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Epstein’s Ex-Pal Steven Hoffenberg is Reported As Dead

What Jeffrey Epstein’s $460million Fraud Partner Told Us About the Money and Ghislaine Maxwell

Steven Hoffenberg, the man who said he orchestrated a $400million fraud with Jeffrey Epstein, is reported as dead.

Who was Steven Hoffenberg

Listen to The Prince & the Pervert Podcast and get the whole story.

  • Survivor Maria Farmer was said to have raised the alarm earlier this week when he wasn’t answering his phone.
  • Ms Farmer was close to Mr Hoffenberg, who converted to Christianity during a 20-year fraud jail sentence. The Daily Beast reported : “Maria Farmer called Derby police to check in on Hoffenberg, 77, after she failed to reach him over the phone. The two had been friends for years and spoke nearly every day. “He was family to me,” Farmer told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “I loved him.”
  • “Mr Hoffenberg frequently commented to the press about Epstein and had accused the financier of being a “co-conspirator” in his Ponzi scheme. In one 2019 affidavit cited by The Daily Beast, Hoffenberg stated, “Epstein has remained free and has used and benefited from the ill-gotten gains he amassed as a result of his criminal and fraudulent activities.”
  • Of Epstein: “He was my best friend for years. My closest friend for years,” Hoffenberg told CBS News of Epstein in 2019. “We ran a team of people on Wall Street, investment people that raised these billion dollars illegally. He was my guy, my wingman.”
  • The businessman said he was determined to make up for some of the damage his business formet partner had caused.
  • Epstein worked alongside Hoffenberg in New York during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. He told us he was sex-trafficker’s financial mentor.

Who was Steven Hoffenberg

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast spoke with Mr Hoffenberg in early 2020. Here is what he told us in response to our questions:

We report on the world of Epstein. Our 200 podcast episodes examine the life and crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

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Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

The Royals Are Gangsters with Posh Accents: Opinion

Dead cat strategy: Meghan Markle isn’t the only woman to have fallen prey to vicious palace media attacks – they’ve also come for a Jeffrey Epstein survivor, said a crisis management expert.

In a Clubhouse address, Lisa Tait, the cohost of The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast, said she’d seen the Royals go on the attack against the survivor, Virginia Roberts Guiffre.

Back in 2019, amid the Prince Andrew Epstein scandal, Prince William was also accused of cheating on his wife with close friend, Rose Hanbury.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 8E22315B-9760-4CE3-A6C1-56F8877EC616 Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

Interested in the Epstein scandal? Start here

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4473 Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal
Deadcatting source: Twitter

“The royal machine goes for the throat and it shows no mercy. They even made contact with an internet troll who has been harassing survivors for more than a year,” Ms Tait said.

“When these people leak against you, it’s vicious.”

Wikipedia says a dead cat strategy is the political tool of deliberately creating a media storm to divert public attention away from problems or failures in other areas.

Its present name for the strategy has been associated with former British prime minister Boris Johnson‘s political strategist Lynton Crosby.

And who better to point the dead cat finger of distraction at than a biracial, American feminist?

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1C863F00-D066-4DB8-A016-36CCDF61FFF1 Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

Ms Tait is an experienced crisis management practitioner. She worked for Hill & Knowlton in Sydney, has 10 years in-house PR experience, is a trained journalist and a former academic.

She added Mrs Roberts Guiffre believed she was last year slandered by The Telegraph and its reporter, Camilla Tominey, who stated the Epstein and Prince Andrew whistleblower was a “prostitute”.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*rueujlm5Cf3XWF0TxhYPCA@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*5FNKQvIWVHs87QICBXFzdA@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*Aiczixsrut9W03DODB-oEw@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*KGCHugeDoQ9PpdnX0eYvww@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

The British journalist reported Ms Roberts Giuffre was a prostitute who had “been on the game for almost a year.”

Dead Cat Strategy

Ms Tominey reacted defensively when criticism of her story took off on social media.

Moreover, Ms Tait was surprised by the tone of the reporter’s replies because she believed “putting negative energy out there does attract critics”.

“You cannot say inflammatory things about abused children online and get away with it when you have a huge platform,” she said.

Mrs Roberts Giuffre has been attacked by the royals and their spokespeople for more than a decade.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*4Hdmrn1mNbKUgma3QR5LTw@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

Dead Cat Strategy

The royal family are true survivors and they play hard, even against a survivor of sex trafficking.

Ms Tait was interested to see the royals on the backfoot, instead of leaking against a sexual assault survivor to hide Prince Andrew’s links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 1*AmnO9gRWYQmJi3HMbCWUzA@2x Embattled Royals | Dead Cat Strategy to Distract From Princes’ Scandal

Maxwell Ghislaine: Judge – I’m the Real Victim

Maxwell Ghislaine: After being locked up for almost two years, convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell steadfastly maintains she’s the victim.

She says she was persecuted by the US government, Jeffrey Epstein victims, the prison, her father, Robert, and the media.

In her quest to quash victim statements, her team is reverting to s$ut shaming and legal manoeuvres with one survivor, Sarah Ransome.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 0B682453-9B13-4869-838D-0AD7760C5C53-1024x269 Maxwell Ghislaine: Judge - I’m the Real Victim

Her team is trying to silence four victims from speaking at the 60-year-old’s sentencing on June 28.

Moreover, lawyers are arguing that four accusers’ ages mean that they are not “statutory crime victims” who would have the right to speak at sentencing.

According to The Guardian: ”In making their arguments, Maxwell’s legal team publicly included three impact statements… this appears to be an unusual move, as prosecutors typically file these remarks. This seemingly unusual move also means that Maxwell’s lawyers – not the victims and not those representing them – made the decision about when the victims’ words would be public.”

Maxwell Ghislaine: her sentencing document is full of lies, omissions and arrogance. There is not a word for the survivors, in our opinion.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is not an heiress, villain, or vapid socialite. She has worked hard her entire life. She has energy, drive, commitment, a strong work ethic, and desire to do good in the world. She has supported friends and family through tough times and personal crisis and currently is assisting women in her unit at the MDC.” Maxwell submission.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 18FDAFB6-D5C2-4A68-A73C-4CBC26AEFEF7-758x1024 Maxwell Ghislaine: Judge - I’m the Real Victim

In seeking 55 years jail, the government is absolutely not mincing its words:

“If anything stands out from the defendant’s sentencing submission, it is her complete failure to address her offense conduct and her utter lack of remorse. Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to cast blame wherever else she can. 

