POST EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen Jeffrey Epstein biography surfaces – News – The Palm Beach Post

POST EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen Jeffrey Epstein biography surfaces – News – The Palm Beach Post – West Palm Beach, FL

“To those in the scientific, education, wellness, and civic communities who have benefited from his largesse, he is an unparalleled patron seeking nothing for himself.

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The Duchess of Debt

Prince Andrew’s etc Sarah Ferguson now knows she did the wrong thing in accepting money in 2010 from a convicted child abuser.

But did you know she met that same pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, with her young daughters in tow? on the tarmac of a Caribbean island airport?

And she stayed with her daughters with another accused child sex abuser and Prince Andrew was along for the ride too.

She’s been enabling the Duke of York’s terrible behaviour and that of his pedophile friends for a long time.

Why does she do this? Is it for money or for acceptance?

There was a period a decade ago when Fergie was desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy.

So who did she turn to?

Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein, who was just out of a Florida jail cell.

Her story about avoiding bankruptcy has been spun to make Andrew look like a hero, when, in fact, all he did was ask Epstein, a pedophile, for $24,000 USD.

Did he ask the child sex abuser for the money during their infamous Central Park walk? Was the subject something else?

If I was to guess, I’d think they might have been talking about Prince Andrew’s expired VIDEO Ezy card.

Sarah has been enabling Andrew for years. She knows it and we now see how pathetic she has become over the years.

The Duchess is along for the royal gravy train and doesn’t care what she has to do or say to bail Prince Andrew out of trouble. Even if it makes her look insane.

There is more trouble is coming for Prince Andrew. Try and spin him out if this trouble this time, Fergie!

It’s time for you to shut the hell up or you will go down with the ship. Here are some #receipts.

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Bobby from The Jeffrey Epstein Show Talks the Santa Fe Ranch.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances and committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablers? And will the women who are violated as children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Thank you, our secret artist.

Hello. It’s Lisa from the Prince and the Pervert podcast here. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those people who cannot pretend things are okay when they’re not.

So, at the moment, I’m a little bit annoyed more than normal because I’m at home. So, firstly, I was at Jen’s house this morning and we were in the laundry recording with Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein podcast.

We had a few issues with Zoom and the Internet kept falling out. Whatever, her laundry, it also faces West, so by the time we finished we were there for about half an hour were both covered in sweat and dying and dehydrated.

But that’s okay but when Jen gets home, the introduction that we recorded was totally corrupted. We sound like aliens. There are are issues with the main file, so I thought well I check mine not you can barely hear it!

So I’m redoing the intro here and she’s doing some magic on the interview with Bobby. Now to do this intro, I have to have a degree of silence, so my husband, I thought was minding his own business. I shut the front door and I just said: “darling, I’m going to record now, I’m shutting the front door.”

So I shut it & then I can hear him again, so I went out to me and he was on the phone, I think,  to my dad. So I said to him: “Can you please go across the road or into the backyard?”

Do you know where he went? Right next to my bedroom, which is where I’m recording from, so I had to go out and ask him again. But as I was coming back, I tripped on one of the chairs on the front Veranda.

I fell forward and landed in another chair now. I’m one of those people who has chronic pain all the time, so it wasn’t the best outcome for me. So I’m hoping this all works out in the end. Working from home is not what it’s cracked up to be because sometimes your workmates rebel.

But we were really pleased to have eventually gotten Bobby from Las Vegas down the line from to us near Sydney.

We think that you’ll enjoy it,  he is one of the few journalists who has been near Epstein’s “baby ranch” and he’s gonna tell us about the property. It’s virtually in the middle of nowhere. It sounds absolutely terrifying.

But he’s a wealth of knowledge about Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew &  he spends 14 hours a day on his podcast, sometimes producing three episodes a day.

As we said, with us to it’s a seven-day-a-week job, so I hope you do enjoy this and please look for the Jeffrey Epstein Show podcast in all your major platforms.

I hope you’re all doing okay, don’t fall over your front chairs on the balcony, it’s terrible.

Alright, all the best. enjoy!

Lisa: Bobby, thank you so much for agreeing to speak with us. We are fan-girdling our hearts out tonight. Certainly. There’s not a lot of us in the Epstein world.

Bobby:  And it’s one of those things that I try to drive home a regular basis, that this case is deserving of so much more media. Then yes that’s why I started podcasting.

Lisa: same with Jen & I because we are frustrated with the mainstream media. I didn’t want the story to die and before Prince Andrew’s interview, I thought it was going to die.

Bobby: It looked like they were trying to use their usual under the rug and make sure that the public only had just a little bit of the story and that’s the way the media operate in America. And everything so I am overly detached from any sort of legacy media influences at this point.

