Maloney, Raskin, Speier, Wasserman Schultz, and Frankel Seek Briefing on DOJ’s Role in Favorable Plea Deal for Sexual Predator Jeffrey Epstein | House Committee on Oversight and Reform

“Over the past two years, DOJ told Committee staff that it could not provide a briefing or documents relating to this case because there was an ongoing investigation,” the lawmakers wrote.  “However, last week OPR completed its investigation and publicly released an executive summary of its findings, which appear to absolve former United States Attorney Alex Acosta and other DOJ attorneys from any wrongdoing and reducing their failure to prosecute Mr. Epstein to merely ‘poor judgement’.”
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Court rejects considering new report in Epstein case | WPEC

New information released in a U. S. Department of Justice report last week shouldn’t be considered in a lawsuit by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims that seeks to undo a non-prosecution agreement that allowed the notorious sex offender to avoid federal charges, an appeals court ruled Wednesday. The full 11th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals is slated to hear arguments on Dec.
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Art School Scrambles to Repair Damage from Epstein Survivor Dirt File

The New York Academy of Art is scrambling from fallout about an attack file it issued on a sexual assault survivor after she exposed its links to dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

On its website, the academy said it created two new communication committees to “repair trust” between the academy, students and the community after the fallout from the report.

This development comes after it issued in June a report seen as victim-blaming the Epstein whistleblower, Maria Farmer.

The academy publicly apologised for the report but has not contacted Ms Farmer. She said it caused substantial distress while she was undergoing cancer treatment.

One section of the report blamed Ms Farmer for Epstein’s assault of her younger sister, Annie.

The art school has a long association with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The report about Ms Farmer was widely criticised by alumni and students. They expressed horror, shame and outrage at the investigation and the apparent sexist language contained in the document.

The academy website now says says: “The Academy has recently launched two Committees to better serve its community. The Alumni-Student Communication (ASC) Committee works to foster open communication between Academy constituencies through collaboration and outreach.”

Four board of trustees directors resigned in July after the art school issued the report undertaken by the board of trustees chair’s own lawyers. The administrator, Eileen Guggenheim, has been the subject of complaints by Ms Farmer.