On that score, the defendant’s attempt to cast aspersions on the Government for prosecuting her, and her claim that she is being held responsible for Epstein’s crimes, are both absurd and offensive. Maxwell was an adult who made her own choices. She made the choice to sexually exploit numerous underage girls.

She made the choice to conspire with Epstein for years, working as partners in crime and causing devastating harm to vulnerable victims. She should be held accountable for her disturbing role in an extensive child exploitation scheme.”

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4841 Maxwell Ghislaine: Judge - I’m the Real Victim
Ghislaine Maxwell Photos

In her sentencing submission, the former socialite again claims she met Epstein after her dad died, when she was ripe for manipulation.

In reply, the government told the judge: “Although there are many unsettling aspects of the defendant’s conduct, what stands out from the trial record is that she worked with Epstein to select victims who she knew were vulnerable to exploitation.”

Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

Maxwell’s mother: the chilling Sliding Doors Moment

Elisabeth Maxwell: Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother was told her daughter was assessed as having “low intelligence” and needing psychotherapy.

In her book, A Mind of My Own, the wife of media fraudster Robert Maxwell breezily accounts tiny Ghislaine’s disruptive school behaviour.

It’s a chilling tale of an opportunity lost to save the youngster from her fate.

Moreover, the family says she was anorexic because her parents ignored her for the first three years of her life.

In a shocking Sliding Doors moment, Dr Maxwell re-tells the story with all the emotion of a ordering a pizza delivery.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2693-1-706x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
Passage from A Mind of My Own

Elisabeth Maxwell|Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mother

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 18FDAFB6-D5C2-4A68-A73C-4CBC26AEFEF7-758x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

What did they do to help her? Nothing, they changed schools to one where she was lauded as a high achiever.

Historian Ben Macintyre said his sister was childhood friends with the now 61 -year-old.

“Ghislaine was envied, admired, teased for her money, and mocked for her slow reading,’ he continued in an article for Air Mail.

And while Ghislaine did attend prestigious Oxford University , the consensus was that father Robert Maxwell had bought her spot.

Moreover, friends reported the convicted sex trafficker had problems with spelling.

Macintyre told how Robert Maxwell, the late newspaper tycoon, would invite school friends to the family’s home of Headington Hill Hall, where he would make them take part in reading competitions with his daughter.

‘However good the other girls were, he declared Ghislaine the winner every time,’ Macintyre wrote.

At nine, she went to Edgarley Hall boarding school in Somerset, but she was back in Oxford at 13 to attend Headington Girls’ School, where she was ‘very sporty at tennis, hockey and athletics’.

After her A-Levels at Marlborough College, a top public school, she joined her father’s Pergamon Press.

Elisabeth Maxwell

According to Oxford Mail, she spent her first years of schooling at Oxford High School for Girls in North Oxford.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2699-816x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
More about Maxwell & family from her sentencing submission
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2702-661x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy
From Maxwell’s sentencing submission; siblings Anne and Phillip

The Oxford Mail stated the convicted sex trafficker went to four schools before attending Oxford university with people such as UK PM Boris Johnson.

“At the age of nine, she went to Edgarley Hall boarding school in Somerset, but she was back in Oxford at 13 to attend Headington Girls’ School, where she was “very sporty at tennis, hockey and athletics,” said the newspaper.

Elisabeth Maxwell

After her schooling at Marlborough College, she joined her father’s Pergamon Press at Headington, “doing anything from typing to managing congresses”.

But as much as Maxwell’s legal team protests now, before sentencing on June 28, it’s hard to find anyone now who believes her tale of woe.

“It was very clear to me even as an undergraduate that she was interested in power and money,” says the writer Anna Pasternak, who was a contemporary at Oxford and moved in the same social circles. “She was one of those people at parties who always looked over your shoulder to see if there was somebody more powerful or more interesting while she was air-kissing you.”

Rachel Johnson, the UK prime minister’s sister and another Oxford contemporary, raised eyebrows when she recalled spotting Ghislaine Maxwell across the Balliol junior common room – “a shiny glamazon with naughty eyes holding court astride a table, a high-heeled boot resting on my brother Boris’s thigh.”

But these days even her best friend is avoiding her

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_2697-766x1024 Elisabeth Maxwell: Rowdy Ghislaine Kicked Out of Kindy

The book is out of publication but we managed in 2020 to find a second-hand copy on EBay.

Elisabeth Maxwell Ghislaine Mother

Ghislaine Maxwell Prison

Will Lloyd, a reporter from Unherd, was in the courtroom and offers a reminder of who the trial was really for, the victims seeking justice:

“The women sobbed; it sounded like the air around them was being eaten by the sadness they felt. We learned that post-Epstein, Carolyn went on to become a drug addict, prostitute, and single mother. Facing Maxwell a few weeks ago, she pointed at her and shouted: “You broke my soul.” 

If Ghislaine still had a soul it was well hidden in the courtroom – Will Lloyd.

But Lloyd also touches upon Maxwell’s immaturity, or what we describe as something like arrested development:

“The accusers’ testimony suggests that Ghislaine seemed young in herself. She offered wooing gifts: preppy shirts, loafers, Victoria’s Secret underwear, cashmere sweaters. They become friends with her in malls and cinemas. Their ages when Ghislaine allegedly facilitated, and occasionally participated in, Epstein’s sexual abuse of them, were: fourteen, fourteen, sixteen and seventeen. Jane, Carolyn, Annie, and Kate.”

Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

Caviar Diplomacy Prince Andrew enjoyed “caviar diplomacy” from autocratic nations, including lavish hospitality, private flights and a blind Russian masseuse.

  • Prince Andrew: The Azerbaijani dictatorship was using a full-spectrum influence campaign to sway Western opinion in its favour.
  • Since 1991, about 20 billion pounds was invested by the UK into the former Soviet state, according to the Daily Mail.
  • Moreover, the royal met with the autocratic president of Azerbaijan 12 times.
  • Caviar diplomacy is used to improve a country’s image in the eyes of the world.
  • Plus there were reports of Azerbaijan lobbying of Prince William and Prince Harry to host a polo match in the country.

