fine. Hi friend backed her up. I went to one of the lawyers, Lisa bloom. Uh huh. So more stories are coming out, more credible. Women are coming forward, but it sounds like they’re all just going to get trashed. 

Speaker 1: (12:40)
Oh, that’s par for the course. But can they call every call everyone out? Because there’s a lot of people now putting their hand up after wallet rings hollow. That’s the thing that Andrew, now he has lied so much. We don’t take anything he’s saying. And he was called out. Let me remind you, Jen, by the district attorney’s standing outside the front of Epstein’s house and house, the optics of that were fantastic variables standing outside. Those are iconic doors. I just love that. Yeah. Calling him out saying he’s not helping. He’s not helping. Oh, Andrew, you can all go to the U S you will be thrown in a lodge room or a small room. Yeah, exactly. You’ll have more to deal with than Ostara in American soil at you. Oh and thank you everyone who’s offered to send us American soil when we go and Trek Andrew down, I don’t know if I can be bothered. 

Speaker 1: (13:39)
He’s doing ISA disservice to himself. He’s just a vote. Yeah, we should go live just instead of calling him Prince Andrew, which should call him puppet Andrew. Well it was interesting. Last wait, um, one of, um, they brought a patrician squad from around that period, sort of the early two thousands, um, Hey timeout and said that July and time to visit once and she would visit him up to four times a day. It was regular. He sold them having a picnic under the Queen’s window at Buckingham palace. So there must’ve been on no, some kind of relationship. They are. Um, so she doesn’t go out full times a day and Andrew would written down and abusively side cause he’s terrible to staff apparently. Mmm. Yeah. Just send a straight up because I’ve also heard rumors that she didn’t have to sign in or go through security and neither did it stay when he visited. Yes. So they would bully. He would basically bully, um, the staff, they let him in the police. The security for Andrew must’ve hated Andrew. Yeah. Completely ignoring protocols. Live rotten. Sainter and I must have realized what it steam is like. Yeah. And she’s lying. Exactly. So she was there quite a lot. So who else was there? Jen, I don’t know. I know several was there a bit. 

Speaker 1: (15:13)
We know Jamie several, the infamous UK pedophile and, alright. Today one of the Queens chauffeurs has actually been accused of pedophilia as well. Oh, it seemed to me it’s just all through. Yeah. I mean that’s the thing that’s kind of like, you’re fighting a wall really, isn’t it? And they’re all protected. The money in the pal base protects them. Oh, absolutely. That’s why we’re doing this. It’s the protection racket. Well, no one else has a record like this. I wish we could. We have. It’s a war against the 1%. Now people are going to think I’m crazy because I said that. Oh. And we do live in a socialist nation. Great healthcare. Right. Healthcare. Yeah. And you know what, the country hasn’t gone broad covered either. Exactly. And we’re not gonna let Prince Andrew win or we don’t want him. No, no. He was in Perth last G of Shakara but he snuck in and that was very quad until he popped up here. 

Speaker 1: (16:19)
Exactly. It was very, very low key. I think everything is low key. Okay. I believe that. I knew this was all coming out well before he did the stupid interview. I think this has been planned by maybe a team all the way along. Yep. You know, worst case scenario. Then we do this. If you manage to pull it off, if we just go along like this and that’s why the Megan, you know, debacle was throwing up. Yeah, exactly. Meghan Markle. She was an absolute distraction to everything else. Now did you say rebel Wilson at the British film and television awards? What did she do? She’s so naughty. Um, she’s Australian. She’s a Coleman out. Um, she did a speech while they was William and Kate in the audience and she got up there and said, welcome. Welcome to the Royal. I’m Andrew. Oh, I can’t say that. Welcome. Welcome to the Royal hairy. And they did a bit of a laugh. It wasn’t too bad. There was a grimace at the start, but it did get a bit, um, crazy from there on in. I saw photos of the mall coming in and people were like side eyeing and there was funny looks on people’s faces. Oh really? Oh yeah. Well rebel also made a joke that, um, she calls her vagina a gifting wallet. [inaudible] 