Jen: it seems a little bit different in Australia, in such as the links in the case don’t really touch. There’s no real main players here except for the fact that people now know Virginia lives here. But the royal family is of interest where because we are part of the Commonwealth, you know the Empire.  It’s starting to filter into all the women’s mags.

Lisa: our media has had a lot more balls I think we’ve got a lot more editorial independence and that means that journos won’t be told what slant to be put on their stories. 

Bobby: something I really respect that Australia in general, they are right you, guy. And Australians aren’t here and I think it’s really great how the Australian address because you’re in America as you well know there’s a symbiotic relationship between the intelligence and the media.

We have seen it over and over and over again in United States of America and now we’ll, they are so brazen about what they do. They don’t care because you’re not trying to be there.

I haven’t missed one single day, that’s my birthday, that’s Christmas, that is Thanksgiving, not one single day and I plan on keeping on podcasting.

Nobody would’ve ever expected because this is of me, it’s  so out of the realm of things. But it’s just one of those cases that once I started researching. It really is.

Jen: we’ve been having nightmares.

Bobby: I’m good friends with Maria Farmer and actually hearing the story from her, it is so absolutely mindbendingly disgusting what happened to these girl & that nobody cared.

Want more? Listen to the interview on the Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast.

Bombshell Jeffrey Epstein Book Hits Stores

Hello and welcome to the Prince & the Pervert Podcast. I am Lisa Tait. I’m Jen Tarran.

Where is this Epstein Associate?

Now this week there have been some major bombshells in the Epstein case. The first is Ghislaine Maxwell, the festering brains behind this despicable sex trafficking operation, who wants to get her filthy claws on the Epstein estate. Jen will take you through that bizarre development. Clearly, these people are not normal. 

Ghislaine also sends a message to the world. Again.

We are also this week speaking about Epstein with podcasters Bobby Cappucci & Rachael O’Brien. 

Plus confirmation that the CIA was an Epstein backer, US AG Bill Barr was described as Trump’s “boy” & a lawyer’s creepy meeting with Epstein.

Plus a new book & more.

But first. We have a hater on Instagram! 

Now this is the second time Jen and I’ve had to record the first 12 minutes of the podcast because we forgot to plug in the microphone properly.

That’s me,  it’s on me upside down but me too & we’re just not coping well with our partners at home. Our children at home doing school, yes. So I’m actually annoyed about the close some contact I’m having with certain people in my household.

So when that happened, Jen, I had a little bit of a meltdown. I didn’t cry but I needed oxygen. I needed sugar. I had to go and sit in my car with the air conditioning on and watch Madonna in a milk bath. Now I feel superior and happy. Madonna is singing about fried fish, we are all going crazy.

The world is a different place yeah exactly and I’ll tell you what Jen knows her chocolate. Yes it’s important this time we need to look after our mental health as well as a physical distancing.

Jen and I now chocolated-up so we might be better, more entertaining, energetic. Exactly maybe we can put on as good as show Madonna? I will get some wine. Oh my god! Could you imagine a live broadcast?

I will be sipping on wine. Do people do that? I think we should. I know. I listen to a podcast called Watch What Crappens and they do live shows. Ronnie got in trouble because he drank a couple of drinks. It just made him a bit vague and not focus.

That would happen to me, I think. I get sleepy after half an hour. I think that’s me normally but if I was drinking I might swear even more. You think? So, yeah, it’s me.

I’m sure people can cope with it but anyway let’s get back to the saga of Jeffrey Epstein.

Now they’re been some major bombshells in the case this week the first is Ghislaine Maxwell a.k.a. JizzStain, the festering brains behind this despicable sex trafficking organisation.

She wants to get her filthy claws all over the Epstein estate, so Jen is going to take you all through that bizarre development. Clearly these people are not normal. Jen, they’re not normal, they live in a different fractured reality to the rest of us.

Good everyone is human. I want to see the focus on Bill Barr because so far all he’s done is institute criminal proceedings against the Epstein guards.

Plus there’s details of the lawyers creepy meeting with Epstein – but Jen is there any other sort of meeting that you have with Epstein other than creepy? It’s not as if you go to church or play cards with him.

Wasn’t Epstein a vegan or something?
But now back to Jen.

Bradley Edwards was Virginia Roberts’ lawyer. He has written a book on Epstein, Relentless Pursuit, which has been serialised in The Daily Mail. Edwards tells of a creepy meeting with Epstein.

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Edwards, the lawyer of 20 Epstein survivors, has penned the book, which is certain to be a major game changer. So much so that Ghislaine Maxwell has been communicating via her minion (again).

Why will it be a game-changer? There is new information about Epstein being a spy, plus a creepy meeting with the dead pedophile.

Plus Ghislaine is trying to get money out of the Epstein estate. We also decide they want a Ghislaine Maxwell piñata.