Caviar Diplomacy: The former soviet nation courted the Duke of York with lavish hospitality and declared him the “Dear Guest”, travel records, media reports and anti-corruption reports show.

The Duke of York’s Other Unsavoury Diploatic Contacts

Prince Andrew – the Caviar Trade Rep

Date Country WhoReasonMediaConflict
2001UKPrince Andrew roving trade ambassador Appointed as roving trade ambassador. Went to NYC weeks after Sept 11 attacksttps://www.bbc.com/news/uk-14235330hSeptember 11
2007/2008LibyaPrince Andrew meets Col Gaddafi & son Saif Al-Islam. Duke meets dictator three times in 2008 & is photographed on yachts owned by Libyans. One of Andrew’s trips to Libya in 2007 was official business. It was for five days.Andrew demands a briefing with UK Serious Fraud Office on BAE Saudi bribery claims. “Two senior SFO sources confirmed that BAE case-handlers had protested in strong terms at the time at the request for a briefing by Prince Andrew, and insisted that he only be given publicly-available information. “They all thought the request was well out of order,” one said. They felt “very uncomfortable”. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/nov/30/prince-andrew-wikileaks-cables◀️◀️Arab Spring
2009Libya Azerbaijan TunisiaLibyan gun-runner and friend of Prince Andrew ‘gave Princess Beatrice £18k necklace’ before the Duke allegedly lobbied British company for him. The gift-giver, Tarek Kaituni, spent several years on remand in a Paris jail for smuggling a gun before he was given a two-month suspended sentence, and fined 10,000 Euros a year later. Andrew, who continued to visit Libya and party with Libyans.In 2011, Andrew met with MP to discuss “Azerbaijani trade.” The duke was a constant visitor to the nation. While trade envoy and after.

He met with President Ilham Aliyev, a man described by The Daily Mail as a despot, on more than a dozen occasions.

Despite growing concern over his willingness to establish business links with foreign dictatorships from the Middle East to central Asia, the Duke of York met Mark Field, Tory MP for Cities of London and Westminster and chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on Azerbaijan, at Buckingham Palace and asked for support in parliament and Whitehall for British investment in Azerbaijan.“None of this seemed to bother Andrew, who enjoyed a four-day holiday in Tunisia with Kaituni in November 2008, shortly before visiting Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli.

Calling for the Duke to lose his role, Labour MP Chris Bryant told the House of Commons: “Isn’t it especially difficult to explain the behaviour of the special ambassador for trade who is not only a close friend of Saif Gaddafi but is also a close friend of a convicted Libyan gun smuggler, Tarek Kaituni.”
The common link between the Prince and the gun runner? The alleged fraudster who gifted Prince Andrew more than £1 million ($1.3 million) was introduced to him by a convicted Libyan gun smuggler.   https://www.arabnews.com/node/2055996/world 

Tony Blair had a private meeting with Prince Andrew in 2009 after they stayed in the same hotel in the  notorious former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

On this occasion, Andrew was on a private three-day visit ‘with an element of work’, but has previously established a wealth of contacts while promoting British business interests in his special envoy role.
News said gun runner wanted Andrew to lobby for him in the UK. It was also claimed Andrew courted Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi at Buckingham Palace. Why? Money? Trade? Plus he hosted the Tunisian dictator’s son-in-law at the palace in 2011.  Met with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, a man described by The Daily Mail as a despot, more than a dozen times. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2833917/Prince-Andrew-secretly-flies-Azerbaijan-meeting-president.htmlhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1370629/Libyan-gun-runner-friend-Prince-Andrew-Tarek-Kaituni-gave-Princess-Beatrice-18k-necklace.htm.                   https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17693751/prince-andrew-links-libya-gaddafi/                             https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.
theguardian.com/uk/2011/mar/09/prince-andrew-lobbies-azerbaijan      https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1233533/Blair-Prince-Andrew–private-meeting-Azerbaijan.html ok
Arab spring.Azerbaijan constantly fighting with neighbours. Tunisian dictator overthrown.
2008 onwardsKazakhstanAccording to The Times: “Andrew’s dealings with the oil and gas-rich former Soviet republic have multiplied in recent years. Since 2003 he has paid three social visits to the country.”

He dined with the ex-President in 2008 in a VIP section of a five-star resort in Egypt, said The Times.
The East Asian nation’s tentacles are now deep inside the United Kingdom’s trade system. 

The Prince was also, until recently, the Honorary Patron of the British Kaazch Society.

The royal repeatedly visited Kazakhstan for his own reasons, too. He was there on another “private” visit in 2008, according to his spokesman.
The ex-president’s son in law bought his unwanted martial house.Bloody Tuesday crackdown 2022. The regime is described as a kleptocracy, essentially stealing from its people.https://jeffreyepsteinpodcast.com/2022/03/23/latest-prince-andrew-news-the-other-photo-he-didnt-want-you-to-see/
2014AzerbaijanAndrew censured for sneaking off twice to meet with despotic President. The Duke of York flew by private jet to meet Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev. The Billionaire despot has been accused of appalling human rights abuses.

Prince Andrew stayed in the room capital, Baku, during his ‘private’ four-day trip. “Details of the trip only emerged after a British Government source tipped off the pressure group, Platform, which campaigns against social and environmental abuses associated with the energy industry.

Its spokesman, Emma Hughes, accused the prince of having a ‘cosy relationship’ with President Aliyev and demanded to know in what capacity he was visiting Azerbaijan.”  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2833917/Prince-Andrew-secretly-flies-Azerbaijan-meeting-president.html