Speaker 1: (17:42)
sorry. I know she covered everything. Really. She’s Al top gal. Exactly. So, um, let’s one for the Australian there, but that’s not really what can I do about Prince Andrew? Nope. Railing much. Or they’d be under the control of the coin or the firm as much as everybody else in that family. Yeah. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. Um, the other thing we need to go onto now is Les Wexner please the honor of L brands. He was also Jeffrey Epstein’s only client who gave the men now $17 million house in New York. He basically gave extinct, complete control over his finances. Just go for it. Might do business. Yes. And, um, Victoria’s secret, there’s always been, I always thought it was a big sauce. You know that the women walking down the catwalk with them, angel wings, I think Holly claim was one. Um, Miranda Kerr was one. So all that just sell who went out with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Speaker 1: (18:50)
She was one. So there’s been a stench about that company for a while. But before I go into that, what SA is now going to leave the company really, but it’s not just likely playing Juban and other billionaire. It’s nothing to do with Epstein. [inaudible] is a bit old isn’t it? You might be thinking of retiring if this didn’t hit well. What’s the base that you’re talking about? Well, that’d be to scandal. So the New York times, Ren I paced couple of days ago about the culture of sexual harassment at Victoria secrets and we all know that sometimes it stain and say that he was um, part of the staff there and he’d go and interview, um, women pretending he was glorious secret scout basically that, you know, you’re nice to me. I’m always on the lookout for models because you know, I work for him or work for the company and I say you and you’re underweight basically. 

Speaker 1: (19:54)
Yeah. So there’s a whole sexual harassment situation going on that involves Bella Hadid now. Oh, we love Villa. You know Bella. Oh, come home. I’m a housewife. Tragic. Yes. So that’s how we know her. Her mother was on the real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was accused of having Munchhausen’s disease, but she had long disease and was really ill herself. Exactly. But anyway, that’s just a, Hmm. Blast from the past. But anyway, this Bella, she was apparently getting ready and she’s a top notch model and um, one of the guys who works for Epstein, I’ll have to look up his name in a minute. I do have it. Hey was making terrible remarks about her and he was basically saying, um, because the tape, when they do that parade, it’s televised, right? So you can’t show too much a flash because of the, um, the commercial writing Concho, those nipples. 

Speaker 1: (20:58)
And so with the underwear it was like, Oh, I didn’t care what size they are, but ask the authorities, this was in front of her. If they, um, we’ll let her walk with those beautiful inquires titties. Dan the cat hold all. That’s appalling. She’s a model. Her body is her tool of employment. Exactly. It’s like, would you say something rude about an engineer’s computer or whatever or phones. It’s [inaudible] you’re treating her like she’s an object. No, no, no. It’s absolutely vital. Absolutely. And she’s young, really young and um, yeah, audit. You have want my kid in there if that’s the top of the modeling world. No, no, it’s absolutely not. Um, so the New York times calls it angels in hell. The culture of misogyny inside Victoria’s secret. It’s like a gentleman’s club. The way they carry on a pretty low class mom. But the company expresses regret only because it being cold out so that by their underwear, anyone, because it’s at the moment it’s still going into lays. 

Speaker 1: (22:14)
Wexner is um, pocket. But apparently word’s been getting out about wipe snap it stain and the whole Victoria’s secrets brand. But it’s also crushing because they’re not inclusive enough. That’s right. There is a huge problem where he just went refuse to have plus size models or trans models. Hello. When moving forward, there’s more than one June does. You know people, a PayPal, they not what’s between their legs and we come in all shapes and sizes be inclusive because if you aren’t, you’re losing market share. And I noticed that they haven’t been doing too well lately anyway, regardless of the scandal before this kit. So the New York times, they’re pointing the finger at a Mister [inaudible], he’s the chief marketing officer and he was saying as mr witness proxy leaving many employees with the impression he was invincible way paid three something very similar. I haven’t wait. 

