“After Me, Baby, You’re Gonna Be Ruined for Anyone Else”: Donald Trump Refused to Take ‘No’ From Women—And Then From America Itself | Vanity Fair

He’s with Epstein,” says Jill. “People ask me what’s he’s like. He’s very polite to me. He’s nice because I’m the gatekeeper of the contest.”

“Of course, he had no interest in me because I’m 30!” she says, and bursts into a cascade of sarcastic snorts. 

So here are Trump and Epstein, the Caligula and the De Sade of their generations, giving a private tour of Mar-a-Lago to George, Jill, and six young women. Epstein has been at Trump’s place many times, Jill says, and lives just down the road.
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Ghislaine Maxwell appeal extension DENIED, her husband & Nygard screams “sugar is bad give me bail”.

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In today’s episode Judge Alison Nathan slapped down Maxwell’s request for a 30-day appeal extension, along with what’s going on with the unsealing of deposition and a raft of other documents in the 2016 Giuffre V Maxwell defamation case.

Alleged serial sexual abuser, Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard is demanding bail so he can continue his beauty regime of all things, plus he doesn’t like the food, especially the sugar, carbs and preservatives. He’s starving.

We trawl Facebook looking into Scott Borgerson, thought to be Maxwell’s mystery spouse. We try and work out if he is estranged from his family or if the referees for Maxwell’s bail were ‘true and frank’ writing about meeting her “new extended family”.

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Flashback: Epstein Case Impasse April 2020

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Lisa & Jen are pessimistic about this case, so much so Lisa consults a psychic intuitive.

They ask where the Epstein money is and are repulsed by Prince Andrew’s cupcake charity efforts with the loathsome Fergie.

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Peter Nygard pleads for bail citing allergy to sugar

“I stopped white sugar & white carbs,” the letter states. “Next 3 years (2010-11-12) remarkable results (as shown on photograph).”

But his time in Canadian lockup is threatening his progress — and the sugar-heavy jail slop is making him gravely ill, he wrote. 

Given his age and health conditions, he’s also a prime candidate for “a COVID death,” he added
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