It has grown increasingly close to President Aliyev, 48. He is also said to be friendly with his wife Mehriban and daughters Leyla and Arzu.
“The regularity of his visits have also led media in the former Soviet state to speculate that the Queen’s son may have business links to the oil-rich state, including a golf resort on the Caspian Sea. Buckingham Palace has vehemently denied this.”  https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2833917/amp/Prince-Andrew-secretly-flies-Azerbaijan-meeting-president.html (note: a resolution adopted by the European Parliament in September 2015 described Azerbaijan as “having suffered the greatest decline in democratic governance in all of Eurasia over the past ten years,” noting as well that its dialogue with the country on human rights has “not made any substantial progress.”) In 2016, Azerbaijan was harshly criticized for bribing foreign officials and diplomats to promote its causes abroad and legitimize its elections at home, a practice termed Caviar diplomacy. (Source: Wikipedia) Local media in Azerbaijan have speculated that he has business links in the region, including a golf resort on the Caspian Sea. 
Buckingham Palace has, however, denied this.” writes the publication. Even after retiring, as the Independent has learned, the Duke of York continues to demand reports on the situation in Azerbaijan directly from the British ambassador to Baku, with whom he recently held a face-to-face meeting, inviting him to the palace.
http://caviar-diplomacy.net/azerbaijan/en_US/ In Baku, the prince is treated in a royal way. For example, Ilham Aliyev took him to his own luxury spa, which employs a blind Russian masseur described as the best in the world. It is not by chance that “over the past five years, Prince Andrew visited President Aliyev eight times.” He also invites the British Ambassador to Baku to Buckingham Palace, demanding reports on the situation in Azerbaijan.
Tina Brown upcoming book: “She claimed Epstein would fly Andrew to meet governments in ‘obscure foreign markets’ who could not refuse to see him because he was a royal, and would come along with him as an ‘investment adviser’ to His Royal Highness. 
He then would negotiate deals for his personal gain.
Brown said Epstein knew which buttons to push to ensnare Prince Andrew, who felt stung from being second fiddle to Prince Charles and relied on his mother to fund his lifestyle.
The author and journalist also claimed Andrew was made to feel important by Epstein thanks to ‘the deals, the girls, the plane, the glittering New York world, where he wasn’t seen as a full-grown man still dependent on his mother’s Privy Purse strings.’
2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war was an armed conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding territories. The main combatants were Azerbaijan, with support from Turkey and foreign mercenary groups on one side; and the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh and Armenia, on the other. It was the latest escalation of an unresolved conflict over the region source Wikpedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Nagorno-Karabakh_war List of conflicts; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_conflicts_between_Azerbaijan_and_Armeniahttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10713331/Prince-Andrew-spent-two-days-suite-watching-porn-cable-new-bombshell-book-claims.html
2015/16KazakhstanPrince Andrew acted as a broker for a Kazakh oligarch who wanted to buy a London home from the Queen’s estate, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act revealed.

The Duke of York’s office tried to secure a crown estate property near Kensington Palace for the oil and gas tycoon Timur Kulibayev at the same time as his marital home of Sunninghill Park was being sold to the billionaire for £3m over the asking price.

The duke was a government trade envoy at the time of the attempted deal for Kulibayev, son-in-law of the Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Its emergence is likely to fuel calls for further investigation into his dealings with the autocratic regime.

According to the emails released to the Mail on Sunday, the Duke of York’s private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, urged the crown estate to sell one of its valuable Kensington properties to Kulibayev, saying: “They are happy to spend very large numbers to get the right property.”
Kazaks wanted a trade deal with the UK and they received billions in deals with English firms.https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jul/03/prince-andrew-broker-crown-property-kazakh-oligarchHuman rights abuses
2019LibyaThe UK’s Telegraph newspaper disclosed that the Duke of York was introduced to Selman Turk by Libyan Tarek Kaituni in 2019.

After their summer meet, they quickly established a friendship, with the duke attending dinners at Turk’s London home.

Kaituni had a longer link with Prince Andrew, which he boasted about to other connections. He had reportedly organized meetings between the duke and the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and attended the wedding of the duke’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, in 2018.

Turk quickly used his introduction to the duke to organize payments to him and his family, including £225,000 to his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and £25,000 to Princess Eugenie.

Andrew gave Turk an award at his [email protected] 2019 London event, for a bank which collapsed.
Cash for citizenship?https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/apr/03/more-details-emerge-of-prince-andrews-alleged-links-with-banker-selman-turk
2019BahrainGoes to Bahrain with Fergie, Beatrice & her husband. Pic taken at Grand Prix. Andrew on a week of Royal engagements. “Inseparable” with Fergie and stayed at the Ritz.

November 2019: Andrew pulls out of Bahrain trip after Epstein interview 
PR to gloss over human rights abusesOngoingUnilateral US-Arab intervention against Syrian Islamists.
The Houthi insurgency in Yemen,[45][46] also known as the Houthi rebellion, the Sa’dah War, or the Sa’dah conflict, was a military rebellion pitting Zaidi Shia Houthis (though the movement also includes Sunnis[47]) against the Yemeni military that began in Northern Yemen and has since escalated into a full-scale civil war.
2022TurkeyPrince Andrew has become embroiled in a legal riddle over a £750,000 payment from a Turkish millionairess.

Nebahat Isbilen, 77, who claims to have been scammed out of fortune by a dishonest businessman, was allegedly tricked into giving the Duke of York money ‘by way of payment for assistance’ with her passport, a court heard.

The prince has since repaid the cash after she alleged it was a scam.
The Daily Mail
Cash for citizenshiphttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10687023/Moment-Turkish-fraudster-gave-Prince-Andrew-750-000-cut-trumpets-crap.html
More: Other notables:

2010: Met with Jordanian, Malaysian, Indian and Indonesia defence ministers

2011: visits Saudi Arabia Qatar and UAE, meets with the Saudis up until 2019

2013 Meets Turkmenistan. 
        PresidentTom Mayne, of the anticorruption campaign Global Witness in London, told RFE/RL that such meetings could be positive if Prince Andrew raised important issues such as corruption.

“Unfortunately, what we’ve been hearing — for example in the leaked cables — is that Prince Andrew doesn’t take the topic of corruption seriously,” Mayne said.

“Turkmenistan is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world: the country doesn’t publish a proper budget; there is very little information about what happens there to the money that the country earns from its sale of oil and gas.

It is his obligation, if he’s promoting business, to raise these issues.”
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein oH6R7b-tOKRkc3j6GNuhqMcot8SWax76Tq-YTJBYzp9PdNLrT7nxv1hlSTfDiSE4idslZpudzRiNP-3PO3y4fel1LJfU9KnQO2BFLVg5h0YtSRQktZrMv-IRidg5ucFDz7y1luxqTxrmo6VMT4SzGrnpvYtSmk61wbXSX95i86hWqvI7K_vmJOD6 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

From flights on the president’s jet to gifts of the fishy delicacy, they rolled out the red carpet for Prince Andrew.