Speaker 1: (23:16)
Oh, yet according to current and former employees on multiple occasions, mr Wexner himself was heard to meaning women. I’ve got a photo of them. I’ll just show you Jen. I’ll put it up. They look like they’re in a wet, wet museum. DAS so old. Yet they felt that there was a, one of the media team, not a model, videotape me. She was five foot 10 so she’s pretty tall, the on just four foot and she was only 140 pounds, which in Kalos is incredibly testing 58 and considering her heart, she would be classed as under white. He saw her getting food from a table during a work thing and told her to cut out the bread and the pasta, inferring that she was too fat. I high two fastest weight Heights. We do not lock it. Fat is nothing but for that hot and that way [inaudible] even though some people say that’s wrong, she would be basically spot on veering to the underweight side. 

Speaker 1: (24:23)
And it wasn’t her job to wear the clothing. Her job was to do the media, the promotion and yet he was calling her out on her parents. Well here he is, his name is Eddie Rez Resig. So he tried to kiss models. He asked him to sit on his lap, touched ones crotch ahead of the 2018 Victoria’s secret show. And guess what? They complained the models and they were never used again. And, um, Les Wexner that the billionaire founder and chief executive ofL brands, um, they keep being alerted. Haydel’s I said misogynistic thing around staff as well. So basically it was a nice, um, it was a business but also being run as a gentleman’s club and way back. I’m sorry we had to just have a little bright. I’m old and my batch, it’s a bit creaky. Too much nipple. That’s probably what it is. It’s got nothing to do with my sedentary lifestyle, I don’t think. 

Speaker 1: (25:29)
Never, never, never. Anyway, we’re getting back to now, uh, some disturbing signings this week of some video from the Palm beach mansion. What there was, was a massive dump of files. Uh, there was photographs, audio recordings and videos. Most of the info contained in this massive dump we sort of knew about. Anyway, it’s been reported on. Nothing really new came out except for a bit of a tour. Yeah. Creepy. [inaudible] what will we call it? He’s creepy wing of the house. Um, whoever he’s interior designer walls. I’ll come on. It’s July. Did anyone say the photos I’ll put up on social media or of her kitchen who has [inaudible] bowls that are just continuously brought rate. Even her teaching, her breakfast room has checked talls in red. The seats are all red, so it would be July and he did this pink carpet. Everyone see this soft pink carpet, these baby colors. 

Speaker 1: (26:36)
It just screams that they were trying to make these girls look even younger then what they were. It was all his satisfaction. Yes. So it is a bit creepy. You go up some stairs and then there’s some rooms off the stairs and one of them in about, I don’t know, I’ve had scientists. Okay. Mmm. It really fucking disturbs me. Do you want me to say? Yep. There were then just chase [inaudible] in rooms. There was bathrooms with desks in them and notepads and pencils. They were photographs that were incredibly, well put it this way, I had to blur out the faces of faces and other parts of these portraits, these photographs up on the wall, and then if it’s not horrifying enough, there’s a charcoal drawing of Jalane with her puppy dog. It’s weighed an out of context. So there’s row after row of these photos. 

Speaker 1: (27:40)
They black and white, South Bay, mainly black and whites. The girls look so young. I do so, so young. Of course faces are being blurred because I would victims and underage, but there was also a naked one of zine as well as apparently it’s six foot high and she’s on a beach or she’s laying down or something. Oh, but these aren’t normal people. They’re monsters. No, you don’t have rooms and hallways. Oh uh, photographs of naked children. But that’s the thing. I’ve always said that I ran it like it was a McDonald’s, didn’t they? It was like a process in and out. Get the girls in that I perform, get them out or get those girls. You don’t like to get more girls for you. I had an interview, it was actually on the eBay say TV podcast and they call it lady July. And someone was talking about, they knew her, but I didn’t know quite what she was up to. 

Speaker 1: (28:43)
And one day they were in central park and she’d just run up to girls and give them a number and give them hers. So I wonder what the approach was. I’m a modeling agent. Would you like to come and pose for us? No, she’d say, do you want to make some money? I now a nice man. You just have to give him a message. She was a bloody pimp. We call that bitch. She really, really was. But Bobby doesn’t like us to say that cause it implies the girls were prostitutes. Ah, good point. Thank you. Bobby Bass from the Jeffrey Epstein show. Um, so yeah, she’d run up to them like that and she was just surviving and looking for Jeffery. And she did actually tell this friend that she wanted to marry Jeffrey. So there was something going on there. It was the why to keep him by his side, keeping him happy. 

