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The Society Hostess & Jeffrey Epstein: Countess of Iveagh

Clare Hazell, now believed to be known as Countess of Iveagh, aka Clare Guinness, is listed in the Epstein black books and on flight manifests.

The aristocrat is the estranged wife of the Earl of Iveagh, Ned Guinness, who is one of the richest people in the UK.

The farming baron is also a descendant of the family which built the Irish beer brewing dynasty.

Here they are (below) in happier times at their home in Suffolk (source: Dominic Bradbury).

Countess of Iveagh

There’s a Clare Hazell in the Epstein flight logs who travelled on the dead sex offender’s jets more than 30 times.

That, however, doesn’t mean she was involved in the sex trafficking. We make no such allegation.
Countess of Iveagh

“She denies wrongdoing,” an Attorney representing survivors, Josh Schiller, told the Sunday Mirror.

He added: “I can confirm that we have already asked to interview her.”

Mr Schiller represents victims including Virginia Guiffre— whose claims are central to the scandal engulfing the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew.

A Clare Hazell was said to have been friendly with Ghislaine Maxwell in the early 2000s. 

The Countess Iveagh has also been the subject of lurid and, to date, unproven allegations by a survivor’s sister, Maria Farmer.

So what have we found out about Clare Hazell Iveagh?

It’s said she met Earl Ned Iveagh Guinness at a dinner party and they married in the family chapel in 2000. At the time, she was said to have been writing a children’s cook book.

They have two two teen children together.

The Countess of Iveagh was until last year the chair of a child welfare organisation, the NSPCC.

Her association with the group spurned a letter-writing campaign asking for the Hazell who was associated with Epstein to be removed from the position.

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