Azerbaijan is a nation where you can bathe in crude oil to improve your health. Or just because you can, if you have the money.

There is no evidence the royal engaged in inappropriate behaviour. But he spent time with unsavoury people.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0327 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar
2011: Ilham Aliyev met with Duke of York of the Great Britain, Prince Andrew

Critics are accusing the Azerbaijani government of carrying out a “full-spectrum influence campaign” in the West. This includes lobbying, PR, lavish gifts, and junkets.

The goal of this campaign was to sway Western opinion and it appeared to have worked.

In recent years, the nation enjoyed increasing support from the UK.

Prince Andrew was an advocate for closer ties with Azerbaijan.

This was despite reports of widespread torture and repression in the nation.

According to The Economist, caviar diplomacy diverts “attention abroad from its (a nation’s) human-rights record and discourage the opposition at home”. In the case of Azerbaijan, through lavish extravaganzas and high-end lobbying.”

Why is this relevant? Jeffrey Epstein described the Royal as a “useful idiot.”

The Duke linked him up with contacts who wanted deals in obscure countries, according to biographer Tina Brown.

Epstein would fly Prince Andrew to meet governments who could not refuse to see him because he was a royal. The now-dead pedophile would come with him as an ‘investment adviser’ to His Royal Highness. 

Moreover, Epstein would then negotiate deals for his personal gain.

During his time as UK special representative, Prince Andrew helped negotiate several energy deals, according to The Economist.

In 2017, Britain was the largest investor in Azerbaijan, mainly through BP oil and companies related to resources.

As well, the UK has invested about 20 billion pounds in the country.

According to The Daily Mail: “In Azerbaijan, Prince Andrew is routinely described as a ‘dear guest’ by the leader of a country that ranks as one of the most corrupt in the world on the Transparency Index.

President Ilham Aliyev took the royal to his spa, which employed the blind masseur, described as the best in the world. 

Moreover, former UK PM Tony Blair had a private meeting with Prince Andrew in 2009 after they stayed in the same hotel in Baku. 

Andrew was on a private three-day visit ‘with an element of work’. But he had previously established a wealth of contacts while promoting British business interests in his envoy role.

Andrew was in 2014 censured for sneaking off twice to Azerbaijan.

Moreover, the Duke of York flew by private jet to meet President Aliyev. The royal stayed in the capital, Baku, during one ‘private’ trip. 

A British Government source tipped off the pressure group, Platform, which campaigns against abuses associated with the energy industry.

Its spokesman, Emma Hughes, accused the prince of having a ‘cosy relationship’ with the President.

The Duke of York had also summoned Britain’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan for a meeting at Buckingham Palace.

The royal made eight visits to Azerbaijan in six years. Two were private, arousing suspicions he has business interests there, including a golf complex. There was a total of 12 jaunts to Baku.

The business claims have been vigorously denied by Buckingham Palace. Categorically. Vehemently. Absolutely denied. 

At Andrew’s 60th party, a friend of Aliyev donated caviar and a monster bottle of wine. The links don’t stop there – the friend’s wife is the President’s niece.

The donor, Soheil Dadfar, was thanked on the menu. It just happened to drop into the hands of The Daily Mail. 

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Ez2KCcw0gHDtCObKHROVRc_COK3pI_jzmWhNPoLscHOFxwHCLfzop-UBCJcL-E3BvuBlkv5WEZo_p4-DgO-0uY1zsQvO9i6J-RNIvZTu6AQc8HwtFI3p7FUIuPlqkQGd5JQW6r06 Royal shocker Prince Andrew the Duke of Caviar

So what does the President of Azerbaijan want from his caviar diplomacy? Well one thing you can do is launder money overseas.

According to a report from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the regime parked money in London. The President and two daughters — Leyla and Arzu — own a penthouse in London worth $26 million.

Finally, Prince Andrew is friends with Layla.

In 2021, The Guardian reported The Queen’s estate launched a review into a £67m London property, bought from the family.

The Pandora papers revealed a network of offshore companies linked to Aliyev and associates. They traded £400m of UK property over 15 years.

Properties include a London mansion worth $25 million, a flat near Hyde Park worth $8 million, nine waterfront mansions in Dubai valued at $44 million, a dacha near Moscow worth $37 million, and a villa in the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary worth $ 1.1 million.

These are just “the known properties”.

But it’s not just about money.

The Economist: “The government practises a revolving-door policy with critics, locking them up and releasing them when it is expedient.”

But Azerbaijan wants more than honorary membership of the European community. Exactly what that is remains unclear. 

Moreover, the nation faces increased sanctions and is finding it difficult to steal from its people and launder money. This is due to human rights, money laundering and election rigging.

But whatever it does, it involves oil, property and the provision of caviar. 

My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900

No one intimidated Ellen Jane O’Sullivan McHugh – certainly not a lawyer defending the man who abducted her teen sister.

Here’s her response in court when she was erroneously asked by the solicitor if she’d been “convicted of hiding a pregnancy.”

Witness (Nanna McHugh): No: ask me questions in connection with this case and I will answer them; otherwise I will not answer.

This part of the Nanna McHugh story starts in 1900. Australia was still a British colony and Queen Victoria was the monarch.

  • Can you imagine what it took back then to get that man jailed for the rape of my great-grandmother’s 11-year-old sister?
  • And then three years later have another man sentenced to a year of prison for the abduction of another of her sisters?
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900

This is a tale of male entitlement, barbaric behaviour and resistance by people who didn’t have a lot; but they knew what justice looked like to them.

Also this serves as a warning to never mess with Irish Australians.

Below is my great-grandmother Ellen Jane O’Sullivan McHugh. She had 10 children, was a good Catholic, and married a charming Irishman.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-2 My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900
Nanna McHugh outside church in Portland NSW

Her husband, Thomas Joseph McHugh, had immigrated to Australia from County Fermanagh in Northern Island.

Nanna McHugh was by all accounts a force of nature and was one of 16 children borne by her mother Mary Anne Philpot O’Sullivan.

Although born in Wellington, Australia, she grew up in the nearby Central Western New South Wales area known as Stuart Town.

It was originally called Ironbarks, the village Australian poet Banjo Paterson used for his poem, ‘Man from Ironbark’.

This story starts in January 1900, when Nanna McHugh’s sister, Charlotte A O’Sullivan, was walking with her sisters to school when she was attacked by a degenerate named Charles Flowers.

