A federal judge DENIES the “eleventh-hour request” by Ghislaine Maxwell to block the public release of her deposition

Thread by @KlasfeldReports: A federal judge DENIES the “eleventh-hour request” by Ghislaine Maxwell to block the public release of her deposif an alleged breach of a protective order. However, Judge Preska will STAY the unsealing of two depositions — an…
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Wells Fargo and Others Asked for Details on Epstein Money

Wells Fargo and Others Asked for Details on Epstein Money
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer seeks gag order in her sex crimes case – MarketWatch

A lawyer for financier Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend on Tuesday asked a judge presiding over her sex crimes case to impose a gag order on lawyers and…
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Brian Vickers & Epstein Assistant Sarah Kellen – Fox Sport

For someone accused of being part of an alleged child sex crime syndicate, Sarah Kellen Vickers sure doesn’t back away from having her face on NASCAR videos.

Referred to as Ghislaine Maxwell’s lieutenant, Sarah was a constant force at Epstein’s Palm Beach home. She was part administrator, part recruiter and part abuser, according to court documents. Police were ready to arrest her in 2005 before the Epstein immunity deal.

She is here in 2015 by husband Brian’s side in an intensive care unit, following cardiac surgery due to a hole in his heart.

Source: Fox Sports

When he made it back to NASCAR, she was by his side again.

Source: Fox Sports

We bet Brian Vickers didn’t expect his life to take this unexpected turn.

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How a group of women enabled Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell court filing: Prosecutors want her jailed, saying she’s a flight risk – CNN

They said Maxwell has shown a skilled ability to hide. When FBI agents went to arrest Maxwell at a mansion in New Hampshire on July 3, instead of obeying the agent’s order to open the door, Maxwell fled to another room and closed the door behind her, according to the court filing. After the FBI breached the door they found Maxwell inside and arrested her.

“As the agents conducted a security sweep of the house, they also noticed a cell phone wrapped in tin foil on top of a desk, a seemingly misguided effort to evade detection, not by the press or public, which of course would have no ability to trace her phone or intercept her communications, but by law enforcement,” prosecutors wrote.
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Will Ghislaine Maxwell get bail at her arraignment tomorrow?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell get bail at her arraignment tomorrow?
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Ghislaine Maxwell before the fall: As she sits in a US cell, photos reveal her society life | Daily Mail Online

From graceful Oxford ingenue to New York party queen, Ghislaine Maxwell lived a life of glamour that is hard to reconcile with the charges now facing her following her arrest this week.
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Judge seems disinclined to unseal Jeffrey Epstein records | Miami Herald

Long-sealed grand jury records that could reveal whether Palm Beach prosecutors sabotaged their own case against child molester Jeffrey Epstein will likely remain hidden from the public, at least for now, a county judge signaled Wednesday.

The county’s chief judge, Krista Marx, appeared poised to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Palm Beach Post that sought to open the documents, which have been sealed since 2006, but had not issued a decision from the bench following a hearing at the Palm Beach County Courthouse Wednesday morning.

Grand jury testimony and evidence is kept secret in Florida and can only be opened if it can be shown that the proceedings were tainted by wrongdoing.

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Epstein “Filthy Rich” Netflix Trailer

If you haven’t seen it yet, check this out (below).

The four-part series ‘Filthy Rich’ will air May 27 on Netflix. Epstein, bottom inset, “killed himself” in August. “Filthy Rich’ will look into ‘how convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his wealth and power to carry out his abuses’, the online streaming giant says.

Jeffrey Epstein Estate Enters into Talks with 17 Survivors

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Does this mean the estate was freaking out about getting caught up in racketeering charges?

Can Virginia Roberts sue Prince Andrew? Is this why he has an e tradition barrister?

More to come for sure.