We interview Bill Barr after Berman steps down because AG backed off his unusual transition plan.

Just minutes ago, we had an exclusive interview with Bill Barr, US Attorney General. He is pictured below just moments after stepping out of his Death Star in Washington.

Read more: Thread by @KlasfeldReports: In a statement, BERMAN steps down with a note that he is only doing so because BARR backed off his highly unusual traon plan. Read more about the deputy taking over his post, whom he praises here: courthousenews.com/lawyer-who-bes… Hou…
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Credit for the Vader description: Bobby Capucci.

Judge in Epstein case has ties to those with stake in outcome | Miami Herald

Someone forgot to update their register of interests…Circuit Court Chief Judge Krista Marx has potential conflicts of interest involving three prominent players embroiled in the Epstein sex-trafficking saga.
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🍿🍿Loans to Duchess of York under investigation | Business | The Times🍿🍿

Administrators of an entertainment company linked to Sarah, Duchess of York are investigating a number of allegedly suspicious transactions.Insolvency practitioners are looking at loans, investments.

In our opinion, Sarah borrowed more than $24,000 from Jeffrey Epstein.

The duchess, 60, was a director of Gate between July 2017 and December last year. She received a £290,000 personal loan from Gate, while Ginger & Moss, a tea company that she set up, received a loan of £232,000.

Plus she’s embroiled in legal action over an unpaid loan on a Swiss chalet.
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Ghislaine Maxwell seeks court delay due to Epstein probe – New York Daily News

Ghislaine Maxwell can’t be questioned under oath about a lawsuit filed by a Jeffrey Epstein accuser because she is under criminal investigation, an attorney for the accused madam writes in new papers.

I call bullshit. There’s no criminal investigation other than the one against the Epstein guards.

Where are you Ghislaine Maxwell #jizzstain?
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Virginia Roberts Giuffre warns Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices ‘we’re going to take your freedom’

Four part series ‘Filthy Rich’ will air May 27. Epstein, bottom inset, killed himself in August. Roberts Giuffre is main and inset with Prince Andrew.

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for its upcoming Jeffrey Epstein documentary.

Watch it here:


The four-part series ‘Filthy Rich’ will look into ‘how convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his wealth and power to carry out his abuses’, the online streaming giant says.

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Big News: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Receive Amicus Support in the Eleventh Circuit

(Amicus – Someone not a party to a case who submits a brief and/or presents oral argument in that case.)

The key issue at this point in this long-running litigation is whether the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA) extends any  protections to crime victims before the formal filing of federal criminal charges.

Ms. Wild has argued that, for example, the CVRA’s right to confer with prosecutors can apply before the filing of an indictment–a position supported by the Fifth Circuit and the district court in this case, as well as by a law review article I co-authored on the subject six years ago.
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Co-executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate faces questioning: source – New York Daily News

Darren Indyke is scheduled to be deposed by attorneys representing Epstein victims on June 22. It is perhaps the first time Indyke has been questioned under oath about more than two decades of work as Epstein’s lawyer.
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Juicy: it’s a female former friend suing Duke and Duchess of York for a £6.7m unpaid debt

According to The Daily Mail, Prince Andrew’s latest caper revolves around one thorny issue that so often seems to rear its ugly head in the York household: money.

It emerged yesterday that the duo are the subject of aggressive court proceedings pursued by the original owner of Chalet Helora, a former acquaintance to whom they owe the considerable sum of £6.7 million.

Court papers filed by this anonymous individual’s law firm, Etude du Ritz, say that a chunk of that sum was due to be repaid by December 31. The Mail reveals it’s a female former friend suing Duke and Duchess of York for a £6.7m unpaid debt
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Prince Andrew repaid £350,000 to own charity after queries from regulator

“The affair shines a light on Prince Andrew’s unusual finances.”

Plus: The Duke and Duchess of York have “reluctantly” been forced to sell a luxury Swiss ski chalet they jointly bought after the owner launched legal proceedings against them.

The disclosure was made as the pair faced a threat to seize the chalet and auction it off, and pursue them in the courts in the UK if the sale failed to cover their debts.

Prince Andrew repaid own charity after queries from regulator
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Jeffrey Epstein Chef Gets Easy Ride on Joe Rogan’s Show So We Strike Back

So you have Jeffrey Epstein’s former chef on your high-rating podcast & what do you ask?

Well if you are Joe Rogan, you will ask the chef, Adam Perry Lang, absolutely nothing about his dead pedophile boss.

It seems there’s another rule for Joe Rogan’s mates.

Mr Perry Lang worked for Epstein from 2000 to 2002 but claims he knew nothing of his crimes. But like so many people, including two presidents, he had no idea what the child abuser was up to.

The chef was supposedly just grilling fish and grinding up rocks for Ghislaine Maxwell’s #JizzStain’s consumption.

Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre said yesterday she had asked the chef for help to bring to light the Epstein offenders.

But Perry Lang, who is Jimmy Kimmel’s BFF, refuses to help, according to Ms Roberts Giuffre.

The chef now runs a fancy restaurant (named after himself) in Los Angeles and another in Orange County but he won’t sit down for lunch with Virginia.

We’d love to hear why this man refuses to assist victims of sex trafficking, as alleged by Ms Roberts Giuffre.

What kind of man are you, Adam Perry Lang?

But Joe Rogan only asked the chef about meat, which is strange because the podcaster is very outspoken about Epstein.

Can’t you talk about meat and Jeffrey Epstein?

So we’ve decided to send Adam Perry Lang some feedback via TripAdvisor. Here’s our review of his restaurant (pictured).

You can do so too. To review Adam Perry Lang’s APL restaurant just click here. It’s social justice in action. Karma on the march.

As for Adam Perry Lang, deal with it, mate.

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