It happened at nearby Sandy Creek. The rapist was described at the time as “an elderly old blackguard.” According to Wikipedia, this means he was a scoundrel or a person of poor character. The term relates to whites.

The sisters, aged 11, 6, 12, were walking on a bush track when they met 60-year-old Flowers.

According to The Wellington Times, he took Charlotte “down a gully and committed the offences.”

He said he was mining a gully at the time of the incident. (See below)

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-3 My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900
The Wellington Times report from 1900

A judge at Dubbo Circuit Court later sentenced Flowers to three years jail, after he was found guilty of assault with intent.

At his committal hearing, Charlotte’s father and my great-great-grandfather, Timothy O’Sullivan, said Flowers had attempted to bribe him to drop the charges.

Flowers had said he didn’t want to go to jail. The O’Sullivans refused the offer of the tainted money.

They wanted Charles Flowers locked up for what he did to Charlotte.

And so he was.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-2-1 My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900

According to a report in The Leader, Flowers was a married man who lived in Stuart Town.

He died in 1913, just before his wife Annie passed away.

But the O’Sullivans did not fear going up against Flowers.

My great-grandmother’s family achieved a three-year jail sentence for the elderly miner’s crimes against a young girl walking to school.

Moreover, it was significant because we know girls today are not believed.

But Charlotte’s family did believe her and they sought justice.

Nanna McHugh was living in the O’Sullivan home at the time of the assault, but was soon to be married, which brings us to the second incident in 1903.

At the time, she lived with her husband, Thomas Joseph McHugh, my great-grandfather, in nearby Orange.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_9240 My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900
William Grose,

And when an uncle disappeared with her 15-year-old sister, there was fire and brimstone waiting for him upon his return.

William Grose was charged with the abduction of Mary Anne O’Sullivan, a girl aged 15 years and 7 months, “out of the possession of her father, with intent to carnally know her.”

The incident happened while the girl was staying with friends and family in Orange.

“My sister had no intention, so far as I knew, of going away before Grose came; the second day the accused was at my place by invitation,” the now Mrs Ellen McHugh told the court.

The accused was Nanna McHugh’s step-uncle, the stepbrother of her mother and he was aged about 34.

In court, Senior Constable Nancarrow testified: “I asked him (Grose) what he was up to with the O’Sullivan girl; he said “nothing” and that he was her uncle; I told him I didn’t care if he was fifty uncles, that she was underage and that he had better let her return to her parents; he said nothing.”

The victim, Miss Mary Anne O’Sullivan testified: “I was at her place (Nanna McHugh’s) in September to help her when she was sick; was there for two or three months; my mother wrote for me to come home; I did not go then, but my uncle Mr. Grose came for me; he said to Mrs. McHugh “her mother wants her home.”

What happened next resulted in Grose not taking the 15-year-old home. Instead, they went by train to Wellington, where they stayed in a guest house room with just one bed.

Ruth Theobald, the Wellington inn keeper, said she saw the accused at her place with a young girl.

“The girl she asked for lodgings; my daughter asked him was that his wife and he said “Yes”; they occupied the room that night; one bed only bad been occupied,” she said.

Timothy O’Sullivan, the father of the girl, said Mary Ann went to Ellen’s (McHugh’s) place with his permission; but she came back to Stuart Town with Grose.

“We had not sent Grose to Ellen’s place for Mary Ann; her mother sent a letter for her; did not give accused any permission to take her away or have anything whatever to do with her,” he said.

Mr O’Sullivan said Grose spoke of wanting to marry the victim after he was charged. He was told the proposition was deeply offensive.

Mary Ann O’Sullivan, mother of the girl and my great-great-grandmother, also stated she did not tell the accused to bring Mary home.

But she had told him she had written a letter asking her to come home.

And here’s the dickhead lawyer from the start of this post, a Mr WP Kelly. He is trying to poke holes in the testimonies on the basis of reputation.

Some of the O’Sullivan family have not the very best reputation.

Mr WP Kelly, counsel for Gross

(Those if you who listen to the podcast know I despise victim blamers)

This still goes on today; looking at you Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers.

Grose was sentenced to a year’s jail and I bet he never went near the O’Sullivans and McHughs again.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_9251 My Great-Grandmother & Family: Jailing Rapists Since 1900
Nanna McHugh’s headstone at Portland cemetery

I am an Irish Australian who is blessed to feel as though I am coming home when I visit Ireland.

Even for an atheist, I have a deep spiritual connection to the isle’s glorious, green farmland encapsulated by its weird, winding roads. Indigenous Australians call it connection to country & it is the best description I have of my experience.

On my first visit to Ireland, I fleetingly thought: “Have I been here before?” I hadn’t; but I felt it in my bones.

A knowingness. Was it activating through my DNA? Have I been imprinted with Irishness?Or was I drunk on Guinness?

Then it happened again on the second visit. It’s very cool to be part-Irish. I fly the flag with honour.

The O’Sullivans – I am them & they are me.

Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew | One of World’s Richest Women

As Chris Bryant, the Shadow Commons leader, said, “When I was at the Foreign Office, nobody could ever tell whether [Prince Andrew] was looking out for himself or whether he really had the interests of the country at heart.”

The Diplomat

Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew As the world cracks down on the oligarchs linked to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, it’s easy to forget that Prince Andrew was once at the top of the European diplomacy hierarchy.

And what did the Royal do with that privilege, aside from frolicking with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell & Peter Nygard?

In my opinion, he gave an exclusive social passport and high-level access to a Kazack woman, educated in Russia and the UK, who went from being the daughter of an engineer to one of the richest women in the world.

Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew

Her name is Goga Ashkenazi and while there is no evidence of impropriety on her behalf, her stratospheric climb into the upper echelons of UK and European society is meteoric.

Firstly, she was so close to the Royal that she attempted to defend him when news broke of the Epstein scandal.

At the same time, she confirmed his meeting with Virginia Roberts Giufree, when the Jeffrey Epstein allegations broke in the UK.

