Now Prince Andrew is fighting fire with fire… but at what price to the monarchy?

RICHARD KAY: No one has ever doubted his bravery. As a helicopter decoy pilot in the Falklands War, he put his life on the line luring Argentine missiles away from British ships.

In challenging the veracity of America’s Department of Justice, which has accused him of refusing to cooperate with its investigation into Epstein’s sex-trafficking network, he is taking on the most powerful law agency in the world.

And in a further twist last night, U.S. authorities responded to the Prince’s intervention. In a statement, the Justice Department said Andrew had sought to ‘falsely portray’ himself as a willing participant in their inquiry and said he had ‘repeatedly declined’ to be interviewed.

Both sides are effectively accusing the other of lying.

Never before has a senior member of the Royal Family adopted such a robust, and potentially perilous, position.

Plus Prince Andrew claims he is being treated as a second class citizen.

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Prince Andrew’s Charity Well Dries Up – Morningstar Online

“Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, with whom he still lives, are a bit disappointed. Many of the charities provided the prince, or both of them, with all-expenses paid visits to many exotic locations at home and abroad. Also each organisation held a formal royal lunch or dinner each year — providing two thirds of the couple’s annual nosh.

The pair will get no more free tickets to the English National Ballet and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, both of which had him as patron.

Charities involved with young children were quick to realise his connection with a convicted paedophile as well as accusations made about his own behaviour with underage girls could be embarrassing to say the least. Out he went.”

Proof of Prince Andrew’s ‘alibi’ for the Virginia Roberts incident lie in a Sidcup police office | Daily Mail Online

Documents that could make or break Prince Andrew’s ‘alibi’ for the night he is alleged to have had sex with a sex-trafficked teenager are gathering dust in a police office.

A former Royal protection officer at Buckingham Palace told The Mail on Sunday in February that he believed Andrew may have returned to the Palace in the early hours of March 11, 2001 – the night in question.

If Andrew did return, it would contradict his claim of being at home at Sunninghill Park in Berkshire all evening after earlier taking his daughter Beatrice to a party at Pizza Express in Woking.

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Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich director breaks silence on disturbing revelations |

But these reviews and things are starting to come out. It is interesting since the trailers came out that we’ve received some interesting letters, some threatening letters from people who are involved in the case, warning not to defame them. They don’t even know if they are in it. So it’s interesting how the high-powered people are still trying to influence the media here. And it’s not gonna happen.
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Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich Review – Slash Film

Slash Says: If you ever needed proof that the ultra-rich play by a different set of rules, you need look no further than the story of Jeffrey Epstein.

The billionaire spent years sexually abusing underage girls, and even after he was caught, he still managed to keep getting away with it. 

Lisa Bryant‘s emotionally draining docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich seeks to explain how this happened – how Epstein continued to thrive while rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful.

But more important than that, it seeks to give voice to Epstein’s victims, and show them for the survivors they are.

Epstein had an almost preternatural gift for manipulating people and bending them to his will, but as Filthy Rich underscores, again and again, that ability wouldn’t have been so destructive if Epstein hadn’t been so, well, filthy rich.

With his staggering wealth, Epstein was able to essentially buy his victims into his service by offering them things – full college payments, exotic trips, introductions into high society circles.

He had money to burn, and he did, all in the name of satisfying his own horrible urges. Many of his victims were girls from broken homes, desperate to get out of their current situation.

Epstein’s home on the wealthy Palm Beach Island was just a short trip across a bridge. On the other side of that bridge was West Palm, a lower-class area full of trailer parks.

It was as if Epstein was some malevolent force able to extend his reach across that bridge, over that body of water, and pull the girls of West Palm to the wealthy Palm Beach Island. And into his grasp.
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Woman admits she was a schoolgirl ‘pimp’ for paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Hayley Robson isn’t bragging about being Epstein’s Heidi Fleiss these days. (Who is Heidi Fleiss?)


In a harrowing interview Hayley Robson, now 33, speaks of her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s web of schoolgirl recruiters when she was 16 years old in Florida.