Speaker 1: (29:38)
She was still useful. Therefore part of his, while she was pro, you know, getting those girls. So anyway, these tasks is like the one in, um, y’all can had cameras every way now that’s creepy in bathrooms, in bathrooms. You can understand cameras on exit and entry points to a house in whole ways, you know, lounge rooms where people could break in, you know, those points. But in bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s just not marriage stuff. And the photos, the amount of photos on the walls. Gina, there’s a photo of the gibon go. That was, he’s gone daughter. He was obsessed with her and he used to help her with her homework. And um, he did piano playing and seeing this was in the letter that they wrote for him. That’s right. Cause her parents said he was an upstanding guy. He’s uncle Jess. But yes, there’s a photo of her. 

Speaker 1: (30:39)
I’m not gonna say her first name. I’m naked. Oh, the, the police of sane. I mean, come on. The parents must have known, well that climb that. So her dad had to step down from his million, a factory capital fund. Oh. Um, just, but he said it’s got nothing to do with Epstein bullshit. Um, and they signed, I knew nothing of what he was up to as C. Cindy McCain made it quite clear. We all knew, everyone knew. And she was mixing in the same circles and higher ones the aisle. So this is total 1% stuff over their heads. That’s what I think. Let the 1% ate bread. That’d be nice. That get old fat. I’d like that. It’s no, wouldn’t lock it. Oh no he wouldn’t. Um, so that is on mine. If you want to look at those pictures. Um, and some messy big document dump. I had trouble also seeing it. A lot of people deed I had no trouble, but I’ve got fairly decent internet. But the Wilson, anything I’ve been reading and reading are still got more to go through and just, you know, talking to people. Nothing new really has come out. 

Speaker 1: (32:05)
I don’t know. Was it a messy distraction? Another bolt of disinfection. So we’re all looking through all these files and something else is happening. You’ll way well, they were phone messages. Mmm. Um, did, that was the bad old. Nothing really new that we found yet or that we’ve managed to draw a link to. This means that hopefully something will come out of it. Oh, it’s absolutely writing information. I actually feel a little bit confident, but then the cynic in may is just like, yeah, just way. It’s just distraction. There’s nothing really there. But let’s say time will tell. Yes. And um, Jen and I really sought it. We’re going to be on Rachel O’Brien’s program. [inaudible] they suede. We’re doing it tomorrow aren’t we? The interview. And so when Rachel comes out I’ll make sure you can all listen to it. And apart from that, Jen, anything on your radar at the moment? 

Speaker 1: (33:05)
I’ve just got a lot of writing to do, so why? I want to find that of color jug that he might Prince Andrew. Definitely. So I’m going to be looking into that because I had a little bit more spare time. Now they’re not harassing Megan as much. True. True. It’s a little bit easier for you. So if you guys would like to join the conversation, um, where on Twitter? On Melissa L tighter you again. Oh really? Truly. That’s her new one. Um, where on Facebook? Just Wiki event. Abstain. They, what are we on the Instagram. That’s right. Well, I just think with Prince in the Perth and other websites, they’re just Google prints in the pervert. You can have a look at some of the research that I’ve done. Um, and also, um, Jen and I would love some tips. So please get in touch with us. 

Speaker 1: (34:00)
And um, I think that next week is going to be as interesting as this week after the fall of all these info. There’s something else coming. I can feel it in my bones. Yeah, I can too. And Sydney McCain said it’s coming lost weight, so fingers crossed. Let’s hope chin. And in the meantime I’ll work out a better descriptor nickname for [inaudible] July, July. Oh, I keep saying PIM. I have an account called a pimp anymore. Well yeah, look, it’s what work on it, Jay lane, but I have to tell you that’s not even the technical way of signing it, but it’s in my head now. Um, good line. [inaudible] yeah, she’s a Google. Yeah, she is. She does home passes in his spare time, I’m sure of it. Anyway, everyone have a fantastic week. Thank you for listening to us. Don’t forget to review us on iTunes. We would love that, but if you’re annoyed by us, instead of leaving one stir, just get in contact with us and we’ll try and fix it. We did do it. Try to do our best. Have a thought with this on Twitter. It’s fine. All right guys. Thank you. Bye.