A report in The Sydney Morning Herald said:

Kazakh-born Miss Ashkenazi, who attended Oxford and now lives in London, gave an insight into the Duke’s own feelings about his predicament, saying: “He knows it was unwise to fraternise with this Epstein character and it was silly to be photographed with his arm around Epstein’s masseuse. “But I know Andrew as a lovely, lovely man; kind-hearted, impeccably behaved and honourable, and I’m quite sure that at the time he had no idea that she was under age or anything more than a masseuse to Epstein.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, March 9, 2001

According to The Sun, the Royal and “the glamorous English-educated Kazakh socialite and businesswoman, reportedly enchanted the embattled Duke from the moment they met at a 2001 New Year’s Eve party in Phuket, Thailand.”

Who else was Prince Andrew spending that new year with? Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, who were also in Thailand, although there’s no evidence Ms Ashkenazi ever associated with the pair.

Secondly, Epstein and the duke were also notoriously photographed at the time on a yacht with semi-naked women.

But the Duke was said to have been “besotted” with the then-20-year-old Goga – but she has always insisted they were just friends.

She is also seen as very skilled in relationship management, especially when it came to a very specific 2007 property transaction outside of London. That £15million plot of land belonged to Prince Andrew.

The property was purchased by Timur Kulibayev, the billionaire son-in-law of Kazakhstan’s former president. He paid £3million above asking prince for Prince Andrew’s long-unsold mansion Sunninghill Park. Goga was the billionaire’s mistress and is the mother of two if his children.

Of the transaction, a spokesman for the buyer told FT.com: “Kulibayev’s former partner Goga Ashkenazi told me later. “I introduced them, so what? I’m not a real estate agent.”

Most of this has been known for years but the recent worldwide crackdown on oligarchs and kleptocrats has brought into focus the opaque nature of the transaction.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_8896 Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew | One of World’s Richest Women
Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Goga Ashkenazi watch the racing from the Royal Box as they attend day 3 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 21, 2007 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_8897-1024x789 Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew | One of World’s Richest Women
Goga Ashkenazi, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Queen Elizabeth II watch the racing from the Royal Box as they attend day 3 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 21, 2007 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew

According to FT.com: “Ashkenazi was born Gaukhar Berkalieva in Kazakhstan in 1980 but grew up in an apartment building for senior communist officials in Moscow. Her father was an engineer who sat in the Soviet party’s Central Committee under Mikhail Gorbachev. “To be completely honest with you, yes, I lived in privilege.”… She was 11 when the Soviet Union dissolved. However, her parents, like most senior communist officials, didn’t exactly plunge into poverty.”

Back in Prince Andrew’s peak bachelor days in the 2000s, the Royal developed a crush on this Soviet party pal and the self-described oligarch was soon his regular platonic plus-one.

It is true that during Prince Andrew’s time as roving UK trade ambassador, he forged relationships with an array of Middle East and Eurasian political regimes.

But the woman, now one he richest women in the world, is the subject of much conjecture and criticism.

It could be the company she keeps, from the embattled duke to Saif Gaddafi (son of Muammar), and Kazakh oil billionaire Timur Kulibayev, who is the father of Ashkenazi’s children.

Prince Andrew, always led by his hormones.

Goga Ashkenazi Prince Andrew

In policy is, there’s hard politics and soft power. They are both powerful and the Duke of York had the social connections to open doors for this mysterious woman.

The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models

Andrew Putin We are looking for links between the Russian elite and Prince Andrew, but we have found something more interesting.

First, was there a Vladimir Putin and Prince Andy bro-mance? According to press from 2004, there was a mutual admiration.

As well all know, Prince Andrew has never met an oligarch or a dictator he didn’t like.

Prince Andrew Putin

Second, the Duke of York attended Russian fashion week in Moscow at least twice, in 2004 and 2006.

Moreover, what was he doing at a Matthew Williamson catwalk show in Moscow? Oh yes, he was the UK special representative for trade. How convenient. This is the role that had him tagged as Air Miles Andy.

According to another English fashion designer, Jenny Packham, the Royal demanded she attend a VIP reception where he was holding court alone with young Russian models.

I know this is a shock…not..

According to Buckingham Palace, the Duke’s appearances were a part of his allegedly official duties.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Article from The Daily Telegraph May 8, 2004
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7971 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Andrew’s 2004 appearance in Moscow at Russian Fashion Week. “Ogling Andy” story from The Evening Standard, November, 2004

Andrew Putin

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7942-1 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Source: Getty Images, caption below
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7984 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Getty images caption

Then Prince Andrew later that day enraged the designer at British Day at the 2006 Russian Fashion Week.

Its quite a story (see clip below). She was angry about his behaviour for a long time.

We have seen Jenny’s designs and they are absolutely beautiful.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7952 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Source: The Daily Mail
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7949 The Royal Prince Andrew Putin and the Russian Models
Former Russian President meeting 2009, as UK trade envoy

Andrew Putin

More on the podcast today about the lawyer Alan Dershowitz and his Harvard emails. 

This is a rapidly-developing story, the details are here on the website & also on the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

Epstein Model Agent Dead in Jail Jean-Luc Brunel

How Jean-Luc Brunel lived his life matters as much as how he died.

Survivors first always.

Jean-Luc Brunel dead: The knocks keep coming for Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew after news yesterday that sex trafficker and Epstein pal Jean-Luc Brunel is dead.

Brunel, who was accused of sexual assault, ran the notorious model agent business MC2. It had offices in Miami, New York and Paris.

His death in a Paris prison is the latest turn in an international investigation into sexual assault allegations and human trafficking.

  • The French model agent linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell was found dead in his prison cell from suicide, French prosecutor’s said on the weekend.
  • Brunel, aged 74, was in detention awaiting trial on charges including rape of a minor and sexual harassment.

A lawyer for the Brunel survivors, Anne-Claire Le Jeune, told The Guardian the news was “quite terrible” for them, adding they felt Brunel had “left behind many secrets”.

She noted the women’s “frustration and bitterness over not being able to obtain justice – just as for the victims of Epstein” because it had taken “so much courage for them to be able to speak up, to be heard by the police”.

At the same time, today is Prince Andrew’s 62nd birthday. No doubt it will be a muted affair.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_4844 Epstein Model Agent Dead in Jail Jean-Luc Brunel
Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein on his plane and Jean-Luc Brunel, in yellow

Jean-Luc Brunel Dead: he was suspected of organising the “accommodation of young girls or young women on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein.”

He was charged by authorities in Paris with sexual harassment and the rape of minors over 15 years old, including Virginia Giufree.

