Ghislaine Maxwell’s Secret Epstein Court Documents: Preview

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Welcome to the calm before the storm. It’s going to be a huge week if the much-anticipated secret Ghislaine Maxwell court documents come out in a few days. She has until Thursday to appeal a judge’s order from last week for their public distribution. From what we know, these documents, which include photos and videos, are explosive.

On the subject of the accused’s legal team, we also talk more legal action behind the scenes. Plus show us the Epstein estate money! Where has it been stashed? We cannot forget that this case is also about money laundering. 

Plus more. Link to the 2019 Maxwell documents

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Ghislaine Maxwell: lawyers ask judge to stop accusers from posting evidence online | US news | The Guardian

Maxwell’s lawyers cited current civil litigation between Maxwell and “many of the government’s potential witnesses”, saying numerous potential witnesses and their lawyers have already publicly commented about the case.

“There is a substantial concern that these individuals will seek to use discovery materials to support their civil cases and future public statements,“ the lawyers wrote.

Prosecutors said they’ll respond Tuesday.
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Will Prince Andrew be named in new sex dossier? | Daily Mail Online

Release of the documents would be a blow to Maxwell (right) as they feature testimony she gave after Virginia Roberts (centre) claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew (left).
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What Ghislaine Maxwell’s Court Document Release Means For Prince Andrew And Others In Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’

The triggering effect of the document release, beginning shortly, will be great. Whatever details this tranche of documents contain or allege, the resulting invigorated public scrutiny of that entire time period in Prince Andrew’s life and in his friend Epstein’s life will present Prince Andrew and his “working group” of legal and public relations advisors with a choice. They will have to unfetter their hitherto unhurried approach toward a more cooperative posture with the American authorities, or, somewhat likelier, they will have to figure out how to employ that process as cover for a more successful groundhog-backing-slowly-into-his-burrow attempt than they have been able to provide the prince to date.

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Judge to rule today on unsealing records in defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell – ABC News

The documents are from a settled civil case against the associate of Jeffrey Epstein.
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret testimony about her sex life could be released | Daily Mail Online

The testimony was given by Maxwell in 2016 as part of a lawsuit filed against her by Virginia Roberts Giuffre and is among documents that may become public this week.
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer seeks gag order in her sex crimes case – MarketWatch

A lawyer for financier Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend on Tuesday asked a judge presiding over her sex crimes case to impose a gag order on lawyers and…
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Ghislaine Maxwell paid $25k to Jacob Wohl to ‘smear victims’

Ghislaine Maxwell hired Jacob Wohl to smear alleged victims of her and Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Wohl has told in an exclusive interview.
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