(Editor’s note: the term “pimp” is misleading. Children cannot consent to exploitation. It’s abuse. The police were close to charging Robson and Vickers back in the early 2000s)

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‘Striking blonde British socialite has vital clues about Prince Andrew’s paedo pal’ – Mirror Online

‘Striking blonde British socialite has vital clues about Prince Andrew’s paedo pal’ – Mirror Online

Wow this story is huge because Maria Farmer, the first to report Epstein, spent time with her in around 1996 at Les Wexner’s ranch.

It is believed the woman is Clare Hazel. Ms Farmer said the woman acted as her minder while at the property.

She was also believed to be close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell aka #JizzStain.

The Brit is now married to an English aristocrat and their mansion was used in the movies Eyes Wide Shut (you can’t make this stuff up.)

Her husband is a member of the Guinness brewery clan.

According to The Mirror:

Six Reasons Why Love Defeats Evil in the Epstein Case

44fc18e6-f7c5-4629-8cfb-44a30b4983d5They can weaponise the legal system, “suicide” Epstein, manipulate the media, & threaten survivors but the women who were abused are striking back.

Their weapon is love; something Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner et al cannot fathom.

So how is love rocking the deep state’s pitch forks?

1. The survivors are bonding and it’s a powerful sight. Virginia Roberts is organising a fundraiser for Maria Farmer, the first to report Epstein, Wexner and Maxwell . They are also circulating a petition to remove Eileen Guggenheim, an arts administrator, from her post at The New York Academy of Art. Survivors have always had their own voices but together they are amplifying their stories. There’s power in numbers.

2. Maria Farmer is using her amazing artistic talent to spear these bad actors. She is also painting for the first time in 20 years. That’s beautiful.

3. Bradley Edwards, a Florida lawyer, always believed the survivors and has fought to get them justice for almost 20 years.

4. Bobby Capucci from The Jeffrey Epstein Show has broadcasted about this conspiracy for more than 200 days, sometimes multiple times every 24 hours. He does it from his own studio and on his own time to spread the word about the Epstein conspiracy. He delivers a vital independent media source.

5. Reasonable people (ie not Alan Dershowitz) believe the survivors. They are finally being heard after a quarter of a century.

6. Ghislaine Maxwell is in hiding, Prince Andrew is a social outcast and others (Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Wexner) are facing renewed scrutiny. It’s uncertain time for these coconspirators due to love, courage and resilience of the women who have told their stories. 

The sisterhood is beyond powerful when it takes on a cause. The cliche says that love will find a way but in this case it certainly has trumped the forces of evil. 



The Duchess of Debt

Prince Andrew’s etc Sarah Ferguson now knows she did the wrong thing in accepting money in 2010 from a convicted child abuser.

But did you know she met that same pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, with her young daughters in tow? on the tarmac of a Caribbean island airport?

And she stayed with her daughters with another accused child sex abuser and Prince Andrew was along for the ride too.

She’s been enabling the Duke of York’s terrible behaviour and that of his pedophile friends for a long time.

Why does she do this? Is it for money or for acceptance?

There was a period a decade ago when Fergie was desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy.

So who did she turn to?

Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein, who was just out of a Florida jail cell.

Her story about avoiding bankruptcy has been spun to make Andrew look like a hero, when, in fact, all he did was ask Epstein, a pedophile, for $24,000 USD.

Did he ask the child sex abuser for the money during their infamous Central Park walk? Was the subject something else?

If I was to guess, I’d think they might have been talking about Prince Andrew’s expired VIDEO Ezy card.

Sarah has been enabling Andrew for years. She knows it and we now see how pathetic she has become over the years.

The Duchess is along for the royal gravy train and doesn’t care what she has to do or say to bail Prince Andrew out of trouble. Even if it makes her look insane.

There is more trouble is coming for Prince Andrew. Try and spin him out if this trouble this time, Fergie!

It’s time for you to shut the hell up or you will go down with the ship. Here are some #receipts.

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