The Frenchman was suspected of having committed acts of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment on various minor and adult victims.

The response to his death from survivors of the model agent were today a mixture of resignation and a sense that justice was denied, again.

Jean-Luc Brunel Died in Jail by Suicide: Authorities

Ms Giuffre today made the following statement via Twitter:

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein d3e7c814-95bd-44a1-9244-dc7ceb81487c-576x1024 Epstein Model Agent Dead in Jail Jean-Luc Brunel
Comment from Virginia Giuffre today on Twitter

Survivor Thysia Huisman said: “Jean-Luc Brunel has been found dead in his prison cell. He supposedly hung himself last night. I am in shock. Was this really suicide? And it feels disappointing. This is a completely different ending without any real justice for his victims.”

Brunel was arrested at a Paris airport in 2020 while trying to leave France for Senegal. According to local television, the Epstein associate had deep ties to the African nation.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein 966122bf-4d0c-4393-adac-9e4d9cf5706a-819x1024 Epstein Model Agent Dead in Jail Jean-Luc Brunel

Authorities alleged Brunel organised the transport and accommodation of young girls or young women on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein.

In addition, Epstein had a financial stake in Brunel’s model agency.

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea: Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell now lives in a jail cell, but her estranged husband is now selling their marital abode near Boston.

Scott Borgerson is listing for sale the former love nest at Manchester-By-The-Sea at more than $7million.

“She was here years ago, but actually left when this thing started to rear its ugly head — her situation from conduct decades ago,” Borgeson told The Wall Street Journal of Maxwell.

The Metropolitan Detention Center is a long way from the grand mansions 60-year-old Maxwell has previously called home.

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea

They include:

  • Headington Hill Hall, Oxford
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s New York Mansion
  • Maxwell’s Manhattan Town Home
  • Ghislaine Maxwell London Home
  • Her New York Penthouse (rumoured to have been bought for her by billionaire Ted Waitt)
  • Manchester-By-the-Sea historic home
  • The New Hampshire property where she was arrested in 2020.

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7346-1024x1024 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
The remodelled lounge room reflects Maxwell’s distinctive decorating style Source: WSJ

The Manchester by the Sea property, owned by her estranged husband, is one of many places where Maxwell has laid her head over the years.

Headington Hill Hall: “The Best Council House in the Country”

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7382 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest

Ghislaine’s fraudster father Robert Maxwell leased the building from Oxford Council for 32 years, for use as a residence and offices. He described it as the “best council house in the country.”

It was the scene of many an ostentatious party and Sunday lunches where the man of the house would verbally abuse everyone at the table.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein EA168882-5274-42DA-9BC3-8F2189E1DB7B Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
Inside the manor where Robert Maxwell used to berate his kids over Sunday lunch

What’s not to like?!?! (Australian sarcasm)

Headington Hill Hall is now part of Oxford University. It can also be booked for private events.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy Mansion in Manhattan

Maxwell’s distinctive interior design is also apparent in Epstein’s den of depravity at East 71st Street.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7384 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
The woman loves shades of red

She lived there from about approximately 1992 until she later moved in 2000 to her own house nearby at 116 East 65th Street.

Ghislaine Maxwell New York City

This house previously belonged to Lyn Forrester de Rothschild, who was the person who introduced Epstein to lawyer Alan Dershowitz. (Well that’s what Dersh told the Epstein Netflix documentary.)

Maxwell bought the home in 2000 for just under $million and sold it in around 2015 for $17million.

Maxwell really went to town here with her interesting decor choices.

The Beaux Arts-style property, which dates back to 1910 and is located between Park and Lexington Aves., has 12 rooms, including six bedrooms, nine wood-burning fireplaces, an elevator, a media room and library with a built-in projector and surround sound, a home office, a chef’s kitchen with granite countertops, and a landscaped garden.

Source: The New York Daily News

If you want to know who Maxwell really is, this house is the physical representation.I am not a psychologist, but I know ugly when I see it.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-2 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
Check out the kitchen tiles (top right)

The London Mews House | Ghislaine Maxwell London Home

Her UK base was in one of the best spots in London, in Belgravia. It’s also across the road from a pub and walking distance to Hyde Park.

This was the residence where Virginia Roberts Giufree said she was assaulted by Prince Andrew on March 10, 2001.

Maxwell sold it recently to pay her legal fees. A UK property developer bought it at a discount at for £1.75million.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7385 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
Red door. Red windows. Red door hinges.

New York Penthouse (rumoured to have been bought for her by billionaire Ted Waitt)

This is a story we were told by the comic Tom Arnold. According to him, Maxwell briefly lived in the penthouse once owned by Rupert Murdoch (she was there for possibly days in 2011).

Waitt quickly offloaded the property.

Here’s where the story gets depressing. It turns out Waitt bought the property for his girlfriend?and the couple broke up one week after closing. While we would’ve hung onto the apartment, Waitt apparently felt differently. He’s found a buyer, according to the Observer.


Is this the reason for the break up? It seems 2011 was not Maxwell’s year.

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester-By-the-Sea historic home

Maxwell soon rebounded into the arms of a married former coast guard officer, Scott Borgerson.

She bunked down with him in an historic mansion in Manchester-By-the-Sea, much to the annoyance of their neighbours.

The local disputes flared into legal action in 2020, which was also not Maxwell’s best year.

Because she was arrested.

Maxwell and Borgerson renovated the property and he said the work was at a cost of $2.5million.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-1-1 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
The stairs
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-2-1 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest

Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea

Check this out. It’s Ghislaine’s penchant for red again. This time demonstrated through earrings and a coral lamp.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7391-580x1024 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
Picture of Borgerson’s lounge area. Note the lamp. That table is also from her New York home.
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7347 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
The sofa is probably the same one in the previous shots, recovered.
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein image-4 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
She likes coral accessories

Tucked Away: After Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea

This is where our story of privilege and luxury ends because Maxwell was arrested here in 2020, near Bradford New Hampshire.

She bought the house in December 2019 using a fake name and told the agent she was a journalist.

Like it’s namesake, the $1million property was well and truly tucked away.

I wonder if she misses it?

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_7396-755x1024 Ghislaine Maxwell Manchester by the Sea Love Nest
Inside Tucked Away