The Secret Keeper

This is the story of one of the women behind Epstein, an alleged lieutenant and a mother, wife, sister and daughter.
Lesley Taylor Groff was Epstein’s New York assistant for almost 20 years.

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Lesley Groff source: Randy Wright
Lesley Groff came into Epstein’s world as a secretary. She said in a 2005 interview, she would answer Epstein’s phone and manage his schedule, which led to a bond between the two.
She is now a mum in Connecticut, popping out for Pilates and living her best life.
Lesley has been known to dance the night away perched up on a bar in a Coyote Ugly-style tavern.

It seems Lesley has just gone on and lived her life since leaving Jeffrey Epstein.

Lesley (far left) in a photograph from a Disney cruise.
She is even seen on YouTube dancing to the song Sisters with her twin.
Husband Ike Groff (left) with Lesley at a Texas party at their home. Source Randy Wright.
Lesley (right in black) at her Texas party Source Randy Wright

According to county records, Lesley transferred two properties into her husband’s name in December 2019 and March 2020.

She has also been listed as one of Epstein’s coconspirators on papers from the controversial immunity deal struck before Epstein went to jail in Florida.

Lesley in high school in Texas.

She is now aged in her mid-50s and is allegedly a keeper of Jeffrey Epstein’s secrets.

The dead sex offender conveniently wrapped all his assistants all up in a nice neat bow, so many of his key staff members are allegedly implicated in the conspiracy.

Sisters. Sisters. With their mother Diane Wright. Source Randy Wright

In a statement sent to TheWrap, Groff’s attorney Michael Bachner denied she had engaged in any misconduct when she worked for Epstein.

“As an executive assistant to Epstein, Lesley worked as part of a professional staff that included in-house attorneys, accountants, an office manager and other office staff.”