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Jeffrey Epstein Twitter FRENZY

WHILE the world was watching the spread of Covid-19 some unknown underling of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ‘alleged’ co-conspirator of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was filing in the Virgin Islands so Ghislaine could get her grubby hands on some of Epstein’s estimated $636 Million estate.

Ghislaine, aka #JizzStain, filed her claim quietly, five days before Wednesday’s (March 18) deadline.

As news broke of her absolutely selfish, filthy, underhanded and vile claim the #epstein world of Twitter fired up.

Lisa and I were fit to burst. Absolutely gobsmacked at the audacity of that woman. You could say we were so angry our rage was almost at ‘Carrie at the prom’ level.

Basically #JizzStain claims that Epstein said he would look after her and pay any legal fees she encountered in the wake of Epstein’s July 2019 arrest in New York. That he even put it in writing.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

However in his will made two days prior to his ‘suicide’ there was no such provision. Oh what a shame!

And if your eyes aren’t rolling hard enough at that, she claims, via her lawyers, that she ‘has incurred significant legal fees, personal security costs and other expenses’ because of her work for Epstein from 1999 to 2006.

Of course she needs to pay lawyers as survivors, including Virginia Giuffre and Annie Farmer, have been hitting her with civil suits for her ‘alleged’ role in procuring them to give Epstein ahem ‘massages’ when they were teenagers.

As for ‘security’ costs referenced by #jizzstain that opened a huge worm hole – was this about other powerful people threatening her because she knew of their involvement, or was she trying to imply the survivors were the ones threatening her?

Or was she trying to stir up some sympathy for her plight, especially after the news that Netflix would be screening a series based on the James Paterson and John Connolly book Filthy Rich which will feature the survivors? If you haven’t read it, grab a copy and go deep diving into Epstein’s past.

So how did we react on Twitter? Outrage, eyerolls, yelling and a rather large serving of swears. Naturally Lisa and I responded as we normally do in times of extreme stress, with gallows humour and low level trolling. Our ability to troll in any situation remains intact.

Below are some of the highlights as the various time zones woke up to find out what this hideous woman has done.

It’s all about you isn’t it #JizzStain.

Miami Herald journalist Julie K Brown is one of the first people I look at when I fire up Twitter of a morning. She’s an award winning journo and her work on the Jeffrey Epstein case is phenomenal, as is her editorial mate Kevin Hall whose story she shared on Thursday.

Not sure that the rumour you’ve seen or heard is true, then go have a look at her twitter feed to find the truth. She deals in facts not fiction.

I’m not the only one who thinks Julie is doing brilliant work, actor Rosanna Arquette also goes in search of her tweets, retweeting them to her 110.4K followers. Arquette has been loud in her support of not just the Jeffrey Epstein survivors but also the survivors of #Weinstein and the whole #metoo movement.

It was no surprise that the news that #JizzStain was going after the estate’s money would upset many people, especially the survivors including Virginia Giuffre. Yes there were angry words but not defeat, as Virginia and her many supporters turned to memes. Virginia is an incredible human to withstand so much already only to have #JizzStain ‘take the piss’ as we like to say in Australia.

Of course when it comes to shaming someone there’s no one as skilled as our own Lisa, aided by our ‘secret artist’. Our secret artist is a listener who loves to send us inspirational memes – oh who am I kidding, she’s a legend for using her graphic design skills to help us troll the main players.

And so the trolling of #JizzStain started. You’d have to be naive to think she isn’t sitting there trawling through social media looking for any mentions of her name. So as usual we like to give her something to think about.

So Lisa started a poll. Yep you can see I went for Israel, but so did most people. Joanna (another great Epstein twitter person to follow) thinks she may be her mate’s chalet. The mate being Prince Andrew.

Of course I had to have a go too. It’s only fair really. But I was also curious about her allegations of having to pay for ‘personal security’. The implication being that she had been threatened. Oh play me your violin #JizzStain.

So who was she finger pointing at? The survivors or those, yet to be revealed names in sealed documents or the redacted black book?

So that’s the latest storm on Twitter about the Jeffrey Esptein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew going ons. Of course we’re yet to find out where she’s hiding but I’m hoping that the Virgin Islands can help nab her. Denise George the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands is also after a slice of the Epstein estate for survivors, so maybe she can do what the FBI and New York judges haven’t been able to do.

So head over to twitter to find the latest each day as we inch closer to seeing some justice for the survivors.

You can find me, Jen, at @ohreallytruly and Lisa at @lisaltait. We’re always up for a chat on Twitter or you can email us at princeandtheperve @ gmail.

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You can also find us on Instagram @theprinceandpervert, Facebook at The Wiki of Epstein, over at Youtube, on Patreon and of course you can hear us each week on our Podcast, The Prince and the Pervert.

Stay safe, stay physically isolated and remember wash your hands to the tune of I Will Survive!