Unmasking the Epstein List: Who’s on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List

The Jeffrey Epstein List | The Epstein Black Book | Ghislaine Maxwell List

Countless documentaries and articles about the Epstein sex trafficking scandal are now in the headlines, on streaming apps and in books and newspapers. 

So too is the myth making, in particular, the ownership of Epstein’s so-called black book. 

Because of this, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast puts this newly-aired information under scrutiny before it enters the universe as “truth”.

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The Latest on the Names in the Newly Uncovered Epstein Calendar

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_4841 Unmasking the Epstein List: Who's on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell List

  • Actor Kevin Spacey, Simpsons creator Matt Groening and comic Chris Tucker were on the pedophile’s planes
  • More recently, we’ve also seen the name of a Google founder, Sergey Brin. But he is difficult to locate, according to court filings. The US Virgin Islands is trying to subpoena his original search engine partner Larry Page (details picture below).
  • Epstein was also associated with Britain’s Prince Andrew , Stephen Hawking, Leon Black, Glenn Dubin, Bill Gates and more. Dubin was a frequent traveler on the Epstein planes, often taking his wife, Epstein’s ex, and his three children.
  • This does not mean they have been convicted of a crime. Just knowing Epstein is not an indication of criminality, although it may be an indicator of character, in my opinion.
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast IMG_3259 Unmasking the Epstein List: Who's on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast image Unmasking the Epstein List: Who's on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List
Epstein Conspirators

Much of the focus surrounding the so-called Epstein List has been on Ghislaine Maxwell’s role, Epstein’s long-time girlfriend and accomplice. Moreover, she acted as his enabler, connecting him with powerful individuals and helping him cover up anything incriminating.

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0592 Unmasking the Epstein List: Who's on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List
The Daily Beast
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0593 Unmasking the Epstein List: Who's on it? Truth Behind the Ghislaine Maxwell List
The Daily Beast

Who is on Epstein’s Private Calendar? Read Here

The Epstein Trump Bromance

Bill Clinton: Former US President – he was another of the powerful associates of Epstein from politics. A passenger on Epstein’s private jet, records indicate that Clinton flew aboard the planes four times – once in 2002 and three times in 2003 – for what he says were charitable causes. Survivor Virginia Giuffre and an IT contractor claimed she saw him on Epstein’s island. He also denied vacationing with his wife Hilary Clinton at Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico.

Professor Alan Dershowitz – the Harvard academic was one of Epstein’s multitude of lawyers. He provided legal advice to Epstein on multiple occasions throughout the years, including, controversially, on matters related to his 2008 sex abuse court case in Florida.
He has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and accused those who have made claims against him of attempting to extort money. Dershowitz was also an admitted visitor to Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little Saint James.

Les Wexner, retail mogul: A billionaire retail magnate and the founder of L Brands (formerly The Limited), he was as thick as thieves with Epstein over many years. It’s said Epstein served as his financial advisor from about 1986. Wexner reportedly granted him power of attorney in about 1991. He is the founder of the troubled Victoria’s Secret retail empire.

Jes Staley, banker : Investment bank JP Morgan is gunning for its former Epstein-linked boss. It accused Staley of concealing an “inappropriate relationship” with Epstein and vouching for the sex offender’s character to help keep him as a client.

Leon Black, hedge fund owner: Of all the number crunchers in all the cities in the entire world, finance mogul Leon Black engaged Jeffrey Epstein, a college dropout who was sacked from Bear Stearns. Known on Wall Street as “Mr Ruthless”, the Apollo fund creator now faces two sets of sexual misconduct allegations. 

The Ghislaine Maxwell List

As the Epstein case continues to captivate the public’s attention, it’s essential to scrutinize the information presented carefully.

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast is dedicated to peeling back the layers of secrecy that shroud this scandal.

We’re committed to providing a platform for insightful discussions, expert opinions, and first-hand accounts that challenge the narratives and assumptions surrounding Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and their associates.

The Truth About the Ghislaine Maxwell List

With each episode, we strive to bring clarity and understanding to this complex and troubling story, ensuring that the truth, no matter how elusive, finds its way to the forefront.

Join us on this investigative journey to uncover what really happened and to demand accountability from those responsible.

  • Find out the full story of Epstein and his powerful connections
  • Keep up to date with the twists and turns on The Prince and the Pervert Podcast
  • Finally, learn the truth about the forces that enable sex trafficking

Jeffrey Epstein List

Find out about Ghislaine Maxwell
on our podcast. It is the most comprehensive account of this scandal.

The Prince and Pervert Podcast tells all about this controversial woman, as well as, subsequently, clarifying misconceptions circulating among other media outlets.

Ghislaine Maxwell List

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Moreover, we will also tell you about the stories of the Epstein survivors, who are now grown women. It’s a huge honour and privilege.

But when it comes to Epstein’s enablers and staff, we don’t hold back.

Who is on the Jeffrey Epstein List | the Ghislaine Maxwell List

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As well, we have more than 200 episodes on Epstein & Maxwell and both of us have been researching this case for almost three years.

Jeffrey Epstein List | Who was an Epstein Friend

This is where you’ll find all the facts about Jeffrey Epstein, his connections to powerful people around the world.

The Ghislaine Maxwell List

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The Prince and the Pervert Podcast

Who is Lesley Groff 

Who is Les Werner

We are investigating the Ghislaine Maxwell case and connecting all the dots for you every week on our show!

The Epstein Friends

What does it say that one of the most powerful men in America, with friends in high places, was died under mysterious circumstances while behind bars awaiting trial? 

Because these are the questions we’ll attempt to answer on this podcast as we explore one man’s life through his death…and beyond his shocking death in a New York City prison.

The Jeffrey Epstein List | Ghislaine Maxwell List

Join us every week as we figure out where Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell came from. We promise you won’t want to miss it!

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